Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept.1/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
11 lbs

Meet PhoebeÖ she is a puppy mill survivor, having been rescued from the hopeless life of a puppy mill Momma.  She is now happily learning all about the good things in lifeÖ like sunshine and grass, warm soft beds, lots of good healthy food and people that will love and care for her.  

Phoebe has blossomed since coming to her foster home.  She gets along with all the other doggies, has learned that potty time is an outdoor activity (she will use pee pads), that leashes mean adventure and human hands give love, cuddles and TREATS! Yum!  There are still lots of things that are new and scary for her and she tends to be just a bit unsureÖ but she braves each new challenge with a little encouragement and lots of love.

One thing Phoebe does not have to learn is how to be the sweetest little girl ever!  She is not at all bossy or barky, in fact she seldom makes any noise, she appears to have been de-barked at a young age, so she is capable of vocalizing to some extent and has done so when there are no people present, so fear of punishment may be partly to blame for her quietness which she may overcome in time.  She is a very loving, gentle and happy little soul, eager to please and grateful for anything you do for her.   She will follow you everywhere, content to lay down and sleep nearby if your lap is unavailable, but she loves being held or on your lap best, quietly asking to be allowed upÖ with a pleading look, a little paw tap or a lick of your hand. She is perfectly willing to share lap time with another little doggie, happily snuggling into whatever room there is for her.

Phoebe really needs a quiet all-adult (no children please) household where she is not left alone too much, although she would probably welcome the company of another little dog.  She does not seem to be overly afraid of new people or other dogs, but children frighten her a bit and cats she simply ignores.  She behaves nicely on a leash, is not inclined to tug, but it is still very new to her.  Car rides are still a little scary, but she just lays quietly and watches everything go by.  She will need lots of patience and love in her forever home to help her gain confidence as she learns about her new world.  A securely fenced yard is required so she can play safely outdoors off-leash.  She does not know abut doggie doors, and cannot bark to let you know she wants out so she will need to be encouraged to go out for potty breaks regularly or have a couple of potty walks every day.  Like most little dogs she does not like the rain but will go out with a little encouragement and companyÖ umbrella optional.   Phoebe would do best with someone who has had some experience with dogs with special needs, that understands that puppy mill survivors are special and need extra care, patience and understanding to thrive.


So, if you are looking for a quiet, gentle little companion to share everything with you, come meet this amazing little sweetie.


Phoebe was lucky indeed, she was adopted with Giselle residing in Lake Stevens, WA


(Adopted Sept.15/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
3-4 years old
9 lbs

I just love being rescued from my past life and hope someone takes me in to their home J Ö I have a foster home where I love to curl up on the couch (if you allow meÖ..I like the floor too)  I am in a place where I know that I will be fed and loved, so Iíve learned that I am taken care of.  I love baths when needed they are kinda fun..I get to shake all over the place afterwards. I love going on walks and I really like going in the carÖthatís sooo exciting and im a good girl.   I have been good and I let my people know when I need to go outside..with a gentle scratch at their door.  I love toys and my companions here. But I think I would be ok with a walk in the park and see others.   I love treats, and will even stand up and dance for them! .    I have had a rough journey, but I would love a forever home that will take care of me and love me.     I am pretty laid back, but I will let you know when there is someone at the door, and I love to play with toys . I know my pictures arenít that good, I donít like to have my picture taken. (foster momma has soo tried..hehe)    Just looking forward to that special someone that will give me the home I always dreamed of


Betty has a great home, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Sept.20/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
8 lbs

Oscar lived with an older man all 6 years of his life. This gentleman is no longer able to care for him as he is very sick.

Oscar likes to sit on your lap on car rides and is a good traveler. He might be very well suited to going on road trips south or living in a motor home part of the year. He is a very quiet Pomeranian. I have heard him bark but he is not excessive at all. He often appears to wonder what the other dogs are making the fuss about! He is very happy to sit and watch TV with you or he will watch it by himself while you do other things. He is happy to wait for his turn at attention. He only weights 8 lbs at present and appears to be in pretty good shape. He is the perfect age. He likes to play but is not pestering you to throw the ball constantly. He likes to play tug-o-war with a toy and will growl quietly in play. He is wearing a harness now as he seemed nervous about my putting a collar over his head. He does not seem hand shy in the least tho' so not sure what that means. He loves to go for walks too. He has been crated successfully but it appears not to be necessary. He sleeps 8-9 hours without needing to go out. I have crated him during the workday to ensure he is safe since he has been in foster care only a short time.

