Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Jan.8/09)
Long Haired Mini Dachshund 
Male/neutered/shots current
9 lbs
4 years old

Hamlet is an active little boy who loves to be with his person. He cuddles under the covers in true doxie-fashion; loves to go for walks and loves exploring new places; He loves playing with toys and collecting all of the chews he can find.

Hamlet lived in a busy home but was too active for his family. He is house trained and good in the house. He would love to go to a home that is doxie experienced. 

Happily living and adored, residing in Lake Stevens, WA

(Adopted Jan.16/09)
Chihuahua X
14 lbs
App. 2 years old

Squirt, is a dear little dog.  He is cuddly and loving and is partial to the ladies.  He is concerned with men, but foster dad is helping him to overcome that.  Squirt was found in a California high-kill shelter, feeling very  insecure.  He was making himself into a small tight ball, just hoping not to bring attention his way.   Now, he is learning from his ultra-outgoing foster brother that the world is a pretty fun place.  He loves to go for country walks with his foster parents. He runs and plays with his "brothers and sisters" with shear delight on his face.  His foster family is showing him that he can walk on leash, go anywhere and be confident.  He improves with every outing!  The "little outgoing dog" that has been in hiding, is on the verge of a breakout!  He can be shy and uncertain, but then in a moment notice he'll have  spells of total exuberance.  He'll run around the house, slipping on the floors as he takes the corners as fast as he can.  Tormenting his older but
smaller foster brother is also a favorite pastime. He knows his brother is grumpy and he pushes him around with his nose and then barks at him, all the while wagging his tail in glee.  Be warned though, once you sit down he thinks it's his job to keep your lap warm and your face clean.  He is a bundle of chubby love!
Potty training is in the works. He is crate trained, excepts bathing and isn't a picky eater! Don't leave home without him,  he loves a car ride. He would prefer that every car ride would lead to McDonalds!  However, for obvious reasons that isn't possible, but  he's happy to go anyway.

Squirt would flourish in a sensitive, but encouraging, household so that he could continue to build his confidence without fear.
He is wanting someone to continue to show him that the world and it's people can be loving and down right fun! Squirt has much to offer in the way of affection and companionship.

Residing happily in Sedro Woolley, WA

(Adopted Jan.17/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
14 lbs
App. 18 months old

Beautiful Piper, with his shiny black coat and sparkling brown eyes, is full of energy and zest for life.  He loves to go for walks.  Don’t let his short legs fool you:  Piper’s foster mom goes for a four to six mile walk each Saturday, and Piper is at the end of his leash the entire time.  His exuberance tends to override polite manners, and Piper will need gentle guidance to help him learn to harness his enthusiasm (he already knows “sit,” and gives every sign of being a good learner).  Piper’s cheerful nature extends to other dogs and people.  He doesn’t have any health issues, loves to play fetch (needs persuasion to release the ball), and attacks toys with amazing vigor (squeakers are quickly removed from toys; same with stuffing).  He’s a grown-up dog who’s still a puppy at heart!  Piper is a lovable boy who will bring joy and high spirits to the lucky family he joins.

Great home with his new sister Beagle residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Jan.18/09)
Dreamer (nka Brady)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months old
11 lbs
*sadly Brady passed away Dec.10/19*

As I lay in my foster Mom's arms, I dream, I dream of always being loved, allowed to cuddle next to someone, have warmth and comfort, and being special to someone.  I am a very loving lil boy.  I promise to love you as much if not more then you love me.  I will be faithful and loyal.  I also dream of having a brother or sister to be able to hang around with, similar breed would be my choice, I am way more comfortable when I have a doggie pal around.  I am just precious.  I do need more work on housetraining.

I am the epitome of what a true Bichon is, loving, kind, sweet and joyous.

So if you have another lil furbaby in your home, and promise to adore me...I am waiting.

Super home, with an adorable cocker girl to make Dreamer's dream come true....residing in Wenatchee, WA

(Adopted Jan.24/09)
Bear (nka Bob)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
6 lbs
*Sadly Bob Barker passed away Dec.17*

  If you are home much of the time and are seeking a constant little companion, Bear is your furry little man.  He craves human attention and likes best being with you no matter what you may be doing.  He is a busy little guy and loves to assist whenever possible. 

  Bear lost his previous home because his family was away working 10-12 hrs a day and it made him so very sad!  He has not been socialized much out of the home, but he is doing very well in foster care.  He also loves to be carried about and will do his happy, bouncy, squiggly wiggly dance until you reach down to scoop him up for snuggles and kisses.  Oh, and Bear loves to talk and would not do well in an apartment situation.  Bear is crate trained and is very good about using his potty pads when confined.  We are currently still working on housebreaking at this time.

  If you are interested in spending lots of time with Bear giving him love and attention, please inquire.  He spent the first years of his life mostly alone in a kitchen during the day and deserves to now have his own family who has more hours to spend with him.  No young children please!!!  Twelve years and older may be fine since there were teenagers in his previous home.  Another dog of similar size and breed would also be okay too. 

  Bouncy, bouncy, busy Bear says thank you for your consideration.  Lots of warm lap time and loads of attention required for this fine man.  All he wants is his own family to love, love, love!!! 

Lil Bob certainly hit the jackpot with this amazing home, now residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Jan.31/09)
Sparky Brown
Poodle/Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
15 lbs

Sparky Brown is a lover boy. He only wants to be with you curled into a little ball in your arms or next to you in the car or trotting proudly by your side as you walk down the street. He is shy in new situations and with new people but show him a bit of love and he melts into you.

