(Dear Little One)
Hold a Place in your heart, and send your loving thoughts for her survival.


* Carina became very ill, and all the expertise of the vets could not save her, she has passed to be with her beloved brothers and sister, she will always be a very special angel that graced our lives*

“The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief.
But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared
the pain of never risking love.”

April 26/2002-May 7/2014

Born April 26/02

Carina was born weighing half the size of her litter mates, she also has deformed back legs.
June 10/02: I was informed of this precious girl through a rescue contact, I wanted to help, but was afraid that she may not survive, as with her tiny size, there could be further problems.
June 20/02: I have met Carina, she weighs 12 ounces at 8 weeks of age, where a normal Sheltie should be approximately 3-4 lbs.  A vet was checking her, and was afraid that she will not make it, I knew it would break my heart to not take her, and break my heart to take her and lose her, I had no options, once I had her in my hand, whatever happens, she is coming home.
June 22/02 : My husband has not met her, and when he did, he simply said "I had no choice, she had to come here"
June 24/02:  I have taken her to see my vet, I see the bewildered looks, and am told she may not survive, as with her small size, what other things lurk.  What is believed to have happened with her back legs, is she was probably squished in the womb, and was unable to stretch her legs, it appears to be that her muscles are not developed properly.  The vet and I discussed splints etc. but felt they would be of a greater hindrance than help.
June 25/02:  Carina has gained 3/4 of an ounce.  She is a survivor, I have bought every kind of puppy and or other food to entice her to eat.
June 26/02:  Carina is eating, with many attempts at trying things, her appetite is increasing, with puppy replacement milk, nutra cal, baby food, puppy food...for one week, I don't think one day has gone by that I have not broken into tears.  I am so afraid for this angel, she has such spirit. Carina can get up on her legs, the stronger she gets the better she walks.  She faithfully uses the puppy pads for her bathroom details, a very intelligent and determined lil girl.  Though her abilities are that of a much younger dog.
June 27/02: She is becoming so aware of her world, and is now making lil sounds when she wants to be out with the rest of us.  I cannot have Carina just in with the flow of the other dogs here, as her size is so small, she could get hurt, just by a paw stepping on her.
June 28/02:  She is doing so well, each day brings small changes...she may just make it in this world, yes, she just might...I have talked to my vet at length for testing for liver shunt, etc. and I will do that, but as he said, if this is a problem, she is too tiny for any kind of surgery, so I will take one day at a time, and when she is stronger and bigger, will do whatever tests are necessary, and will also take her to an Orthopedic Specialist. But for now she just needs to live.
July 5/02
I am now 10 weeks old and getting bigger, can you see why my Mom is in love:

And also there is a special new friend in my life, Mom said I needed someone to love me, besides her and Daddy, I needed a doggie friend, that would give me even more of a reason to live, and because I think Mom prayed for a doggie Mom too hard, I got a doggie Dad, a rescue came into the home, and he loved me from the minute he saw me, he is always washing me, licking me, and wants to be wherever I am, and I get so excited when I see my new doggie Dad.  Mom said he was going to find a home really quickly, because he is such a gentle and loving Lhasa boy, but Dayton gets to stay with me, for now anyways, cause I need him more, and when I get stronger, Dayton will find his forever home, but not now.. cause we love each other..

Please keep this tiny sweet girl in your thoughts, we do not know what is in store for her, but she is doing much better than anyone predicted.  She is a survivor, and I will do anything to help this girl, financially and emotionally...
At this time, I want to thank the many people who have rushed to her side, with emails and advice, especially Sheltie rescue...remember the most I know about Shelties is sitting in my home right now.. so I am learning right along with Carina...but in time Carina will think she is a Shih Tzu or a Lhasa... she won't care they have flat faces:-)
July 6/02: Wow I weigh 14.4 ounces now, Mom says when I get to one pound, she is breaking out the cigars!  All is fine.