Oscar seems quite comfortable in his temporary home and it appears he would adapt very easily to his new home. He is quite fun and cute....will be cuter once his pom hair grows back, and he handles being groomed with aplomb. The former owner's daughter bathed him and cut his nails and he behaved wonderfully. He has lived with big and little dogs and cats and children. He would prefer no young children. He wants them to just leave him alone. He does really like people!

Oscar is totally adored in his new family, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Sept.22/13)
Moomoo and Annabelle
"Pocket" Puggles
Females/spayed/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

Annabelle and MooMoo are 2 adorable Puggles waiting for their forever home.  They are very close sisters and would love to stay together in their new family.  Annabelle is more confident and MooMoo is more of a follower.  They are crate trained and do fine together in a large crate.   Both are incredibly sweet, a bit silly,  and full of energy.  They would benefit from some training mainly  to learn how to channel their energy!  These girls love to be with their people and get along well with other dogs as well as cats

These two girls were adopted together, happily residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Sept.24/13)

DOB 6/10/2013
Shih-tzu/Chihuahua Mix
4 lbs now (suspect 8 to 10 lb adult)


Howdy everyone!  It's very nice to meet you,  my name is Filbert.  I am a super cool, social, loving, snuggly, healthy, smart amazing little puppy looking for my forever home.   Not to toot my own horn, but I am crate trained, potty trained,  good with all people, dogs  and cats.  You can  watch me grow from the day I was born on my puppy blog.  Also, check me out on Facebook  for lots of videos of me having a great time in training class, at day care or just hanging out!  I know sit, down, come when called and walk well on my leash.  I love to fetch and play with plushy toys. 

A reward based training class is required for my adoption,  so youíll want to look into that at a training center near you.

Fantastic home for this lil imp, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept.26/13)
Jack Russell Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
20 lbs

Hi!  My name is Penny.  P-E-N-N-Y!  Like a shiny, pretty penny!  When you put a whole bunch of pennies together, you will have about a million bucks, which is what my foster Mommy says Iím worth!  I am house-trained, I am super-great with other dogs and, oh, Iím 9 years old!  My foster Mommy says that Iím a pure bred Jack Russell Terrier.  That means that Iím not too great with cats because Iím always trying to track and corner the big, fat cat who lives here!  My foster Mommy has a flower garden and my most favorite thing to do is to chase the water that comes out of the snakeÖshe says itís a hose, but it looks like a really long snake to me!  I jump and run and jump and run and I will probably love to do this forever!  For a Jack Russell, being able to run and jump is Heaven!  Because I like to track things, a fenced in yard is a must because I really donít want to get lost out there in the world!  I am a sweet, gentle natured girl and I donít even care to ever get on the furniture--I enjoy just sleeping peacefully by your feet or next to your bed!  Whatís really great is that I am clean and I donít really get stinky!  And, because of my short locks, I donít require a lot of grooming--just a nail trim every couple of weeks!  My foster Mommy says that Iím low maintenance--rather unlike the Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin in the houseÖthose things are hairy! 

Please put in an application for me todayÖaccording to my foster Mommy, Iím just like winning the lottery! 


Wonderful JRT family adopted this sweet girl, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct.18/13)
Angel and Brinnon
Toy Poodles
Female/male/altered/shots current
9-10 years old
6 and 8 lbs

We're going to assume that if you're reading this description that you have had a pet in the past or have a special love for animals. If you've dearly loved a dog or cat, what was one of your biggest fears? Perhaps it was dying before your pet(s) did and wondering what would happen to them. Even if you make pre-arrangements for them in that event, it doesn't always turn out the way you planned and hoped. 

