Carmelita & her Precious Babies
Carmelita and her pups have all been adopted
Thank you everyone

2 years old

Carmelita arrived in rescue, not only VERY pregnant, but in horrible condition, full of fleas, worms and malnourished. She weighed 6 lbs. so normally is only a 4 lb little girl.  She looks much older, but she is young, maybe 2 years old.  The babies were due at any time, once brought to the vet, they worried that she will not be able to deliver her puppies.  It was too late to get her back into good physical condition, the babies were in distress only 4 days after arriving.  The vet did a C-Section, Carmelita almost lost her life, but we were fortunate she was saved, as well as 3 of her puppies.  One little girl was not as lucky, she quickly passed to the bridge.  After the C-Section, Carmelita was spayed, cherry eye fixed, minor dental...she was one little sore girl. 

Her babies were born Wednesday, Oct. 10/07

Nougat (male)

Taffy (female)

Rolo (male)

 Carmelita unfortunately was not producing milk.  The puppies were getting bottle fed every three hours.  A few days after delivering her milk finally started..which is fantastic.  Eventually she will be able to completely take care of the babies, and giving the foster home a well deserved break:-)

I will be updating pictures, and you can watch them grow.

We are doing a puppy blog starting from the beginning:



Took Carmelita into Northshore Vet this am.  She is SO big and uncomfortable!  Hard for her to sleep- her belly is so big.  Dr. Barron says ultrasound shows 4 puppies and 2 are in distress.  One is 1/2 the size of everyone else and has a large Fontanel.  One has  slow heart rate.  She recommend emergency cesarean section right now. She will call after surgery.

Dr. Barron called after surgery,  the puppy with the large Fontanel did not make it, as she knew it would not.  Pup was showing signs of Hydrocephalus.  Other puppies are alive and doing well.  Carmelita has NO milk... so we will need to feed pups every 2 hours. Oh boy... here we go! Northshore Vet is so kind, gave Furbaby Rescue a huge discount... still well over $1000.00 for surgery and pre-care... but everything helps.

Gave pups first feeding 30 minutes after being born.  All 3 took milk from the bottle. Good Job puppies!  will continue to feed pups very 2 to 3 hours.

Carmelita is resting, glad to be 1/3 her previous size!

Nougat, male: 3.7oz

Rolo, male: 4.0 oz

Taffy, female, 3.8 oz


11pm, Nougat is not taking milk.  Possible low blood sugar.  Gave 1 drop of Honey and am taking to emergency hospital.  Dr. Harris did full exam.  Puppy is in good health, but not getting enough milk.  We will need to tube feed (pass feeding tube thru mouth to stomach)  We have rescued many litters before... this was suspected. Dr. Harris checked the rest of the pups, all are doing well.  As a  donation to Furbaby Rescue they did not charge us for our visit. THANK YOU ANIMAL EMERGENCY CARE. We Appreciate You!


Nougat is still with us,  lost .25 oz... very scary. We could loose him.  But Tube Feeding is going well.  Feeding 3 cc of milk replaced every 3 hours. The 3 am feeding is brutal!  Carmelita FINALLY is producing milk today!


Nougat is a trooper... taking his tube feeding  very well. He gained .25 oz!  Ya HOO!  we are not out of the woods but things are looking up.  Rolo and Taffy are FAT!


Pups are doing well.  All pups are gaining weight.  We weigh them every day.  Began early neurological stimulation exercises  on all pups today- to create stable and smart pups!

Carmelita is happy, eating very well- gaining weight herself. Such a lovely mamma! 


Oct. 17/07
7 days old




14 days old

Carmelita "looking better"






Pups are chubby!  Rolo is up to 7.3 oz, Taffy is 6.2 oz and lil Nougat is catching up at 4.75 oz... Carmeltia is enjoying a little bit each day away from the pups playing with the other adult dogs in the house.

Rolo: 8 oz
Taffy: 6.75 oz
Nougat: 5.25 oz


All the pups are doing so well, we no longer have to tube feed Rolo or Taffy, they are getting enough from Mamma.  Nougat is only needed 3 feeding a day...

Carmalita's fur is growing in well.  Her fur is darkening and she is gaining weight... 


We continue to perform basic developmental tasks with each pup  every day. Our house dogs (all Chihuahua, of course) want them to play SO badly... they keep bringing them toys enticing them to play.  Sorry... they don't even have their eyes open yet! 

Rolo: 9.75 oz
Taffy: 7.75 oz
Nougat: 6.75 oz


Carmelita is such a wonderful mamma, she really takes very good care of her babies.  Her incision is completely healed and she gains more weight everyday.


Babies are getting bigger everyday... Rolo still the fattest of them all!


Taffy and Rolo have begun to open their eyes!  Big days for them!  Should take a bout 2 to 3 days to fully open.  Little Nougat, of course is the last.... send him best wishes and tell him to open up to see what the world has to offer him!

3 weeks old




Nov. 7/07
4 weeks old

Puppy Blog:


Rolo and Taffy have begin to open their eyes.  Nougat is up to 9.75 oz.


Both Rolo and Taffy's eyes are fully open.  Nougat is just starting to open his. Good Boy Nougat!


