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(Adopted May 1/13)
Mr. Peepers
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
5 lbs

Mr. Peepers had a tough start in life.  Abandoned by his owners when he was less than a year old he was wandering the streets  in February when the temperatures were dipping into the 20's and 30's at night. He was picked up and taken to the local shelter where things were not much better.  The shelter has no heat and holes in the roof that allows the rain to pour in on the dogs there.  He waited and hoped for someone to come for him but no one did and he was beyond his final day.  Fortunately for Mr. Peepers someone took a picture of him and put it on the internet where his big pleading eyes saved his life and got him a ticket to a second chance.  This guy loves to snuggle.  He will snuggle in bed, the couch, the car, the store anywhere.  He also likes to play with his toys and chew on his cow hoof. Mr. Peepers is a darling, loving, cuddly little angel He is one of the sweetest Chihuahuas ever. 

He plays well with other dogs and is very polite when taking treats or waiting for his food.  His big brown eyes will melt your heart.  His warm little body will keep you company at night.

He loves going on his weekly visits to the local nursing home and the residents enjoy his cheerful little self.

Maybe you could write the happily ever after ending to his story.

Great home for an amazing lil fellow, residing in Sammamish, WA


(Adopted May 2/13)
Miniature Dauschund
Male/neutered/shots current
10 lbs
8 years old
*sadly Dodi lost his life, he got out of the yard, and a large dog attacked him in Oct./ gone too soon*

Dodi is the victim of the economy which is still catching up with many people.  He only had two options; be put to sleep or find a rescue.  Furbaby Rescue foster mom Michele couldnít stand it to let this little guy just leave this earth without trying to help him.  She told all of the dogs to suck in their breath, scoot a little bit over to the right, and make room for this sweet little fellow.

Heís the only foster that came right in and loved the Sheepdogs.  In fact one of them was trying to play with him, which was adorable beyond words.

Dodi is very self confident but in a gracious way.  Heís cute as a button, charming, energetic, and sweet.

He had to have some gum reconstruction and get neutered but he was in good shape other than those two things.  He has been medically boarded since the gum surgery because it was painful and he needed to be gorked out.  He is ready to go to a foster home or a forever home now.

If you love mini red doxies; you will enjoy this little fellow.  If you arenít a fan of the dachshund you may not be able to help yourself because this guy is all personality with no particular issues.

Dodi has a kind new Daddy, residing in Tacoma, WA


(Adopted May 3/13)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years "young"
20 lbs

*darling Rascal passed from kidney failure Jan.19/15*

Rascal is a dear and gentle Bichon Frises.  Heís a solid and well framed fellow. 

He just came into rescue and is fearful, uncertain, and lost but he always has a smile and a waggedy tail.  He just needs some time to settle in.

Rascal lost his human mom earlier this year and efforts to place him with family and friends were not successful so he went through even more changes after he lost his home and family.

He had his right eye removed and we do not understand why yet.  We need to communicate with his past veterinarians which we have yet to do.  His other eye seems just fine.

Rascal would love love love someone to take him on walks and snuggle with him at night or even during the day!  He just really wants a home again.

He is submissive, easy going, fine with other dogs, hasnít even looked at the cats.  He is crate trained at night and comes with a lovely crate and his favorite stuffed animal pillow. 

Rascal doesnít really seem like ďoneĒ to us.  We would love to see that side of him.  At this point he just seems like a soft lamb with that terrific coat and we want to call him Angel because he is one.

"Rascal has a long history of regular health checkups and maintenance visits which is great to have that information. During one of the visits it was discovered that he has an auto immune disease (who doesn't these days?) but he takes a quarter of a pill every other day to manage it quite successfully."

Sweet Mom for a sweet boy, residing in Ferndale, WA


(Adopted May 4/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
9 lbs

Hi everyone! My name is Tess but I'll bet  you read that in the description under the photo of my a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e face and those incredible ears that are part of my breed. My life started in a puppy mill. I worked so hard to try and use my ears to fly out of that place but it never worked for me. I guess it was just too crowded to get a good running start. But......I'm finally out of there and none to soon because I have a very good chance of finding a forever home and potentially being spoiled rotten and loved forever. 

