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(Adopted April 9/07)
Please help give Mowgli the gift of life

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Havanese parents and  their new Pups


Prayers for Karma

Have a cup of coffee, listen to the music and enjoy
Bandit and Sara's new home:-)

Meet Lexie and her pups

Please help bring Muppet out of an impending world of 
darkness.  She needs our help.

Muppie has now gone to her forever home, we thank everyone for your wonderful support for this precious girl.


JULY 2005

Six Female King Charles Cavaliers, arrived from Idaho, death or us..dogs from a breeder who bred them all for the sake of money, with no regard to their needs or health, we need help to pay for all their medical, spaying, dental, infected ears, heart worm tests, shots and more.  Their Story is up now  These girls are all 5-9 years old.  They gave the breeders money, can we now give them love?

A Rescuer has left for the bridge, all rescues please take a moment and say Good-bye

Nov. 30/04
Read about the Fire and my THANKS to so many

Thank you EVERYONE for so many wonderful wonderful gifts for the dogs...I am overwhelmed...
Back home July 1/05

7 long months and we're back home...
As you can see Sydney was exhausted:-)

"Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, with her spirit, and excellent medical care, she has a lifetime ahead of her"

23 dogs confiscated from puppymill in WA (July& Aug/03)
Read their story, and their successful new lives.
And our gratitude to all the wonderful people who opened their hearts.

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