Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Jan.10/12)
Peluche (nka Barkley)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Peluche is a soft lamb of a dog.  There is nothing like the feel of all of those curls beneath your fingers and Peluche enjoys having his petted.

He came to us on Christmas Eve day and was tentative.  We let him have his space and now we have this incredibly playful and goofy dog in our house. 

He is a one dog entertainment act.  He loves to throw toys and chase them or catch them in the air.  He’s very appropriate with his play (doesn’t eat his toys and swallow them).  He acts like a puppy when he’s being affectionate or playing but he’s a peaceful and companionable dog who would love to snuggle with you in the covers or sit at your feet .

He has one trait which is a deal breaker in a home.  He chases cats and he’s fast.  So he needs to be in a no cat home.  He is living with dog savvy cats and he still chases them .  It’s more playful pursuit than aggression but it could be stressful for a resident cat and cause behavioral changes in the cat.  He is getting along great with the range of dogs from Chiweenie, Lhasa, Terrier, to St. Bernard mix.

It’s hard for me to believe that a week ago he snapped at me out of fear when I tried to put a harness on him because now I can bathe, hold, pet, or do anything with him.  He may have settled into my home with my residents or he may have settled down period.  I won’t know that until he meets you!

Because of this he should not be with young children.

This is one of the most adorable Bichon’s I’ve ever had in foster care.  He will make a really fun pet.

Barkley has wonderful parents, another darling Bichon to play with, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Jan.14/12)
Houston (aka Tatar Tot)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
4 lbs
5 years old

Houston is VERY sweet and affectionate tiny bundle of joy.  He is a world class snuggle bug who loves to sit or sleep for hours in your lap or in a soft blanket next to you. 

This pint size angel had a very rough start to his life, which included living in a crate for 5 years and then bouncing between several homes before Furbaby whisked him into rescue.  He was very malnourished due to neglect, and is now working on gaining some much needed weight.  He can be unsure of things at times and may cower down a little, yet is getting better with his confidence every day as he realizes life is really good now.  Despite everything he has gone through he is trusting and holds no grudges, and loves both women and men.

In his foster home he is friendly and peaceful with their small dog, yet does not interact very much with her.  He really just loves to be with people and will do anything to be next to them. He will follow you everywhere around the house just like a shadow.

He has great potty manners and goes quickly when outside so that he can go dashing back inside to cozy up.  

He is slowly learning leash training and commands, it is a work in progress and he will need continued help in this area.  He responds very well to positive reinforcement and especially well to kibble bites as added incentives. 

Houston has a New Year’s wish to find his perfect forever home. He does have a little bit of anxiety when separated from his people so he is looking for someone that can be at home with him.  He has gone through so much in his little life that what he needs most is stability, patience, and a lifetime of love and care so that he may continue to blossom and build confidence.

He will truly just wrap his paws around your heart.

Well he has truly wrappped his paws around his owner, adored and residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.16/12)
Cotton (nka Yeti)
Coton de tulear/Brussels Griffon (mystery breed)
Male/neutered/shots current
18-24 months
20 lbs

(Adopted Feb.10/12)
Whippet mix
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
30 lbs

Hey guys - I need a home. I need someone who loves to exercise and wants a companion. I need someone who wants me to be a four legged alarm system. I don't want any cute stories written in order to convince you to love me because I'm so worth getting to know and I have so many good qualities that the facts should convince you that I'm worthy of your love. For example, my foster mom says I'm a sweet boy but a bit slow to warm up to people. I confess, I am but when I give my trust and love it's 100%. I love to be stroked and I'll drink it all in and respect your home by not getting up on the sofa. How many dogs can say that? And remember I mentioned being a four legged alarm system? Yup, I am. I'll hear anyone sneaking up on OUR home and I'll sound an alert and then let you make the decision as to whether or not it's the boogie man or friend. 

No one knows for sure what my breed is but they're guessing part Whippet. I'm saying "Who cares?" I'm handsome with my coloring and if you help me keep exercising I'm going to remain a very fine specimen of a dog for you to have trotting beside you. 

Remember - allow me that little bit of slowness in warming up to you but then be prepared for a dog that sticks with you like velcro. It will be so worth it. 