If you've been to this website before and read about various dogs and/or if you've read about puppy mill dogs, you'll know that oftentimes we missed the socialization part of our lives from the day we were born. Yes, I have some issues but let's talk about the positive parts first, OK? I love playing with the other dogs in my foster home. I also love these things the humans here called stuffed toys. I REALLY like chasing my tail and watching those humans laugh themselves silly when I do it. When I'm not busy expending energy on those two activities, I will follow my human around. I'm just curious about what in the world they do with themselves all day since they don't have a tail to chase. What was God thinking to not give humans tails? Hmmmmm.... 

I'm hesitant about being picked up. That will come in time as I learn to trust. Sometimes I'll really crave that attention so I'll come up to you and place my paws up on you. That just means I'm trying to say, "Please pet me, scratch me under my chin and tell me I"m a good girl." If you aren't real crazy about having a lap dog but you do want a constant companion, I'm your girl. I love the outdoors and when the weather is nice (I think that happens in this area once in awhile, doesn't it?) I love to run around the yard so my new owner MUST have a securely fenced yard. I do not like the rain! Man alive, that stuff is wet!!! You would think I'd have chosen a different area of the country where the sun shines constantly but it wasn't my choice. Puppy mill dogs have no choices. 

So here comes the "needs work" area. I need patience from new owner. As with all new dogs in the home, I need time to know the rules you want me to use to go outdoors and do my "business" even if it's raining......*sigh*. In addition to the patience I have a suggestion for that special person who will want me. There are dog training classes out there. I know of a couple of other puppy mill dogs who were allowed to attend Puppy Kindergarten even though they were older. They started their training as though they were just still puppies and there were so many other dogs to play with at break time. They learned how to walk on leashes, how to sit, stay, and best of all they built up their self-confidence which helped them be the best they could be.  I want that self-confidence and to be loved and to know that I'll never be in an unsafe, uncaring place ever again. Would you be willing to attend some of those confidence building classes with me? Will you be the person who let's me come up to you and ask with my adoring eyes for some petting and a chin scratch? 

Most of all, are you the special person who wants me? 

Tess got a very caring Mom, who is dedicated to this lil girl, residing in Friday Harbor, WA


(Adopted May 11/13)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old (perfect age)
6 lbs

Hi my name is Simon.  I am a really sweet and shy little furbaby who is beginning to learn about all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

My life didnít used to be so great.  Everyone thinks that I was most likely a stunning little guy used for breeding until one day I was dropped off at a shelter. There was a special angel volunteer there who saw how very neglected and scared I was, so she drove me all the way to Furbaby Rescue.  All my medical needs are taken care of now, I had a pretty extensive dental and lost the last of teeth, I donít mind though because I feel a million times better and am now a hearty and healthy little guy! And, I look cute when my tongue peeks out a little sometimes.

In my foster home I am learning about being a companion for the first time, and Iím working on building my confidence. I never had a home before so everything is new to me.

I am learning potty training , and Iíve been making progress but I will need a patient family to keep working with me on this.  I wear these cool things called Belly Bands to help me with this when Iím inside. Plus I get to go out often to water the shrubs and plants in the yard.  Sometimes I can get nervous about going back inside,  treats really help me here, and the positive reinforcement that I get.

When I first came to my foster home I was nervous and shy, and  would try and run away from them and cower if they tried to approach me. Itís just because I was never socialized before. Sad, I know! Iím getting better as I learn that people give treats, and tickles, and kindness, and that itís pretty nice to be around them.  I even jump around and twirl with joy when my foster family comes home now.  I just need a family with a big heart  and a securely fenced yard to keep me safe as I continue to grow and develop.

I am very friendly with the tiny dog that lives here, though I donít interact with her too much yet.  Sometimes she tries to get me to play or will give me huggy bears, her outgoing kind personality is really good for me.  She has been helping me learn that people are great.  She has lots of toys I can play with, but I am not sure what they are for yet.

I am really quiet little guy, and have barked only about 2 times.   I also do great at night and donít even make a peep in my  very roomy crate.  During the evening my favorite thing is snuggling up with my foster mum on the sofa, and getting lots of rubs and tickles until I fall asleep.  I sure missed out on the joy and comfort that people can give us in my former life, so Iím soaking it all in.