July 11/02:  I am doing great, but calling "Sheltie Patrol" what is up with my Mom, I had her cooking steak, chicken, you name it, now she is making me eat "yuck" puppy food, and she threw in OMG "vegetables "I tried not to eat it, but I did, she keeps grumbling about it being good for me, well good is filet mignon.  Sheltie lovers "save me".  I do like doggie treats now, but Daddy Dayton takes them away, but Mom scolded him, and Dayton left it, boy am I going to get my way around here, I only have to squeak and she comes running, and she grumbled again, something about "sleep deprived"..but I sleep just fine.  A nice thing happened yesterday, my Dad, picked his new parents, they were real nice, I liked them too, and a cute new sister (one of those flat nosed dogs again geez) Dad liked her, well you know he does have a weakness for us girls:-) Dad will stay with me as long as I need him.
July 13/02: Wow today I got the greatest present, a nice lady, Stacie Henderson, from Scio, Oregon, made me this wonderful little bed, and she said her prayer was that I will grow too big for it, I love it so much, and I sleep in it all the time, as soon as Mom gave it to me, I cuddled right in it...

And also I really made my two legged Dad surprised, he was away for a few days, and I really showed him, cause I really walk so good now, I got right up on my back legs, and ran to him, I am fooling everyone, cause I will herd these silly dogs one day, and run like everyone else...I promise.
July 16/02: Cough, cough...what the heck is everyone lighting cigars for, don't they know it is bad to smoke, and everyone laughing, cause I weigh 1.4 lbs. so what I knew I would grow, told ya...
*  I took in a fecal sample and she has coccidia, nothing to worry about, she and Daddy Dayton are on meds, and this will all clear up.  Dayton is the only one that has been exposed to her fecal.  
July 22/02: Darn that mean Mr. Vet, he poked me, and gave me, my next set of puppy shots.  Mr. Vet said he did not think I need testing for liver shunt, cause I just keep on growing, I am 1.9 lbs.
and would someone tell this crazy woman to stop kissing, what she calls a fat puppy belly, and I swear I will bite her nose, if she keeps it up.

I had fun yesterday too, these ladies came over, with their cute doggie Rikki,(Mom said she used to live here as one of her rescues) she is small, and I got to play with her, though Daddy Dayton, kept hovering over me, just cause I squealed, and Dayton thought I was getting hurt, so he had to supervise my play time, gosh what a fussy guy, he even pulled me under him, to protect me, but I didn't need protection, I was having fun, so I kept running out between his legs, and made his job very hard, well heck that's what a kid's job is, play havoc with your parents:-)
July 30/02: I just spent 4 fun days, at my Aunt Judy's, cause Dad was working and my Mom went to Portland to visit some friends,but also she said she was going to see one of her favorite foster doggies, something about this nice lady Teri and  some silly flat nosed dog named Wiks, said he was a very special boy, he walked a little different too, gee everyone I walk fine, and Mom said Wiks does too, cause he had some real special people in his life, who love him so much, just like me.  I had a great time, I played with 3 poodles, and they have noses:-) My Aunt Judy was wonderful, BUTTTTT, she went and did a horrible thing, she BATHED and GROOMED me...heck they said she did this grooming stuff all the time, Adorable Pets, my backend, I showed her, I screeched, and yelled and I gave her BIG attitude, and can you tell me why, she kept laughing, she was laughing so hard, she called Mom, so she could listen to just look at me, I have this stupid bow in my hair, a bandana, that Auntie Judy had to make under a magnifying glass, just so I could look cute...what's up with people??

Aug 1/02: Goodbye Daddy Dayton, Mom said he was becoming so attached to our family, that it was time he went to live with his forever home, everyone was crying, and I barked at his new parents, I didn't want him to leave, but I know he has another job, he has a new family to take care of, I am well socialized now, I know how to react to dogs, and people, Dayton taught me well, and I was promised I would met new friends.

I have three  brothers here, but I think I bug them, especially Miko, but they tolerate me, and don't hurt me, and I guess if I stop biting everyone's tail, they may start to like me too, bye Dayton I miss you, you were sent by the angels.
Aug 9/02: Mom said that everyone is worried, cause Daddy Dayton left, please don't be sad for me, I have got lots of friends, like Murphy, funny boy with a cone on his head, cause he had to have his eye removed, I love crawling inside his cone, and sitting on his head, and he lets me.  I don't understand but Mom was crying yesterday, my friend Murphy has Cancer, but she said a wonderful woman by the name of Michelle is adopting him, and will take care of him.  So Mom wiped her tears, knowing he will have a wonderful home, no matter what.  Just so everyone also knows Dayton is doing great in his new home.  I also have other friends

