Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted March 16/08)
Cairn Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
13 lbs

Chubbs is a sweet active little guy who also loves to cuddle. He loves to play with balls and toys, is good on a leash, comes running when you call him and likes car rides. Chubbs is a bit shy just at first but quickly becomes your best friend.

Chubbs was a very lucky boy who was saved from being dumped at a high kill shelter by a Good Samaritan (thanks Anne). His owner could no longer keep him because he was not getting along with the other dogs.

When Chubbs first came into care he was the perfect example of a puppy who no one ever bothered to socialize. He was afraid of new people, tried to bully or fight with other dogs, and had no idea of any commands. Chubbs has been working very hard. He has learned many new words (sit, quiet, enough, come, wait). He has learned to share toys, water bowls and even petting time. He is learning that new people have good things to eat and are a good thing.

Chubbs is now ready to go into a new home that will help him continue to learn how to be a good dog. Teens and adults only please and dog, preferably terrier, experience is a must. Chubbs would really like to go to a class with his new people so he can continue to work on all the things he did not learn in his first home. In return, Chubbs will crawl into your heart and make you laugh with his terrier antics. 

Residing now in a fabulous home, in Lake Forest Park, WA

(Adopted March 19/08)
Shetland Sheepdog
Female/spayed/shots current
13 weeks
7 lbs

Shona is one adorable, happy, friendly loving lil puppy.  She is smart, inquisitive, alert and attentive..and she is all puppy.  She can steal your heart in minutes.  She adores playing with other dogs, toys, anything (and your slippers are a favorite target).  She sleeps quietly at night in a crate, and is actually doing quite well on housetraining, but you have to just be on alert.  Not bad for a baby so young.

The Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is a graceful, lively,
loyal breed that gives many years of loving companionship.
If you have not previously owned a Sheltie,
before adopting a puppy you will want to learn about the breed.
Meet Shelties at shows, training or in your neighborhood parks. 
Ask Sheltie owners about their dogs' distinctive characteristics. 

Several qualities that Shelties have in common: 
they will alert you to unusual sights and sounds (they bark); 
they are a double coated breed and require frequent brushing (they have high maintenance coats); 
they are extremely intelligent, curious, inventive and eager to learn (they are smarter than people).
Shelties need mental stimulation and training to be happy companions (they get into trouble when bored or lonely

Special people, for a special puppy, and boy will she keep them on their toes, and smiles on their face...residing in Mission, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 21/08)
Colt (nka Benny)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 lbs
4 years old

Sweet and endearing lil Colt, it is his time to understand true love, a happy home, a warm lap, kind words and devotion.  And once you know this little boy, who does not have a mean bone in his tiny body, his requests are so easy.  His life was a mill, and now his time for true human love is so deserved.  He is a little shy, but not too bad.  He will do best in an adult home, and a similar dog of his size...after all his only friends in his life were other dogs..he loves to cuddle next to a friend, it gives him security, and then he is so gentle if you hold and caress him...the true Pap nature prevails...

This boy went to the Papillon Palace, I cannot tell you how fortunate he is..spoiled and adored, now residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 28/08)
*precious Emma passed to the bridge from congestive heart failure, April 29/11, her parents miss her so much, she brought 3 years of complete joy to her family*
Yorkshire Terrier
5 lbs
11 years young  

"Oh Boy", this little girl is one of a kind. What a sweet baby she is. Emma came from a loving home, she was with the same family all of her life. Because of her Master's illness she was brought into Furbaby rescue. She is very affectionate, has excellent house manners, loves to go for car rides and for short walks. She gets along with other dogs, but please only dogs her own size. She needs a home that is fairly quiet and has someone home most of the time so she has somebody to snuggle with. To see Emma is to love Emma. She is still looking for her master and will need lots of reassuring love from her new owners. That will be the easy part because she is impossible to resist. Emma is such a sweet Yorkie, I can not say enough good things about her. Please do not let her age discourage you, one day of love from a Yorkie will last you an eternity, but God willing you will get many, many days and years with EMMA, and she with you.

Fanastic home, now residing with Elsa in Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 22/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
2-3 years old
17 lbs

Sweet, sweet, sweet…what else do you need to know about Jethro? He can be a little shy around new people (for about as long as it takes to eat one cookie). He is good with other dogs who are not bossy but hides or runs from very dominant dogs. Heaven for Jethro is to sit on your lap or at least as near as he can get. He loves walks and car rides. Loves to toss his toys and chews into the air and run through the yard. Jethro would love a quiet home with people who are around for him. He would not do well with children (over 12 OK). He ignores cats and is getting better on his house training every day

Wonderful parents, who adore him, residing now with Sugar (nka Sopie) in Auburn, WA

(Adopted March 25/08)
Tammi (nka Bonsai)
Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier Mix
15 months old
11 lbs
Miss Tammi is a delightful girl.  She is sweet and snuggly. Enjoys other dogs, big and small and tolerates cats well.  She is quiet and likes walkies  or to hang out in her bed all day!
She appears to of recently had a litter of puppies,  but she was found as a stray so we don't know her exact history.  When our local animal control found her, she was brought to the shelter and held there, hoping someone would claim her... no one ever did and that is when they called us.
She is crate trained, potty trained, and simply a joy to all who meet her.
She does fine with meeting new people.
She would welcome a new home that can treat her
like the princess she wants to be.