Angel and Brinnon are living that situation right now. They stayed by their owner's side as their beloved human breathed his last breath. In fact, they stayed for a few days longer which is a story in itself. There was no plan for them after their human died so now we're going to ask you to search your heart and see if you could be their next devoted owner. And we'll say right now that Angel and Brinnon are bonded, very bonded, and must be adopted together. No exceptions! They've lived through too much together. 

The poodle breed is one breed which doesn't experience all of the normal problems with dogs like allergies, skin problems, eye problems. Most never have a problem as long as you have the routine grooming taken care of i.e. nail clipping, bathing, plucking fur from ear canals, and of course, loving them. Furbaby Rescue has brought all health care up to date including dental. 

Both Angel and Brinnon get along well with other dogs in their foster home and when visiting others. They love to go for walks and car rides but their all time favorite activity is to just curl up on the couch with you and snuggle. Both have a little bit of separation anxiety which is not surprising considering what they recently experienced. We believe the best home for these two will be where someone is home much of the time or with someone who will include Angel and Brinnon in their life activities. 

Both dogs are housebroken and we remind our adopters that even the best trained dogs must be given a fair chance in a new home by having the desired routine for going outdoors taught and be consistent. Foster mom suggests that a belly band would be in order for Brinnon until he is totally familiar with his new home and he's sure that it's his territory. It's only a temporary matter. 

Please do not be afraid of these dogs' ages. They still have a lot to give. The only indication that they are aging is the dental situation. Brinnon doesn't have teeth and Angel has very few but they're OK with it because they don't mind the canned food at all and soft treats are just fine with both. In fact, treats are treats, soft or hard. 

One last comment or two. Brinnon and Angel rarely bark and are definitely not yappy. They sleep through the night with no crying as long as they are either in a crate where they can see and smell your presence at night or if you allow it, up on the bed with you. Placing them in another room is not a happy idea for them or you. 

More details are available from the foster mom. We're just going to close by asking you to open your hearts to these two very devoted Poodles who stood by their previous owner to his death. They deserve your love and care and in return be prepared to have a love overload basket near by. 

These two special angels are residing in Longview, WA

(Adopted Oct.29/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
13 lbs

Pepper is a Puppy Mill survivor.  She was rescued from that horrific life and has now learned that there are good things in life like sunshine, grass to roll in and nibble on, soft warm beds, lots of good healthy food, and loving humans that treat her with kindness and love.   She has learned to go potty outside or on a pee pad, to walk on a leash and ride in a car.

Pepper is a beautiful, sweet little girl with the intelligent, curious and playful personality of the Papillon.   Pepper is still a little shy with people and does not really like to be picked up or be held (yet), although she will wag her tail and bow to you, lick your fingers and allow you to rub her ears and really seems to like tummy rubs.  She does like being close to her person and is content to curl up in a soft little bed nearby.  Pepper has shown a marked preference to be with women over men.  She has exhibited a bit of fear with some men.. so that is a work in progress.  She is not really yappy like some Papillons, and does get along well with all the other doggies in her foster home, eager to play and not at all bossy or agressive.   It is not known yet how she behaves with strange dogs, children or cats.   She likes to sleep in her own little bed in the bedroom at night.

Like so many puppy mill dogs, she knows nothing of toys, but has discovered what treats are is eager to get her share.   She is sometimes intimidated by all the other dogs competing for treatsÖ so making a game of "fetching" them makes her really happy, she gleefully chases them down and gobbles them up.  She loves having carrots to crunch on for healthy "Chewies".  She follows her foster mom around and greets her with tail wags and hand kisses.  Fast movements will still send her scurrying in the opposite direction.  With time and patience she should overcome this as she truly loves being close to her people.

Pepper has a couple of requirements in her new forever home:  No young children, no exceptions.  It should be an adult only household, and have a securely fenced yard where she can safely enjoy being outdoors off-leash, as she loves to lay in the sun and roll in the grass.  She should do well as an only dog if she was not left alone too much, but she would probably appreciate the company of another small playful dog.   But most importantly Pepper will need someone who understands the special needs of puppy mill survivors, and has the time, willingness, patience and love to work with her and help her meet the challenges of her new world and overcome the fears instilled in her by her past.  She is willing to tryÖ are you?

