Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted April 3/07)
Australian Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
4-5 years old
16 lbs
*sadly this sweet boy passed away in 2014*

Ringo is a very outgoing boy.  A typical terrier, he is full of enthusiasm and zest for life!  Ringo loves to show off his tricks which include, sit, lay down, rollover and he walks on his hind legs like a circus dog.  He is food motivated and will enjoy leaning more obedience and tricks.  He loves his people!  If you're looking for a fun bit of sunshine in your life, look no further.
No cats please, and adult home or with children over 12.

Great home was found for this dollbaby residing in Zillah, WA

(Adopted April/07)
App. 6 years old
10 lbs

Bigsby is a cute friendly little boy. He acts almost totally like a Pomeranian. He dances and smiles when he gets excited. He can be cuddly and loves to sleep in bed with you. Bigsby was adopted from PAWS but returned after a year because of his owner’s long work hours. Like many of us, Bigsby just can’t “hold it” for 10-12 hours. He hates being crated and will bark if left in a crate. He is a real lover and just wants to be with his person. He did OK with his doggy sister in his last home and likes other dogs his own size. Bigsby does OK with visiting kids but would not do well living with young children. He really would like someone who is home with him a lot. Got some time to hang out with Bigsby?
Wonderful home who adores him, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 8/07)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
16 (VERY chubby lbs)

Angus came into rescue with his best fried Kirby.  They
have lived their whole lives together and would love a new
forever home together if possible.  If not, Angus would
enjoy the company of a buddy similar in size or a very
special human of his own to hang out with.  They have lost
two homes now due to divorce and the second owners moving.
 They were free fed in their previous home and Angus must
have visited the feed bowl a little too often.  He will
require monitoring of his food and exercise to help him
lose some weight.  Angus should weigh about 10-11 pounds
and he now tips the scale at 16 pounds.  Both boys are
very loving and sweet with good house manners.  They have
only lived with adults so will need an adult home only.
 Visiting older children should not be a problem.  Angus
makes a great foot warmer at night.  He delights in
sleeping at the bottom of the bed on his special blankie.

(Adopted April 8/07)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
7 lbs

Sweet lil Kirby and his best buddy, Angus, have sadly
found themselves in rescue once again.  Both of these boys
are just delightful and full of love and affection.  They
lost their first home due to divorce, and now the second
owner must move and can't take dogs with them.  They have
only lived with adults so will need an adult home only.
 Visiting older children should not be a problem.  It
would be grand if these boys could stay together.  If not,
Kirby would enjoy another buddy similar in size to keep
him company.  He loves to be held and sit on your lap for
long snuggles.

Angus and Kirby with their new Dad happily residing in Issaquah, WA

(Adopted April 8/07)
Danny-Boy (nka Murphy)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
7 months old
6 lbs

My oh my, my name is Danny, though one of my other names is ricochet Rabbit or the lil energizer bunny.  When I am not sleeping (which is hopefully with my person, or on top of your head) I am playing, running, jumping and being a typical lil terrier puppy...busy lil to offset my energy, I really could use a buddy (dog buddy) but not a big one, how about someone close to my size, who loves to play, or you can run around with me, your choice, "hope you are in shape, or I will get you there"
I am very affectionate, sometimes I can tend to be shy, if I don't know you..but otherwise, I am happy, loving and devoted lil fellow.

I am potty pad trained, and to be honest I wasn't outside much, cause I used to live in a semi truck...but that is not the life for me, I need more space, fun and freedom...promise you will love me, cause I will love you back.

