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West Highland Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
10 years old
15 lbs

Angel is a precious little “girl Westie” who is sweet and easy going.  Her foster family finds her to be absolutely adorable and so easy to have around.  She gets along with the other dogs, she has learned the routine of the household, and she loves to go on walks and travels well in the car.  Angel has perfect Westie ears (for the purists who want to know) but her ears have been kept in fringe like “angel wings”.

Though Angel has yet to show her true “Westie’ nature to us, we are on guard and are looking for a home in which she has a securely fenced yard, not left outside alone while the family is away, and one where she will be engaged and considered part of the family.  Westies like to dig; fresh mole hills, under fences and gates, or a freshly planted garden.  They are known for letting pure instinct take over when a crow flies overhead or they spy a bunny hopping down the street.  They will be gone like a shot so they must be on leash at all times when in an open environment.

Westies need to be groomed every few weeks; your mileage may vary.  Some need weekly bathing while others manage to stay pretty clean.  They are prone to food allergies so we give them grain free foods with more of the novel protein sources; duck and salmon are our favorites for them.

Angel is in good health, has recently had a full geriatric work up, and her teeth are fresh from her dental; which included dental X- rays. 

Angel’s foster family is thrilled to be fostering her.  They themselves have male Westies who are “terrors” and are enjoying the calm and well behaved presence of this little girl.

Angel is being fostered in Kirkland, WA.

Email Furbaby Rescue for application.  


Cairn Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
11 years old
15 lbs

Peanut is a petite and precious little Cairn with a marvelous personality and wonderful nature.  She is easy going, she minds when asked to “come”, she is happy to “go with the flow” but we can tell that she is missing having her own person to love.  She is just a delightful little girl filled with joy.

She wags her tail every time she is spoken to, is an extremely appreciative dinner guest, and actually is pretty quiet. 

Peanut’s owner has lost her independence which is why Peanut came into Rescue.  We have been waiting for a few weeks now for the day to arrive.  Having a Cairn terrier in a foster home is a pretty special event and one the foster family intends to enjoy fully.

Peanut has had a full senior exam including X rays of her skeletal system, an Ultrasound of her internal organs, a full blood panel, fecal, urinalysis, dental cleaning, and dental X rays.  She is pretty turnkey at this moment.

Like a great many Cairns, she has been diagnosed with a compromised renal system.  Though she has no clinical symptoms, we DID do a very thorough exam which is the only way it would have been spotted.  She takes Enalapril to keep her heart in good shape and she loves taking it – it comes in FOOD!

So far she’s not the running, digging, kick up her heels, bark at every little sound, terrier.  She’s an easy keeper.  She would love to have at least a little yard to go into but her favorite thing is to be taken out on her leash on a walk.


Peanut is being fostered in Kirkland, WA.

Email Furbaby Rescue for application.  

Cairn Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
11 years old
14 lbs


Mitzi has been waiting to come into rescue with us for some time.  Firstly, the family wanted to make certain it was the right decision.  Secondly, the owner needed time to make peace with letting her beloved friend go.  As she lives in a retirement facility now, she cannot have a dog, and strict confinement is no place for an active Cairn.  Thirdly, we asked that Mitzi be given a senior physical and have her teeth cleaned.  The owner wanted the opportunity to have her freshly groomed and say goodbye to her here.

So, it was a bittersweet moment for the foster family who was thrilled to have Mitzi finally with them but also torn up about the emotional pain of her owner.

That’s the sad part.

The fun part is that Mitzi is a one of kind little girl.  She is everything you could want in a Cairn but a little feminine version  thrown in with some active throwback to her “people”.  She can run and she loves to run.  She is beautiful.  We apologize for the wet face in her photos but she had just enjoyed a “beverage” after a lot of running and playing.  Mitzi is crate trained.  She prefers to go into her crate at night.  So far she seems housetrained.

Mitzi is funny and she will make you laugh.  She is sweet and she will make your heart melt.  She is a good dog and she has been very well loved and cared for her entire life.

Mitzi’s foster family adores her and love throwing the ball for her.  That’s her secret passion.  Chasing balls.  They are already calling her “Mitz”.

There is nothing about this dog to even let on that she is a senior so she’s going to need someone with a really good pair of walking shoes and a strong throwing arm.  (A weak one will do, though.  She doesn’t ask for much.)

Mitzi is being fostered in Kirkland, WA.

Email Furbaby Rescue for application.  


Male/neutered/shots current
26 lbs
14 years "young"

Odie is so busy running around his foster mom’s house that he can barely slow down to pose for a photo.  He’s a young acting fellow, chasing and playing with other dogs, running through the maple leaves piling up on the ground …..weeeeeee!

Odie is a senior dog who was owned by a senior.  He lived with her in an assisted living facility for the past 9 years, and in their house before that.  Unfortunately, his owner has advanced dementia and the family had to make some decisions about their aunt and her dog. 

