Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 11/11)
Tibetan Spaniel X
Male/neutered/shots current
7 lbs
11 months old

Our little Yoshi is an absolutely charming Tibetan Spaniel mix (we think there might be a little something “extra” in there).  He is the kind of dog who will be devoted to his human.  Affectionate, happy, and enjoys  giving doggy kisses.    He is easy to travel with and has his very own doggy car seat which he finds to be a comfortable way to travel. 

We believe that he was purchased as a puppy for someone who passed away and then was taken to a home with other dogs in the hope that the owner would either care for Yoshi himself or know what to do with him.  He was brought to a shelter where he was terrified.  An age of 11 months and 4 days was assigned to him, though we aren’t quite sure why.  He was neutered, microchipped, had a dental, and brought up to date with his vaccinations.  His stitches healed a week ago and he’s ready to find his forever home.

He came to his foster home very frightened so was left in a quiet room to himself.  The next day he ran up the stairwell to the bedrooms and insinuated himself into his foster mom’s life!  He will be shy and skittish when he starts with his next person but the transition should be quite brief as he has learned to trust.  His foster mom handles him a lot and he is quite liking the attention, which is wonderful news.

Yoshi seems to have been very sheltered as everything seems knew to him including “outside”.  He is just learning his name but doesn’t understand he needs to go “outside” so his foster mom leashes him up and takes him “outside” with the other dogs.  He does know how to use a pee pad in the restroom for some reason.  So he will need some help with potty training but he’s coming along very nicely.

This is a terrific dog for someone looking for a little cuddlier, a humorous spirit and a tiny best friend.  His coat is soft and velvety and gorgeous and he loves to be brushed and petted.  He gets along with other dogs and is a little afraid of the cats since they are a little larger than he is.

Yoshi is happily living in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted June 11/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
7-8 years old
10 lbs

WANTED:  Looking for a dog that doesn’t require a lot of physical activity?  Desire a dog that can’t jump up on furniture?  But also wanting a loveable and companionable dog?  And need one that weighs less than 10 pounds? 

If you are also looking for cute and sweet then PK could be the perfect match for you.

She travels well, she is well behaved at home, she can be crated if necessary for short periods of time, even for sleeping at night.  She would be a good dog for onboard airline travel, too as she will fit in a small carry on which can be placed under your airline seat.

PK was owned by a woman who loved her dearly and in her waning years overfed PK.  PK was given to another woman who did the same and she passed away, as well.  This dog is so loved that she has spent the last couple of years being passed from home to home, just trying to find a place for her to land and adjust, while a forever home was found for her.

She had to go all the way to Port Orchard, however, to find this wonderful foster home.  She is living there with a female Westie who loves the company of this small guest who took her bed in the front room within moments and both settled down together into a comfortable relationship.

Before taking the trip, though, we had her spend a couple of days at the veterinarian’s, had several X-rays done to check out her body since we had heard she had had some orthopedic work a few years back.  We confirmed that she has a touch of arthritis and that she needs to lose a pound or so.  We also discovered she was in  a lot of pain due to her canines pushing up into her nasal cavity.  Ouch.  So we got those extracted, removed some more teeth, cleaned and polished up the few she has left; her gums are healing nicely.  We have put her on some medication for her arthritis so she is feeling pretty limber and youthful now.  We have full medical records including recent excellent blood results.

PK can go on easy walks but she’s a little dog with short wee legs so she’s more suited to life toddling around in the garden with you or hanging out in the kitchen, than someone who walks many miles each day and wants a companion walking dog.  Although, we have a nifty dog type stroller which she fits into perfectly and manages to cover several miles some days at top speed, while she sits back with great interest and watches the show. 

Her foster mom thinks she looks like a tiny Husky puppy but of course she looks and has the wonderful personality of a Chihuahua plus the gorgeous full coat of a Pomeranian; probably not a lot of Husky in her, after all!

