Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Dec.22/06)
Bentley (aka Georgie)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years? (YOUNG)
6 lbs

10 years "young"  this lil guy will surely melt your heart.  This Chihuahua  is just like most older men... he likes to take short strolls in the park, eat early and then snuggle up with a good book. He is a total lover-boy and has earned a forever lap. 

He is housebroken, crate trained, uses a dog door and is great with other dogs (big and small).  He does have a fascination with cats... he is currently living with several cats in his foster home and doing fine, but they are all "stand up "cats and ones who do not take any doggie sass.  A timid cat would not do well with him.

He is looking for someone who idolizes Chihuahua and will treat him with the love and loyalty he will give in return.  He is truly a fabulous dog... one his foster home will definitely miss!

This charming boy now lives also with Alex and Miles happily residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Dec.22/06)
Alex and Miles
Males/neutered/shots current
9 Months old

9 month old puppy- siblings  about 12 lbs each. These great dogs are a true joy. They are a bonded pair (together since birth) so they really need to be adopted together.

Alex is a sweet, playful cuddler.  Loves to wedge his way into any spare lap space. He is also what we call in the Chihuahua world a "shoulder Chi"  if you are crouched down he LOVES to jump up and stand on your shoulders!  (not an uncommon Chi thing)  He is great with other dogs and cats.  Loves to wrestle and play with his brother.  He is house broken, crate trained and uses a dog door. He can be a tiny bit timid around strangers, only men.

Miles is a sweet, outgoing playful guy.  He is into toys and more toys.  Loves to wrestle with his brother, good with other dogs and cats.  He too is housebroken, crate trained and uses a dog door. 

Normally no pet care provider would recommend getting two puppies together but they are already a bonded pair and therefore rely on each other for stability.  They keep each other company and like to do everything together.. eating, playing, sleeping....they are still puppies and would need positive reinforcement training classes. These great dogs are funnier to watch than TV, they will entertain your for hours....with their silly clown like ways!
Alex and Miles, were adopted along with Bentley, happily residing in Renton, WA


5 months old 

8 months old

(Adopted Jan 5/07)
Mia (nka Tori)
Yorkshire Terrier Mix (Snorkie) Schnauzer/Yorkie
8 months old
6 lbs

This is just my lil preview picture, though I really don't need a lot for grooming, I have an appointment on Jan 2, and then I will be off to Mr. Vet to get spayed.  I am ABSOLUTELY adorable, a real lil pocket sized baby and my picture does not capture how cute I really am.  When you meet me, I look pretty much like a Yorkie, my coloring is awesome,  almost a dark chestnut brown, other times you look and think I am somewhere between silver and black...too pretty.  I am a fun, loving adorable lil girl, and I will be waiting for the perfect home. I do know sit, down (and sometimes stay), I walk pretty good on a leash, and know how to heel "sometimes:-)"  I do need more work on housetraining, but if anyone knows Yorkies, well we are not an easy breed to housebreak, I suppose I am about 65% reliable,and I do use a grass pad in the house, if I remember...

Tori has a fantastic Mom, who adores her, she has a wonderful home in Everson, WA

(Adopted Jan.26/07)
4 yr old Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix

You may of read my previous bio... but I asked my foster mom rewrite it because I have come a long way... baby!

I am a sweet little dog, who is just waiting for someone to love.  Right now I am in a foster home with one other dog,  that dog is a strong, confident female who is the boss of me.. I love it!

I would be good in a home as the only dog or with one other dog, as long as that dog is secure and confident.

I have been working so hard on walking on a leash and I am proud to say its my favorite thing to do!  I am practically perfect at healing! I can't wait to show you!  I love long walks on the trail.  I am crate trained, but would enjoy sleeping in your bed! I like plushy toys and am a good wrestler when I play. I am potty trained as long as you take me out often enough,  after all all small dogs need to go out more frequently.  I have been using a dog door too!

I am a bit sensitive about being touched when I don't expect it... but good when I know what's going on. I would love a quiet home where I can be your true love,  we can go on  long walks together and then head home for some serious snuggles. 

Eddie has a new Mom, new lil doggie companion, residing in Port Orchard, WA

(Adopted Feb.3/07)
Pierre (nka Jacques)
Toy Poodle
4 lbs
20 weeks old

Pierre is a very, very handsome puppy and will just steal your heart away!  He is a true lap dog and just loves to nibble on your ears!  When you first meet him he can be a little shy but, he warms up very quickly.  Pierre is quite the charmer indeed!  To help him gain confidence, I would suggest some puppy classes and perhaps another tiny companion of similar size and breed that he can bond with. 

  If you want a little tiny shadow and smooches 24/7....this is your little man!!  Because of his small size, an adult only home please.  He just adores being carried about and spending as much time as possible with his human.

Pierre nka Jacques and his brother Armand nka Louie, along with their new poo sister, Missy, have wonderful parents, residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted Feb.3/07)
Armand (nka Louie)
Toy Poodle
3 lbs
20 weeks old

Oh how sweet this darling tiny puppy is!!!  Lil Armand is much shyer that his bigger brother (Pierre) but, he does warm up quickly as well.  He will just need a little extra patience and work to help him gain confidence in himself.  Right now he depends on his bigger brother for everything.  Another tiny companion of similar size and breed would be very beneficial for Armand and also a commitment to socializing him further.

  Just like his bigger brother, Armand is a wonderful tiny lap dog who also loves to nibble on your ears and give endless smooches.  Once he bonds, he will follow your everywhere.  Because of his tiny size, an adult home only please.  He's much too fragile for small children.

  Both of these boys are truly delightful little dogs!