The lady in the picture, is one of my Mom's crazy rescue friends, Wende, I think she needs to get adopted, though she isn't spayed, and that could be a problem:-) she is sure nuts about us dogs, she keeps cooing over me, behind her head, is my grouchy brother Kobi, and boy he is a grouch, he grumbles everything I attach myself to his tail, and the well upholstered gold and white boy is my brother Sugi, he's ok, he just glares at me, when I attack his legs, and Cookie, I thought he was neat, he was closer to my size, he has a new home now, and there is Brandy, lying by Auntie Wende's legs, she's a cool dog, she is Wende's furgirl.  
Everyone got real excited, gosh you would think someone invented world peace, what's all the excitement about, just cause I weigh
2.6lbs!!! and can someone tell me how to make Mom happy, first she keeps saying, she would celebrate the day I barked, and now, I bark happily all the time, and now she grumbles.
Aug 13/02: I got the poopy drawers, I don't know what that means, but I have had the runs for a few days, Mom is worried, she ran to Mr. Vet man, (personally I think she is neurotic, and Dad is a close second) and got me tested, and they can't find anything.  So they got me on pink stuff, which I like to spit all over Mom's shirt, and medicine for Giardia (am I saying that right) though they just don't know.  I feel fine, I told her that, she just doesn't believe me...
Aug 18/02: Ok alright, no more "poopy drawers" you know I just like to stick everything in my mouth, and I wish my Mom would stop chasing me to pull something out, geez..I got to tell you, you know that great lady Stacey, from Oregon, she sent all these neat dog beds that she made and mean ole Mommy said they weren't mine..that less fortunate dogs were going to get them, but I tell you that nice lady sent this cool doggie dishes, I am taking those I told her, no way Mom, I like them, they are so cool...Mom tried to get all my brothers to pose with the beds,(yea right) and oh wow she sent all these cute bandanas ( for growd up dogs, too big for me)...

Miko has one on, but he laid down so Mom could not take the picture right...she kept trying, can you see my cool dishes in the back, neato...hey can everyone see what a big girl I am getting..and I am told I am getting a BIG attitude as well, well what do you expect, I am so spoiled...hehehehe...I love it, and MR. VET man I told you, I am making it, and all of you who shook your head, go stuff it, I have a reason to be here, I am a daytime believer....
Aug 21/02: Mom took me to see Mr. Vet again, just to get more needles stuck in me (waa) she took two of my brothers too, Sugi and Kobi, I hid under them when that Vet came in, he is kinda nice though, but just shakes his head, my gosh he said "3.1 lbs"he checked my legs again, doing great, gee I know, just ask Mom as she chases me.  Said hmm when I get bigger, they want to do xray stuff, it is my knees, nothing more, now I went and had fun, cause we got to go shopping, Mom said Mary from San Francisco, sent me money and wanted me to go and buy something frivolous, so I liked this lil stuffed doggie, that is as big as me, (thank you Mary for your kindness) so I got to go home with it, heck don't worry my brothers got spoiled too.

My Mom read me a letter sent by a special rescue lady, since I can't read yet, if I could I would have read the Sheltie handbook on behavior, cause apparently I act like a Shih Tzu, except I nip everyones hiney...
Here is the letter:

Well my dear little Carina or shall I address you as the Doggie Diva?? I am absolutely thrilled that you are doing so well.  You are filling out beautifully and have such a vibrant personality. But really my sweetie the world does not revolve around you ALL the time [oh - most of the time I am sure]  so you must be a little more generous with the doggies that are less fortunate than you.  Now I think I counted at least four different doggie beds that you have?  Hmmm and you want more - oh my dear  - you can only
sleep on one at a time.   And now that the pooty drawers are gone,you will surely be on someones lap most of the time. Oh and one more thing - dare I say this???? - the song goes: 
"Cheer up sleepy Jeanie,
Oh what can it mean,
To a Daydream Believer,
And a Homecoming Queen."

You have permission to bite my nose - hehehehe, but I think you are more a Homecoming Queen, and yes , you certainly have a reason to be here.  We all love you Princess Carina.
your friend Odean and all her furkids
*Carina and I love you Odean, Carina's story is watched and read by thousands, her spirt has touched our lives, it is a story of hope, dedication, love and faith,  she brings smiles and laughter, she came into my life, when I needed inspiration for the work I do, she entered everyone else to help them have faith.  Yes Odean she is a Homecoming Queen.
Sept 12/02: So did you all think I left, heck no, but Mom has been busy, off to Arizona for their two legged son's wedding, I got to go and have fun at my Auntie Judy's again, and I grew , I am 4.5 lbs.  Mom was talking to some lady about obedience training, heck I am obedient, I obediently run the other way, whenever I am called.  I hear the grumbling, what does obstinate, stubborn, self assured, independent, and cocky attitude all mean, since I hear these words all the time, heck do they think I am suppose to act like those silly Shih Tzu, who hang onto to every word, I like to have the last word hehehehehe...I have been having fun, lots of new friends...look at my newest one, her name is Dina

