So Many dogs have come into our life for a reason, the ones on his page, taught us so much, they are  now in Rainbow Bridge...till we meet again.

- February 2, 2015

Bridget was the light of her Mom's eyes, she was adopted from us July/2004, and had the best Mom ever, she misses her with all her heart, she was struggling to breath, and her time had come, rest in peace angel girl


Big Red Rudy
June 18, 1995 - June 5, 2011
Because of you, many dogs got out of the puppy mill life!
Thank you!
I'll miss you always!
May the pom pom's fall softly around you my dear!
Love you Rudy!


April/2000 - Oct.8/2010
This darling lil girl was so loving, happy and her foster parents adored her.  She went in for what we hoped was routine spaying etc.  We discovered what was thought to be a large mammary tumor.  It was soon discovered, that her bowel had twisted and was detached, sadly she could not be saved.  What a loss, a beautiful and spirited lil soul, just beginning her new life and journey, to be taken without warning.

Razberry (aka Razzy)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
She touched each heart she came to know, she died for no reason.  She went in for spaying and several hours later, her heart stopped.  Every effort was made to bring her back.  She left behind so many broken hearts, and mine was the worst.  Each dog comes into your life, and gives so much, as she did, her tiny cries of glee as you rubbed her tummy, her happy tail wag, her love for life...she is gone but NEVER forgotten.

Razzle dazzle, is quite fitting for this little girl. She thinks life is just one big party and shows it by crying with glee whenever you show her attention. She also rolls over on her back, and often will rub up against you. She's a true example of "loves to be loved" and she doesn't care if it's male or female. She travels in the car beautifully, never uttering a sound and is used to being crated while in the car for utmost safety.  Razzy has an interesting little habit of finding odd places to hide like behind an object when something new comes into her path. As she spends more time in her foster home, that habit is subsiding so most likely once she's used to her new home, you'll find her beside you greeting each new "mystery" that crosses her path.  Razzy would benefit from someone who enjoys walking her and help her to tone up a bit as well as give her all those wonderful new things to see while out and about. 

Razzy is two years old and despite what some people may say, some little dogs don't truly graduate from puppyhood until months later after their second birthday. With that in mind, you will want to be consistent in habits such as taking her outside on a regular basis until Razzy is well acquainted with the routine in her new home. She is doing beautifully in foster care and we want her forever home to be the perfect happy ending for this sweet little dazzler. 

Please watch her video.

Fletcher Brown
September 27, 1996 - June 12, 2008
All My Love Forever Fletch!
  Oh dearest sweet Fletcher how my heart aches from your absence!  You were such a special dog and how blessed we were to have you in our lives all of these years!  On a snowy, cold Dec 16th almost 12 years ago I was notified about a local puppy mill giving away a litter of puppies because they were too sick to be sold by the breeder.  I'm a Weim lover and already owned one, so naturally I was interested.  My hubby said I couldn't have another dog, but I went to look anyway!  (he forgave me in less than an minute later)  This mill was just like all of the others I've been to!  Horrific, filthy, overcrowded and all of the dogs were outside in the freezing weather all wet and muddy and covered with feces.  Just the smell was overwhelming!  As I approached the Weim puppy pen, I spotted him!  Yep, I knew that puppy was coming home with me that instant!  He was about 3 months old and had not been socialized so he was hiding in the far corner.  The cold was making him shiver so badly he could barely stand.  Besides all of his other health issues, he also had ringworm so much of his hair was missing.  He slowly walked up to me and then sat on my foot!  We made eye contact and I promptly snatched him right up into my arms!  He picked 'me' and I could not be more honored!  I placed him in a blanket and off for home we went.  It saddens me that I couldn't have saved more, but I did report this disgusting mill to animal control immediately.
  Fletcher remained extremely shy his entire life and was always happiest what at home with his family.  How fortunate we were he chose us!  He and my other Weim, Tucker, became fast friends.  Fletcher bonded deeply with Tuck Man and always depended on him!  Tucker didn't mind his appointed position of Big Brother and quickly showed Fletcher the ropes. 
  Last Feb Fletcher suddenly became very, very ill.  After many, many tests, he was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)  It is a horrible, horrible disease and my heart and prayers go out to all the families near and far who are dealing with this disease.  Fletcher was taken from us much, much too soon!  After several months, last night this disease took final complete hold of his body and so today we set him free.  He was very brave through this whole process and I'm so proud of him as he fought it as long as he could!  Thank you Fletcher!  What a brave fight you did!
  Stay with your big brother Fletch!!  Tucker will watch out for your until I get there!  Run, play and lie down and snuggle like you always used to!  We know how you mourned when Tucker passed on, but you are now together again and for eternity this time.  I bought a print many years ago that reminded me of you boys resting together.  Peace be with you both.  Each of you took another huge piece of my heart when you left.  I love you and will do so forever and ever! 
  A VERY special than you to my wonderful veterinarian, husband, family and friends for ALL of your support these past several months.  You are all loved and very much appreciated!  I'll be in touch soon.
Fletcher's Dad At the Puppy Mill
You can hardly tell he is a blue Weim from all the mud, filth and feces
Isn't that a lovely dog house?
AND, there is snow on the ground!
Just a few of the other dogs there............
Fletcher and Tucker
Tuck Man raised his little brother well!  :-)



Goodbye My Handsome Hector

7-18-1995 - 11-10-2007
The perfect gentleman!
I'll love you always my dear..........
Forever in my heart, Sandra


(Adopted Oct.04 passed to the bridge Aug/07)
When I first met my mommy and brother, I was terrified of them.  I just wanted to stay with Auntie Eleni.  When it came time to leave, I was placed in the car in a crate, my brother Austin took one long look at me, and just sighed.  I knew then and there, that I would be loved and safe.  He promised me things I had only dreamed of all the way to my new home. 

