Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 24/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old

Harley was born on April 16, 2006; healthy, beautiful, and happy.

He was adopted by a lovely man and his wife who thought they would have many years with Harley, being that he was so young.  The man was retired and the wife travels for work so Harley became the man’s dog and definitely his best friend.

In time, the man developed dementia, which limited his independence, and Harley was there to tether him to reality, keep him company, and be there for him during the bad times.  Harley adjusted to these changes the best he could.

The man developed a routine of walking to the refrigerator, taking Harley out for “potty”, walking back inside, sitting down, and then repeating this all day long.  This way of life was likely quite confusing for Harley but he adjusted the best he could.  Then his owner had a stroke and had a leg amputated and everything really changed for him and for Harley.

When he came to us he was quite unsettled and restless.  He was also quite frightened and did not leave a crate for over 24 hours.  He wouldn’t eat or drink and held in any “business” he might have had.  At best we could describe him as being “reserved”.

As we were quite concerned about him, we moved him into a lovely and very special foster home where he had undivided attention of his foster mom and his foster canine sister.  He came “alive” in this household.  He jumped up onto the sofa and napped, didn’t want his crate, drank three bowls of water in a short amount of time.  He was walked and walked and walked.  He took a trot around the neighborhood and still would not go to the bathroom.  We were told he knew potty commands but with our voices, he was not responsive. 

Leaving him outside didn’t help because he only scratched on the door to get back inside.  He wouldn’t “go” while on a leash.  Also, used to being the only dog in a household he took over the role as the head dog which did not make his foster sister happy and she started hiding under the table.

Sigh.  So, back he came to his first foster home and though he whines sometimes and we do not know what that means, he stays outside to do his potty business, he comes when called, he chooses to sleep in a crate during the night, and is silent all night long but still won’t potty on a leash.

It’s only been a week since he arrived so he is just starting to get his bearings. That’s pretty normal for many dogs.  Harley is a sweet boy who has been through a lot and is adjusting to life without the only human he ever knew.  He will do fine in a loving home once he settles in. He misses having someone to love and cuddle with him.   We would like to see Harley in a home where someone is home most of the time.  He must have a fenced yard in order to be successful with his potty training.
Residing in Aurburn, WA

(Adopted June 29/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
5 lbs

Dearest itty bitty Andy is currently seeking his new forever home.  Sadly, his family ran into very hard luck which forced them to lose their home.  Andy was very loved and cherished and it broke their hearts part with him.  He was an only dog in his past life and will do best with another dog of similar size since he is fearful of large dogs.  He loves to cuddle and follows his foster mom every where she goes.  For some reason he does have a fear of being picked up, but he snuggles right in once you have him in your arms.  He walks on a leash like a champ and will faithfully use his pee pad if necessary.  Andy doesn't care for all of the fuss at the beauty salon, so he will need a very patient and understanding groomer to work with him.  Andy loves to wear scarves and sweaters and fine men's wear only please.  He also just had his dental done so his breath smells much better.  Do you need a tiny lap buddy? Andy is your man!!  If you have patience and are that special human for him, he will be you new BFF!!!!

Due to his tiny size he will need an Adult Home Only  

Residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Aug 9/14)
Kody and Kali
Bichon Frise
Male and Female/altered/shots current
6 years old

KALI  -  “KODY!!!!! Why did I let you talk me into this very short hair cut?” 

KODY - "Settle down, Kali. I thought it would great to have a trendy new hairstyle as we are being considered for a new home. You know, people will think we’re more hip and it would be cooler during these hot days. It will grow back just in time for when the weather cools off.”

KALI - “OK, OK if you say so but never again. I like my long flowing white locks. It’s so much more feminine.” 

KODY - “Females!!!!”

INTERVIEWER -  “OK you two. Enough of that!!! This conversation is going nowhere so let me tell the folks what a great pair you are even if you do have a difference of opinion.”  

Kody and Kali are being rehomed due to their former family relocating and job changes that caused these two great dogs to be left home alone all day long. They were loved enough that their former owners want the best for them and someone to be around more often during the days. 

Kody is a very cuddly dog. He will be constantly around you and wants attention. He’s good around other dogs and has never shown aggression towards another dog or person. 

Kali is also very cuddly when you invite her to join you but she can be equally happy on her own.  Kali is always very alert.  She hears things even before Kody some times.  She is very sweet and also has never shown any aggression to other animals or people.  Kali ALWAYS will have a toy in her mouth.  She loves her toys and sometimes she will climb into her toy bin and sleep on top of them.  Now there’s a picture. 

