When they whimper in their dreams it breaks your heart.  I watch them sleep and wonder what nightmare has them in its frightening grasp.  Are they dreaming they are still trapped in that hot, filthy and miserable place? They move slightly, and I wonder if they are dreaming of trying to ease the pain in their joints from years in cage too small to stand up in or even turn around.  Are they thirsty in their dreams? Too many times they wake and go to the water and the food, if only to make sure it is still there.  Are they dreaming that someone has just taken their puppies, too young, from their loving arms?  Are they dreaming of the cries of their friends and family as they lived each day in despair?

  No one ever saw them ~the ones hidden away in tiny cages they couldn’t stand up in.  No one ever saw that some of them were slowly dying ~ a painful death from bladder stones the size of chicken eggs!  No one ever saw the pain of sores and infection never treated properly.  No one knew their teeth were so rotten and infected they had trouble eating what food they got. No one was there to help them when the millers used caustic chemicals to rid the kennels of parasites with the animals still in their prisons.  Their lungs hurt and they coughed, but no one knew. Sickness with no relief – all for the money their puppies provided.

  You see, in a puppy mill, or at the hands of a backyard breeder, no one ever sees the parents, or the dogs that no longer produce ~the ones with no value.  These are the ones that suffer in the darkness ~ praying for and end to their suffering. 

  The dogs on this page were the lucky ones.  Their misery WAS discovered.  Their hair long, matted, and filthy, saturated with urine and feces, skin always itching ~ always hurting, is now soft, clean and comfortable.  Eyes and ears filled with painful infection are now clean and healing. Fleas and worms eating away at their skin and insides, are now gone. Their teeth, rotten and stinking, and filling them with fever are now clean, and white.  Those with bladder stones, who were unable to urinate, and who bled and cried with each try are now healing. 

  They may dream now of their recent past ~but they deserve to dream of  fluffy pillows, toys, treats, of food and water always available, of loving arms to embrace them, of romping in a yard of green grass with other dogs.  Now they have that chance.  

In July/03, the first ten dogs were taken from a puppymill in Sultan, WA...

After 9 HOURS of shaving, repeated power washings, we found wonderful Shih Tzus underneath, two of these babies are very insecure, Sultan and Dakota, we feel it will be best for their continued success to be placed with a family that has a dog, as this is their security, the others are fine..
(Sultan below is the dog pictured above)



(Adopted Aug.19/03)
Sadly Sultan passed to the bridge in 06
Sweet Indy passed June/17
Sultan is app. 4-5 years old
Indy is about 1
Both males now neutered/shots current

Jill has found that Sultan is very dependant on Indy, Sultan being the older one is slower to adjust to a "real life" he is sweet and endearing, but is finding comfort having Indy with him, unless just the right home, with another dog is found for Sultan, these two will need to be adopted together...
These wonderful boys did find a fabulous home, with a caring wonderful lady, now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 27/03)

(Adopted July 27/03)

*sadly Dallas (known as Terrance) passed to the bridge Nov./12*
Dallas & Dakota, are both app. 1.5 years old
These babies were also so lucky to find a home together, with a great couple, in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.3/03)
App. 3-4 years old
*A terrible sadness is felt today, June 5/04, this darling girl who was cherished, ran into the woods behind her home, and was attacked and killed by coyotes, she left this world being loved, and will be so missed by her family*

Tasha got a wonderful home, living with Poodles, a great Mom who dotes on her..a husband who wonders how many more dogs Mom is coming home with:-) a house full of love for these special babies, thanks Roseanne...residing in Vancouver, WA

(Adopted July 22/03)
Kimo (nka Freddie)

Moki (nka Bailey)
(Adopted July 27/03)

Kale (nka Cosmo)
(Adopted Aug. 30/03)

Kimo,Kale, & Moki
4-5 months old
Males/neutered etc.
Freddy has a wonderful Mom, who is one of the reason we got these babies out of the puppymill, residing in Snohomish, WA
Bailey is now the delight of a lovely lady in Seattle, WA
Cosmo, now has a kind Mom, and an impish Lhasa companion, in Redmond, WA

