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This is the newest painting available for a donation to Furbaby Rescue. The “model dog” was Gabby, a rescue and luckily adopted dog from 2011. For your donation, you will receive the original acrylic painting, by artist KD Dreyer. Painting size is 8’ x 10” and has been matted in a hammered pewter color and is ready to be framed in a 13” x 15” frame. To save expenses on shipping and allow more money to be used for rescue care, this painting has been left unframed. Frames can be easily found at most craft stores in the framing department.


Artist is asking for a minimum donation of $200 made payable to Furbaby Rescue or to the ever mounting bill at the Veterinary care clinic. Contact Karen or Furbaby Rescue with your desire to donate and own this painting. Credit cards can be used by calling the designated vet clinic directly and stipulating that $200 or more be applied to the Furbaby Rescue account. Vet will confirm donation and it will be sent on it’s way. 

In loving memory March 17/1998 - Oct. 20/2010

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If you are a senior citizen we suggest that you consider adopting an older dog. A healthy small breed dog can live 15 to 18 years and they really don't begin to show their age until about 13 years. Please think about how YOUR age and state of health will affect your new dogs' future. Many pets are abandoned because their caregiver has to leave them to enter a nursing home and their family members do not always have space, desire or the ability to care for a pet left displaced by such an event.

This site is dedicated
to the rescue of Shih Tzu
and Lhasa Apsos.
If space is available I rescue all small dogs,
My passion is STs and Lhasas, but
so many babies need me, and my doors
are open.
I spend my time in pursuit
of helping these dogs from
unwanted and neglected situations.

For Adoption, the requirements are:


1.  Adoption fee
Click here for Adoption Fees FAQs

2.  Home Check
3.  References
WE DO NOT SHIP ...all potential adopters must meet the dog prior to adoption. "NO EXCEPTIONS"
5. We do not adopt to families with children under the age of 12.

For more information, email Eleni.

In Memory of Timothy

In loving memory Aug.1/1994 - Aug.5/2012

April 26/14 "12th Birthday" Getting a little gray, but still Stunning
* in memory April 26/2002- May 7/2014*

Happy 9th Birthday Carina
April 26/11

(Dear Little One) Keep her in your Prayers
And the Prayers have worked

The Bellingham Herald Story (Oct./02)

I foster, which includes:

1.  A lot of love, care and devotion
2.  A vet exam
3.  Spay or neuter
4.  Any shots that are required
5. All and any medical treatment that
is needed.
6. Assessment, and behavioral training.
7. Bottom line, I will do all that is necessary to help rehome,
evaluate and give these dog, everything that I can, I will go to any
lengths to help them emotionally and physically.



In loving memory
April 24/1997 - March 15/2014


Please view my husband's Dedication

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(Aug 1/1994-Aug.5/2012
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