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(Adopted Aug 2/03)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old/ 15 lbs

Sweet beautiful Lola passed to the bridge Aug.12/13, she will be forever missed.

Lola is a darling, sweetheart, she went from my home to a fabulous new home in Bellingham, WA...she is in a great forever home, I am so happy for her, and happy for her new Mom..

(Adopted Aug 9/03)
Japanese Chin
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 9 years old?
Suiko passed to the bridge Feb/07..she is greatly missed.

Suiko was found wandering the fields in Oregon, I was notified about her, when she was in the shelter, who would want this poor little girl, bad eyes, tumors, just a mess.  Well I took her home, and got all the medical done on her, she turned into a darling,dancy happy girl, who stole everyone's heart.  Once she was better, I contacted Japanese Chin rescue, for possible homes, well much to my surprise, I was told of a program they have for Chins in their retirement years, they are placed in forever homes, within their organization, and all the medical and ongoing expenses are taken care of, this darling girl went into a great home in Idaho.  I am eternally grateful, to the dedication of this rescue...thank you Dana, and Japanese Chin Rescue

(Adopted Aug.12/03)
Miniature Poodle/Silky Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
14 lbs
* Ollie passed away due to complications with is immune system, early in '05...sorry lil one, greatly missed by his Mom

I have a really great family that loves me, but changes happen, and they can't take care of me anymore..First thing I must tell you is I have  Addison's Disease but the good news is, with medication, I will live a normal life.  The medication cost about $21 a month, and when you read about me, you will want me.  I am not a barker, I am playful, and play with toys, I am dog friendly, housebroken, good with children, love car rides, and going for walks, wonderful on a leash,  I sleep with my family...I do chase cats though.

We are looking for a family, that will read up on Addison's and familiarize themselves with it, want a fenced yard, since his recall is not always that good, but he has had basic obedience.  A stay at home Mom or Dad, and children are welcome:-)
Since stress can bring on an attack, we have opted to leave Oliver with his present family, to make any transition he has to go through as easily as possible, Ollie is presently living in Portland, Oregon.
Ollie found a wonderful home in Sequim, WA

Jack Russell Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old

Evan had been released to JRT rescue, he is a wonderful boy, but his energy level, and his ability to jump all fences, made fostering him difficult, through the wonderful work of JRT rescue, this boy now has a new wonderful home...residing in Oregon

(Adopted Aug. 30/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

Ozzy started his young puppy life in a very abusive situation, children tormented him, the Dad was mean to him.  Finally the Grandmother saw this, and took him far away from the tormentors, and with her kindness started the road to bring Ozzy back to who he is.  When my groomer and vet met Ozzy, we thought oh boy, but oh boy is right, he has shown himself to be WONDERFUL, with a couple of days of being unsure in my home, he is now a really fabulous doggie.  He loves to play with other furbabies, he loves to snuggle in my arms, he is great.  When he is rehomed, he will need a couple of days, of relaxing, do not push yourself, allow him to become your friend, as he dearly wants to be yours, he grew to trust and love me in just one helped that he saw all of my dogs and fosters being spoiled...he loves his walks, his treats, playing with his ball, lounging on your sofa, jumping on your kitchen table (yes we are working on that one, or simply keep my chairs in)...Ozzy is a special boy, who deserves a really special home, and one that will have a few days of patience while he becomes your furbaby.  An adult home only!
Ozzy has a great home, with great Mom and Dad, peke for him to ignore, and a ST to race around with..residing in Auburn, WA

(Adopted Sept. 4/03)
I am a Benji dog (possibly Wheaten/Terrier/Lhasa) who knows
Female/spayed/shots current
6 months old


  This HAS to be Maisyís theme song, for sure! And FUN she does have...with her humans, with her doggy friends or even all by herself!

  Think you have enough GET UP AND GO and ROOM to deal with the energy and hijinks of a young, ACTIVE dog?  If you donít, stop reading NOW!

  Maisy has LOTS of energy that needs to be focused positively - she is ONLY ABOUT 6 MONTHS OLD! She is a great little gal...all 12 lbs and 14" of her.

  She loves safe chews, toys and is learning to play with good manners. With obedience training (we STRONGLY recommend this for active natured dogs), she could equal some of those HOLLYWOOD canines we see. She is THAT smart! 

  Maisy LOVES to zoom around and around a yard all on her own...dancing and staying just out of reach when she wants gal, all right!  Another plus for obedience training in the future-learning to come when called! Maisy is friendly with the other dogs, wanting to play endless games of CHASE ME, IíLL CHASE YOU with them, big and small.

  Though she is a bit of a lap full with her lanky build, Maisy LOVES to sit cuddled up with you in a chair - at least till she remembers to grab a stuffed toy and run to you with it to play TOSS and FETCH. She can be a nutcase at times, like all puppies, but shows a quiet, content side as well. Maisy will become an incredible companion, with love and overseeing thru her adolescence.
Maisy loves to sleep on the bed at night with her humans, but accepts if she is not allowed to, sleeping by the bed on a doggy pillow. She eats well, takes herself out when needed, happily using the doggy door. Her walking well on a leash training needs to continue.
A home with a fenced yard, older children, and lotsa love would be GREAT!
Now has a fabulous home with D. Lucky Dog in Twisp, WA

(Adopted Sept. 20/03)
Peaches (nka Lucky)
4 lbs

Peaches is a dear sweet gal, she just needs to be loved and adored, she is housetrained, does well in car, on a leash, at the groomers, she just wants to love and be loved..
I request an adult only home, because of her very tiny size, and I think she just wants to curl up and love you..
Peaches, along with Princess (Penda) and Shelby, all have a fabulous home, in Campbell River, B.C. Canada
With deep sorrow, this sweet girl passed to the bridge in 05..terribly missed by her wonderful Mom.

(Adopted Sept. 23/03)
Miniature Apricot Poodle
Male/Neutered/Shots Current
Approximately 11 lbs

  Kramer is approximately 6 years old.  He was an owner release to an animal shelter.  God only knows why someone would leave a dog like this in the night drop box, with no explanation as to why they abandoned him.  Kramer is a wonderful dog.  He is starved for attention right now, and wants to be every where you are, I think he is still afraid he will be left alone again.   He gets along well with other dogs, but prefers to be the center of attention.  He is a poodle after all, and poodles have standards.  He seems to get along with my cat also.  He is fully house-trained, obeys simple commands and is an absolutely stunning dog.  Kramer is in excellent health now that he has had his teeth cleaned and two bad ones extracted.  He is a joy to hold and gives lots of love.  His favorite place to sleep is right next to his human, belly up, for tummy rubs. Kramer found a lovely forever home, living with three new sisters (2
Shih Tzu's and a beautiful Sheltie) in Walla Walla, Washington

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