He is a sweet, well mannered dog.  He would have to be in order to be accepted and so loved by the community of residents.

We asked that before he came to us he would have a senior physical, blood work, a fecal, get up to date with his vaccinations, and have a dental.  Our adopters want to know that they are getting a healthy dog or if not just what might be going on. 

Odie is with a Schnauzer foster family, wow is he ever lucky!  They DO so like their own kind.  We should be receiving  updates on how he is doing but can’t imagine that there won’t just be funny stories every day.

He is a beautiful dog and we can’t imagine he won’t be snatched up by a lover of senior Schnauzers, or maybe even a first timer.  He would certainly be an easy Schnauzer for one’s first.

Fostered in Kirkland, WA email Furbaby Rescue for application.


(Adopted Oct.17/14)
Coton de Tulear
Male/neutered/shots current
13 months old
12 lbs

I am believed to be a Coton de Tulear. That’s a pretty fancy name, isn’t it? You could just call me the cotton dog if that’s easier. 

My life started by living in a crate outdoors with another little girl dog. One day she escaped and was hit by a car and died. My heart ached so badly and I was so lonely. Still, I was left to live outdoors in a crate rather than someone taking me inside to cuddle and comfort me. Fortunately, the Doggie Gods were on duty and they made magic happen and here I am at Furbaby Rescue waiting for a new forever home, a home where I’ll be indoors with my humans and loved and cuddled and allowed to just be with you at all times. Do those places really exist? Please let me know that they do. 

I get treated really well in this foster home. Foster mom has made sure my vet care is up to date and she’s helping me fine tune my house training skills so I can be the absolute best for my new human. I get crated at night and I make a very soft whine or two but then I remember things are so much better and different now and that this crate is clean, comfortable and safe so I better just say my doggie prayers and go to sleep. I overheard foster mom say I’m sweet beyond words but I do need (and deserve) a lot of extra loving in my new home until I’m sure that I’m going to be treated well from now on. She thinks that my new owner and I really should attend some classes when we first become a family so that my self confidence can blossom and I’ll forget about my first ugly year of life. I KNOW I would make you proud if we attended some of those classes. I can be just a wee bit shy at first but once I know it’s OK, I love being on someone’s lap, giving kisses and to remain by your side. I’ll help you do everything even if it’s nothing more than sit off to the side and supervise whatever you’re doing. Oh, one last thing, I wouldn’t mind having other dogs to play with whether they are in your home or whether we go to a doggy park or for play dates. My tail just goes bonkers when it’s play time with other doggies. 

So what do you think? Shall we arrange for a “meet and greet” ?


Fostered in Blaine, WA email Furbaby Rescue for application.

Terrier/Shih Tzu ?
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
18 lbs

Syden is an adorable little pup who craves snuggles, a lap, and an active lifestyle.  He has a waggedy tail and smile for most everyone, gets along great with other nice dogs, and is quite the charmer.

He likes to run and play with toys.  He is a great hiker.  He is even crate trained.  AND house trained. 

Want to hear more?  Syden was rescued from an awful situation by a wonderful family and at 1.5 years of age, he was neutered, vaccinated, and given health care.  He has been a beloved family pet ever since, even taking turns sleeping with the older children in the household. 

A series of events collided which set him up for failure in this family.  The family had a baby, Syden became protective, the older resident dog became aggressive, Syden was overly stimulated, and he no longer got the attention and exercise he was used to.  He was very confused about everything and the family worried that their home was no longer healthy for this dear little fellow.

Syden is a nice little dog and everything one could want in a terrier.  We would want a securely fenced yard for him.  He may do better as the only dog though he is with many dogs right now and getting along very well with them. 

As we would with any terrier breed we like to take the opportunity to educate any potential adopters about some concerns with terriers.  They need to be on a leash when not in a secure environment.  If they see as much as a bird fly by, their DNA can kick in and they will be off like a shot and could be injured.  Terriers like to dig.  So far we don’t see Syden digging but anyone worried about maintaining a perfect lawn should not consider a dog like this.  He has lost his home twice and we want to set him up to be successful.

In his foster home, there is a special yard just for terriers to dig.  They love mole hills and will dig down deep, up to their armpits.  The fencing is specifically installed with terriers in mind as they like to dig under fencing and get out, particularly if they are alone and bored. 

Although Syden has lived successfully with children, we unfortunately cannot adopt him to a family with young children.  This is to give him the best chance of a successful placement.  He will do well in a situation with some structure and continuity. 

