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I'm Going HOME!

*sweet babyboy passed away Aug/15 he was adored*

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 YES!  They loved me! My foster mom said " how could they not!"  They were very nice and told me all about life at their house.  No other Chi to live with but  lots of neighbor dogs and even some older kids that come by to visit ( you KNOW how I love kids!)  They are taking some time off work to spend a few days with just me!  They are coming tomorrow to get me and take me to my new home!  My foster mom says she is SO happy, so I don't understand why she is crying so much? Can you cry happy tears? 

My new family says I get to continue my blog at my new home!  Be sure to check here for the new blog address.


Today is the day.  I am going to wear by new brown sweater,  its so slimming on me.  Foster mom says she chatted with them on the phone and they seem really nice.  Wish me luck... 4:30pm today!


I'm nervous.  My foster mom told me she got an application for me today.  Nice couple,  they seem very excited to meet me.  I guess I am more excited than nervous. I love meeting people so much, I just hope they like me.


I was just talking to my foster mom... we are all surprised I have not been adopted yet.  Don't get me wrong I love hanging out in my foster home, but I want a family of my own.  I know there is someone out there for me.  I just have to keep believing. 


Spring looks right around the corner.  We get more walks, and I love that.  I enjoy going to work with my foster mom.  To see all the people and get love from them.


Not much new to report.  I am loving life,  but do dream of my forever home.  Is that YOU?  I love going on my walks to the park. Its funny, the other Chi I live with can be barky at people when we pass them and my foster mom is always working on that.... but for me, they say I am SO easy!  All I want to do is meet and greet everyone I see.


 YAHOO!  7.4 lbs.  I can fit into my skinny collar!  Look at my waist!  I am one handsome Chi.


Off to the vet tomorrow for a weigh in. I am feeling SO GOOD! 


Had a great weekend.  Lots of walks ( not too much) Played lots of fun games, like running wrestle and zoomies. 


Still doing well... Since my diagnosis of mild arthritis,  I don't use the treadmill anymore,  but can do short walks everyday.  The weather is better so we all go out once  a day, with a bit longer jaunts on the weekends.  We have a big park near my foster families house and its fun to go there on the weekends.  I enjoy running in the grass!  Did I ever tell you I LOVE big dogs?  I see them on the trail and I just HAVE to meet them.  Kids and strangers too.  I just love everyone!



Why do they need to use a ground hog?  Use a Chi next time... we will choose spring everytime. All we ever want to do is bask in the sun.


Radiologist report came back. He sees arthritis and a small oddity ( like a floating bone spur) in his wrist.  Weight loss will help, so we are still loosing and hope to reach 6 lb

We are to start him on supplements
Vit E
Fatty Acid Supplement


Enjoyed a nice quiet weekend.  I got to accompany my fellow Chi on their walks but I had to sit in the stroller.  I remember when  I used to HAVE TO sit in that way I could of walked!  Check me out...that's me on the bottom ( my good buddy Willy in the basket)

Oh BTW, check out my video!  I am a  SUPERSTAR


Vet says I have tendonitis in my shoulder.... from too much exercise!  I never thought I would of heard that!  Vet says take it easy for 2 weeks.  YA HOO!  No treadmill!  My foster mom does massage every other day, ahh heaven 


OUCH!  I must have been working out too hard... On my walk today I cried out.  Off to the vet!


Weight is holding at 8 lbs.  UGG those last 2 lbs!  But I need to focus on how far I have come!


A new year... maybe a new home for me.  I certainly love my foster home,  the dogs here are really nice and they all seem to love me.  But I still  hope for a home I can call my forever home. 


Please enjoy Chuppie video, it will make you laugh


Christmas is over and wow what a great time we all had. I don't remember ever getting presents before. I liked ripping up the tissue paper to get to a toy.  Now its time to take down the holiday lights... why did I get stuck with this job?


Went on a nice walk tonight with my foster family, looking at holiday lights.  We wore big, thick coats and stayed warm.  Back home we all had warm muffins and snuggled by the fire. Weight today is 8.5... the vet is closed so I had to stand on the scale here at the house. I hope its accurate!


Doggie Socials are SO fun.. have I talked about them much?  Its this cool social time where a bunch of small dogs hang out with their people and us dogs get scratched and bellies rubbed. Its amazing. After I made my rounds and got love form everyone I settled in a little girls lap and had a nice nap.


The exercise is paying off... I am coming down again. I can feel it.  People say they can see it in my face! I am asking Santa for a waist for Christmas.