Murphy has a special Mom, residing with Toby the Schnauzer, in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted April 11/07)
Keisha (nka Gigi)
Toy Poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
7 lbs
5 years old

Keisha has not had the best life, she lived part of it outside in an igloo, neglected and sometimes abused by children...this lil Princess deserves a good life, with a Mom and or Dad who will treat her kindly, shower her with love, and she promises to give it back 100%
She is housebroken and seems to prefer to sleep away from the resident  doxies, or else she just wants to be the last one to see the “hoomans” leave. She likes to play with stuffed toys and with the hoomans if they will play with her. She has made no attempt to play with the foster dogs or with a playful visiting dog (course she could be a poodle snob). She likes to sleep on top of the pillow at night and during the day will rest on the back of the sofa or in the big recliner in a soft blanket. She loves to go for car rides and for walks. She is able to keep up nicely at a brisk 3 mile walk so that might be a clue as to her energy level. She is neither a fussy eater nor a barky poodle. She will join in the barking if she feels it is necessary but doesn't bark much at all. She is a little pensive when first she meets someone but after about a minute she is ready to be petted. She will make someone a wonderful companion.
Keisha now has a little poodle boyfriend, and a great family residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted April 14/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old
10 lbs

Fergie: loves everyone and just wants to play! She has never met a stranger and every dog she meets is a new friend. This is a dog whose spirit and joy fill any home she occupies. Between her play she finds time to give kisses and cuddles. When it is time to rest she burrows under the covers in true doxie fashion.

Her story is truly one of indomitable spirit. Fergie spent most of her first year of life outdoors in a child’s wading pool filled with straw. This was her home, her whole world. Grandma had bought Fergie for her granddaughter but the granddaughter and everyone else in the family was really too busy for a dog. Fergie played with leaves and twigs, dug tunnels in the straw and joyously welcomed anyone who bothered to come visit her. Because the granddaughter often forgot to give her food or water a neighbor began coming over to visit Fergie, bringing her food and chews and toys; and as spring and summer turned to fall, blankets for shelter from the rain. Finally around Thanksgiving the neighbor talked the family into letting her take the happy little dog that no one had time for.  Fergie went to live with the neighbor’s mother but having never lived inside she was too much for these kind hearted people and soon they brought her to the shelter. The shelter saw how much this little girl needed and asked rescue to take her on.

When Fergie came into rescue the first thing we saw were her poor eyes. We could tell that her sight was not 100% and that she could see some but no one had ever seen eyes like hers-not even our vet. So Fergie went off to see the Ophthalmologist who did know what had happened to her eyes. Fergie had a condition called" corneal endotheliitis". This is caused by a reaction she had to her puppy shots and since it was not treated it can only be partially reversed. The good news is that she has about 85% of her eye sight and may have even more as she finally receives treatment with eye drops and anti-inflammatories.

This is a girl who lets nothing in life hold her back. Fergie now walks on a leash, loves to ride in the car. She has learned to use a doggy door and is very good about taking herself out and coming back in-she usually even remembers to potty when she is out. She loves having a yard to run in and really needs a doggy pal to play with. Because of her vision she would do better in a home without young children. If you have a heart large enough to welcome this happy little ball of energy into your home, she will quickly become the love of your life.
Darling Fergie has her forever home with a wonderful Mom and family...and a doxie friend to play with residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted April 14/07)
*in deep sadness Percy passed Sept/14*

Percy is looking for a wonderful home, so if interested please email Furbaby Rescue for application.
He has fully recuperated from his surgery.

Percy was dumped at the Whatcom Humane Society in Bellingham, WA when his owners found out he has a perineal hernia. 

A perineal hernia is a condition that occurs in both dogs and cats in which there is an abnormal displacement of pelvic and/or abdominal organs (small intestine, rectum, prostate, bladder, or fat) into the region around the anus called the perineum

This boy deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life.  He is in AGONY, he strains and strains to go to the bathroom.  He cannot continue to live in pain and anguish. 

We will help him, and get this difficult surgery done.  The cost is in excess of $800...please help us, help him. 

He is a VERY VERY sweet boy, with a gorgeous dapple coat....PLEASE reach into your heart and pocketbook and donate to help him lead a long and pain free life.