(Adopted Aug.2/03)
11 lbs
3 years old

Did you know I have no value, I can't breed, so I was of no use to anyone, nope no darn good was I...I was taken from my prison, and thrown out, so my fate is sealed, no value, and I am glad I had no value, because if I was able to keep breeding, I would still be sitting in cage, suffering...people came for me, they said I have more value than anyone, I am precious, my name stands for my disposition...I am free of the horrors of confinement, I am free to be loved, my foster Mom believes once I was a beloved pet, and somehow I ended up in a puppy mill horror...in a cage too small, no love, no couch, no lap, no treats, no honor...but that is all gone now, cause I am free, and whoever is lucky enough, or perhaps as I am told, the person who gets me, will have to be very special, as my live has been a horror, and I deserve a lap, kindness, a bed, love, attention...and if you have the privilege of meeting me, you will understand....as I am the sweetest girl, that God has put on this earth, and to withstand her horror, and to give her love unconditionally takes a very special girl...
Sugar now lives with a wonderful young couple, who adore this girl, she wrapped her paws in their heart in minutes, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted July 26/03)
Cowboy (nka Jack)
Scottish Terrier
Male neutered/shots current
22 lbs.
App. 5 years old

The heavy chain was around my neck, I was led outside, what was that I smelled, for the first time, since I was a puppy, I smelt fresh air, and I stopped hearing the cries of my jailed friends.  I was taken to a van, and put into a cage, oh yes, another prison I thought, I quietly accepted my fate, I felt warm hands around me, gasps of despair, so is this the end, I heard I was of no value anymore, so my time must be coming to the end.  I closed my eyes, waiting for death, as this would be a reward, no more would I have to sit in a cage too small, with my feet embedded in feces and urine, no more would my feet burn and sting, and my fur so matted and my skin on fire...my time must be close...so I waited for the end...after a few hours  I was brought to a green yard..loving hands put me outside in the warm sunshine, food and cool water was brought, so is this the end, but how can it be? why would I be fed...I looked around, no wire surrounding me, a yard to romp in...I  saw smiles on faces, I felt warmth and kindness, I saw hope, I had not dreamed of hope in many years...now I was able to run free..and than those hands took me, and shaved me, as my locks of fur were so embedded with feces, urine and they took all that itchy fur away...my skin felt free, and than they bathed me, my burning skin felt soft and clean, my pads had eroded away, and they lovingly apply lotion to make them feel better, and than I was in that wonderful yard again, I laughed, I danced, I am free...they promised me, never again, would I suffer, and I have not stopped grinning...I kissed their hands, I licked them , I told them thank you, thank you for my life...and now I need a home so I can thank them...I am happy, I am joyous and kind...and this I will share with someone...
Darling Cowboy (Jack) got the exact home we dreamed about, an experienced Scotty person, who would go to any lengths for the care and well being of these dogs, thanks Christine, we need more people like you, Jack now lives with other Scotties, learning how to be one....

August/03 13 more dogs taken from puppymill


Kessie (nka Muffie)

Kito (nka Sherman)

(Adopted Oct. 3/03)

(Adopted Sept. 30/03)

  (Adopted Sept. 29/03)

                                                                          * Muffie passed away June/18*

August 17/03, these babies are 6 weeks old, and will be available for adoption when they are 12 weeks, after altering...Kimi and Kessie are females, and Kito is a male.  Now look at these beautiful faces, the faces you see when wanting to adopt a puppy, the face you will see, in a petstore, backyard breeder or puppymill, and below, please look at parents who suffered so greatly....
* Kimi has a very special home, when time was ready to spay them, we discovered she had a heart murmur, and it would be unadvisable to risk her life at that time, her new Mom and Dad, adopted her anyway, saying whatever Kimi needs in her life, she will get it...and I know she will...residing in Lake Forest Park, WA
Kessie (nka Muffie) got a delightful home with a loving Mom and Dad, she will be spoiled and adored in Friday Harbor, WA
Kito (nka Sherman) once Sherman's feet hit the ground, and Mom stops spoiling him, he will know he is a dog (maybe)...Sherman got one of the best Moms I could of hoped for, with an extended "granddoggieparents" who will spoil him also...residing in Bellevue, WA




The After Pictures

(Adopted Sept.2/03)
App. 8 years old

Jasmine is the little girl, so ill we weren't sure if she would even make it through her dental, well she has, and 13 extractions, her eyes were caked shut when we picked her up

After some recouping, she will go in for her spaying, and than ready for adoption, we will need a special home for her, she will be on eye meds for the rest of her life, and how much restoration of her vision is not known at this time, with the possibility of her losing sight in time...her bills have exceeded $800..Jasmine is a darling dog, who has risen above her tormentors, now can we find a home that will give her the joy she now deserves. She has that wonderful home, and thanks Teri for finding it for her:-)  