Jack has an awesome new family, residing in Edmonds, WA


(Adopted Feb.22/12)
Dazy & Lucy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise (Cavachons)
Females/spayed/shots current
3 years old
Dazy 14 lbs (should be 10 lbs) Lucy 19 lbs (should be 12 lbs)
*Update Lucy's eye is perfect, and these chubby girls have lost a lb*


Let's talk about twice as nice with Lucy and Dazy.  Let's also say right now that it's twice as nice because these two darling girls MUST be adopted TOGETHER. 

Twice as nice means having the best of two fantastic breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon. You may call them Cavachons if you need a name. Cavaliers are nicknamed "Love Sponges" and that is definitely showing up in the personality of these girls. Their tails never stop wagging. You just look at them and fall in love and they with you. The Bichon is also a sought after breed for their beautiful curly, curly coat and that shows up especially on Dazy. 

Lucy and Dazy are also almost twice as big as they should be through no fault of their own. Easily they each need to lose several pounds but that's an easy thing to do with a new human to provide the correct dog food and take them for walks. My goodness, as charming and beautiful as they are now, they will be twice as nice after reaching their ideal weight. 

To give you just a little background on these twice as nice girls it was a sad beginning for them when they were purchased by an elderly couple who meant well but didn't understand that puppies need training. The foster Mom has been so excited at how quickly these girls are getting the idea of a doggy door and going outside to do their business. Dazy has caught on quickly and Lucy, not wanting to be outdone by Dazy, is not far behind. The foster mom reports that they are crated at night and are twice as quiet as you would expect a dog to be. Mind you, a dog should never be crated all day but for night time and short periods during the day, these girls are OK with it and with being together in one crate. 

Like all Furbaby Rescue dogs, Lucy and Dazy will be up to date on vet care (Lucy is scheduled for cherry eye surgery) *update, Lucy has had her cherry eye surgery, and doing GREAT!* and grooming and you will have all information available. 

We can assure you that adopting Lucy and Dazy will bring you nothing but love and joy if you take just a little care and continue to get their weight down to an ideal level and maintain with a good diet. As always the Furbaby foster moms are a wealth of knowledge and will provide guidelines on the best foods. In the end you will have show stoppers and if you don't have any shows to stop, the people you meet on your walks will surely stop and comment. Just beware of wagging tails when that happens!

These girls will immediately waddle into your heart.  
These special girls have a wonderful home, now residing in Anacortes, WA

(Adopted Feb 25/12)
Tree Walker Coonhound
2 years old (D.O.B. June/2010)
38 lbs

Lila is a gorgeous, intelligent, affectionate young girl. She is friendly with everyone she meets; Loves to go for walks and runs and for car rides. She gets along well with other dogs but is not used to cats. Lila is fairly quiet in the house and, after a busy day, is very content to curl up next to you on the couch or in her doggy bed. She has had some training and knows and usually follows many commands (sit, come ,down, go to your bed). 

At just over 2, she is still a very young dog and would do really well with an active family who would take her on runs and throw her ball and toys. Lila learns very quickly and could easily be trained for agility or even as a hunting dog (as long as she lives inside with the family when she is not hunting). She would make a wonderful running partner.

Lila has never been abused and has known nothing but love. Her young owners bought her as a puppy when they were active college students and then after graduation, found themselves living in apartments in Seattle, working long hours and having no time or space for a hunting dog who was born to run. Lila would do well in a family with children 10 or over but not younger ones as her enthusiasm can easily bowl them over. She will not be adopted to an apartment. Please read up on this breed before you apply for this beautiful sweet girl.

Lila has a great new home, now residing in Spokane, WA

(Adopted March 1/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
10 lbs

Yay!!!! It's Tuma's Turn!!!

Hi everyone! Have you ever put yourself out for other people and when everything worked out OK you really felt great about yourself? I did that for years. I took care of a pretty little lady dog and her baby. I stuck by them until each of them had a great new home and now....and's my turn!!!! I did all of the right things to be sure they were well taken care of and now I'm ready to let someone take care of me. Now don't get me wrong because I have this unbelievably fantastic foster home where they let me run and run and run! I never knew life could be so much fun!  

