Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Nov. 8/09)
Chloe (Miss Kitty)
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months old
3 lbs

Hi Ya'll, my real name is Chloe.. but I don't seem to know that name!  And my foster mom says I act like a kitten... so everyone just calls me Miss Kitty!  and I really enjoy that name!  I jump around and play with toys like a kitten, so the name stuck!

I am a total lover, very sweet and extremely social. I like other small dogs and people.  I welcome everyone. I give the best kisses and love lap time.

I was surrendered to Furbaby because my previous home was not willing to do what needs to be done for a dog my size. You see, I am 3 lbs... yes 3 lbs. A tiny girl, with a tiny bladder.  I must go potty every few hours.  A dog my size cannot physically hold it for more than that, its just not possible. In my foster home I can honestly say I have not had a single accident.  Not one.  Now its true I have been taught to use a doggie door (I took to it in 2 days!)  and my doggie yard is made of artificial grass and is covered,  so no need for me to worry about wet paws!  My foster family takes me out every 2 hours and I go for them like a champ.  I love getting a treat each time,  so I am happy to oblige. Another thing.. being so small, wet grass is wet all the way up to my chest!  The right type of yard will be essential for me. So if you are thinking of adopting me,  we have some serious things to discuss... I have proven that with the right situation I can thrive and am a  very well mannered girl. 

I am living with  other Chihuahua and I LOVE IT.  I love to play and wrestle.  I enjoy toys and chews.  I am well crate trained,  and have slept in a crate each night in my foster home. In the morning, I get up and am taken out for potty, when I am done, I enjoy running back into the bed room and jumping under the covers with my foster brothers and sister.

Medically I have been diagnosed with a genetic condition called Luxating Patella.  Both of my knees are effected. its not bad enough that I have any pain, nor am I effected by it day to day.  No treatment is needed for me. But I may have arthritis as I get older.

Behaviorally I am a good dog.  I have nice greeting behaviors when meeting new people and dogs.  My foster home has cats and I tried to chase one, but he bopped me on the head and I think I learned my lesson.  Now the cats walk on the floor and I just stare at them.  Shy timid cats may not be the best choice for me for my future home.

I have shown a slight issue with resource guarding my food, not with people but with other dogs. I lived as an only dog before, so I never learned to share my food. I am fine with sharing toys and treats but its an issue with my bowl.  My foster home is working on that, so it should not be an issue by the time I am adopted, but I wanted to tell you about it.

FBR has some  pretty specific requirements for me and my new home:

1)  I will only be adopted to a home with tiny dog experience.  If I am your first Chi... I am not the one for you.

2) FBR wants me to have a sibling to play with,  I do so well with other dogs  that I cannot imagine my life as a single dog again. 

3) When submitting your application, be sure to define what my potty situation will be.  I will not be adopted to a  home to where  I am alone all day...or to someone who just plans on leaving out a pad for me to "find"  be clear of your plan when applying  for me

I am a  very special dog.  Not just because of my size or my wonderful personality... but someone is going to be so lucky to adopt me...My foster home sees that I am one amazing dog. 

Happily residing in Eastsound, WA

(Adopted Nov.20/09)
12 week old Lab/Spaniel Mix

Hi everyone!  I am a happy-go lucky (get it.. lucky) kind of guy.  I was rescued by a wonderful family who knew I needed a home that I could grow and be the best dog I can be.  Do you know a lot about puppies?  We eat and poop then play then eat, poop and play all over again!  I am very social and love other dogs and people.  I am AMAZING at fetch and already know how to sit.  I am learning all about settling in a crate and getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

Since I am a young one, a  reward based Puppy class will be required for my adoption.

Great home found for this special boy, now residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted Jan.3/010)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old

Hi there! My name is Mollie and I'm a Schipperke mix about 2 years old. I'm having a super swell time with my foster family - they have 3 Schipperkes and we have a blast with each other - we wrestle and chase and play keep-away with toys. I'm super sweet (but shy at first - I have to make sure you are trustworthy before I show you my silly side) and I get along with other dogs and cats. As you can tell from my lanky body (a mere 22 pounds), I'm super swift but I'm also the best cuddle buddy in bed! I like to sleep under the covers (or on the pillow, or between my foster guardians ... pretty much anywhere on the bed works for me). I can be a couch potato and watch t.v. with you, but I really love to play with my toys. I invent all kinds of games to get my family's attention - and they work! My foster mom says I'm pretty good with older kids (11 and up) so long as they are dog-wise. I am very loyal and follow my foster mom everywhere (someone has to keep an eye on her, ya know). I think I'm an easy keeper and easy going but lots of fun. I want to live with someone who will teach me things and take me places and I appreciate a gentle approach. Oh yeah: I am super smart! I hope to meet you soon!