(Adopted Aug. 29/03)
Female/spayed/shots current
App 3-4 years old
*sadly Della (aka Gabby) passed to the bridge March 7/14*

Gabby is one of the luckier ones, being younger, her years of hell have been less, and health issues normal, she will be spayed, shots,(now done) and needs dental cleaning, but is in good health..she is a sweet gal, needing a great home..And what a great home she got, two loving Moms, another loving ST...fabulous home...thank you Alice and Sharon residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.20/03)
Princess (nka Penda)
Now spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old
5 lbs

Princess is in good health, her spaying went well  Princess is a sweetheart, she tends to be a bit shy, but is slowly blossoming into a loving dog.  Princess (nka Penda) was so fortunate, she went to a home that already had adopted a Pom from me, over 2 years ago, and I prayed when I heard Ruth's voice, that she would also love to adopt Penda, and off she went to live the life of a spoiled baby in Campbell River, B.C. Canada
Thank you Ruth and your wonderful daughter Dawn, for being such special, caring people.

(Adopted Oct./03)
Spayed/shots current
*passed to the bridge 2011*

Darling Cookie, with bad eyes, teeth...the vet believes she is in otherwise reasonable health, but we shall see when her dental and spaying is done... (all medical now done, she had cysts on her ovaries, lost 6 teeth) she does not see very well, and has started on meds which we hope will bring some sight back..She could hardly walk from the length of her nails growing into her pads

she is another good hearted soul, who likes to play with a ball...she needs a loving special home..
Her foster Mom, Lorraine, had what we affectionately call "foster failure" when you fail to adopt the dog, because you love them too much to let them go...so indeed this doll has a wonderful home, to frolick with Havanese and be spoiled, in Freeway, WA

(Adopted Aug.30/03)
Beautiful and devoted lil Hannah crossed to the bridge Aug 1/08, she taught her caregivers much about life, they will never forget her spunk and her forgiveness of humans who once hurt her, and showed her love so deeply to her parents who showed her that people can be caring...she will be so missed
5-6 years old
Spayed/shots etc

Hannah is a very sweet and loving little girl.  She is learning that people can be loving and kind. She is learning that people beds can be soft, warm and secure, especially if she is in the company of other dogs. Hannah rides well in cars, walks well on a leash and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  Also, she seems to be learning the house training routine well.  She is shy at first, but warms up quickly and loves affection.  I feel Hannah should go to a home with another dog. She is very dependant on two of my dogs for comfort and security, and is frightened and lost without them.  Hannah is currently on antibiotics and ear medication for her badly infected ears and teeth.  

As you can see from above, these teeth actually were some of the better ones, from the puppymill, most are so rotten they are falling out of their mouth.  Hannah also underwent mammary tumor removal, we are waiting and hoping it is not cancer, but remember if it is since it was encapsulated, she can have years ahead of her. Her ears were flushed several times, but still not all the junk is finished coming out, years of never cleaning their precious ears..
Again we or rather Hannah was blessed to find a kind, generous, warm hearted family, living the life she should of had from the beginning now residing in Idaho...thank you Beth:-)

(Adopted Sept. 19/03)
Junior (nka Murphy)
Male/neutered/shots current
11 lbs
5-7 years old?

Junior is a very sweet, mellow and well behaved boy, who now deserves a great home.  He did not lose any teeth during dental, he had a small cyst removed from his eyelid, plus numerous other cysts on his little body, all benign

Junior is a shy boy, he is great when you pick him up, and gives cuddles and love, but he needs time to become comfortable, and would do best having another dog around, well Murphy got that home, with other darling Shih Tzus, a Mom who will spoil him, and a Dad who will dote on him...he is a very fortunate boy, thank you Lois and family for bringing him into your hearts, residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Sept.11/03)
Daisy passed to the bridge Aug 25/10
Spayed/shots current

Daisy is the sweetest dog!  She is very mellow and well behaved.  She does however LOVE to chase squirrels!  She is good about everything, walking on the leash, being groomed, getting her medication (she is on antibiotics for a small skin infection).
She loves to ride in the car.  She comes when you call her and she is fine with my dogs and cats.  
Daisy does have a heart murmur, a "4" on a scale of 1 - 6.  Her heart rate is also really low.  We did blood work to test her thyroid, but it was normal. The vet said it is possible that the murmur could
have something to do with her bad teeth..... if her
gums are infected it can get in her heart.  She said the antibiotics and getting her teeth done might make it better.  She
also said that some dogs just have low heart rates. We shall see how she does once all her medical has been addressed....  She has now been spayed, she had cysts and adhesions on her ovaries (thank goodness she has now been fixed) Her teeth cleaned up pretty good and she lost 4. Daisy got a lovely family, with two of the nicest children, who are thrilled with this special girl, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept.25/03)
* This very precious soul, passed to the bridge in May/05, she was so adored by her family.  The fault lies in the puppymill, no care for so many years..even though between what my rescue did, and this absolutely astounding family, you cannot always undue the lack of good care..she is so missed...

