Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 29/03)
Phoebe Mae
Female/spayed/shots current
1 year  (will be 2 in Sept)
16 lbs..

Yes, I know I am gorgeous, with my unique color.  Now a bit about me, I am really cute, and my previous owners, never showed me boundaries, and we all need rules.  Since I did not have any I had control, now with my foster Mom, she showed me, nope, I got to follow the rules.  And I am happier because of this, I don't want to rule the home, I just want to be a dog and have fun.  In my foster home I have other Schnauzers, and the love of my life, is a 13 week old kitten, who I just adore.  I am doing really good here.  Oh some noises really scare me, I hate the vacuum.  I need a home with NO children, I would like to have a animal friend.  I know someone will give me a chance to be the great little dog that I am, but DO NOT apply for me, unless you are willing to give me tons of love, but are also able to, show me, that you are the alpha, not me. 
Phoebe has a wonderful new Mom, in Seattle, WA 

(Adopted June 29/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
3-4 years old
17 lbs
* this sweet boy sadly made his journey to the bridge Feb.17/12, his Mom greatly misses her lil boy*

Rowan is a wonderful dog.  He likes everyone, extremely easy going.  This poor baby, was covered in cheat grass, and ticks when he was found roaming the fields of Spokane.  He was picked up, and no one claimed him.  And he probably was not adopted, because he had an oozing eye, another tragic consequence of this grass.  By the time, he came here, his eye had ruptured, it has been removed, along with neutering etc.  so this boy has not being feeling totally great, but all through everything, he kept his easy going temperament, through all the shaving, to find any lodged grass seeds, probing by the vet..he just allows it all.  He gets along well with other dogs, and anyone he has met.  He will be a super friend to the right family. He is housetrained, good on a leash, and great lil guy in your car...what more could you want.?
As his new owner now says, "nothing" Ro is the perfect baby, and he is adored, living with a fabulous Mom in Seattle, WA

Poodle/SC Wheaten Terrier???
Male/neutered/shots current

Barney is a true gentleman with an aristocratic air about him. His previous owner went into an assisted living facitity and Barney came to us from a shelter that took an interest and notified us about this very sweet natured dog. He is approximately 8 years of age.

He is lower energy, quiet and undemanding dog but is very appreciate of loving and affection and returns it nicely. He does not like lots of noise and activity, retreating into a corner or his crate, so a quiet adult household would be best for him.

Barney loves to just lay near you or on a soft floor pillow in the same room. Barney enjoys riding in a car and behaves well while doing so. He is friendly with people he meets and gets along well with the other small dogs in his foster home, though he is shy of dogs his size or larger. He does get excited about cats and chases them. 

Barney is gentle, easy going, a nice dog to walk on a leash. He has good potty manners. He is very smart, he learned to use a doggy door to take himself in and out as needed by just watching the other dogs

(Adopted July 4/03)
Schipperke X
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old

Luna is a very sweet and gentle dog, who has light brown intelligent eyes that seem to be able to look into your heart and her coat shimmers like the midnight sky and is soft as a lamb's underbelly.  She is a very low shedder and extremely eager to please, housebroken and very quiet unless someone comes to the door. Then, as a good dog should, she will bark to let you know. She will sit next to you, give you kisses and would love to share the couch and bed with you if you don't mind.

Luna's eyes are also very sad and only she knows her whole story. Originally saved from destruction at a Humane Society, she now lives in a home, but is still looking for that one person or family who will allow her to love them and will love her completely.

When I met her for the first time, she came right up to me, nuzzled my leg and greeted me with a big smile and was barking sadly when I left.

I promised her that the right family is out there, be it a family of one or more. She would fare best as an only dog or with a calm doggie friend, but should not be placed in a family with lots of activity as she will be overwhelmed and hide.
Living with a great new family in Orting, WA

(Adopted July 7/03)
Chihuahua/Norwich Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
5 months old
6 lbs

Hold it, and read carefully...Jacob needs a Chihuahua or Terrier experienced person...and NO kids...he is a dollbaby, but was probably taken away from his Mom, too young, put into a home with little kids, picked on and probed, and surprise he NIPPED!!!!!  In his foster home, he is starting to understand about being around other dogs, as he had no socialization, he would really love to have a small doggie, that he could play with, and someone to give him tons of love and  patience, as he is doing so well in his foster home...allowing to be petted now, picked up and giving love, as this baby needs lots of if you are up to the challenge, which will be so rewarding, of bringing this adorable boy in your home, this boy found a fabulous home, with a great family..who are truly dedicated to all animals...residing in Mill Creek, WA

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