Lil PK has a great Mom, residing in Buckley, WA

(Adopted June 18/11)
Brussels Griffon X
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
9 lbs

The moment I held Harvey for the first time I knew he would be a great little addition to my household.  Initially,  he appeared scared but that disappeared by the time I got him out to the car.  He was visibly happy and excited to be on his way with his new foster family.  He is a very good traveler and sat calmly in my lap (after investigating every inch of the interior of my vehicle) all the way home.  Once we arrived he was greeted by the four other dog members of my family.  He stood calmly while each member conducted their inspection which he passed with flying colors.  They were off and playing in no time.  Harvey is a very sweet little dog and though he has only been here a short time he has added a lot of sunshine to my household.  He’s a very happy little fella and responds favorably to attention (from both humans and other canines).  He is a very smart little guy.  He was able to figure out the doggie door the day he arrived.  Harvey enjoys playing alone with a toy, is more than happy to fetch and return a tennis ball or just run with the other dogs throughout the yard.  He encourages the others to play with him at every opportunity.  At bedtime Harvey curls up and goes to sleep without interruption during the night.  He is the ideal boy for any home with or without other dogs. 

This lil boy, is joyously living with his new Mom and Dad in Blaine, WA

(Adopted June 24/11)
Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier (Snorkie)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
10 lbs

Hi everyone, I'm Layla the Snorkie, or so I'm told. I'm not sure what a Snorkie is. Am I supposed to have scuba gear and head for Hawaii to do some snorkeling? Hmmm - I don't think so because it's difficult for a dog to travel to Hawaii for a vacation. Snorkie.....Snorkie........Is that a new coined word for someone who snorts and snores? And then there's Lala (which is how my name is suppose to be spelt, but foster Mom changed it to Layla (cause she said people would think I was in la la land)....not sure what that name is either. Have I just been out of touch with society and the current vocabulary? Gosh, I let's just get on with my story. 

I'm looking for a new home for no other reason than my former owners are traveling a lot and they realized that wasn't fair to me to be away from them so often. I'm glad they made that decision because I'd really like my own forever person who is there with me much of the time. Now that doesn't mean you can't take a trip once in awhile and find someone trustworthy to care for me in your absence but just not every month, please. 

I'm a little featherweight at 10 pounds so I'd be quite easy to lift into your car for rides or just carry me as we check out the sights around us. Or if you'd rather, I can walk quite well on a leash. I can be a little timid and shy in new situations but I know once I'm yours forever I'm sure I will have confidence to check out the new people and experiences with you by my side. I'm good with other dogs and kids but Furbaby Rescue requires that there be no young children in the home that adopts me. Young children can visit once in awhile but none on a full time basis. And I'd like it if you'd supervise young children around me because sometimes they can pull ears or tails and hurt small dogs. They don't mean to but they're just young children. I'm good when it's time to bathe but the hair dryer and clippers scare me. Perhaps I just need a kinder, more gentler, more dog-savvy groomer. I like to be brushed, too, so that could help the grooming go easier if you brush me regularly. 

That's about it. Now let's see who applies. I'm not particular if my new human is a man or woman but being a  female, I'm a bit partial to the men but I'd agree to his having another woman in his life besides me.  *giggle* 

Sweet Layla has her brand new family, residing in Renton, WA


(Adopted July 3/11)
Harold (nka Salty)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months old
21 lbs 17"tall

For now my name is Harold, yes it is ok to change it, not sure if I look like a Harold:-) but my foster Mom, says why confuse me anymore, my forever home can do that.

I am also affectionately called "Shotgun" yes I like to travel in the car, and sit right next to you, but that is not wise, I should be seatbelted in, for my safety (ah that's what I keep being told)

So here is a little bit about me, I will greet you with a smile, and a wiggly butt, I am super friendly, and I am smart (course I am mostly poodle, and they are super smart doggies)...I love walks, and with my super long legs, I can travel, so I would be one heck of a walking partner. 

One thing, I do not like big dogs, I adore lil ones, and my best friend right now is Scooter, the doxie, we play and play.  

I am best suited for an active adult home, no little kids please, as I don't like sharing with toddlers...but an active home with teenagers would suit me just fine...I promise to shower you with love and be your bestest friend...

I am considered a large miniature poodle, or a small standard, guess it is up to you, whether you want to call me large or small:-) I am happy whatever you want to call me, just love me, and I will love you back.

Oh and I got to say something about the great groomer who made me beautiful.  Here is my before picture

And now I am stunning as you can see, so if you are in the Mt. Vernon area, you must visit Austin's grooming, she is awesome.

