Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Oct. 17/06)
Kiefer (nka Bailey)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 months old
9 lbs

Kiefer is a wonderful puppy. He weighs 9.5 lbs so far at 5 months so expect he will be bigger in a few months tho not very big. He gets along with cats, kids, other dogs and adults. He is a happy, healthy, busy puppy. He eats well - not fussy at all. He loves walks and behaves very nicely on a leash. He has a beautiful black and tan coat and is very soft to touch.

He has endeared himself to everyone he has met. He has a rather large bark for such a little dog and can be rather noisy. That will be trainable I think as he seems to want to please. He would fit into any family. He would prefer that his "people" were home most of the time and he barks when left but he is not destructive and I think he settles down before too long. He is an absolute love and such a bouncy typical pup. He is not completely housetrained but that could probably be accomplished if someone was home to teach him. He does not like to be crated so has not been crate trained and typical of a doxie he HATES baths,

He was given up because his young owner was not able to afford medical attention for him. It was believed he had an ear infection when in fact it was a small puncture or bite wound and he is quite a baby about his "owees". He also needed more puppy shots.

He is just a delightful boy. Pictures just do not do him justice. He does not like the camera.

Bailey has fantastic parents, and he is so loved and spoiled, residing on Lopez Island, WA

(Adopted Oct.19/06)
Oma (nka Tessa)
Miniature Dachshund
Female/spayed/shots current
App.8-9 years old
* with deepest sorrow, Tessa passed away, April 10/08, her little body said it was time, her heart gave out, but she left knowing complete love*

Oma is a special dog. We don't know her exact age as she came turned in as a stray. Her teeth were so bad what few she had that you could smell her breathe within 3 feet of her. Because of this she has trouble eating hard kibble but that does not keep her from trying. She loves to eat. When picked up she was very thin probably two to three pounds underweight on a very small dog. She is gaining weight in the foster home and is starting to look a little "fuller"..

She is a very good-natured dog and very easy going. We know her teeth hurt her and she does not like her mouth touched so we know she is miserable. Hopefully when her teeth are cleaned and any bad teeth extracted she will be a new dog. She already had lost a lot of teeth - probably due to bad diet. So we hope someone will provide her with good food in her new home. Despite the discomfort she does not complain and just tries to stay out of the way.

Oma loves being outside. She wanders in the yard by herself or will follow you around if you are out there too. But when you put a leash on her she is something else. Off she goes leading the pack. She is raring to go for walks. When walking on leash she is a younger dog. Perhaps she wants to keep that girlish figure.

She sleeps in a crate and I have not kept it closed as she is housebroken. Yes!! A housebroken doxie. She is not left longer than 4-5 hours between visits outside so I don't know how long she will "hold " it but so far she has been great. She takes care of business first thing then checks out the yard.

Oma would like to sleep on the people bed but she has trouble getting on the bed so it would be easy to keep her in her own bed or crate for her own protection. This is a very sweet dog we will learn more about once she is back from the vet clinic and her mouth feels better. We hope for the best for her. Otherwise her health appears good otherwise.
 Oma had her dental done, her teeth were awful, both canines (plus other teeth) had to be removed, she had fistulas, (hole from the tooth canal to the nose) which were surgically closed.  Also the vet found she has a heart after all her vetting, she went home with antibiotics, heart meds and pain meds...she will be feeling much better soon.

This sweet darling girl was so lucky to have found the perfect home, now residing in Coquille, Oregon

(Adopted Oct.21/06)
Chewbacca (nka Chauncey)
This is his how he looked when he came in, while he looks not too bad, the picture cannot show the stench, and the mats...this boy also had so many sores on his skin, it was advisable to shave him down, and let the skin heal...

English Cocker
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
40 lbs

I am a happy, exuberant, loving puppy. I can't wait to gallop up to you
to give kisses. I love kids, dogs, and any people I meet. I love to ride
in the car and go for walks. I can sit and come when I am called and I
am house trained and crate trained.
My owners gave me up to rescue because they did not have time for me. My
mom worked long hours and I waited in the crate for her to come home.
The kids came home but they didn't have time for me. Mom came home and
let me out of my crate but a lot of times she had to leave again and
then back in the crate. At night time I slept quietly in my crate
waiting for morning to get out and run through the yard for a few
At my foster home I run through the yard and play with the other dogs. I
chase balls and find toys and other treasures. I would love to have a
home of my own with another dog and maybe an older kid who wanted to
play with me. I would love to go for walks or runs with my person and I
really want a home with a yard I can run in. I still need some work on
being quiet in the house and not getting into things (when I am not
crated) because I haven't had a lot of practice with that but I learn
fast and I will do anything for someone who pays attention to me.
Chewy now has a special home, with an extremely caring woman, residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Oct.22/06)
Boston Terrier
Male/altered/shots current
 2 years old
22lbs/15" tall
   This a a great little man.
This a a very, very, very, active young man, he plays hard.  He also loves to be held and prefers to sleep in the bed with you. He is house and crate trained.  He entered rescue with kennel cough and has medication to finish.

So why was he given up?

His owner said they could not house train him and he was living outside. However in 5 minutes of having him I discovered what the real issue was.


