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With the saddest of heart, Wiki passed away at home on March 12/2011, he had 11 fantastic years with his wonderful Mom and Dad.  This sweet boy was 16, all of us who knew Wiki, loved this determined lil fellow.  We pray he is running and running at the bridge.



5 year old male, neutered, shots current

     Wiki has disc disease, perhaps when this happened his outlook would be better, but now it is not.  I have consulted with my Vet, who at present is consulting with a neuro surgeon to see if I can help him.  So updates soon on this.. Wiki does not let this hinder him in the least, he is very powerful on his front legs, and gets going and manages to get himself up onto his back legs.  He is a wonderful dog, who can still live a good life, if I cannot medically help him, I pray I can find a home that will open their hearts to his disability...but to Wiki it is not, he acts and plays, like any other furbaby. He is also one of the sweetest most loving Lhasa I have had the pleasure of knowing..  

  He has courage and a determination that will inspire you, and a face and spirit  that will instantly melt your heart.

Sept 21/00 I have finally gotten an appointment with the neuro  surgeon for Monday Sept.25..keep paws crossed for the news..

Sept 25...After examining Wiki and looking at his x-rays, the neuro surgeon's best educated guess is surgery will not help, but to get the absolute answer, an MIR is required, at a cost of $800-900. I will be doing my research to see if I can find a more reasonable price. Unfortunately living where I do, choices are limited. One very critical part of the info I was given, is if Wiki is a candidate for surgery to be aware that there would be a strong possibility that after surgery he might never walk again.

His advice,  Wiki is NOT to use the wheelchair, he must exercise his back legs as much as possible, to get him physical therapy and acupuncture,  being in a home with other dogs is the best possible therapy for him, to get him motivated and moving, for him to play, move and walk as much as he can, he must continue to use his back legs and strengthen the muscles.

Sept 30...I have put Wiki on Glocosamine and MSM.   He has an appointment with a Doctor that does acupuncture on Oct.5

Oct.5..Wiks had his first acupuncture treatment, the doctor believes that she can improve him up to 40%.  He will receive three more treatments along with exercises to build his muscle tone.  After the completion of his treatments he will be going to his new forever home.  Yes Wiks is one fortunate lil boy, a wonderful home is awaiting him, a new Mom and Dad, furbabies to play with, a dedicated home that will continue to give him the best, and are willing to face his challenges, but will be rewarded a million times over...

            Please meet Wiks new parents to be



Oct.12...Wiks had his second acupuncture treatment, this time it was painful, but it also means more sensation, as much as this hurt me to see this, I knew it was a positive effect.  He was uncomfortable that evening, by Saturday, the improvement was greater than before.  And one great improvement,  today he was able to let me know he had to go to the bathroom in time to go out, you see Wiks is almost incontinent, he knows when he has to go to the bathroom, but cannot give warning, he has always tried to get outside but can't...Today he did, perhaps a fluke, who knows...every achievement he makes, as tiny as it is, is incredible to me.

Oct.20...Wiks is doing so well, his third treatment was comfortable for him, and he slept 6 hours straight after his treatment...I was told the treatments are very relaxing...hmm I should try one.  I feel again there has been an improvement as the days progress...

Oct. 24...Last appointment tonight, he did well, and walked out of the room in a hurry.  Dr. Nicolle, was sad to see him go, as she also was taken by this boy.  Tonight he came home and was walking all the time with his tail up, what a wonderful sight.....


Oct. 28....Wiks went to his new home today, I am thrilled with his new parents, I miss this boy so much, my boy and I had been through a lot, the two of us bonded very deeply, I do know he will bond and love his new Mom and Dad as much as he did me, Wiks I love you, you made me smile and you gave me strength, you taught me that disabilities are only in the eyes of others...I will never forget you, you will always be my "special baby"

   (Wiks and his new Mom, Teri)


Nov.2/00...Latest news Wiks is settling in wonderfully, he has been playing with one of his new brothers, running after each other at full speed, much to the delight of his new Mom and Dad.  My story now comes to a close, and his new life has begun..

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