Now some side notes, I LOVE to cuddle and I love being held but sometimes it's easy for me to get overheated and I'll move away from you just to cool off. I want you to believe that I won't loving you any less because I move away. I will be back for more cuddling. I am crate trained and I know all about schedules so that makes life pretty easy for all of us. I love car rides so don't forget to take me with you, please. I have one little issue that I'll need your help with. Sometimes my back legs give me a little trouble but you'd never know it by watching my video, would you?  What is important is that you never leave me alone on a couch or bed so that I'm tempted to jump off by myself. That would not be good but that's about the only restriction that would be on our lives. Ohhhh, did I just say "OUR LIVES"? Does that mean that it's Tuma's turn to have a life? To be the spoiled one? To be important to someone else and allow them to care for me instead of the reverse? I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!! 

Tuma has AWESOME parents...thank you Gretch and Jen, now residing in Burien, WA

(Adopted March 11/12)
Jesse (nka Fiona)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 lbs
10 months old

Whew!!! Do I ever feel better!!! I arrived at Furbaby Rescue a matted up mess. My foster mom said "We're going to the beauty spa and get you gorgeous".  I wonder if she can't read because the sign said "groomer"! Nothing about a spa, not that I'd even know what that is. But regardless of what it was called, I got all fixed up and I've never felt so good or so beautiful. They said that if I was a poodle my color would be called phantom and that I'm a show stopper. Ah hah!!!! Phantom of the Opera, here I come!!!! 

Seriously, I'm a bit on the shy side so show business isn't my goal. Finding a great forever home is my plan and making a human owner happy would be a priceless reward. Don't be surprised if it takes a couple of days for me to warm up to you but I will because I adore being held and loved. Before long I'll be following you everywhere. You might even consider enrolling me in a puppy kindergarten. What a nice way for us to start bonding and for my manners to be taught properly. Yeah, I like that idea. You and me, going to a class together. I'd make you so proud!!! 

Now, foster mom says if you already have one small dog that would be OK, in fact, it would be good or me to have another small dog around.  However, if you don't and you think you could deal with two, my brother is also available for adoption on this same page. His name is James.  I know what you're thinking!!!!! You could have Jesse James in your home, a real conversation piece. But James, actually has a nickname of Jimmy. And that's another topic for discussion, too. I'm young enough that I could happily adjust to any new name you'd like for me. 

If you want more info, just contact my foster mom and she'll be able to tell you more as she spends time with us. 

Fiona has two amazing Moms, who adore her, and Fiona has a beautiful new lil sister Chloe, who she loves to play and play with, happily residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted March 20/12)
James (nka Baxter)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
10 months old

Even though I'm officially named James, I prefer Jimmy as in "JIMMY the SHOWSTOPPER" which is what my foster mom calls me. I really wouldn't mind staying here with someone who tells me how handsome I am every day. You see, I didn't have that before coming to Furbaby Rescue. I was a matted mess but look at me now!  I am a color referred to as phantom in the poodle breed. Isn't there a really speedy stealth bomber or something named Phantom? If there is, that would be me - quick and on the go and full of energy.

I'm a pretty secure guy considering the first 10 months of my life. I love to play with toys, and I'm friendly from the very beginning. I could do fine on my own but it really would be preferred if there was another small dog in the home.

I wanted to toss out an idea, too. Puppy kindergarten would be excellent since I am still a puppy in essence. How fun would it be to learn the things I need to know TOGETHER so I could trot down the street in perfect form and make you so proud of me? Yup, that's a really good idea because I do have one little "puppy flaw" and that is being a bit barky when I meet a stranger but foster mom just says "Jimmy!!!! I'll protect you and so will your new owner so it's OK to relax and be quiet." That's what it is, I'm just lacking in confidence right now but that will come once I have a REAL home and I know I'm going to stay forever. By the way, I use the doggie door as I'm supposed to and I love this thing that foster mom calls a yard. I'm pretty good at always going outside but remember at 10 months old, I'm still considered a puppy so you will need to be consistent in showing me how you want me to tend to business at your home.

Now all you have to do is decide if you'll keep my name as Jimmy or James or find a new name that's just for me. Maybe PJ for Phantom Jimmy!!!

This beautiful boy, has a fabulous home, residing in Sequim, WA

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