As with all Furbaby Rescue adoptions, both dogs are altered, shots current and microchipped. All you’ll need to do is provide a good quality food, lots of toys and even more important, love and affection. 

Lucky dogs, wonderful home, total Bichon lovers, residing in Bellingham, WA  

(Adopted Aug 13/14)
Standard Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
14 lbs

This wonderful boy sports the softest coat imaginable!  He's a Standard Pom and weighs about 14 lbs.  He loves to nest in your lap as a favorite place to snuggle.  Breakfast and dinner are enthusiastically met with jumping like he's on a pogostick!  It's too cute for words! Romy gets along with other dogs and has chosen a Dachshund as his pal and grooms him when necessary.

He's house-trained, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped, and dental and he's a very young 9 years old.  He's a pretty quiet guy and looking for his new forever home.  Might you be his new BFF?

 I'll be happy to "cat-test" him if you have felines.

Residing in Olympia, WA


(Adopted Aug.24/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
7 lbs

Hmmmmm - let’s see. What did I do with those notes from the class I took on how to draft your resume to get the ideal job?? I know it’s here somewhere. I guess I shouldn’t list “organized” as one of my top 10 traits. Ohhhhh - here it is. OK let’s start on the resume: 


Name:  Sampson

Age:   I don’t think legally they can ask that because it’s considered discrimination in the job market. But I’m looking for a great home, not the typical job. Oops - there’s my age up above right under the photo. Yup - the ideal age if you don’t want to deal with all the puppy training and nonsense and I’m good for another 100,000 miles at least and with legs as short as mine, it will take a LONG time go walk 100,000 miles. 

Position applying for:  Resident dog

Qualifications:  Sweet, loving, good with dogs of all sizes and cats, too. House trained. Healthy, neutered (ouch), up to date on all vaccines and recent dental cleaning. 

Salary requested: Nice lap to cuddle in, good food, snuggles, toys, respect and companionship. 

Why I think I’m the best dog for that position in your home:  It’s been confirmed by foster mom that I am honest and all statements above are true. I will be dedicated and yours forever. 

Happily living in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Aug.25/14)
Italian Greyhound mix
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 5 years old
8 lbs

Would someone please explain to me why people get so focused and confused on trying to figure out my breed? Italian Greyhound? Chihuaua? Mixed breed of both of the previous mentioned? C’mon people! I’m a purebred sweet dog! What else matters? I promise I won’t try and figure out your breed if you adopt me. *chuckle” 

I’ve had a good life so far but it’s another one of those stories where I’m in rescue due to circumstances beyond the human’s control. Foster mom can share more information if you’re really interested. Meanwhile, I’m moving forward. First on the agenda is  I will be brought up to date at the vet so when I’m adopted, everything is current. No worries for you, if you adopt me of course. We can just start playing and building our life together. 

Oh, you want to know about my personality? I might be a bit timid at first but it won’t take any time at all before I’ll be very attached to you. I’d love to share walks with you and whenever you wish, I’d love to be carried. That’s not a big deal at my current weight of 8 pounds. I’d love watching TV with you if that’s part of your life. I’m not particular as long as I can be near you.  I mean that’s why people adopt dogs isn’t it? To have companionship? 

One last request, I like little dogs my size but please no large dogs in my new home. 

Want to know more? Just talk to my foster mom and she’ll share everything else she knows about me. 

See you at a meet and greet date???? I sure hope so.  

Residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Aug.30/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
16 lbs

Gracie's the most adorable, easy going little 8 year old Pekingese whose Dad passed away. She has been enjoying her life to the fullest in her foster home, but she is ready to go to her forever home. 

Gracie is very funny and has a very playful personality, but she's also very Pekingese and is only willing to exert so much energy, and on her terms, lol.  

She loves walks, trips to the dog park and swimming. She gets along with the resident dogs really well, but isn't afraid to let them know when she wants her own space.  She's cat friendly, so long as the cat is willing to play. 

Gracie is a total snuggle-bug. She loves to sleep with (or on top of) you and is completely toilet trained. 

Gracie was obviously extremely well-loved and is totally well-adjusted. She does well in any environment. She will be the perfect dog for someone who can love her and understand her funny Peke personality. 

Residing in Vancouver, WA

(Adopted Sept.2/14)
Havanese X
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
21 lbs

Einstein  recently lost their dad, who succumbed to a 15 month health battle.  He had rescued them from a shelter 3 years ago, as a bonded pair.  Now they are looking for a new forever home.  This boy is  obviously very resilient; he is not nervous or skeptical of anyone, he loves everyone he meets!  He gets along extremely well with the resident Peke's, and a shepherd - he is not phased by anything. 

