Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted Mar.2/02)
Joy (nka Dali Joy)
Female/spayed/shots current
17 lbs
5 years old?
* Dali Joy passed to the bridge on Mar. 19/05, she is missed by her loving parents.  Dali is now on another journey, perhaps to meet her namesake, as she was named after a very special lady...or just to frolic and be free..Dali had heart problems, and a very rough beginning to her life, but she was treasured and doted on for the time she had with Donald and Mary...

Joy is exactly what her name says, she is an absolute Joy to be around.  A very sweet and endearing girl.  She does have a cataract on her right eye, and it is advanced, so my vet feels it is probably due to an old eye injury.  She also was bitten by another dog at some time, and has a patch of fur missing behind her neck, the wound has healed nicely, but not sure if the fur will completely come back.  Time will tell...she does well with other dogs, great in the car...
Dalai found an extremely warm and loving home, has a new brother Lhasa, and two fabulous parents.  Her Dad's words to me, were to thank all the friends (and Christy you are a big part of this) for helping her out of the CA kill shelter, to finally arrive to her "last forever safe home"now residing in Eugene, Oregon

(Adopted Mar.2/02)
Male neutered/shots current
25 lbs

Toby is such a sweet boy, with a kind heart and spirit.  This is surprising considering he spent all his time, locked outside, he lacked love, he showed me very quickly how much, he just adored affection and love, and gave it back 100%.  A really wonderful boy.I believe Toby, picked his new family, happily residing in Poulsbo, WA

(Adopted Mar.12/02)

Petey, the Pampered Pet...

(as we hope he’ll soon be...)

  Petey at 10, he was just too old.  
At least that’s what everyone who looked at him told
The shelter staff that’d take him every moment they could
To pet or just cuddle, their favorite to hold.
He’d sit in their offices,
Lay at their desks.

Petey’d look so directly with that bright eye
He seemed to plead softly “Don’t let me die!”
Too soon it was time - back out the kennel
To be out there waiting alone, by himself all alone.
He’d wait and he’d look when visitors roamed.

But adults, and their children, would walk right on by
They were never aware that each day
A home, just a small home was for what he would pray.
They’d see him, then read the stats on his page
“No, family, not this one! Look at his age!”
He hear that so many times, it made him so sad
to be left out, ignored, to be told he was bad.

  Sure, he wasn’t a puppy, and as hard as he tried
No one would take him on that one special ride.
To a home loving, sweet; to a home warm and special,
With mountains of pillows and laps where he’d nestle.
A place to lay quietly, to dream and to sleep
To stretch out on a sofa without making a peep.

To be with someone who’d see that
His heart was so open, he was so willing to love
For just that chance he was hoping.
For a family, his own, not large would he need.
Just an understanding one that wouldn’t mind if he peed.

  So tonight while I write at so late of an hour
I see him lay there and feel all the power,
Of the love he can give to the right one indeed
Who can see that he is all the dog that they need.
His long tongue is hanging right out of his mouth,
He’s curled up sweet, as he loves so, he’s here, at my feet.

  His bladder might make a little mess now and then
His eye’s gone, his hearing is just a mite dim.
He’s had homes and lost them, one time and again.
Can’t anyone love him...Is his age such a sin?

  So Petey, our buddy
Our foster, our friend
Came to stay and wait with us,
Quietly wait, which is just his way.
He waits and he longs 
For his adoption one day.

When off to his new home he’ll go and he’ll to stay.
He longs for that home, the one just for ol’ Pete.
When will he and his match ever meet?

Petey was given up to a local shelter by his invalid owner who had adopted him seven years ago in the New England area. The area shelter contacted our rescue when Petey was consistently being passed over for adoption due to his age and his minor food allergy and low thyroid skin and hair problems. He was considered a shelter favorite and spoiled by the wonderful staff whenever they could. Petey is currently residing with his foster friends Shih Tzu Spencer, Pengy, Sadie, Keisha and SharPei Ashley just outside of Seattle. He is non aggressive towards dogs and people, his behavior towards cats and other small pets is not known. Petey plays more each day, on his own with stuffed toys and with the other dogs in the household. This is very low demand, easy going dog.

 Some care should be given to getting him outside frequently for urination. Occasionally he may forget with an indoor wetting accident, but he is very comfortable wearing a belly band. This easily takes care of any indoor accidents and seems to remind him to wait. His foster family thinks he will continue improving toileting habits by having frequent walks and controlled water access times. No problem with bowel control has been observed.

Petey is currently on thyroid medication. This and receiving an allergy aware diet is helping his hair grow back to its natural beauty. He can be touchy about his blind eye side of his head and neck, but just yelps or makes a minimum show of complaint. Petey is mild mannered and gentle. He needs refreshing continued on obedience, but is very responsive to praise and gentle encouragement. Petey accepts crating but may initially protest since he loves his people so much. He is neutered, current on his shots and apparently in good health.

This lucky boy found a wonderful new Dad, a new brother Lhasa, who he will be able to spend his days loved, and living a super life, residing happily in Seattle, WA....


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