Gina is a bright, starved for affection doglet...and she has come a long way in the three weeks she has been with us, even thru all the pain and discomfort she must still be enduring...

 The light is coming back in her eyes and she is standing up on her hind legs to dance and greet and look in the back door when she is outside...she knew how to use a doggy door right off the bat the first day...that and her playing with my furbaby's old dog toy that first day all on her own makes me think she was indeed someone's pet before she was sold or given to that hell hole of a breeder that we got her out of...grrrrrrrrr!!!
Gina has been on antibiotics continuing till Aug. 29/03, she has bladder stones, infection, rotten teeth, needs spaying, shots and other medical issues...but we had to make sure that she was healthy enough to withstand all of the procedures which she must go through...she is a living doll, her expenses will far exceed $800, we thank all for opening their hearts, in helping a wonderful girl like Gina...

*Note: Gina's test results finally came in reasonably, she is now scheduled for stone removal, spaying and dental...keep her in your thoughts, as we had been fearing for her life... 
Things are looking really well for our lil Gina, the smile is back on her face..

Her bills to bring that smile were: $1145...

(Can you say ouch, that is her bladder stone)

We know the bills are very high, and have received some criticism , that we need to pick and choose, who lives...my rescue does not choose, if the dog is in our care, and they have a chance at a quality life, we CHOOSE to help them, she as all the others, have lined the pockets of the millers, they should not have to lose their life also...
Gina this special girl, with a special glint in her eye was rehomed to a great family in Sea Tac, WA

Feb 4/04 update picture

Gina lives with her mom, dad and sister Ginger  and is being spoiled rotten! She has adapted to days and nights of cuddling and love. Gina is a beautiful and sweet little girl that her mom absolutely adores and Dad dotes on as well. Ginger the Tzu thinks it is great to have another doggy friend again. They form a wonderful family! 

(Adopted Oct. 4/03)
Teddy passed to the bridge of heart failure in '05
Teddy Bear
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old

Teddy is a happy dancy lil goof ball. Teddy is here in Blaine,WA..he does have a heart murmur, and is on medication for this, so with continued monitoring we hope for a long happy life, and now Teddy has a great home, residing in Spokane, great Mom, Dad and Son...adorable chi mix for Teddy to play with...he is doing fabulous...thank you Eric, Sherry and Brian for rescuing a special needs baby...

(Adopted Oct. 11/03)
Mack passed to the bridge of heart failure, Dec. 16/06
Mack the Knight
Male/neutered/shots current

Mack is also a darling dog, he absolutely loves to be loved, happy and friendly...he now has danced his way into a couple's heart, who will give Mack the kind of home he deserves...happily living with also another of our rescues Suzie, in Tigard, Oregon..

I want to thank some very special people, that without you, these dogs would not have found help...
 Tara Mitts who was the advocate calling the police and because of her 23 dogs have a better life.
Sandra, who also was an innocent bystander, only wanting to adopt a baby, after her beloved dog passed away, and saw the horror, who also contacted me, to help in their plight.
 Adorable Pets Grooming, my friend and groomer, who took it upon herself to jump in, and help...she was the one who made the phonecall, and was able to convince the people to release some dogs, she spend her time bringing the dignity back to these babies.
 Jill Hainje, my volunteer and friend, who washed, and scrubbed and fostered
Terri Bock, another volunteer, who spend hours shaving, fostering and helping...
Lorraine, without you we would not have known where to put so many dogs, you opened your heart to all of these babies...
Trish Bizuk...one of the most compassionate ladies I know and am honored to have as a volunteer, always taking the sickest and most helpless into your home to nurture...thank you
Janice Moulds, of Palouse, WA...if not for the ingenuity of this great volunteer, the last 13 dogs may not have been saved...
To all of you, THANK YOU...for Caring...