It was very hard for me to try and trust again.  My first two years in life were horrible.  There were things that happened to me that I would never forget.  I would run and hide in fear of the freezer door opening, but be right there when the fridge door opened!  I was terrified of big dogs, raised voices, the wind, kitchen towels, fly swatters, newspapers and stuffed animals.  It took me several weeks to get used to wearing a collar, and a lot longer to walk on a leash.  It took me several months to eat out of a bowl.  My mom would finally give in in the beginning, and put my food on the floor, where I scarfed it up in a second.  I didn't understand that food came in a pretty bowl, fresh water was plenty, and I did not have to compete for food.  (although my brother was always looking over my shoulder to see if I left any morsels!) 

My mom and brother were so understanding.  They gave me a lot of love, space and patience.  We went to some really great places.  My favorite was the ocean!  I loved to be on the beach, the breeze and salty air blowing through my hair....  Mom even let me chase those darn seagulls, and play with dead crabs!  She said that I had to have a bath when we got back, but it was worth it!  Boy did I sleep good at night!

My two favorite things though were my hair barrettes, and my Uncle Howard.  For some reason, he just really got me.   He is a snuggly kind of guy, and I would just back up and bury myself into his chair where I felt so safe and protected. 

My favorite toy was my "puppy".  Mom said it was just a little .49 cent toy from the craft store, but it was the only thing I wanted to play with.  She bought me tons of toys from the dog store, but I only wanted my puppy.  When the craft store went out of business, my mom and I bought up every single puppy left in the store so we could have a "stash". 

I really feel that I owe my life to Auntie Eleni.  If she would not have stepped in and taken me in, I feel I would have been either abandoned or put down.  No one would have understood what I had been through.  When my new mom got me home, I had to have my teeth cleaned and my tear ducts flushed. The doctor told my mom, that he had never seen such bad teeth in a two year old, and that he got "motor oil" out of my tear ducts.  Only me and those people know what I endured those first two years.  I believe their parting words to Auntie Eleni when they left me with her was that they were tired of me biting and that they were on their way to go get another puppy. 

In the end, I had horrible pain in my hips.  My left hind leg would not stay in the joint.  My mom and Dr. Ed tried everything to help me for several months, but the pain was too great, and I reverted back to biting again.  My doctor felt that from the "abuse" I must have endured, was a major contributing factor to my hip problems.  There was nothing left for them to do.  I was barely 5 years old.  

My mom's most cherished moments are when I first realized that I could have fun!  Toys were meant to be chased and pounced on, not to be beat with.  Eating out of a bowl, being able to sit still for my "beauty parlor day" by my mom.  It was a bonding experience for us.  That going for a ride in the car always led to something fun, that cookies came out of the drive in window at the bank if you look cute enough, my first taste of snow, chasing the cat, going to the park, and singing with my brother. That "cock" of my head when she would call my name. 

Even though my time with my mom and brother was not that long, I had three really great years.  I know that my mom still struggles with her decision, but I am now totally free of pain, anxiety and fear, that I am bopping around just past the bridge, in the green grass, filled with small white and pink flowers, chasing those butterflies.   I will be waiting for them, paving the way for my brother and my mom. 

I am whole again...

With all my love from Mommy Terri 


Little girl 18 months old


A special Tribute to Radar

March 1995 - April 13, 2007
Fly, fly little wing
Fly beyond imagining
The softest cloud, the whitest dove
Upon the wind of heaven's love
Past the planets and the stars
Leave this lonely world of ours
Escape the sorrow and the pain
And fly again
Fly, fly precious one
Your endless journey has begun
Take your gentle happiness
Far too beautiful for this
Cross over to the other shore
There is peace forevermore
But hold this mem'ry bittersweet
Until we meet
Fly, fly do not fear
Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don't wait for me
Above the universe you'll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won't forget
Fly, fly little wing
Fly where only angels sing
Fly away, the time is right
Go now, find the light
Celine Deon
Love you Radar!
You put up a brave fight!
I'll miss you forever....
Until we meet again.......

Radar was saved from a puppymill, he beat all odds for 6 years..but his lil body finally shut down, he was loved totally and finally knew happiness...

In Memory of Sydney
I ask Tim to look after her, till we meet again.

? 1995- Oct.23/2005

It's Too Late to Save Sydney's Life
But maybe she can save YOUR Furbaby Oct/03

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