He is a special little dog.  Syden is fostered in Kirkland, WA
Update on Syden from the Foster Mom:

Syden is absolutely adorable. He is a very happy little dog who loves to cuddle. He is friendly to every person or dog he meets. He is very smart about how to approach  other dogs and has a nice way of inviting them to play. Syden managed to teach my own 9-year old dog Charlie how to play.  Syden comes immediately when called - even when in the middle of play or sniffing a particular good smelling corner. Syden loves treats, but is willing to give up a good bone when asked to drop it. Before I realized that he knew the command "drop it", I took a bone right out of his mouth - no problem. 

Syden is a quick learner. He might be one of the smartest dogs I have met.

Email Furbaby Rescue for application.  




(Adopted Oct.16/14)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
5 lbs


“Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?" Oh, there you are, Romeo, right beside me. I should have known because you love to be with your humans. It will be difficult to let you go to a new home, Romeo, because you’re so sweet and very special. You walked 4 miles last weekend with a group of us and we were so impressed! We know you like to be active and we hope you’ll find a home that keeps doing things so you can maintain your slender figure. You ride well in the car and we’re pretty sure that you’ll do just about everything well as long as it’s with your humans. We’re so proud of you that you ignored the resident cat in the foster home because that opens up more possibilities for your forever home. When you do an alert bark you’re smart enough to know that it must stop but we like that little bit of “let us know if a stranger shows up.” OK, Romeo, we’re going to post this information about you and watch out because we expect to be flooded with applications since you’re one of the most lovable and special boys but you get the final say at a meet and greet appointment. Yup, that’s right, Romeo, you get to pick out your Juliet but remember Juliet might already have a human Romeo in her life so just be willing to share the name, OK?


Fostered in Bellingham, WA email Sandra for application.  



Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
13 lbs

After 5 years of being spoiled rotten and getting her own way as the princess in the household, Kimchee is beginning to learn a structured routine.  This is making things easier on her and on her foster family!

She now goes into a large crate at night and comes out in the morning for first “business”.  She is interested in what is going on with everyone and really IS very sweet.

We just wish that she would “present” better to newcomers because she deserves a home of her own and everyone thinks she is so beautiful.

Kimchee is getting used to playing outside now but it’s not essential for her.  It just makes things easier to have her come in and out with the flow of dogs.

Kimchee is looking for a patient person who is willing to accept her into the home and let her take her time to warm up and come asking for affection. 

She is potty trained and she loves to play.  Roll a ball for her and she is in heaven.

Fostered in Kirkland, WA email Furbaby Rescue for application.



Lucky Ballpark
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old

Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old

Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old



It’s the exciting part of baseball season and we just had to follow that theme. In this case, three strikes does not mean your out. Instead you have three choices. We’ll happily adopt one beautiful Doxie to you or two for double the fun or all three if you’re really excited about that option. I think that would be called “the bases are loaded.” It’s your choice but let’s find them a home before the World Series starts. 

How appropriate to start with introducing Lucky Ballpark and look at those eyes. Is that intent or what? He’s watching every move and you may think he’s watching the game but he has his eyes on you! There’s an incredible story behind Lucky and the foster mom would happily share that with anyone interested. Lucky is on the quiet side but will certainly let you know when the doorbell rings. He’s hoping it’s the delivery of season tickets but even if disappointed, he will let you know that something is happening at your door. Lucky especially hopes you have a sunny spot in your fenced yard or on your secure deck because he loves soaking up that Vitamin D. The only thing better are the squeaky toys. He gets along well with other dogs but we do have to say no cats with Lucky. 

And then there’s Snoopy. How he wishes he didn’t have that name because it alerts the other team that he’s always trying to be a sleuth and figure out their signals for the next ball to be thrown. He’s on the mellow, quiet side and frequently can be found having a snooze under a blanket in a dog bed but don’t let that fool you. He’s simply strategizing about how to find out what that other team is up to and that snoozing under a blanket is merely a cover up. Idea to throw off the other team - change the name from Snoopy to Snoozy!!! Seriously, six year old Snoopy is at an ideal age just like Lucky (described above). That’s well beyond puppy learning curves and just ready to enjoy many years ahead by your side. 

And finally, there’s Sophia - This great little girl is just wondering why on earth the sport of baseball doesn’t have cheerleaders! She’d love to be right down there in front rooting for the good looking hunks at bat. Actually, she’d probably prefer to be team manager or own the team and she could accomplish that with her strong and opinionated, independent personality but her soft side will surface as she snuggles under the covers with you or settles down on your lap.  Sophia has a protective streak in her and will announce new arrivals. She’s like a 4 legged doorbell/surveillance camera. But not to worry. Like most dogs she really wants to know that her human is protecting her. 

All three Doxie’s are current with vet care including dental, vaccinations, etc. They all will require a careful diet so as to not gain weight. Sounds like most humans, doesn’t it? Foster mom will share what she’s found that has worked to trim up these sportsters. There’s more to be learned about each of the team players above. Again, consider adopting one, or two, or three. Your choice. There’s more information on any or all three by contacting Furbaby Rescue.  As is Furbaby’s policy, we do not adopt to homes with children under 12. 