Sweet sweet lil Salty boy, has the best Mom, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 4/11)
Tibetan Spaniel
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
15 lbs

When I first met Cassie I was surprised at how interesting of a dog she is to look at.  I’ve never seen a Tibetan Spaniel before, other than in mixed breed dogs.  I knew a little of her background and felt sad for her and hoped that she would enjoy living in my home with my family and our foster animals.

At first she was very frightened of the outside and did not want to go outside.  She would when on a leash but never on her own even if I walked outside with her.  Cassie wasn’t quite sure what to do, where she should go or be or sleep, and I’m sure it was all very scary and unknown to her.

It didn’t take her too long, though before she started to feel at home and find her way.

Now, she is the first dog out every morning for potty and exercise.  She’s so joyful and exuberant about  the different activities scheduled throughout the day. 

She gets a lot of exercise and I think maybe her second favorite part of the day is “nighty night”.  She jumps up on the bed, plays a little bit, says “good night”, then she settles down and I don’t hear a peep out of her until the following morning.

Her potty training must be close to being complete because  I haven’t seen any accidents in the house.

She is such a sweet dog and has the most expressive eyes.  She barks to express her excitement; coming in, going out, eating dinner, but for the most part is pretty quiet.

Cassie has joined a pack of Westies and they are keeping her company while she is with us.  She really does enjoy a car ride but settles right down in her traveling seat and is a lovely car companion.

Cassie helped ease the pain of the loss of their other Tibetan, and now happily resides in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

(Adopted July 15/11)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Yorkshire Terrier
8 weeks old
Presently 3 lbs

(Adopted July 14/11)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Yorkshire Terrier
8 weeks old
Presently 2.9 lbs

(Adopted July 12/11)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Yorkshire Terrier
8 weeks old
Presently 3 lbs

Yes we are litter mates, and we are so adorable.  Remember puppies are a joy, but they are work.  They eat, play, poop, pee and sleep...and they start all over again.  These lil darlings will need training, consistency and big time love.

If you adopt from Furbaby  whose homebase is in Whatcom County.  And Whatcom County is lucky to have  Friends for Life Canine Scholarship Fund. (training) you can sign up your new lil darling and save money with this great organization.  And these babies definitely will benefit from starting off on the right paw, for you and your family.

Right now, it appears they tend to lean more towards the Cav, with the texture of their fur, and size, but only guessing.  If they grow up having the gentle kind nature of the Cavalier, and the feistiness of the Yorkie...they will be awesome lil dogs.

They have now been spayed/neutered all vetting, ready for their new happy homes.

Kory is happily living in Seattle, Wa, Kami is Oak Harbor, WA and Keaton lives in Millcreek, WA

The many faces of

Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
11 lbs

My name is Fidel and I'm a purebred Havanese. Through no fault of my own, my family surrendered me when their lives changed and could no longer provide the care and love that I need.

I'm a spirited, happy dog and full of energy. Common to my breed, I'm bright, clever, and loves all kind of activities, even training!  I'm an excellent learner and love to do it.

I want to be part of the family not just fit in when you have the time. I want to live where each person will love me and include me in their activities. It's so necessary for me not only to be physically cared for but also loved by a family who can offer emotional, loving support. I can be sensitive and need a family that I can completely trust to be kind and patient with me.

Of course I'm also a goof ball who loves to play and be silly and run around. I also love to cuddle up next to my people and get belly rubs and being pet. I love attention.

I will require a bit more training and some retraining. I have a very good "Sit", "Down", and I know "Touch" where I touch my person's hand with my nose. And I am very good at coming when called. I'm learning how to "Spin" and might have a few more tricks up my sleeve!

I am a neutered male who will turn 4 on July 8. I weigh a perfect 11.3 lbs. I am UTD on shots and am microchipped. I recently had a vet check-up and got a clean bill of health.   No cats as I can't help but think they want to be chased. A small compatible sibling is a possibility if we are a good match.

Until I'm adopted, I will dream of my perfect forever home where my family will think I'm the perfect dog!

Residing in Redmond, WA

(Adopted July 16/11)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
5-6 years old
13 lbs

Kimmie is a gentle  Mini-Schnauzer who was dumped at the animal shelter.  Staff found her in the parking lot when they came in to work one day.  She was frightened but so happy that someone found her.  She was scared and very hungry.

