Lhasa Apso

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(Adopted May 3/19)
Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 10 years old?
15 lbs

We are sharing the story of an incredibly sweet dog and a sad story. May we all learn from this that if someone’s health is failing that we step up and help not just the human but the pets that may be involved and lacking in care. Let us not be afraid to intervene early on in cases of people losing their ability to care for themselves and their pets rather than a situation as described below. 

This is sweet Fred who was released to our rescue because his owner has dementia.  We were told Fred was 8, the vet says 10. We would agree he is at least 10 but could easily have many years left if he receives better care in the future.  The owner said Shih Tzu, vet says Lhasa….our guess Lhasa/Shih Tzu.  Who really cares since both breeds are pretty special - you’ll get the best of both mixed into one? His face is Lhasa, but he is a low rider and walks more like a Shih Tzu. His bark is Lhasa. 

When the niece rescued Fred, he was a complete matted mess and encased in fleas. Fred was shaved completely down and the flea situation was gotten under control.  When we took Fred to the vet he really was a mess. After radiographs and dental he lost 32 teeth. The eyes and ears were infected along with some other issues now resolved.  Fred does have dry eye which is controlled with Tacrolimus.  He had not been neutered and never had shots but all of that has now been taken care of along with all blood work, x-rays and more.  We doubt if Fred had ever been to a vet  in his entire life.  He does walk a bit like a duck and doesn’t have a lot of strength in his back legs but we hope to find a new owner who can give Fred short walks and exercise to build up his strength and stamina. 

While we have complete sympathy for the owner dealing with dementia and understanding that you can barely take care of yourself, let alone your pet, we do have to wonder about  all those years before the owner got sick? Why did Fred not even get the very basic care so he would not have suffered resulting in losing 32 teeth, eyes burning, skin itching and burning from the fleas?!?!  If you cannot care for a pet, DON’T own one. Understand what’s involved in owning any pet before making the commitment. If you start out taking perfect care of a pet and then health issues or life changes and you need help, seek it out! Fred is such a sweet boy and deserved better and for that matter, any dog, any pet, deserves the best care possible. They can’t do it for themselves. They rely on and trust their human to do the right thing for them. Let this be a painful situation to learn from for each and everyone. 

Now back to Fred and the report from my foster home. “Fred is sweet and fine with other dogs. It was a total non-event when he entered my home, and believe me, my Lhasa will make an event if the dog is a stand up type. Nope, all went like silk.  Fred likes to be wherever you are. He doesn’t have to be in your lap but a dog bed where he can be close to you makes him happy.  He will go to the door to go outside and now barks to let you know. As long as you are aware there are no problems.  He is not suited for an apartment or condo since he will bark when you go out but he does stop soon after.  Whenever I come home I do not hear him but when you walk in the door be prepared to hear a full report from Fred of all that happened while you were absent. It’s a full running conversation between dog and human. Pretty cute actually. Fred also does not like to be kenneled.  He rides beautifully in the car in either a dog seat or on the seat attached to the seat belt with his harness. He is happy and a good little traveler.”

Fred is a sweetheart and just wants to be loved so if you believe you can provide that wonderful retirement home complete with health care for the remainder of his life, let’s talk. We want to know he will be spoiled and adored and have good care and grooming  so he can enjoy his life and in turn he will be your devoted boy. 

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