Fostered in Olympia, WA email Furbaby Rescue for application.



Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
8 lbs

Watch her video

If you are in search of a small dog with lots of spunk and energy, this is your girl!  Charlotte is just delightful and full of energy and will charm her way right into your heart.  She loves to play with dogs who are her size (she is intimidated by large dogs).  She plays, plays and plays!!  Her personality and coat are all Poodle and she will need a groom every 5-6 weeks.  And since she does have some separation anxiety issues (she hates to be alone, but is fine with another small dog near by), she will only be placed into a new home that has another dog of similar size for her to bond with.  She can be very vocal at times so she would not do well in an condo/apt situation.  A fenced yard is also a must for this busy little girl.  Her most favorite time of day is recess when she gets to run and play freely in the yard!  Yippee!  That is SO much FUN!

Charlotte loves to sit on her human's lap and will accept belly rubs 24/7 if you should like to provide them!  She loves her foster family and being with her humans so any chore you need help with she will be right there to assist in any way she can.  Snuggles very important to her and she most definitely makes an excellent warm fuzzy lap ornament!  She is seeking a new family because she did not get along with young visiting grandchildren in her previous home and yes there was a nip.  Oops!  Therefore, she will only be placed in home with no young children under the age of 12.

Charlotte LIVES to be with her humans!  Lives, lives, lives for it!!

Her requirements are:

Adult Home Only

A securely fenced yard

Another small dog of similar size already in her new home

Lots and lots of belly rubs and snuggling!

Fostered in Sedro Woolley, WA email Sandra for application.

Female/spayed/shots current
10 years old

I have just received my degree from the School of Hard Knocks so you may now call me Dr. Twinkie. Nope, not that kind of doctor. I am an educated kind of doctor is what I am. Let me tell you about my "education" from the SHK University. (In case I forget to mention it, I have an incredible imagination along with my other great traits.) 


When I arrived into rescue it was quickly learned that I was easy to care for, that I needed to be monitored so I didn't have too many treats and get too "round" which is a nice way of saying "fat". *sigh* Oh, the problems we women have in our middle years and battling weight gain. I learned that car rides and walks were pretty neat things to do so that's been great exercise. I also have nice ways of letting you know that I need to go out and do my business. Those things just come with the beginning levels of education. 


Then.......things started happening and I progressed to my doctorate degree in the doggy world. I started having blood in my urine and my foster mom rushed me off to the vet, bless her heart. I had X-rays, ultra sounds and the vets found a stone but they didn't stop there because my liver enzymes were so high that they checked for Cushing's but it was negative. I told them I didn't sign up for that Cushing's class but they wanted to be sure. So on with my education I went by spending three days in the hospital taking fluids and more tests. My enzymes came down which is equal to getting an "A" on the report card. I had the surgery which was like a conquering a gym class and I graduated with flying colors!! YAY!!!! I'm like a new dog. Not only that, people were awesome and sent in contributions for my vet bill which was close to $1,500. Yup, those educational processes aren't cheap but the doggy angels made it possible and now I can have a new home and be adopted in splendid condition. 

I probably should mention that I probably would do best being an only doctor....I mean dog in the house. I think I have reached the stage in life and with my "Dogtorate Degree" from the School of Hard Knocks, I deserve to be a special little rascal. 

If you want the rest of my resume, please contact foster mom who can answer any other questions you may have. In the meantime, THANK YOU TO ALL THE ANGELS who donated to getting me educated and well. THANK YOU for believing that I was worth it! 

Fostered in Bellingham, WA email Sandra for application




 Here in this House....
I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs 'out
I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed.

I will never know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat.

I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat.

I will feel the sun's heat, and the rain's coolness,

and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.

My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.

Here in this house...

There will be an effort to communicate with me on my level.

I will be talked to and, even if I don't understand,

I can enjoy the warmth of the words.

I will be given a name so that I may know who I am among many.

My name will be used in joy, and I will love the sound of it!

Here in this house...

I will never be a substitute for anything I am not.

I will never be used to improve peoples' images of themselves.

I will be loved because I am who I am, not someone's idea of who I should

I will never suffer for someone's anger, impatience, or stupidity.

I will be taught all the things I need to know to be loved by all.

If I do not learn my lessons well, they will look to my teacher for blame.

Here in this house...

I can trust arms that hold, hands that touch...

knowing that, no matter what they do, they do it for the good of me;

If I am ill, I will be doctored.

If scared, I will be calmed.

If sad, I will be cheered.

No matter what I look like, I will be considered beautiful and thought to be
of value.

I will never be cast out because I am too old, too ill, too unruly, or not
cute enough.

My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.

I will learn that humans can almost, sometimes, be as kind and as fair as

Here in this house...

I will belong.*

* I will be home. *

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