Wonderful new home, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted March 30/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 months old
4 lbs
*in deep sorrow Remi passed away April/19*

Remi is the lucky one, his life at the mill was short.  He is a baby, he is sweet, a tad shy, but when you pick him up, he leans right into you.  He is a gorgeous sweetheart, who loves to play with dogs his size, he is endearing, sweet and a lil imp.  He is delightful to have, he is curious, inquisitive lil boy.  He will do best having another small companion to play with.  He is a stunning lil boy, and will have an amazing coat when he is an of the prettiest Poms I have seen.

Remi has a great new Mom and Dad and other lil friends, residing in Custer, WA

(Adopted April 5/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
18-24 months old
5 lbs

To know me, to understand me, to give me a chance is to absolutely love me.   I came from a mill, where I never knew what human kindness was all about.  Now I have learned, I am kind of shy, until I know you, and when I do, man oh man, will I ever cuddle in your arms, let you carry me everywhere, do my prancy dance, love sleeping with you, and I promise to adore you with my soul and my heart.  I have learned what great food is, I have learnt to take treats (and boy do I love those)...I have learnt what a great thing it is to be alive and loved, and I will love you back.  I will love and it is a must, to have another little friend in my new home.  Someone small like me, who likes to play and can build my confidence, I really need that.
If you think you can provide me with that great home, please come and meet me...I am so cute, tiny and so loving.

Kind loving family for this shy boy, now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 6/08)
Lucy Rose
Silky/Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
17 lbs

This Little Red-head is a very energetic sweetheart!  She has a gusto for life and doesn't want to miss a moment of it!!   Lucy is very loving and will kiss your face shiny clean whenever you give her the opportunity to do so. She loves meeting people, going for walks and car rides, running through the house or yard with her squeaky toys and chews. A true terrier, Lucy loves to express her opinion. Lucy is crate trained and house trained. She knows some basic commands and like most terriers she does them when she wants to.  Lucy loves attention in all forms and will reward you greatly with lavish kisses and her happy dance! 

However, we do have a bit of a mystery on our hands with Lucy.  Sometimes she likes her lower back scratched, and sometimes she doesn't.  And she will clearly let you know when she is 'not' in the mood for such attention.  We have had her medically evaluated for this (including x-rays) and nothing physically out of the ordinary is revealing itself.  Perhaps there is an issue here with her prior life?  We just are not sure at this time. 

Lucy does like other dogs once she gets to know them and loves to play. However she is a very bossy female and can try to dominate other dogs so she will do best either as an only dog who has doggy friends over to play with or in an experienced terrier home with another self confident terrier her size or a bit bigger.  Lucy will do best in an adult home (older teens would be OK) and like most terriers she thinks cats are for chasing- definitely no cats.   If you are looking for a beautiful show stopper with spunk and love to spare, Lucy is the one for you!!! 

Absolutely Fantastic new owners, happily residing in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted April 6/08)
Prince (nka Pic)
6 years old
17 lbs

What an amazing dog Prince is, he knows so many tricks and commands.  His Mom got very sick and was unable to care for him anymore.  Quickly though he found a new amazing Mom who adores him, residing happily in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted April 6/08)
Male/neutered etc.
3-4 years old
5 lbs

Foster Failure:-)  Went into foster care, after being released from a puppymill, and the foster Mom, fell in love.
Happily residing in Sedro Woolley, WA

(Adopted April 12/08)
Poodle/Terrier Mix
7 years
Male/Neutered/shots current
13 lbs

Hi everyone... Its me, Egor.  I was originally brought into Furbaby Rescue about 8 weeks ago. I was adopted and doing quite well in my new home but then I started to go potty in the house.  That family returned me to Furbaby Rescue,  I was immediately taken to the vet only to find out I had a raging bladder infection.. No Wonder I was having accidents! 

I am on medication now and doing fine.  My foster mom says I have not had one potty issue since being back. 

Let me tell you a bit about me.  I am a total lover, I really enjoy other dogs. I go to Doggie Day Care often and have a ball.  I get a lot of fun out of my walks and enjoy hikes in the woods. My favorite, all time love, is with cats. I really adore them... now I know what you are thinking a terrier who loves cats?!?  I try to kiss them and snuggle with them, never chasing or being rude to them, I really mean it when I say I hope I get to live with a kitty. 

I don't like being left alone, I am not destructive at all but I can try to bolt out the door and bark when you leave so a bit of reward based training would good for me.  My foster mom says she is working on it, and I am getting better at learning how to wait at the door.

Another thing you should know... I have had a couple of seizures in my life.  The  vet says they are not often enough for me to need medication ( I had one the other day and one 6 weeks ago) If they ever get more than 4 a month (the vet things not...) I will need medication but for now I am fine.

Do you like my haircut?  Normally my poodle fur shines thru!  But I got a trim for spring time.

I hope we can meet soon. I'll be waiting.
Egor has a great new home, now residing in Mount Vernon, WA

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