 Nougats eyes are fully open.  All ears are 80 % open on all dogs.


Rolo: 15 oz starting to get curly fur!
Taffy: 14 oz
Nougat: 13 oz


Well... we have a FIRST. Nougat stood up today and took a full step! Wow, and before his siblings!


 Not to show up Nougat, Taffy and Rolo are trying to walk.  Carmelita is helping them out, best she can. Gave all puppies their first toe nail trim today. Ears are all fully open. Pups look up when we call " PUPPIES"


 Oh Rolo... he is such a baby, quite the whiner!  Fur very curly now. All puppies are walking well now. Nougat barked today and is trying to play! 


Rolo: 18 oz
Taffy: 17 oz
Nougat: 16.5... he's catching up!

All pups are playing now. Still falling over everytime they try to "wop" each other using their paws, but they are trying.  One of my resident dogs, Meg still brings them all her toys. Not yet Meg, they will play with you soon.

5 weeks old





Week 5: Puppy Blog


Introduced puppy milk in a dish today.  Nougat was the first to give it a try. YUM!  Taffy was next, good girl. Oh Rolo... he is just crying for him mamma.  You gotta start growing up Rolo.  He finally tried! Rolo I still the most vocal,  whines and cries when  he wants anything. Rolo's fur is getting very curly.


All pups lapping mild from a dish. Everyone is walking and playing well.  They wrestle and fall over.  Carmelita is very patient and teaching them how to play.


Tried canned food today.  YUM, everyone is eating  well.  All have budding teeth.  Taffy is still first to eat at every meal.  She's a bossy girl, pushes her brothers to the side for first dibs.  Nougat is right in there as well,   hungry little guy. Making up for lost time as a wee pup? Rolo cried all thru dinner until the other pups were done, then he ate. 

Rolo: 20.5 oz
Taffy: 20 oz
Nougat: 19oz

Nougat's fur is turning brown and white. He is turning tri-colored! Very handsome.

My younger dogs (Meg and Morocco) still try to play with the pups, but now they are playing back! Meg cannot bring them enough toys- she loves those pups. She brings all her mini plushy toys and lays them all around the puppies. 

6 weeks old




Let us out:-(

Sleepy Time:-)

Week 6: Puppy Blog


All pups are running and playing more and more each day.  Still trying to eat puppy milk and canned food from a dish. But spend more time playing in it than eating it!


All pups eating well from a dish. Still nursing- but Carmelita is  slowly drying up.  Taffy is the first to eat every time. All pups are showing budding teeth. 

 pups are more interactive with the toys. Picking them up and playing with them. All have barked now and play growling!

All pups have used the pee pad... and it appears to be intentionally!  All have left their bedding at sometime during the day and went to pad to pee.  Of course it not consistent, but its a start!


Rolo: 1 lb 7 oz
Taffy: 1 lb 7 oz
Nougat: 1 lb 6 oz

Pups can all walk out of their pen door, over the lip, when we leave the door open.  All run all over the play room.  Playing and wrestling with all my own Chihuahuas. Pups are eating 4 times  day from dish. Still nursing but Carmelita is having SO much fun playing with my dogs she tends to leave her pups for longer periods of time.  This is the best thing for them. Teaches them independence and makes them hungry for real food.  

7 weeks old




Week 7: Puppy Blog


Introduced crate for pups.  Taffy often chooses to sleep alone.  The boys are big snugglers.

Carmelita is happy to have Meg (One of my Chi) do some babysitting from time to time. She uses her time off to play with my other dogs or nap under the covers!


Pups are enjoying life.  Introduced dry food today.  YUM.


Pups are happy, so social and so silly. All using their potty pads 80% of the time!  All eating canned and dry food.

All pups are being crate trained and sleeping alone in a  crate at night to make the transition to a new home easier (on them and their new family) All pups have attempted the stairs.

Rolo: Ears going up!  Such a   BIG Chi!  1 lb 11 oz

Taffy: Still the boss of all the pups...normal for a girl.  1 lb 12 oz

Nougat: Our little adventurer. Still the first to try anything new. 1 lb 11oz


Our first experience with snow!  All pups were happy to try it (since my dogs were frolicking in it)  such brave lil Chi.


8 weeks old

(Adopted Dec.17/07)

Nougat (adopted) nka LeeRoy

Taffy (adopted)nka Morgan

Rolo (adopted)nka Archibald

9 weeks old

Rolo,(adopted Dec.18/07) Taffy(Adopted Dec.14/07) & Nougat (Adopted Dec.14/07)

First snow:-)

The puppies will be available for new homes approximately the week of Dec 16/07, once they are altered and ready for a new home.  Mommy will be available sometime after the pups are completely weaned, and do not need her any more.  We will determine that date later.
We will start accepting applications Nov. 26/07  and will do preadoptions. The puppies will be spayed and neutered prior to adoption.

Fostered in Bellingham, WA

Please email Angi starting Nov. 26/07 for application form and adoption.

Small dog experienced homes only- no first timers.
No families with children under 12 yrs will be considered
All puppies will be required to be signed up for a positive reward based
training class prior to adoption

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