Molly has a special Mom, residing in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted Jan.17/10)
Long haired Chihuahua
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months old
3 lbs 8 oz

Darling Princess T-Ka is a precious tiny girl who is in need of a new forever loving home.  She found her way into rescue because her previous owners worked 10-12 hrs a day and they felt very guilty that T-Ka spent her days at home alone.  She was purchased as a puppy and was very well cared for, she just did not get the attention that she needed.  Because T-Ka did not get a lot of socialization, she was extremely shy when she came into my home for fostering.  We are so proud to report that this little girl has just blossomed while in our care and has gained much self confidence in herself.  She has learned to play well with the other resident dogs and she LOVES to run like the wind around the yard.  She had not been outside much before coming here and we are pleased that she is loving is so much.   Tiny T-Ka has truly learned to be a dog while here!  In fact, she has become her true self in many ways!  Princess T-Ka is Chi after all!  She enjoys letting the other dogs know her wishes now and will remind them regularly when she is not happy about something.  She knows to give them the 'look'!  :-) 

  Princess T-Ka loves to be carried around with you as you go about your day.  Sitting in laps and watching TV is also a favored activity of hers.  (especially if you have a blankie to wrap her in!)  She gives lots and lots (did I say lots?) of kisses to the humans that she loves.  She favors women at the moment, but warms up to men quickly as long as she is allowed to give them lots of kisses!  Lots and lots of kisses!!!  Sleeping under the covers with you at night is just heavenly for her.  She is not demanding on which side of the bed she gets as long as she can sleep snuggled right up next to you.  T-Ka is an absolute doll and would benefit from more socializing and maybe a basic obedience class or two.  Her recall comes and goes, but I think that is because she is Chi and they can be so clever.  That is improving and will need further work on.  T-Ka can at times cower when you go to pick her up when she is nervous and she does on occasion have a little submissive tinkle.  That has improved since she has been here, but you must be aware of that.  It is usually just a drop or two.  She has learned to go potty outside and is doing very well with her potty training.  Good girl T-Ka!  She will also use wee wee pads, but I've been trying to get her completely housebroken.  We are very close now, but she will need to be supervised if allowed to run loose on carpeting until she can be completely trusted.  One other thing about the Princess is that she does get car sick on long road trips.  She does do a little better on short rides, but for now traveling is not very enjoyable for her.  Perhaps she will out grow that as she gets older?  We just don't know.

  The ideal home for Princess T-Ka will be one with a family with teeny, tiny toy breed experience and that is a MUST.  Families with another dog similar and size and breed that she can bond with to help continue with her socialization will have preference.  Due to her tiny size she will not be placed with children under the age of 12 yrs old.  A home visit will be conducted and a securely fenced yard is required with no exceptions.  Princess T-Ka will also only be placed into a new home that is within driving distance from her foster family.

  If you are looking for a tiny little bundle of joy, this is your little girl.  Princess T-Ka is just delightful and a pleasure to have around.  Its been fun working with her and we are very proud of her progress while in our care.  She has wormed her way right into our hearts.         

For more pictures, please view this video:

Residing happily with other lil chis, in Snohomish, WA


(Adopted Jan.20/10)
Pug/Dachshund  ?
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old
15 lbs

Parker is as sweet as they come. He is very shy however and takes a few days to come out of his shell. He wants very much to belong to someone of his very own.

He gets along great with other dogs, both male and female, big and small. He is playful and likes toys and hooves to chew on. He has been playing with another two year old dog in rescue. They play and enjoy each other immensely. Parker is very good on the leash but does not know what "heel" means but he is very much attuned to the person walking him. He does not lunge or pull, but will hesitate when uncertain of his surroundings. He is timid and has never shown any aggression even though it appears he is very frightened in new situations.

He has a shiny black coat which is easy to care for and appears not to be the high shedding coat of pugs. He has beautiful dark liquid eyes that melt your heart. He likes to sleep with his people and will take a position at the foot of the bed at first ending with his body pressed against yours in the morning. He probably would like a coat for the rainy and snowy days as his hair is short.

He is a wonderful dog that deserves a home with stability. He probably would be fine left alone for a few hours but all dogs would prefer as much people time as they can get. He is housebroken and knew immediately how to use the  doggy door. Lucky would be the new people in this boy's life.

Parker found a great home, residing in Tsawwassen, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.24/10)
Dachshund /Tibetan Spaniel?
4 years old
15 lbs
*Stella passed to the bridge from heart complications in Oct/16, she was dearly loved*

Once Stella comes into your home, it takes about 1 day for her to be yours, she is weary of strangers, but if you can get past her initial shyness, you will be in love.  She follows you everywhere, lives in harmony with the resident dogs, a great lil girl, just looking for her forever home.

