Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted April 3/04)
Miniature Pinscher
Male neutered/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs

Brutus is a striking boy, who is full of puppy energy, he is very eager to give love and climb in your lap but turn your back on him and he will be in the garbage or doing a dance on the kitchen table.  He has a "where's the party" personality, so the person who adopts this precious boy will need patience, a sense of humor and a firm but loving hand.  He would benefit greatly from obedience training.  He is crate trained and is doing well with the foster Mom's minpins, not food aggressive and takes treats nicely out of your hand.  This wonderful boy was rehomed through IMPS..great organization for these special babies.

(Adopted April 17/04)
Sheltie/Shih Tzu (we think)possible Peke Mix
App. 1 year old
9 lbs
* almost one year later, this darling lil girl, had a ruptured disc in her neck, the loving owners did all they could, and finally she could no longer walk or lift her head, she passed to the bridge, the spirit she carried will stay with them forever...she is so missed.

She has the coloring, fur and actions of a Sheltie (since I live with one) and the rounded head of a Shih Tzu...we have looked and watched her, and we cannot think of another dog, who has these mannerisms, and coloring... this little girl was suffering so badly from food allergies...we decided among going the normal route of malaseb baths, antibiotics, to try feeding her the raw food diet...and see the difference in one week's time


After 7 days

Sierra's improvement has been fantastic, shortly she will be going in for her spaying and hernia repair...this is an absolutely delightful girl, who loves to toss her toys, run through the house, snuggle in your arms...oh and she loves to be very close to a dog, when sleeping she always picks a dog she can snuggle close to her, she is so much like a baby...she absolutely steals your heart...
Lucky Sierra, went to a wonderful home, in Bellingham, WA, who already have an adorable peke, and one of my special babies, Ivy

(Adopted Ap.18/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 lbs
App. 6-7 years old

They found me wandering, starving, in such bad shape, with a broken jaw, they said they would ease my pain, and let me go to sleep, but I fooled them, I was way too feisty and adorable, the shelter thought no, we can't do this, perhaps someone would help him, and of course we did....Gatsby has had a rough time, he came down with terrible kennel cough, and it took a few weeks to finally get back on the road to recovery...all the while this boy is such a kick, he thinks that carrying him around is part of your requirement, the many visits to the vet, he had them all convinced to carry him, and he makes it quite apparent that we are to be his servants, giving his irresistible lecture to you.  Finally after weeks of TLC, and good food, Gatsby finally got neutered, dental, a cyst removed from the side of his nose, and top of his head,  and x-ray to see what had happened to his is broken, and it has been a long time ago, my vet believes he is fine the way he is, and the surgery, is way too invasive and difficult...Gatsby eats just fine, in fact he will even nibble on dry food, Royal Canine being his preference, as the kibble is very small ,he of course loves home cooked food thrown in, or canned food to ensure he does get enough...but you would not know this boy has any problems with his jaw, his temperament is so if you are a Pom lover, you will adore this special boy...This boy was very fortunate, he was adopted by a great couple, in Surrey, B.C. after having him, they discovered he had a problem with bladder stones, instead of turning their back, they rallied and got him all the medical he needed...I sincerely thank Scott and Sheila for being dedicated and caring owners.


(Adopted May 9/04)
Shar Pei/Lab X
Male/neutered/shots current
18 lbs
4-5 months old

Yes he knows he isn't a small breed dog, but one of my foster homes could not turn their back on this wonderous puppy.  He was being sold by a homeless person for a beer.  The young lady who took him, knew she could not keep him in the apartment where she lived, but looked at his darling face and was unable to walk away, and than I got the phonecall, and well he is now taking care of, he will need a yard, loves to play with other dogs, is a very good hearted puppy, he has started to take on the role of home protector, as he is learning this from the other large dogs in his foster care...he will be a great friend, and companion, I recommend training, he is a puppy after all, his exact size at adulthood is unknown, our guess is 35-40 lbs...(but we just don't know for sure)...he will be a medium sized your hearts, if looking for that special puppy...he is it..
Tanner has a great family now, is the constant companion and bed partner of a nice young boy, great parents, wonderful home for Tanner to grow up in...residing in Mukilteo, WA