Feb. 10/07: Percy has had his surgery, and "thankfully" all went well.  We could not wait any longer, and hope we can find the funds. To watch this boy strain in pain, broke our hearts.  He is now recovering with his foster Mom, sent home with pain meds, special instructions, and lots of love to see him through this difficult and painful surgery.
He will be going back for recheck in a week, and if all goes well, in about three weeks, this misery will be all behind him, and he will lead a completely normal life.
Feb. 12/07: Percy went back for recheck, because the area was red and swollen, put on another type of antibiotic.  All through this he remains happy and loving.

Once he is recuperated, he will need a forever home.  Percy is about 7 years old, a mini doxie.  Everyone who meets this boy, raves about his gentle, loving and sweet natured soul he is, so if interested, please email Furbaby Rescue for application.

*We are DELIGHTED to announce that $800 was received in donations.*
A very special thank you to Tails a Waggin, Doggie Day Care in Bellingham, WA for putting out the plea, and notice in her facility, we have lots of people to thank, some people left cash, so I don't know who you are, but THANK YOU..
Percy and Furbaby Rescue would personally like to thank:

Barbara Bachmann, Bellingham, WA
Mary J Vander Pol, Custer, WA
Nancy Bakarich, Bellingham, WA
Jean and Gary Barnett, Bellingham, WA
Bryon Sprague, Bellingham, WA
Sunny McCallum, Bellingham, WA
Janna Jacobson, Bellingham, WA
Susan Hilton, Bellingham, WA
Marc Belair, Bellingham, WA
Accusearch Inc., Bellingham, WA
Kathleen Sas, Richmond, B.C. Canada
Gary,Royce & Seiko Graves, Tualatin, Oregon
Terry Russell, Marysville, WA
Sue Small, Renton, WA
Kay Yoakum (Cindy and Roscoe), Selah, WA
Gary and Christine Morris (and doxies Toby,Sadi,Daisy & Petie), Bellingham, WA
Jim & Lobay Groves, Bellingham, WA
Susan Rowe-Neuman, Bellingham, WA
Patricia Bartz, Bellingham, WA
Brian Seales & Shannon Larkin, Bellingham, WA
Denise & Bret Wood, Everson, WA
Eva & Dan Baharav, Bellingham, WA
Janice Polen, Bellingham, WA

Percy will always have a special place in his foster Mom's heart, now he is rehomed living with a great couple in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 28/07)
Jon-Jon (nka Che)
Male/neutered/shots current
14 lbs
*lil Che passed to the bridge in 2012*


  My name is Jon-Jon and I have a sad story to tell you.  For some reason my Daddy could no longer take care of my buddy and I, so he took us to the shelter.  We were both SO very scared and confused there so we stayed in the corner away from the others and just shivered in fear.  It was so loud and busy in there and the people walking by our cage just didn't want scared little doggies like us.  So then one day a shelter worker came and took my buddy away.  She said our time was up.  What does that mean?  Why was this happening to us?  She took by buddy down the hall to a room and I never saw him again!!  I was sooooooooooo sad!!  A little later in the day she came back and said it was 'my' turn!  On NO!  I didn't understand!  That's when the miracle happened for me!  A very kind rescue lady saw me and scooped me up and took me away from there to my foster home.  Whew!  That was close!  I know I'm very sweet because thats's what everyone I meet tells me.  I have very good house manner too!  I'm not particular on where I take my naps as long as its close to my human!  On your lap or right next to you is best for me.  I'd really just like to relax and hang out with someone and a buddy similar in size would be just grand!  (I miss by buddy SO much!)  Small children make me a little nervous, but older ones would be fine.  I just love my foster Daddy too!  He lets me sit in the recliner with him and we watch TV a lot.  I'll watch any program with you....even sports is fine with me.  Going for nice walks makes me very happy and I also like to go for car rides.  If you are seeking an older gentleman with fine manners, I'm the fellow for you!  I promise to love you lots and lots!

Thank you!

Che has a wonderful Dad, and will be helping him as much as Dad will be helping Che, residing in Bellingham, WA

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