  I am a Furbaby who is a work in progress. However despite everything I have been through I am so incredibly sweet. This is where my journey begins. I have so much to learn, yet I really want this great new life.  So now I am standing here with a hopeful heart, and lots of loving support from Furbaby Rescue, and I have my paws crossed. I wish for a loving and quiet home, a kind and patient family, I wish for my forever happy ending. Or should I say I wish for my forever beginning.

This sweet little guy is being fostered in Olympia, WA

Simon has two lil Chi siblings now, and a Mom who takes him everywhere, residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada


(Adopted May 16/13)
Yorkshire Terrier mix ?
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
6 lbs

Iím Shautzie, and I am really new to Furbaby Rescue.  I came here because my special person is going to heaven after fighting very hard with cancer. I keep looking for my person, but they canít come back to me, even though I wish really hard.

My foster mum says Iím completely adorable and sweet. Within a day I was giving her kisses and wagging my tail nonstop at her. I follow her around everywhere I can.  Sometimes I do whine a little when I canít see her, but then again I was used to always being with my person, and I donít want to be alone again.

I am a little timid and shy of new people and some of lifeís new experiences and will need someone to help me with my confidence building. If I am unsure of something I have a tendency to want to hide a little. But I do like to see what you are up to, I am curious, so I will sneak over and keep peeking. Most of the time I will eventually slowly check everything out, positive reinforcement, treats and tickles really help.

I do my potty business outside like an angel. As soon as I am done I love to come running back inside the house. Especially if that means jumping up onto the sofa to snuggle or sit in a lap. I love laps, thatís my favorite place. I am also pretty quiet and havenít barked very much at all yet.

There is another dog here with me, I donít socialize with her yet, I do my own thing, unless I can get attention from my foster mum. I just really want a person. Someone to hold me close and love me forever. If I didnít have to share my person that would be okay too.  

I am kind of a scruffy furbaby, my coat is really soft in places, and wiry in others. So if you love the Terrier look I just may be your special little girl.

My life is starting over now, itís an open book ready to be filled with the happy tales and adventure of my new life.  All I am missing is my loving and patient new forever family so we can write our story together.

This adorable little girl is being fostered in the Mill Creek/South Everett area. More to come on her as we get to know her.

Very special Mom for this dollbaby, residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted May 19/2013)
Miniature Dauschund
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years old

Sarge is one of the most delightful Dachshunds I've ever fostered!  He's my constant shadow and wonderful back-warmer at night.  He gets along well with other dogs and is not particularly interested in cats (unless they run).  He came from a home that had four very small children and it was not a good situation. 


He's about 10 years old (but you'd never guess it), neutered, UTD on vaccines (DHPP, Bordatella, Rabies), and microchipped.  He recently had his teeth cleaned and only had two extractions!  Pretty amazing for a dog that has never seen a vet before.  His Senior blood panel came back with great results. 

He'll be a fabulous companion for the lucky person who adopts him.  

"needs a secure fenced yard, no young children, no cats." 

Sarge now has a great Dad, residing in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted June 1/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
25 lbs

Look into my eyes. Look very closely into my eyes. Can you see the sadness I'm feeling because my Mom that I loved so dearly developed Alzheimer's and couldn't care for me any longer? I understand why I had to leave her and I know I've come to the best place to find my new forever home but I sure miss her. My human mom's granddaughter wanted to take me in so badly because I'm super sweet but she lives in a place where the rules are two dogs only. They kept counting - one, two and Chloe makes three. The landlord said "No, sorry, only two." No matter how they counted I came up number three. BUT......Three is my lucky number so I firmly believe that the third person who reads about me will pick me to be their new girl. Just in case you're the lucky number three person and you're just not quite convinced about me yet, let me share this with you. While I was at the vet getting spayed and brought up to date on my vet care, I charmed their socks off. The staff adored me and made no bones about it. Yeah, a bone would have been nice though. I love going for walks and I love men and women alike. I'm house trained - totally house trained and I can let you know when it's time to go out. How good is that? If you don't like doggies on your bed, I'm happy sleeping in my own bed right next to your bed. True confessions time though - I snore....just a little....but I do snore. Well, who doesn't? People just aren't awake to hear themselves.  


So now that you know you're the third person to look at me and you like my credentials, click on the link to apply for me. 