This is easy to control if you know how (I'll train you) if you decide this is the gentleman for you.
Rookie can also be an escape artist, so need work on that till he has perfect recall.



Great home for a great dog, now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct.23/06)
Sharik (lil Bull)(nka Rusty)
Cairn Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
19 lbs

*sadly Rusty passed to the bridge Feb./13 from heart failure*

Excuse my messy groom, when I came into rescue, I had dreadlocks of mud hanging from me, I probably have never had a bath or groom in my life, and I was impossible to do...I was not bitey, just too wiggly to tidy up.  Most of my fur got shaved off, as it would have been impossible to brush through, so I got cleaned up "the best can do" for now.  My life was a life of neglect, I lived outside, I was not a companion pet, just a "yard ornament"...and through all of this, I am a sweet sweet boy, with lots of energy and love to share.  My foster family is getting to know me better, and will update...

Rusty has a great Mom, loving lil girlfriend doggie, residing in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted Oct/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old

Love Love Love.  That should be Chewy's first, middle and last name.  He is one of the sweetest, mildest mannered Pekes you will ever come across.  He is a cuddler, snuggler and all around love bug.  Nothing pleases him more than to be held in a warm lap.  Chewy lived with his older Mom until she could no longer care for him.  Chewy rides well in a car, snoozes on the bed or in a crate, walks on a leash, alerts you with a woo-woo if he hears something out of place, is quiet when he doesn't.  This little boy does need some extra care due to allergies.  Chewy had developed hot spots and sores before he came to rescue, but has fully recovered with weekly medicated baths and high quality food (no human treats pleeeze!)  He is a dream to bath and brush.

Chewy gets along well with other dogs, big or small.  He LOVES to play with his toys and romps about squeaking and wrestling with them.  He uses the dog door without a second thought to take care of his potty needs.  He does enjoy a good walk on a leash to see the sights though.  This boy would love to have someone to take him everywhere with them, since he likes to meet people and is very friendly.  His tolerance of cats is unknown.  UTD on his vaccinations, microchipped and ready to cuddle and kiss his way into his own new home.  Good Boy!
 Chewy is the apple of his Mom and Dad, now residing in Junction City, OR..

(Adopted Oct. 28/06)
Toy Fox Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs 

Chrissy is a very darling little girl that was turned into rescue because her owner had to be moved into a nursing home.  She took it very hard as she had never been away from her owner before.  Also, this little girl has never received proper socialization so she did have some issues with being too protective of her owner.  We are currently working on those problems.  She is coming along wonderfully and we are so very proud of her.  But, we can see that she will need continued work in her socialization process.  Chrissy has never been around other animals and will just need a patient family to help her learn new things.  She is a true Terrier and will chase all that moves.  She's very, very smart and eager to please once she knows you.

  In the short time she's been with us, we've discovered a very delightful little girl behind all of that fear she carries around.  She absolutely lives to play with squeaky toys!!  Oh my, when she sees one she does the little squiggly wiggly dance!  Happy, happy Chrissy!  Also, I've learned to hide the squeaky toys when play time is over.  Oops...she gets a little carried away.  So, I hide them when play time is over.  But, you can't fool Chrissy!  Nope, she knows right where they are and will remind you of it often.  Chrissy walks very well on a leash, knows how to sit, shake and also come.  She will go in a large wire crate, but not a small plastic one.  We've gone on some car rides and she does well on those as well. She also gives the most wonderful kisses, loves to sit on your lap and follows you where ever you go.  I do believe she bonds deeply and will be a very loving, loyal companion if you are willing to work with her socialization issues.  Her new home will be one where socializing her is a top priority.  Also, adult home only at this time.  Prior knowledge of this breed and experience are preferred.  
Chrissy has wonderful parents, now living in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Nov.4/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 months old
17 lbs.

Winter is an outgoing, happy, gregarious puppy...he loves to play with other dogs (especially Kylie the female Cockapoo below)...he runs through the house with vigor, loves everyone, everybody, every dog, he is housetrained, learned the dog door in 10 minutes.  Winter would love to have a buddy, helps to keep his puppy energy focused.  He is a wonderful loving lil boy...and will be a great companion for the right home.

This boy has a sister Wheaten Terrier, a Mom, and a wonderful daughter who adore him, residing in Spanaway, WA

(Adopted Nov.10/06)
Male neutered/shots current
9 months old
18.5" tall/35 lbs

Well Tucker was suppose to be a Sheltie, so we were a bit surprised to meet a Rough Collie..gorgeous boy.  He will grow more, and his coat will be full by the time he is 2 years old.

He loves to play ball and does have herding behaviors, nips your butt. He is doing great with his house training and is crate trained.  He is a typical  puppy "what can I get away with and can I be the boss."
Adult home only

Thanks to the help of Collie Rescue, this boy found a fantastic home in Yakima, WA

(Adopted Nov.13/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old
6 lbs

Chloe is an absolute doll.  She has no issues that cannot be retrained.  She can be a barker and is not well housetrained.  She loves to play with other dogs.  She loves to chase toys, loves to be with you.  Great in the car.  She is a sweet and loving girl.
 Chloe has a loving home now residing in North Bend, WA

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