It turns out she also had very rotten teeth and a painful mouth.  She had not been taken care of.  But she got the medical help she needed and feels so much better now.  Even with the pain and infection she was sweet and easy to work with. 

The Shelter staff adored her; they are who named her and she quickly learned that when someone calls for “Kimmie”…it means her!!! 

She loves to go on walks, is fine in the car, seems to be completely housebroken.  She’s just a snuggly, active, and fun companion who sleeps through the night.  She is humble and sensitive but building confidence and letting herself enjoy her life.  We don’t know where she’s been or what she’s been through but she’s handling it all with such grace that her foster mom is in awe of her.

When Kimmie arrived she looked pretty bedraggled as you can see below:

Once again we thank
Austin's grooming for making her gorgeous.

Sweet Kimmie is now residing with Zoe and in memory of Dexter, in Olympia, WA

(Adopted July 31/11)
Long Haired
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs 

Handsome, Well Educated, Humble & Quiet Gentledog Looking for Deserving Home 

My name is Scooter and I'm considered to be a red dappled long haired Doxie.  Aren't I handsome...and modest? At the tender age of three years old I have already earned my Lifetime Membership with the Academy of Canine Behavior as well as being a papered purebred. That's no lie and no easy task. 

 Knowing "sit", "down stay", "walk", "right here" and more doesn't make me one of the better choices in dogs based on that alone. My other qualities make me quite desirable. For example: I am very quiet UNLESS there's something to be alarmed about. I'm like one of those security systems that you pay an arm and a leg for that go off when there's an intruder but they never cuddle up to you the rest of the time. I ride well in the car and I'm quite OK with the leash situation. I am very playful thus entertaining. I have been crate trained but I've trained myself to behave well enough to not really need it because it's not my favorite place to be. I like sleeping in bed with my human or in my own bed if you insist. I've proven myself to be good with children and getting along with other dogs, even with one VERY BOSSY female dog I encountered. Boy, I'd never ask her to marry me! Whew! 

I do need to gain a little bit of weight. Not a lot but just a wee bit. I guess I got a bit too concerned about being a little bit fluffy and went overboard in the other direction. However, I sure don't mind eating so we can remedy that weight issue.

Along with my great intelligence and accomplishments also come some issues at which I excel but could be my downfall. I can dig myself out of an undesirable situation so you shouldn't leave me alone in a fenced yard. I also like to play with rocks. I'm actually studying them but you know it could be a tragedy if I swallowed one while testing the density with my teeth so it's best you keep me away from rocks. I'm a pretty good jumper for a guy with short legs so be forewarned if you have a low gate or such. Last but not least, I can fly like the wind when I see an open door. It's not that I want to run away from home but sometimes I just want to run....kind of like Forrest Gump. Run, Forrest, Run. Just be sure my leash is always on and you're holding it before opening a door. 

One last little trivia - I was excellent at being housebroken but my former owner started leaving me alone too long so I regressed just a wee bit. But remember, I'm very intelligent so I know with your help we'll get that back to being perfect or it might already be when you adopt me since my foster mom has been helping me. 

Scooter is residing happily in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted July 31/11)
Jack Russell Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old

My name is Firu, pronounced Feedo.  I am a lovable and sweet 7 year old Jack Russell terrier.  I need to be with someone or a family who will take me for walks, feed me good food and let me be their lap dog.  I love people and want to be with them all the time. 

I am a great family dog and I love kids.  My family had to give me up because of a sick child and they just did not have time for me.  They were really sad to see me go. I can be a bit toy possessive but I am a quick learner and once you let me know I am not suppose to do something I mind.  I just had my teeth cleaned and had 2 of them pulled, and other than being a bit overweight, I don’t have any medical issues.  I am probably not the best fit of a house with cats, but I like other dogs if they are nice to me.  I am very smart, I travel well in the car and know how to roll down the windows on my own.  I am also a good watch dog.  I don’t bark much.  I believe in the silent stealth mode to patrol the back yard. Nothing gets by me… I hope to meet you soon….

Maybe your forever dog

Sweet boy, is now happily residing with people who adore JRTs in Bellingham, WA


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