Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept. 28/07)

Miniature (or tweenie) Dachshund
12 months old
Male/Neutered (just recently)/shots current
Brindle dapple
15 lbs

Its very nice to meet you... I think. You see I am a young boy who has some trust issues but am hoping for permanent, responsible, loving home I can call my very own.

Could that be you?

As you can see... I am VERY handsome...I am fully crate trained, potty trained and LOVE to go on walks.  I enjoys toys that squeak and ones I can chew on. 

I need a quiet home where I can settle in and begin to get some consistency in my life.  Training will be a must for me... it will be  a requirement for any new guardian of mine to put me through a positive reward based training class. My foster home is trying to teach me the basics... its all new to me!

I am just waiting for someone to tell me what the rules are, I am eager to know !

A home with no kids or grand kids is best for me.

I will need lots of time and commitment from you, but I promise to be the best little guy I can! 


Brutus has a great new Dad, now residing in Langley, B.C. Canada 

(Adopted Sept.29/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
9 lbs

Jacquelyn (Jacqui) is cuddlebug, just waiting for the right person to take her home and spoil her. She loves people, riding in cars and curling up next to you. She is definitely a “girly girl” and loves her little hair ribbons and pink collar. But she is not a push over. If she can’t get to her mom her little “whoop, whoop” bark lets you know that you have forgotten something.  

Jacquelyn was turned into the shelter as a stray (which everyone who has met her has a lot of trouble believing). She was adopted but then returned because the adopter said she had had a seizure and “they didn’t want to deal with it”.  We have seen no seizures while she is in foster care. She does have dry eye and the beginnings of cataracts (though she sees just fine at present).

Jacqui gets along with resident dogs and tolerates neighborhood children loving on her but she is really only interested in her person. So if you are interested in a baby to spoil and take everywhere with you, Jacquie is your girl. 

 Jacqui has a great home, sadly they had just lost Yanni, but this little girl will help heal their hearts, residing in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted Oct. 1/07)
Dot (nka Phoebe)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
4 lbs

Sweet and extremely loving little girl Chi, just waiting to be the center of your world.  This beauty came from a puppy mill where she was not worth anything to them anymore as she stopped producing puppies...

She knows that she has got it good now!  She plays well with other small dogs and is fine with cats. Dot loves her toys and enjoys your reaction when she throws them up into the air! She is potty trained and will use wee pads if you ask her to.  She is crate trained but would prefer your bed.  Due to her size expect to have  multiple sets of mini stairs all over your house leading up to the sofa and bed... her legs are too fragile to jump down that far- as with many Chi.

Small dog experience will be  a must for her and preference will be given to people with Chihuahua experience.

This girl was indeed blessed to have found a super home in Woodinville, WA

(Adopted Oct.11.07)
Long haired Chihuahua
Male (soon to be neutered)/shots current
2 years old
4 lbs

This is one ADORABLE lil boy, loving, sweet, playful, inquisitive, happy fellow.  He would love a playmate of similar size, he has lived with cats.  He does need work on housetraining...but he is learning.  Great lil fellow.  Due to his tiny size, adult home only.

This adorable boy has a wonderful home in Camano Island, WA

(Adopted Oct. 13/07)
Bianca & Timmie (mother and son)
Rat Terrier/Chihuahua
Bianca (app 4-5 years old) Timmie (app. 2 years)
17 & 18 lbs


There is a place for us....Somewhere a place for us


Bianca and her son Timmie have had quite a journey. We don't really know the beginning of the journey; the part we know started in a cage in the infamous Bakersfield shelter where a little white pregnant dog with no name sat. She was lucky. She was one of the few "rescued" from this high kill shelter and she was taken to another place. This time in a yard with lots of other dogs. Eventually she had her baby-We don't know if Tim was the only one though it is likely that he at least was the only one that survived. You see, Bianca had ended up in a place that was only a so called "rescue". 

Eventually after about a year there, in the yards and dog runs, with food and water but little human contact, she was rescued again. This time Animal Control came in and ordered the place closed and the dogs moved. Other rescues came in and took the dogs in that they had room for. Timmie and Bianca again were lucky, they were taken into terrier rescue. However it soon became clear that this rescue had overreached itself and then the call went out. No one seemed to want the "rat terrier mixes" so Tim and Bianca and a couple of their doggie friends had only a couple of weeks to find homes or their lives would be over. That was when the call came from California- "Can you take some dogs? We have had a couple of rescues close down when they are overloaded and if some of these dogs don't get out they will lose their lives. "

So once again these 2 (with a few other dogs) were shoved in a crate and moved on. This time they went on a plane and when they finally reluctantly left their crates they were in a house. Timmie, now 1 1/2 had never been in a house; for Bianca it had been years. 

They ran into a corner and huddled together watching the other dogs. Finally things seemed quiet and they peeked around the corner and saw a familiar sight...a yard. They ran outside...OK they knew what this was. They explored and met their new pack, but as it got dark the other dogs left. They ran in a door where there was a light. Timmie and Bianca edged closer and closer watching but then ran back into the yard where they felt at home...

That was 9 months ago. Now both Timmie and Bianca enjoy living in the house. They play with toys, with each other and Timmie loves playing with the other young dogs. They are still a bit shy. Bianca doesn't come and ask for pets but likes to go for rides and is good on a leash. Timmie runs up and wants pets and then streaks away. They love their chewies, toys and treats. They are fairly well house trained. Timmie still needs some work on a lead and they would both love more individual attention. These 2 are devoted to each other. They sleep in the same bed, eat from the same bowl and if they are separated for longer than a few minutes the greeting is like long lost loves. These two waifs deserve a home of their own where they can grow old together and continue to learn all the reasons dogs love their owners. Can you offer a place for them? 