Residing in Sooke, B.C. Canada



(Adopted Nov.2/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
7 lbs

Are you getting tired of looking at dogs on this site who need to lose weight? Hallelujah!! You just found one who needs to gain a little weight and add some muscle tone. I know, I know, it's hard to tell that's the case under my mounds of gorgeous fur but it's the truth. You can have an extra dessert and I'll have an extra helping of something healthy until I reach my ideal weight. 

My life started out with a nice situation but then my owner died and I overheard someone say that they were going to take me and my senior sister and brother out to a field and do some not so nice, and very permanent things to us. Thank goodness there was one person with a heart who rescued us and took us to a local shelter and then Furbaby Rescue rescued us a second time knowing that we still had lots of love and time to give to someone new. 

I'm a little different from the average bearÖ..I mean dog. I don't really want to be carried around. I can walk quite nicely on my own, thank you very much. That could change in time, I suppose. As far cats go, I can take them or leave them. They aren't worth chasing. Heck, what difference is there between a cat and a dog? We both have four legs, two eyes, two ears, a tail, fur, love to give. We just have different voices. Why chase them and listen to that crummy Meeeeoooowww!?!

I'm not a barker unless you're late with my dinner or going out for a walk. In those cases I might remind you. Someone has to, right? Oh, yes, I forgot. I did have my dental work done and all teeth pulled to remedy a situation from lack of care previously. You got something against someone with no teeth? Whew! Glad to hear that because think of it this way - I can't bite. I can eat squishy food. No more dental care which might be more than most people can say. All the money you save at the vet for dental care for me can now be spent on toys for me. Or spend the savings on yourself. That's fine, too. 

So I can already see that you're looking for where to click on this page to apply for me as your own special boy. Just click here - and let the fun begin


Residing happily in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Nov.23/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years ?
6 lbs

ďAutumn is here and though itís bright and cheery during the day; the days are short and the evenings are long and dark.  Do you know what you need to brighten up your life and these dreary dark evenings and nights?  - A bright and cheerful little poof of a dog.  Thatís what!

I am loveable, joyful, fun, sweet, and I mind what you ask of me.  Lately Iíve been driving in the truck and I love looking out the window at the world passing me by.  Itís fascinating to me.  You will discover a lot of special things through my eyes.  I really enjoy going on walks but Iím tiny with little feet and donít want to go for miles.  Sometimes when the big dogs or the terriers (they are insane, by the way) join me in the walking queue, I get to trot along until I get tired and then I get to be put into a special bag and walk along or sometimes we have to run to keep up with those crazy terriers.

I am a cross between a ďVelcroĒ dog and an independent dog.  I love being with you but I wonít be annoying.  I will follow you everywhere but after you have settled at a task I might decide to go do something other than sit with you. 

I am used to having someone home and I really like that but Iím okay home alone, too.

We really donít know my age.  I keep telling everyone to just look at me and decide for themselves.  Iím so agile and have a lot of energy.  I canít be very old.  Even my teeth were not very bad and my breed is known for having bad teeth even with the very best of care.  My eyes are clear and bright.  I hear, see, jump, run, and spin in circles like a puppy. 

I am so much fun and everyone in my foster home loves me but I love them, too so it works both ways.  I enjoy visiting with the cats.  (they have some really tasty food when I can sneak a bit).  I think the angora rabbits are bunny versions of me and I want so much to play with them.  Itís sad that they have to be behind a fence.  Until recently, I bunked in with a huge black dog and we slept together on the bed at night.  I loved that dog but he got a nice home with a family who will throw the ball and play fetch with him for hours.  Thatís not really something I have learned to appreciate.

I really enjoy when company comes and we have a lot of it especially on the week ends.  I kind of have a chirpy bark.  Thatís just how I communicate and I greet everyone who comes to our house.  Itís mostly tall teen agers but they are all very kind to me and the girls think Iím adorable. 

I am pretty much an adorable little dog.  I have a very nice groomer named Sonya and she gives me wonderful bubble baths. She makes me smell good and blows my soft hair out so Iím fluffy like a little dandelion.  Iím pretty easy to have around.

Who are you going to spend these dark nights with and with winter still yet to come?  You really need to have me by your side.

Wonderful home for this boy, now residing in Bellevue, WA


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