Pierre nka Jacques and his brother Armand nka Louie, along with their new poo sister, Missy, have wonderful parents, residing in Bothell, WA

Pierre and Armand

(Adopted Feb.5/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4-5 months old
7 lbs

Dakota is a sweet baby who only wants to be with you. She loves to cuddle into your neck and fall asleep there. She is working on potty training and is learning to play with other puppies at doggie daycare.

Dakota is in rescue because her Mom and Dad had to move and were expecting a human baby. Dakota does not do well being home by herself for long periods of time and because of her small size and delicate build she will not be placed in a home with children under 12.

This girl has never known anything but love and can't wait to move into her "fur-ever" home to shower her new family with love.

Dakota has a great home, with two wonderful Moms, and their beautiful Rat Terrier, residing in Lakewood, WA

(Adopted Feb.9/07)
Male neutered/shots current
 18 months old
7 lbs
*sadly Toby passed away from heart failure June 21/16*

Tobias is a charmer, he easily worms his way into your heart.  He adores to be by you, sleep in your arms, cuddle with you, follow you.  He loves to toss toys, scamper through the house in glee.  When this boy first entered our rescue, he was sick.  He had come down with pneumonia, and spent one week at the vets, with round the clock antibiotics, nebulizing..and now he is back to his old self, which I did not know who he was, because he walked in, and all he wanted to do was lay on you, as he was so sick...his true lil self has appeared, as a perky, upbeat, stand up lil boy.  

He likes to play with other dogs, but he is bossy, so if there is another dog, they need to be submissive, and they will do just fine...cause the "king" believes he should be in charge.  When you come home, he gets so excited he will grab your pant leg.  He is definitely an alarmist, if he hears something or a stranger walks in the home, and lets out his shrill Maltese bark...but he will calm down...he is a nice boy, needs to learn a few rules, but he is smart, inquisitive and a pleaser...
He is housetrained..
Adult home Only

Toby has wonderful Mom, joining Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown, residing in Sultan, WA

(Adopted Feb.12/07)
Roy Rogers:-)
Shetland Sheepdog/Chihuahua
App. 14 weeks old
6 lbs

Well if you want to meet a sweet, darling lil boy, he is it..he loves to play with other doggies, he prefers small dogs, he was scared badly by a big dog, so best if not placed with one..he is a dollbaby.  He loves to cuddle in your arms, can be a bit shy at times, so many changes for a baby so young.  
Roy has a new Mom, two teenage girls to dote on him, residing in Shoreline, WA

(Adopted Feb.13/07)
Corgi mix
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
20 lbs 13"tall

Have you ever wanted a Lab but thought they were too big? Here is Jarrett-a Lab with short legs. We are guessing as to breeds but are pretty sure there is Corgi with maybe Lab or Beagle? Like many young Labs Jarrett is only now beginning to "grab a brain". He is still a very active and at time out of bounds puppy.

Jarrett is a lover with his people. He likes to cuddle and be near you. He loves to play ball and chase in the yard. He is very energetic and will need a home that can keep up with his energy and give him some of the exercise he needs. Jarrett learns quickly and is very anxious to please. He will do best as an only dog or with upfront self confident doggy brother or sister. He is crate trained and requires a fenced yard. Because of his high energy and activity level Jarrett would benefit from obedience training and will only go to an  adult-only home with good dog experience

This boy now has a Mom who is working hard with him, she adores this boy...residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Feb.14/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
5 lbs

Kodi is a handsome little guy with a bad haircut (his ex owners hacked his fur off) as you can see in this side profile, but it will grow back.

Kodi is very sweet-natured and easy-going.  He would like nothing better than to have someone carry him around all day.  This is easy because as you can see he is tiny.  He does need to gain some weight, maybe a pound.  He is now on better food, as he was eating very poor quality food, and covered in fleas, he does have some flea dermatitis, but the fleas are gone, and the food is now good.  He immediately had a bath when coming into rescue, and did excellent.

He loves to follow the foster Mom around but is not annoying.  He likes to sleep on the bed with his person.  He was never crate trained, so is not happy being in a crate.  He has some potty training issues, as the previous owners are disabled and did not get him outside enough.  The foster Mom thinks it would not take much to get him on a schedule.  Kodi is not a fussy eater, he eats kibble well, which is good, since this boy needs to gain weight.  He had dental and was neutered so he is ready to roll.  Unfortunately eating soft food previously caused a great deal of plaque on his teeth, but now they are gleaming and he has sweet breath.

Kodi will give tiny kisses when petted.  He has a high pitch bark and will bark warnings, especially if the other dogs bark, and he chimes right in, but as you can imagine it is not a big bark and seems not obsessive as some small dogs can be.

Kodi is good on the leash and likes walks.  He is also very good in the car, although given his "druthers" he would like to be in your lap for the trip.  He is easily portable and would make a good traveling companion.  Even though he is small, he seems not to be intimidated by the other dogs nor is he the timid, shaking little dog that you often see in small packages.  Quite the opposite.  He has lived with other small dogs and cats.

This boy is a sweetheart.  He also loves to do the lil "bichon" wave. Kodi is so loved, happily residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb. 17/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
8 lbs

Gonzo is a healthy and playful Chihuahua.  He is shy around strangers but warms up quickly, loves to sit in laps and be held.  He gets along great with other animals but alpha dogs easily intimdate him.  His ideal home is with a single or couple wanting a cuddly, quiet companion to love and spoil.  

(Adopted Feb.17/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
6 lbs

Tog is a sensitive, shy boy who needs a quiet, stable home.  He loves sitting in a lap or draping himself over a shoulder, just as long as he can be near his human.  He gets along fine with cats, but will try to dominate other male dogs.  His ideal home would be as an only dog with an owner who is retired or works out of the home. 

Tog has a wonderful new home


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