Carina has a special request, everyone has stood by her side, and prayers have worked, another baby needs our support, this is a human baby, this is the letter I received:
I am a dog rescue person to my very soul, but wanted to share a human fight for survival with you. Katie is too young to be born, she is a little over 5 months (in utero) and weighs a whopping 1lb 7 oz! Her mommy's cervix is not very strong, and she lost her first baby at under 5months. Katie and her Mommy are at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children in Orlando, Fl and hopefully she can stay in her mommy's nice safe uterus for another 70 days. Mommy is on bedrest and is trying to be good, she knows that Katie needs a fighting chance. It struck me that Katie is smaller than Carina was a month or two ago, and now Katie needs the prayers. Please pass the word if you feel directed to do so, and lets help Katie, like we all helped Carina (and continue to do so)
Please send prayers to her friend Carol, and lets pray for Katie

Sept 26/02: Time for Candles, I am 5 months and over 5 lbs today. Psst..before I tell you more, Katie the human baby above is hanging in there, so keep her still in your prayers...(*update, Katie was born, and is a healthy happy lil girl) Now as for me, I am told I finally look like a "real Sheltie" so what was I before a "fake one" geez...

And along with my bigger me, is my bigger attitude (that's what my Dad just said).  I have a secret I want to share with everyone, and I think a lot of you know the secret, cause you are all pretty smart.  I am in my forever home, yup you guys knew that didn't you? I knew I wasn't leaving, and Dad knew I wasn't, they finally got a daughter...about time, don't you think, 3 boy furkids, 2 two legged sons, time for a girl..I won them over...but I need to call Sheltie patrol again,  Mom signed me up for puppy school!!!!

*Note: I am sorry that I broke 2000 hearts, this is a very close estimation of offers to adopt Carina, but I realized, no home will ever met my standards for this girl, she stole our hearts and she is here to stay. I will continue to update her page, as I know a lot of you enjoy reading her story, she will have lots to tell especially going to obedience...
Oct 27/02: Hmm did you miss me..oh heck Mom gets carried away with these other dogs that need her...well back to me.  I am 6 months old now, weighing under 7 lbs...I have been having fun, I saw these creatures, and I knew that they meant something to me 

"You Can Take the Dog out of the Country, but Can't Take the Country out of the Dog" 
I was fascinated by them, running the fence, I felt a purpose, but mean Mom made me leave and go to Class...

NO NO NO, I am NOT going... but I found a friend Sadie, she is the same age as me, they wouldn't let us play as much as we wanted!

Psst...let's blow this soon as our Moms aren't looking..
and now, all I hear is SIT, STAY, DOWN...what is up with that? I sit when I want, stay wherever is convenient and lay down when I am tired, I don't need to be told this stuff..and I am real good at going the other way when called..."what do they mean I will fail puppyclass" and of course I am smart, I am not the idiot who keeps repeating themselves!
And if that isn't enough, I get driven all the way to Bend, Oregon, have any of you been there? It is COLD..and than to make me even more miserable, my Auntie Jill buys this for me to wear...

Is this humiliating?...and all these silly women, "saying how cute I look"I mean do I look like a Eskimo dog to you?...I almost got saved ,Mom sent this picture to Dad, and he tried to SOS me home, fearing that all these women would "cute" me to death...I suppose it was a good trip, had to take Babe (nka Cole) for his surgery and his new home.  I got to met his new family Barbara and George, and George he is funny, he kept trying to show me how to herd Peach...silly man, I already know how to herd...