Wonderful Mom for a wonderful dog, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted June 3/13)
Miniature Dauschund
Male/neutered/shots current
11 lbs

Sparky is a lovely little 11 y/o dog who would appreciate a senior lap to snuggle next to.  He's not an active boy and would prefer to be with his person than busying himself outside.  When I'm busy in the house he burrows under a blanket somewhere for another nap.  Can't get too many of those some days.  He's house-trained and only has to go outside three or four times a day at most.  At 11 lbs. he's not a big eater but really does enjoy breakfast and dinner.  Then he's ready for more snuggling time. 


Sparky is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, micro-chipped and had a dental exam and cleaning in January.  He's a settled, easy going guy who needs his own person and lap to be with.

Happily residing in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted June 6/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 months old
10 lbs

My name is Moose, big name for a lil guy.  I am a Hav/Pom, they call us Ewokians or Pomenese.  Just fancy designer names.  I lost my home cause my Mommy is sick.  She was a great Mommy, but now I need to find my new forever home.

I am puppy through and through.  I am running, playing, tossing toys, playing with the resident dogs, take a quick nap and start over again.

I am a very joyful lil guy.  I am crate trained, doing excellent with potty manners.  I have also been to puppy kindergarten class.  I would love to have friends to play with, or a Mom or Dad or both to dote on me, keep me active.

I promise to be a fun loving lil one, but remember I am still very puppy, need continued structure and training, to make me the best I can be.  I also have attended doggie daycare, and loved spending the day, playing with friends.

I do have the beautiful Havanese coat, so I don't shed, but means I need monthly grooming.

Wonderful Mommy residing with Charlie in Lynden, WA

(Adopted June 9/13)
MacKenzy (aka Mackie)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
8 lbs
3 years old

Hi!  My name is Mackenzy, but everyone calls me Mackie.  I donít know why, but thatís just the way that it is!  I donít ask too many questions about that!  I am a Toy Poodle and for all of you Poodle lovers, I am Proud to be a Poodle!  You can see just how regal I am from looking at my pictures!  I looked up ďPoodleĒ on Wikipedia and the definition was regal, athletic and smart!  Well, of course, I am allllll of those things!  I am good with other small, friendly dogs and cats and I am a total love-a-doodle who loves to get my belly rubbed!  One of my favorite things is to nestle myself into the pillows of the couch!   I also love to sleep in the bedÖlike a little princeÖon a pillow!  I am looking for a family to call my very own and I donít even take up that much room!  I have a happy-go-lucky, easy going and sweet personality and I am very, very excited to find my forever guardian family!  I would love my guardian family to take me all over the place so that I can experience all of the wonderful things and smells that life has to offer!

 I wish I may, I wish I might, find my forever home tonight!



Residing happily with his Mommy, in Marysville, WA

(Adopted June 19/13)
Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
13 years old ???

Wilbur is possibly a 13 year old terrier mix.  We know next to nothing of his past.

What we do know is that this dear little dog was turned into the shelter, full of parasites, filthy, horrible teeth, pretty horrible health all in all and nothing was done for him as he suffered in his cell.  One day a woman who was dying came to find a companion and to rescue an older dog that needed her.  She thought she would outlive Wilbur.  She chose Wilbur and she loved him with all of her heart but before she had a chance to give him a bath or take him to the veterinary hospital, she became too incapacitated.  Wilbur loved her.  She was his savior and he did what he could for her.

Three months after she rescued Wilbur; she passed away.  A dear friend of hers was sick to think that this dear doggie would have to return to the shelter again knowing he would likely never leave.  Because her landlord does not allow pets, she spent a "hold" period of time (per the Animal Control Officer's directive) on the couch of an acquaintance.  She was told she had to keep him with her at all times while members of the family were contacted.  Bless this woman's heart.  She saved this little dog from a certain death. 

After going through so much and we don't know the 95% of it, he is just dear, friendly, gets along with dogs, cats, people, he is a sweetheart.

He is a little scruffy and has not yet had a groom though he has had many baths and several amateur trims.  We will get to it!

He loves snuggling, thinks walks are super, enjoys riding in the car (he is still and silent), doesn't bark - he is a dear little fellow.  Jan and Wes his foster parents think he is the greatest little dog. 

Wilbur deserves a loving home to live out the rest of his days. 

Residing with Tootsie and Shasta, in Bellevue, WA


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