Sparky Brown was turned into a high kill shelter when he growled at the new baby in the home. At the shelter he was a matted mess who tried to hide in the corner of his cage. Because of his shyness he was felt to be unadoptable and rescue was called. It was not until we got him home to his foster home that we saw that he also had premature cataracts. This condition is fairly common in Bichons. 

Sparky does well with other quiet small dogs. He would prefer a quiet home so no children. If you have time and love for this sweet boy he would love to crawl into your arms and be home. 

Great home in memory of "Sparky" and Cheyenne, Bellingham, WA


Australian Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
18 lbs

Ginger is a beautiful pure bred Australian terrier. She is a bit shy until she gets to know you and then she is a complete love. Her favorite things are lying in her bed at your feet at cuddling with you on the couch. She tears through the house after dinner playing with her squeaky toys but other than that she is pretty calm and quiet. Unless there are cats or squirrels to chase out of the yard, then she is implacable. She loves short walks and spending time at home with her people.

Ginger is on supplements to help with some arthritis in her knees but otherwise she is in splendid health. She can be snippy if she is sound asleep so she would not do well in a home with children.  She prefers women over men though she definitely loves current Dad. If you have a calm quiet home this girl would love to come be your loving companion.

Living in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.7/09)
Pekinese Mix (possibly Papillon cross)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
15 lbs

While Leo's foster family has been battling snow and cold, broken pipes and a second gift of unappreciated water brought free-of-charge from the river, Leo himself has been taking this extra time to settle in and reveal more and more of his rich and "big-boy" personality.  His opinions are openly and freely expressed in the true spirit of Pekingese everywhere.  He also shares that sturdy breeds' ability to both hang out quietly inside for the day or head on outside with you to become the star of your walking group.  Don't be suprised to find Leo looking for all the world as if totally mystified why everyone has quit so soon!  This little man is not a sissy and can join you for adventure.  On the other hand, if you're busy, Leo can contentedly spend a quiet day with no issues.  He's also his own entertainment center:  An old tennis ball invites a bit of one-dog soccer practice.  He also throws the ball over his shoulder and flips around to find and chase after it for his own solo version of "Fetch". The back yard is an adventure to be eagerly explored always.  While he has preferences when picking his buddies, he loves a good tug-of-war with the other dogs, and you may find yourself with a free ticket to a  mini-game known popularly as the "Short-dog Stampede".  Leo happily loves his people, is a friendly fellow and loves  to cuddle: he'll settle on your lap with  contentment while you read, or knit..... or PET.

Leo is crate-trained and house broken.  He can be a little tough on soft toys, but isn't destructive.  He is possessive of food and toys with other dogs and that can be an issue: he's working on that now, but Pekes can tend toward possessiveness and he does.  Leo is really bright and a very quick learner with a hidden "circus dog" potential.  On the other hand, the world beckons, and he may not come when called if allowed to be off-leash. 

Just as Leo has come to be much loved in his foster home, this is a little guy who will absolutely delight a family who knows how to be his boss but with lots and lots of love.  Because Peke's and small, unpredictable children seldom mix well , Leo needs to be in a home without children.  He would probably do well either as an only dog or with another dog buddy his own size:  He can be happy with a working family or a stay-at-home. He needs a fenced area and a leash.  If your lifestyle can accommodate this personable little boy, you will find your heart lightened by laughter and warmed with love on every day you share with him. 

Wonderful Mom for this boy, now residing in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted Feb.7/09)
Zelda Angelina
Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese?
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
6 lbs

Zelda is a funny little girl. She loves to be near her person and will follow you everywhere and jump up and curl up next to you when you sit down. She is fine with other dogs but mostly ignores them though she is learning to play a bit with other dogs her own size. Mostly she just plays with her person. She loves to be picked up and carried around in your arms. When she walks on her leash she prances like a little pony. (Her nickname at the shelter was "My Little Pony")

Zelda lost her home when her Dad moved closer to the grandkids and Zelda did not like them. Zelda loves her foster mom but would also really love another Dad. She is a very opinionated little girl and does not like to be petted. She is house trained and loves to go everywhere with you. She is ready to show you all of the quirks of her unique personality and prance into your heart

    Residing Happily in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Feb.7/09)
Miniature Dachshund
18 months old
Male/neutered/shots current
9 lbs

Oscar is a wonderful Furbaby and is going to make someone a lovely companion.  He is a little tentative upon first meeting, but easily gets over this, he wags his tail happily when you return from work.  He walks pretty good on a leash, he is active but not hyper.  He adores his squeaky toys and loves to play fetch, or you can see him playing happily with his toys by himself.  He has a beautiful soft coat in a black and tan dapple pattern.  

Oscar gets along well with the resident dogs, and he is housetrained.  He has also been cat tested, and only wanted to play with them.

He is a keeper and will be a delight in the right home.  Oscar did have a VERY negative experience with children, so Adult home only

Lovely home for a lovely boy, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Feb.14/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
6 lbs (should be 8 lbs)

Hello everyone!  I am happy to meet you.  My name is Petie. I am a super cute and LONG legged Chihuahua.  I am often referred to a deer Chihuahua (as opposed to an Apple Head)

I was found as a stray and then found my way to Furbaby Land!

I am a tiny bit shy, but  I get over this very quick when I see you have treats. My foster mom says I am not shy with them any more (and I got over that in about 2 hrs!)

I am using my doggie door at my foster families house like a champ!

I love laps!  So I hope you have a warm one.  I enjoy the company of other dogs and would love a companion to play with.

I hope we can meet so we can become best friends. I deserve it!

Petie has a fabulous home, residing in Bellingham, WA

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