Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept.22/01)
11 months old
Shots current
15 lbs

Well I am at a loss at this girl's breed, she was born with a docked tail, she reminds me a bit of a Basenji, maybe a touch of Chihuahua.  She is about 10" tall.  She is wary of strangers, and very submissive, if you just leave her alone, she will eventually warm up, and when she does, she is very loving girl, she may not have had a lot of socialization, so she is cautious.  She loves to play with other dogs, and is fine with large or small.  Since she does take time to warm up with people, she would do best I believe in a home without small children..  Mocha went to a very nice woman, she had a bit of a rocky start with her, because of her cat, and soon it all came together, she adores him and the love is mutual...happily residing in Bellingham, Wa.


(Adopted Oct.7/01)
1- 2 year 
Scottie/terrier X?
15 lbs male/neutered
Shots current

About a year ago, I was found living with feral cats at the airport in California, the nice lady who was feeding the cats noticed me, she got me, and put me in a safe shelter, I had bad skin, and wasn't feeling that great, eventually they sent me to my foster Mom in Washington, where she put me on a good diet, regular shampoos and I started to feel great.  I was adopted to a super family with kids (I love kids) but my Mom got sick, and had to go to the hospital and have continued bed rest, and was not able to take care of me anymore.  Mom knew this was very unfair to me, and with broken heart returned her to me.  Stormy misses the kids a lot.  His skin through stress and losing his family has gotten worse, but is now doing better.  Whoever adopts me, has to keep me on a good diet, and take care of me, and if you do, I will love you, protect your family and give you hours of joy. Stormy was adopted for a week, unfortunately the Mom found out she was allergic, she believed him to be a super lil sweetheart, and my heart breaks for him, as he is displaced one more time. I do believe Stormy has now found his forever home.  He is adored by two wonderful young women, who think the world of him.  Stormy is a very special boy to me, and now I think he is "home".  Happily residing in Seattle, WA

Even messy I am cute

But now I am adorable

(Adopted Nov.18/01)
3-5 years old?
Shots current/ 13 lbs.

The vet is a little unknowing of her age, mostly because as we affectionately say has a "parrot mouth" and because of the bite, her canines show little wear, and her teeth look like a fairly young dog, but also she could have had her teeth cleaned at one time, with no history, one can only guess.  Whatever her age, she is delightful, and can be seen sleeping with her little tongue hanging out.  She plays with toys, and is fine with other dogs, she is extremely loving and affectionate, and has been eager to give and receive love from anyone she meets...
Randy now has a great new life, and a really nice new Mom, who drove all weekend to meet her new little girl, happily residing in Spokane, WA

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