That wonderful place was found, super family, who adore them, residing in Victoria, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.31/07)

Ninja (nka Pablo)
6 month old
Dachshund, Standard X
Black and Tan
12 lbs
How do you do? My name is Ninja... I an a very sweet and playful Dachshund puppy.  I was found as a stray by animal control and brought to our local shelter and when I was never claimed by anyone... the shelter called Furbaby Rescue because they knew that they are the best rescue for little guys like me!
I can be shy for about...hmm.. 2 seconds! them I am a total love.  Do you know much about puppies?  We have a lot of energy and need a lot consistency in our life.  Do you know what we love to do? Poop, Play, Eat and Poop some more! Then throw in the occasional chewing up stuff and you have got me pegged!  You see I am just like all the puppies you will ever meet. We need someone who understands how much time and commitment it takes to raise a puppy.  Good dogs don't happen by accident! In fact signing me up for a positive reward based training class will be required for my adoption.

Ninja is doing very well in the housetraining, and even though he is a busy puppy, he does not chew on anything inappropriate.

Ninja got a fabulous new Mom and doggie brother...residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Nov. 17/07)
Selena (nka Muffin)
Cairn Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old
10 lbs

Selena is a very small Cairn, as you can see by the middle picture (in relationship to the person's hand)
Selena is just a doll, she has a fantastic temperament, she is playful but not hyper...would like to sleep with her person if she could.  She is housetrained, does very well with other dogs, and she appears to just love everyone.  If temperament could win a prize, this girl would walk away with the trophy.
Selena has not had a good start in life, she came into rescue in horrible shape, her fur is now coming back in, she was almost bald.  She has been tested for thyroid and mange, all we are just dealing with allergies, she must continue on an allergy diet.  She also does have dry eye, our vet was surprised at one so young...but sometimes when these babies are not cared for, these issues happen.  She will need daily medication for her eyes...but this girl is so worth it, she will bring happiness and laughter into your home.
Muffin has two fantastic and endearing Dads, who adore her, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Nov.18/07)
Maltese/Pomeranian (Maltipom)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
7 lbs
*sadly Tucker passed to the bridge Feb/19*

Tucker is a cutie pie with a personality to match.  He loves to play and wants nothing more than to be with his foster humans.  He will follow us around, or sit next to us and watch TV.  He can be a little yippy, but he will settle once you ask him too.  He will need to learn all of his basic commands, so a puppy class would be wonderful for him and I think he would enjoy it.  Tucker is working hard on his housebreaking and is very eager to please.  He is being confined behind a baby gate when his foster family is not at home and he is very good about using the wee wee pads.

Tucker has a lot of energy and would do well with a little playmate similar in size and breed.  If you scratch under his chin or rub his belly, he will give you as many kisses as you'd like.  He is coming along and doing much better on the leash.  Due to his small size, no young children please. 

Tucker has a great new family residing in Tacoma, WA



(Adopted Nov. 20/07)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  
Female (spay date Nov.19/07)
App 2 years old
7 lbs

I did not know or ever see a Cavalier so tiny and petite...again I have to say this girl is to her companions Rocky and Darby, she looks like a baby, any one who has meet her, can't believe she is fully grown.
Molly is an absolute sweetheart, she will crawl into your arms and heart immediately.  In the one picture, she is literally falling asleep in my hands.  When these babies first came into rescue they were separated, until coming into my foster care...Molly cried in two different homes for a couple of days, but once she came here, rejoining the other Cavaliers, she has not uttered a will be in Molly's best interest to be rehomed with a Cavalier or similar breed...Molly would love to sleep with you, and also be with you as much as she can...if you meet her you will be in love...

Molly has a new sister Cavalier, and a family who adores her, residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted Nov. 20/07)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2-3 years old
*Darling Darby passed to the bridge suddenly from heart failure in Aug/12, his parents mourn his loss, and miss their precious boy so much*

Darby is quite friendly, his whole body wiggles in glee when you pay attention to him..he is a sweetheart..he can also be a bit tentative and unsure, but that all stems from his former life, and he will need a little bit of patience and time to make him feel completely at home and loved.  Darby had a horrible skin reaction to the antiseptic they put on his tummy when he was neutered...this boy does have sensitive skin, and from watching around his mouth, I believe he may have some sensitivity to some foods, it is not showing like allergies that I am used to in Shih Tzu and Lhasa, but his mouth after eating can turn a bit this will need to be watched.

I feel also, Darby will do best in a home with another dog, and a Cavalier is all three do the Cav huddle and sleep on top of each other...dogs coming from their situation will always do better having a companion.

Darby has a new doxie brother Bailey, and two great parents..."thank you Jan and David" residing in Lopez Island, WA

(Adopted Nov.28/07)
Rocky (nka Murphy)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old

*Murphy passed to the bridge Nov.24/12 from heart failure*
May you now be romping in endless grounds of beautiful things to investigate and not have a shred of fear of anything

Rocky is a sweetheart, he and his companions all came from the same place...they have not had the loving life they deserved.  Rocky is a sweetheart, but he is shy, this gets better as time goes on...he wants to be loved and love you...he has that wonderful gaiety that Cavs possess...he just needs time and patience to overcome his past.  He knows a dog door immediately, going in and out, but is afraid of coming in a regular door...we think he and his companions lived in a kennel with a dogdoor access, but "taboo" on entering the home.
Rocky as well as his companions will do better if going to a home that has another dog, a Cavalier would be preferred...they all do the wonderful Cavalier huddle, sleeping on top of each other...I do not believe these three have a strong bond, but a strong kinship to their breed.

Murphy was adopted to a wonderful woman, residing in Aberdeen, WA

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