I want to thank all the outpouring of emails that I have received in appreciation for helping these babies...Furbaby and volunteers thank you so much.

Furbaby Rescue
9718 Allan ST
Blaine, WA 98230

Our gratitude to special people who are opening their hearts to help with donations:

Emily Rose Bergman ( a special poodle and her family) Lynnwood, WA
Canadian Shih Tzu Club
Trish Herman (Griffey) & Sweetie) McCleary, WA
Janice Nichols (Maya & Misha) Mt. Vernon, WA
Diane Reese, Fircrest, WA
Jeanne Roberts, Fircrest, WA
Yvonne Gribben (Twinkles Mum) Lynnwood, WA
Erin Decker (in memory of Jesse) Bothell, WA
Nancy West, Lacey, WA
Suzanne, Bob & Mathew Allison(from Joey & Truman) Portland, OR
Alice Bloch & Sharon Helmick, Seattle, WA
Mary Rausch, Lynnwood, WA
Pam Garland, of Federal Way, WA
Brenda and Phil Meilicke of Vancouver, B.C. (on behalf of Diana for Kookie)
Beth Lockwood, of Caldwell, ID (in memory of Wicket)
Mike, Patti & Teddy Sotak, Sebastopol, CA
Judy Broeking (in memory of Sadie) Sequim, WA
Julia Atalay, Newport News, VA
Sandra Felton (the proud owner of Freddie aka Kimo), Snohomish,WA
Susan Nowakowski (in memory of Sable from Ariana), Ludlow, MA
Jane Couch (La Shalimar Shih Tzu) Grassie, Ontario, Canada
Charles Drabin & Michael Herzfeld (Phoebe & Abbey) Seattle, WA
Thea Mancha (Volunteer Coordinator,Paws Awhile) Bellingham, WA
Becky Bolan, Sammamish, WA
Ashley Ruiz (& her beautiful cat Felix) Munroe, WA
Patty Dadamo & her Mom Lorraine, Aliso Viejo, CA
Odean Cusack (in memory of Darby), Plymouth Meeting, PA
Laurie Lewicki ( Junior, Harley (aka Kevin) & in memory of Cuddles), Sequim, WA
Loritta Sheasly, Portland, Or
Jodi Horner (from Tessie), Kenmore, WA
Nancy & Katie Allyn, Bellevue, WA
Suzan Carter, Pullman, WA
Manuela Loth (Cubby & Toby), Orting, WA
Doris Nichols, Vacaville, CA
Joan Ambrose (in honor of her new granddaughter), New York, NY
Richard & Leslie Hunt, Seabeck, WA
Marlene Kerner (Malia), Portland, Or
Carolyn DelGiacco (& Dollie)Troy, NY
Rosanne Simmons (Tasha, the lucky one) Vancouver, WA
Ruth & Dawn Patrick (Shelby & in memory of Piper)(and now proud new owners of Princess & Peaches) Campbell River & Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Ursula Bassolino (in memory of Mary Jane Kraft) Los Osas, CA
Nancy Silves(in honor of Princess) Ferndale, WA
Kay Shibuya (dachshund rescue), Bellevue, WA
Gail Scott (& Kramer "shih Tzu"), Seattle, WA
Patty Jolly, Shoreline, WA
Rand Consulting, Seattle, WA
David & Soudary Greenbaum (Louie & Jackson)Beaverton, Or
Kathleen Smith-Meadows (& Baillie and Peggy Sue), Pullman, WA
Reg & C.J. Wightman (Baby Girl & Trina), Ramer, Al
Harveen Statler (in memory of Tashi) Sequim, WA
Tom & Ruth Carlin (Nelson & Torro),Sequim, WA
Jane R. Deboth, Sequim, WA
Lynne Rogers, Sequim, WA
"Hair Trix" Salon in Sequim, WA..thank you Laurie for getting your customers to help these babies.
Rhonda Kinzig (Mary Kay Products) for donating part of the sale of the products for these dogs.
Joanne Baldwin, Goochland, VA
Nancy Sinclair, North Quincy, MA
Carrie Heath,(Dino & Gremlin), Renton, WA
Renate Hartland, Albany, OR
Terrolynn Guiles, Spanaway, WA
Mark & Stephanie Newman, White, GA
Wendy Pringle, Burien, WA
Alexandra Colman, Sequim, WA
Elaine French & Steve Roebuck (Teddie & Chelsea) Edmonton, Alta
Catherine Windsor, Medford, OR



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