Einstein should have been called Romeo - he is such a lover.  He nuzzles and snuggles every chance he gets, and will sneak up on your bed to sleep right next to you if you let him.  He is a perfect balance of loving and independence. He's a terrific eater, and loves to roll around with some toys once in a while.   

He had dental done recently, resulting in some extractions, but he is doing amazing and eating again with no problems. He has seen the veterinarian for very thorough examinations and is in excellent health! 

He loves to take short walks on leash,  and really enjoy the off leash park.

This boy is an absolute dream to care for, perfectly housebroken.  He will fit in to a loving environment very quickly.

Happily living in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Sept.5/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 years old
24 lbs

If you can look into the eyes of this sweet dog and quickly move on, we’ll be surprised. Even if the eyes don’t grab your heart, the glowing report of Sabrina’s personality and behavior will win you over. Poor Sabrina has had a rough few years and yet she still has so much love to give and has proven that to her foster mom and family. Let’s just say her previous owner has aged not so gracefully and caused some difficulties for Sabrina. If you’re interested in further details, the foster mother will gladly communicate with you. 

BUT THE BEST NEWS IS - the foster mom says that Sabrina is one of THE BEST fosters all the way around that they have ever had. The foster dad agrees and the men don’t speak all that often with an opinion on foster dogs. Sabrina was really shy and fearful at first because of the home she just came from. It took one whole day - ONE WHOLE DAY :-) - before she realized that there are still good men in the world and she warmed up to the entire family. Sabrina loves the other dogs, the people who surround her and she is definitely a snuggler. Sabrina recently went on a family trip and proved that she is amazing in the car. She loves to walk and earns an A+ in walking on a leash. She does do OK left at home alone with the other dogs but her super enthusiasm when the family returns shows that she’d probably rather go with her humans. 

Here comes the big question that everyone always wants to know. Is she housebroken? Foster mom wrote a glowing report that she is absolutely house broken and again, one of the best they’ve ever had. Lastly, foster mom reported that Sabrina is going to make someone a “great FUR-ever companion.” 

Sabrina had dental work, she did not lose any teeth, and her bloodwork came back perfect, everyone is in awe, that she is actually 10 years old.  

Residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Sept.11/14)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years old
16 lbs

Skippy is a dear little Bichon who lost his owner due to health issues and was fortunate to have a Good Samaritan who had his back.  She kept him until we could find a foster home for him.

Now that he’s been with his current foster family, he has had some minor health issues taken care and most certainly had his teeth cleaned up.  He’s in great shape now and ready to find his forever home.

Skippy’s foster mom describes what the perfect home would be for him to be most successful:

“I think Skippy would do well in a home with either a single person or an older family who is interested in a sweet, quiet dog; who is not very active.  He definitely loves attention and will take as much attention as his people will give. But he also is able to settle down and lie comfortably on his own while the family does their thing. I know his past care giver had young kids and  said that all the activity seemed a bit too much for him.  I don't believe he is afraid of children as he seems interested in them when we are at the park across the street, but he just wouldn't have the energy to have them play with them that much. I do think he would really enjoy a home with another dog, as well, if possible, especially if he would be left alone for long periods during the day.  His bathroom habits have straightened right out and he has a strong bladder so he has done fine when we leave him at home alone with the other dogs. Such a gentleman! 

Loves to snuggle and be near you whenever you're in the house.  He also gets along great with our two dogs and even tries to play gently with them.  He loves to take (slow) walks on a leash and is gentle when meeting other dogs and people.  He rides very quietly in the car and although he would love to sleep in bed with his people, he has accepted sleeping in his own bed on the floor in our bedroom.


He came to us with residual flea irritation but all of that has cleared up.  He has a slight heart murmur as is common in an older dog but his Senior Blood Panel came back great and the vet has no concerns about him. 

Skippy is an adorable little fellow and we are SO happy we could take him in.
Great home, residing in Ferndale, WA


(Adopted Sept. 21/14)
Miss Marples
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
5 lbs

What can we say...this little one could not be a sweeter dog.  Miss Marple is a very quiet,  loving,  snuggly girl.  She is outgoing,  happy and  eager to please.  She does love to nap! and going on short walks are a big plus.  She loves adventures and would enjoy going with you on outings, but is happy to wait at home for you too.  She is potty trained and gets along well with dogs of all sizes,  and cats too,  She loves men and women alike.

Although she lived in  the same family since just a wee one,  her teeth were not well cared for and alas,  she has no teeth left.  A little tongue to the side,  makes for some adorable character! Oh.. and she is a smiler!  Who does not love that!

This is a perfect little dog,  let us know if you would like to meet her?

Residing in Portland, Oregon


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