Great Mom and Dad for this special girl, now residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Jan.25/10)
Mini Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
20 lbs

Schnauzer, Bauzer, Rebel Rauzer - Humphhhh! I'm none of those. OK, I admit I'm a Schnauzer by birthright, and a not so common black mini Schnauzer at that. HOWEVER, let me tell you, I am not your average run of the mill Schnauzer. I am very lovable. I heard my foster mom say so and she should know after all the dogs she's fostered. I do well traveling in a car so we could go just about anywhere together. I get along well with the other resident dogs but I can offer you something special. If you've read about other dogs on this website, so many times it says there has to be another dog in the home before adopting because the rescue dog needs to be taught how to be a dog. NOT ME!!  Hah! I've got that "being a dog" bit down pat and I can be perfectly content with or without another dog but I do need a very good human or two. That's a MUST - a very good human because I've already lost my home twice due to circumstances beyond my control. 

I only have two needs. One, I do need you to promise to buy me a certain dog food so my health stays at its best. I had bladder stone surgery a few years ago and I NEVER want to go through that again. Would you if it could be prevented? With my certain special food, my health should remain good and you'll save money on vet bills in the long run if you'll just buy the specified better food and not try to change my diet. 

My second need is to be loved and never lose my home ever again. 

I'll be the best girl dog ever if you'll be the best human ever. What do you think? Shall we meet and see if we hit it off? 

Annie has a wonderful new Dad, residing in Bellingham, WA

Read about the Coton's and their adoption

Chihuahua/Boston terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
8-10 months old
15 lbs

Blake an active puppy who is learning to live in a house. He loves to be petted and has quickly learned to sit for pets and treats. He loves to play with other dogs and chase balls and toys. He loves to meet people. He is learning about car rides and walking on a leash. He is crate trained and goes to bed happily with a chew.

Blake spent his first months as a "yard dog" so he is still learning about being in a house and about house rules but he is so fast to learn new things and willing to please, that he will have a very quick learning curve. His house training is going well and he is very good at watching the other dogs and following their lead. Blake would love to have a new family with an older dog to play with. He does not do well with cats or younger children. If you have the time and love to give this darling little guy you will have an awesome pet.

Lovely older couple is giving this boy a great home in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted Feb. 13/10)
Cairn Terrier/Dachshund
3 years old
12 lbs

Rascal is indeed a busy boy. He seems to  really relate to people but is a bit bossy with other dogs. He loves to ride in the car and behaves very well while riding. He loves to go on walks as well but barks at larger dogs we meet. He seems to be just fine meeting small dogs and people regardless of whether they are running or walking. He is friendly and this boy LOVES his toys. He has destroyed all the stuffed toys in my house but I have found the heavy rubber toys that are like kongs hold up quite well. He has not hurt anything at all of my own clothing, shoes or anything not a toy. He seems to know what is acceptable.

I have been crating him while at work in order that he not aggravate my dogs and he seems to accept that. He is housebroken and has a healthy appetite. He is slim however and would probably be game for just about any activity. He might do better as the only pet in the household.

He will be a "young" dog for a long time. He was initially a little shy but warmed up quickly. One on one he seems a very sweet dog.  Anyone interested in Rascal needs to read up on terriers, especially the Cairn, as he has the traits.

Rascal has a great new home, residing in Sequim, WA

(Adopted Feb.16/10)
Yorkshire Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
5 lbs

Sophie is a lovable, 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier Mix with a sad story. When she was one year old she got lost for the first time. Her second owner adopted her from the Humane Society in Texas and brought her here to the Northwest. But her owner didn’t know how to take care of Sophie. Little Sophie was never groomed, her fur was full of painful tangles and her nails were so long Sophie found it hard to walk on hard surfaces. Worst of all, Sophie’s fur had grown all over her eyes and was so caked with secretions that Sophie could barely see. Little Sophie ran away again. And then her luck changed. She met three dogs in the park, with their humans. The humans called the number on Sophie’s collar and quickly learned her sad story. The owner didn’t know how to take care of Sophie or how to train her not to run away. The humans talked about it for a while, and then they decided that Sophie should go to live with the three dogs. Sophie was happy about it and quickly made herself at home. But she needs someone who will love only her, so now Sophie is looking for a her very own, loving family.

Sophie is very intelligent, loving and playful. She will follow you around everywhere and want to sit in your lap as you work. She will cuddle under the sheets at night, only her head sticking out. She is full of life and happiness and loves playing with toys and other dogs. Sophie learns very fast and responds well to loving training. In her previous home she simply used the doggie door whenever she needed to go out. But this is also how she ran away from her unhappy home. Now Sophie is learning to ask to go out, and she is well on the way to being fully house trained. Her new owner may need to house train her a little more, by placing a training pad beside the door. Sophie is still at the tail end of her puppy stage, and she likes to chew things. Giving her toys and chew sticks is ideal, and with a little training Sophie can be taught not to chew anything else. Besides being smart and quick to learn, Sophie is in excellent health and just needs to get some good nutrition for a while, so she can fill up a little and her fur can become lush and shiny. Sophie’s trail was cropped sometime in her past, and her body is long (and looking longer since she’s still so skinny). But after a few months of loving care, Sophie is going to be gorgeous! Sophie will make a loving and adorable pet, and will have many years with her forever family.

Sophie never left foster care, they fell in love, happily residing in Seattle, WA

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