(Adopted May 15/04)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
App 4 years old
22 lbs

"To Know You is To Love You"
Sumner was confiscated from a collector, he was one of 34 cockers taken out of appalling conditions.  Sumner needs to get to know you, when he first meets a stranger he is apprehensive, once he knows who you are, he will love you to death.  His foster Mom says he acts like a spoiled boy, getting up on furniture, acknowledging when the fridge opens.  He is a good boy, who needs his own home, a little patience and will be a wonderful friend, who will be very loyal.  
Sumner has been rehomed to a couple determined to make his life better, and showing him devotion and giving him his confidence living in Victoria, B.C. Canada

(Adopted May 27/04)
Tiger (aka Tagger)
Toy Fox Terrier
1.5 - 2 years old
16 chubby lbs (should weigh about 12)

 Tiger is a wonderful dog, he loves to run full steam around the yard, plays with some of his favorite doggie friends, good natured, loves to give kisses, snuggles in your arms, he is a great boy, he would do well with older kids, and he needs his exercise, to get rid of his wide girth, this boy was adopted by a very nice young couple and their adorable chi mix Tiger has lots of fun with his new family, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted May 28/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
33 lbs

Darling Spencer was released into rescue, because of the owner's illness...when he came he was covered in fleas, he has been shaved, and taking care of his skin problems...he was suffering so much, but he is on the road to health, his ears and eyes were also infected, while in our care , he was neutered, dental was done, and now he is on a good diet, rid of the fleas, but still has some dermatitis to deal with...he is a very sweet boy, loves to follow you around, very obedient, if another dog in a home, it would be best if the other dog was mellow...Spencer does get along with other dogs, but gets his nose out of joint, if other dogs are snippy to him...Spencer is now residing with a lovely woman and her son, in Seattle, WA

(Adopted May 20/04)
Muffy 2
Female/spayed/shots current
6 lbs
App. 10 years old

I'm a very special little girl with some specific demands. I don't really want to share my people. A cat would be okay, or maybe a doggie brother if he didn't get in my way, but this is all about me and I just don't want competition from other girls!

I lived with my dad all my life and he even took me to work with him sometimes, then he got sick and went away and didn't come back, so a nice lady took me to live with her but she already had a girl dog and I just didn't like that dog taking attention away from me. 

I love everybody including kids, as long as they are only visiting, because I don't want to compete with them for attention. What I really need is a new dad who will spoil me, and a mom would be okay too as long as she understands that I am the queen.

I'm a great little dog. I'm active, playful, smart, affectionate, I don't shed and I'm in good health. I look and act like a puppy.  I play with my toys and I like to sit and look out the window, but mostly I just want to be a lap dog. Right now I'm in a foster home with a whole herd of little dogs that I have to share with.  HELP!  Get me outta here!

Muffy has a wonderful home with a kind lady and her cats, residing in Vancouver, WA 

(Adopted June 4/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Sammy is a wonderful companion and friend, he wants nothing more than to be the center of your world, to cuddle and to eat.  He doesn't like to share his people with kids, although he doesn't seem to mind cats, he does enjoy chasing them.   Sammy was used as stud dog, and discarded, he ended up in a home that threw him outside, and that is where he lived.  Till a very wonderful lady got him, and placed him with my rescue.  Sammy has dry eye, which he needs daily medication for, he also has luxtating patellas (sloppy knees) at this time, he is fine. He has  been neutered, shots, micro chipped, and dental that was very much needed. 
Sammy has a great home, with two other darling pugs, and a Mom and Dad, who say their dogs are their children, residing in Graham, WA

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