In loving memory April 17/1998 - Oct. 20/2010

His beautiful video, with my thanks to Deb for creating this from her heart.

One Star in the Night Sky
Shining for the One who will Always be in Our Hearts

Who could resist this puppy:-)

We started our family's journey with this rascal.  He was the most outgoing, in your face, king of the castle liíl boy.  Everyone who met him, loved him. He had a passion and  a thirst for life.

He loved his brother Sugi

He was a happy, happy boy

Miko would like me to share a bit of his journey, and his medical history.  He would want people to know, he was the lucky one, who got a great life, people who loved him, gave him the best medical that was possible, and he had over 12 years of love to give. The dogs with medical issues, become the most treasured as a bond forms from the mutual loving and care involved.  The journey at times was difficult, mostly in the last few months, until that time, he was such a trooper, his will to live surpassed most obstacles, but finally he wore his liílí body out, and his heart could not take it anymore.

In 2004, this once healthy exuberant boy became an epileptic, and they were horrible grand mal seizures.  I took him immediately to WSU to see if we could find the answer, but they did not have one, except his liver was compromised therefore he was not a candidate for Phenobarbital, and was put on Keppra, a new and expensive drug at that time used for epi dogs, plus other medications.  

As the years passed, his  gorgeous brindle colors darkened, to a solid gray.

Few years later, he again was dealt a rotten hand, he had thyroid problems, and he was diagnosed with PRA (Progressive Retinal Disease, slowly going blind) but hah, none of that slowed him down.

In the winter of 2009, he had an extremely bad seizure, and this time he was not coming around quickly, so he was raced to Emergency Vet, he was in congestive heart failure.  He managed to survive, and he rallied.  Tragedy happened again in the spring of 2010, rapid weight loss, proved now that he was also a diabetic.  This disease was horrific, never quite getting it under control, and then one morning he awoke to the darkness, the disease took his eyesight.  I would have given the world, if I could have given it back to him, but knew I could not, he had too many strikes against him, to survive cataract surgery.

Somehow he rallied again, it was a tough go this time though, with heart problems, seizures, blindness and diabetes.  Still the Miko I knew was there, hidden many days, but I saw glimpses of his spirit, it tore me apart watching this once vivacious dog wasting away.  The night of Oct. 19/10 another horrific seizure, and I knew this was the one that was going to take my boy away.  After the seizure, his breathing was so labored, his heart could not take it, as I watched over him during the night, I knew the time had come, to let my boy go onto his next journey.

He is so missed by myself, my husband, Sugi, Carina, Kobi and all the wonderful people and dogs that knew him.

In his life, he showed so many of the foster dogs, how to live life, he showed the scared and shy ones, there was nothing to fear.  He showed the aggressive ones, they had him to fear.

Our furchildren do leave us, but our hearts and souls are always connected.



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