JR and Peach



I felt right at home with JR, he growled at me, just like my big brother Kobi, and Tony he's my boy, I got to play with him, and Tye, well it is a good thing I am not older or I would be setting up a date with him...hehehehe
DEC 28/02: Well I'm back popping in to tell you my adventures...and let me tell you, My Mom is mean, she took me to Mr. Vet, and they spayed me, took all these xrays, and tests. Just look how gorgeous I am..the other gal is Cassie, I am the one in the back, I know it is hard to tell, she is my foster sister, she already has a home to go to, but is staying for a bit, so I get to learn Sheltie play:-) honestly she plays funny, I am used to my flat nosed brothers

I came through my spay thingy just fine, my knees showed that they are sideways, with very little mobility (what are they talking about, I still run like the wind or hop)...said it would be such a painful surgery to reconstruct my knees, so Mom said since I do just fine, no surgery at least for now, if the day comes when I need help, than she will get a specialist... so what if I can never jump on a couch, I have my humans trained very well, they do that for me, when I honor them with my cuddles.  I had my very first Christmas, and of course I got lots of toys, and Mom said lots of emails just for me, I am special, and I know it, I am spoiled, independent and I love to boss the new doggies around...I now lay down the rules...all 7.8 lbs of me...I am the Queen, except I keep getting Princess status...since the Queen Mom keeps telling me...have I got news for her, I only let her think she is Queen
Feb.12/03:  I am almost 10 months old, Mom says I am probably full growd now, all 9 lbs of beauty..Mom and Dad said my legs seem a bit worse, I told them not to worry, but Mom said she is going to make an appointment, with the best specialist she can find, and get another opinion, "aw Mom, I'm fine" but Mom just worries, as soon as she finds the right doctor, she'll let the world does anyone know a real good bone doc in Western WA?

April 26/03:  " Happy Birthday"
Today I am one year old, and 10 lbs, a day my Mom, said she never believed would have happened...well Mom, guess your stuck with me, hah stuck, try and pry away Daddies "baby girl" not in this lifetime...Mom took me to a specialist in Canada, but nothing can be done for my knees, I will just be the way I am, and that's need to fret, cause I am just a happy girl, I am very outgoing, and social, people always admire me, wanting to know where they can get a "toy" Sheltie, Mom gets tired of saying "no such breed" I am unique, I love having all these foster dogs, new dogs to play with all the time, and if you have been following Mom's site, we have all these tiny pups, which really soon I can play with, I tried playing with them, but they thought I was lunch, Mom laughed so hard, as all these lil dogs, lunged at me...Mom said when they are weaned, I can go play, and I won't look so appetizing....

I want to also say thank you to Mary and Roseanna from San Francisco, CA for my birthday card and present, I think I will let Mom get something for the fosters, cause I have everything, remember I am the spoiled asked about my secretive obedience school, oh I flunked, actually Mom did...cause I's smart...I do sit now, and stay, but Mom nor Dad can figure out how to keep me from barking...its my job, I told them, now they see that, cause I play with the puppies now, and I herd them into a circle for Mom, when she needs to catch them all, I yip at them, and gather them my Mom now appreciates the job I was intended to help her..that is why I am here, she needs me....

Dec/03...As you can all see, I am enjoying my 2nd Christmas, and I am as my parents say, just as pretty as can be.  On Dec. 1, my hip was fractured, it is because of the strange way I walk, but Dr. Kevin Erickson did surgery, and I am not in pain anymore, and walking just fine again, Mommy and Daddy worried way too much about me, in the future I will need surgery on my other leg, Kevin calls it leggs perthe, it is normally genetic, but in my case , just cause my legs are different...I have met so many friends in my home, my newest is Sydney, my Mom says she is sick, but she doesn't act like it, she is my big sister and I love her...I now have big brothers and a sister, what fun...I love everyone, and I know I am one special "baby girl".. Dr. Kevin was mean though, he said I am getting chubby, gee I only weigh 11 lbs, how can that be...oh (sigh) Mom says I am not going to get a lot of turkey or treats anymore, I got to keep my svelte figure cause of my legs....oh well I do like "carrots" so I will fill up on those..bye for now...

Oh what an exciting day, we all had just after Christmas, Tara, a wonderful young girl, who is in love with my big sister Sydney, came to visit, I just loved her, and her Mom and Dad, all of my brothers and sister, and foster friends vied for her affection...she was so nice

April 26/04  Hi everyone, I just turned 2 years old..hard to believe isn't it, I especially want to thank two special friends for my birthday wishes, Odean and Tara...I am still a happy happy girl, who Daddy says I bark too much...well I am a Sheltie...even in his sternest voice I grin at him, cause I know I am special...

April 26/08: I am now 6 years old, and doing so well...never give up...never give up

April 26/14 "12th Birthday" Getting a little gray, but still Stunning



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