I am sure you have seen by now.  9.0 I GAINED.  Uggg.  Feeling defeated and frustrated. What's wrong again with a big fat Chi?


Staying on track best  can... I don't feel like I am loosing much.  I am kind of achy. Can I exercise too much?


Had a great work out today... inside on the treadmill. Outside is SO cold!  I need 2 coat to keep me warm



YA! 8.9 lbs.  YAHOO!  I am so close  can TASTE it.  WOHOOOO.  Went to Northhshore Vet and stepped on that scale, everyone cheers at me when I go in.  It has made all the difference to have such support.

3 1/2 more lbs to go.  The New Year is looking Bright!


Why do humans insist on dressing us up in these outfits?  Don't they know they do not show off my new figure.


Well, I officially survived Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for?  warm beds pushed up near the heater vent,   a full belly,  walks with a  nice warm coat on (that fits!) chi friends and meeting people.  I had a blast at the WHS membership night at the store.  I have to go up and meet everyone, kids, adults, other dogs... I love them all.  I certainly had a thing for older ladies....

No weigh in this week....I guess I got a bit off track with my schedule.  I feel good though


Doing pretty well over the holiday break.  I have been good about sticking to my diet and when I have a bit too much, I took an extra walk.  Still trying to figure out this treadmill... I like to stand on it and walk a few steps but that is about it.  Of course I will walk for food, but that kinds of defeats the purpose, I guess.

Going out tonight,  to the WHS Members Night at the Whatcom Humane Society Store.  Should be fun, lots of people to meet.



Getting ready for the holidays... a bit worried about my eating habits tomorrow.  I am All about the mashed potatoes and yams. Dogs love pumpkin ya know.


Starting a new exercise plan this week.  Koreen and Roger, two good Furbaby Friends are loaning me a treadmill for my daily workouts when the weather sucks. Tried it for the first time last night,  it was a bit awkward, but I think I can get the hand of it.  I'll get some video soon.


I CAN"T BELIEVE IT. I am in the single digits now!  9.6 oz, did you see!  I have so much more energy this week,  playing and wrestling... I love life.


I can fit into a coat I have been trying to fit into for weeks!  The other Chi in the house wear this type of coat and they look SO good. NOW I CAN TOO


I am liking the diet.  Its yummy. Breakfast is groats, apples, zucchini, peanuts, yams and beans.  Dinner is Quinoa, parsley, green peas, spinach and Spirulina.  I feel so good.


New week, new attitude.  I am not going to let that number on the scale define me... I start anew food plan this week. I am going vegan!  My foster mom and dad cook for the other dogs in the house and they are all so healthy and fit, they will transition me to the plan.  I like the fact that I get to eat more!  Bring on the VEGGIES



I cannot believe I still am at 10 lbs.  I did not loose a single ounce!  I am walking and playing and eat my diet like a good boy.  Screw this plateau, I want a donut. If I was really on the Biggest Looser show I would of been sent home last week!


Got to go to Tails-A-Wagging today, hang out with the other small dogs.  Of course they all thought I was super cool,  I met some neat dogs, played some fun games.  I am so tired now.. off to bed!


 Miss Kitty got adopted today. I miss her.  She was so nice and sweet and always liked cleaning my ears.  Such a lovely girl. She got a new home,  really nice people.  My foster mom says I have not had many inquires about me yet...  I want a forever home too.  Don't get me wrong, I love it here in my foster home.  But I know the right home is out there for me.


2 stink'en ounces!  The vet told me I looked great.  Everyone at Northshore is so sweet and supportive.  I just was hoping for single digits this week.  Vet wants me at 5 lbs... it seems so far away. Any words of encouragement out there?


I am dreading the scale tomorrow.  I have stuck to my diet, no cheating.  I have kept up my activity, even in this weather we always find something to do.  But I don't "feel" like I have lots much, if anything... wish me luck. Anyone else out there on a diet?  Do they have fat dog support groups? 


So much bad weather... I am not so into my walks.  None of us Chi are.  My foster mom comes up with games and activities to keep us active when we can't go outside.  I like to play wrestle and chase, especially with Miss Kitty she is SO fast!  I have recently been interested in toys.  This is new to me.  Morocco Mole (one of the dogs I live with) showed me how to "kill" socks.  That's fun!


Having a blast going to the Doggie Socials play class.  So many dogs, I can get a bit annoyed at the puppies, but really who's not.  My foster momma took in a new foster Chi this week.... her name is Miss Kitty, WOW!  she is so cute.  We are fast becoming good friends


Happy Halloween!  I went to my first costume party today. I had a bunch of fun. All the dogs were in costume and I went as a skunk.  Us dogs admire them so much for their amazing abilities. 

I also made my weekly trip over to Northshore for my weigh in.  When I walked in, everyone recognizes me and I am so excited to see them. I stood on the scale and could not believe my eyes. 10.2? are you kidding? I worked so hard this week!  everyone said I would hit a plateau but I was not ready for it.  I am moving more and more everyday.  My diet is going well so I am stumped.  OK..OK I need to focus on the good things. Focus on the almost 2 lbs of loss so far, focus on how better I feel, focus on how I can sleep through the night with out my foster mom waking me up because I am snoring....



I went to my first ( I think) Howl-O-Ween Party today!  WOW, I never knew life could be so fun!  I ran and played with lots of other dogs my size, well not MY size, but you get the idea.  We all dressed up. I was a scare crow, since my foster family all went as the wizard of oz.


I am proud of my weight loss today. I am down to 10.2 Yes, its not as much as last week, but every ounce counts!  I go to Northshore Veterinary Hospital and they cheer me on when I step on the scale.  My t-shirt is not as tight on me as before!


I am feeling good about this weeks weigh in.  I know I have not lost as much as I did last week, but I still feel real good.  I am playing more and more each week.  and I don't get as tired on walks.


What is it about sleeping in that I love so much.  Those warm covers, and me tucked all the way down.  My foster parents are out of bed by 5:30am, but I waddle on out at around 8:00am.... I take myself out for potty, like all good Chi,  and then check out what for breakfast. 


Just spent the day at the Tails-A-Wagging Doggie Social Group.  Had a blast. Made tons of new friends.  Got pats from everyone.  I even was able to do the agility tunnel. How cool is that!


THE BIG WEIGH IN. Ok... I am off to Northshore vet to step on that scale... all of my paws are crossed that I  have done what I can to move those numbers.  I really want to have a win this week for my biggest looser team.

YA!!! did you see it ! 10.4  I totally ROCK!  This shirt is getting so loose on me!


Getting ready for the weekend.  Weekends are always harder to stay on "the diet"  so many parties and events to attend.  But I am feeling great.  Loving life.  I have started to play more and more each day.  Basically its a bit like Sumo Wrestling at these point, but I am becoming the best of friends with my foster brother Percy.  He and I are the same age and I strive to be as fit as he is.




Some people are SO cool... This great lady Janna McKinney is an awesome knitter,  she knits for her dog Frito, but no way Frito can wear all that stuff!  So she knitted all these cool things like sweaters and party collars.  We had a fundraiser here at Tails-A-Wagging and sold a bunch and the money went to Furbaby Rescue. I hear its going to pay for my bill at the vet to get my oral surgery and sinus infection paid off.  I really want to thank all of you for helping out,  FBR needs those extra dollars to pay for dogs like me.  What would we of done with out it? I am not sure. But once again those cool FBR supporters came through!  Thanks Janna and Frito! You Rock!


 I did it!  I lost a whole pound. You are looking at an 11 lbs Chi here! Wow, I can't believe it.  I guess I am most surprised that I actually like green vegetables.  My foster parents have me on a whole foods diet,  lots of Quinoa, veggies, and fruits.  We went to the park last night and I made it the entire way there.  I did need the stroller on the way back, but I have never made it all the way before.  I can now climb the steps that lead up to the couch and the big bed.  I am totally gonna do this!


This weekend is the big weigh in... its been a full week of working out and eating a healthy diet.  I hope my hard work has paid off!


Well,  I am now down 9 teeth now. Vet said they had to go!  Fine by me and I get way more kisses now.  I still have all my big teeth in the back.  Just no front teeth.  Vet says I had a huge infection in my sinus' and that I will soon be able to breathe better. Vet also saw an elongated sift palate, but my weight loss will improve that! Vet also says I should weigh 5 lbs... that's 7 lbs of fat I gotta loose.  It seems like too big of a task for me.  But I know I will get a lot of support from my foster family.


I am pretty nervous today... My foster mom is taking me in to have my teeth looked at.  I wonder if they can do something about the smell?  No one will kiss me on the lips...


Hi, nice to meet you. I am Chunky B.  You can call me Baby, if you like. I thought I would keep a blog to keep you all up to date on my weight loss. I am looking for new home,  but I gotta loose weight first, so its top priority for me!

Scale today said 12 lbs.... wow, how did I get this fat!  I just ate what they gave me.  I try to run with other Chi here in my foster home, but I just can't.  I get tired so fast.  I really like living here though.  We go on walks everyday and when they see me get tired I get to ride in a stroller.



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