Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept.8/05)
Chihuahua (X?)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 months old
6 lbs

Buddy came to rescue extremely underweight, he is now slowly gaining weight, and should weigh about 8-9 lbs.  This poor baby has been in 3 homes in his short lil life.  The first home, the children were very abusive to him, than he got passed along to another home, and than one wanted to keep this special imp.  Upon arriving in his foster home, he was not shy, loved the other dogs and cat as if he already knew them.  As for the foster Mom, he wasn't as sure.  He did not want to be held or sit on her lap.  We believe this boy just has not had that one on one, that is so needed for a baby, simply left alone way too much, he also did not have time to connect with people.  At feeding time he eats if Mom stays close by, he is getting better as each day passes, and continuing to gain some much needed weight.  He came with new toys, but he doesn't seem to know what they are all about.  As each day passes he beginning to really like attention, comes to visit often and now even wants to sit on laps.  Buddy learned the pet door after a couple of times watching the other dogs, lets himself out to potty, but has had some accidents.  The foster home believes no one has worked on his potty training, but is confident he will become accident free with a little help and reminders.  Buddy DOES NOT like to be left alone, but is fine as long as there is another dog or person with him (he ADORES the dogs).  This lil fellow is really enjoying all the activity and attention he is getting in foster care and he just wants to be included.  We are asking for a home with another doggie..and no children please, he does not need to be reminded of the abuse he once endured..
He is learning to be the wonderful happy puppy he is proving himself to be.  He also can be a bit leery of men, he does not bite, he just seems to not know them real if there is a man or husband involved, just take your time, he will be your "buddy" also.
Buddy has a wonderful new Dad, and a brother Pom/Chi to play with, happily residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept. 16/05)
nka Frankie
Female/spayed/shots current
13 lbs
8 years old

Emmie's foster Mom affectionately calls her Emma Jean.  Emma is full of personality, but she has one agenda right now, to always be right with you, and she is very determined to be your absolute shadow.  Her Foster Mom, had adopted a pug several years ago, that was sadly used just for breeding, as Emma has, and she was a velcro baby also, but as time went on and confidence grew, her dog got passed this, as Emma will in time.  She has had no accidents in the house, but you have to go out with her while she does her business.  Emma has dry eye, she is on medication, and this will improve her sight in a few weeks, right now her vision is not as good as it can be, but confident it will improve.  She does not mind the other dogs, but Emma is a stand up little girl, and will make sure she is in charge.  She doesn't seem to know how to play or what toys are, hopefully she will one day.  Overall she is a very sweet girl and just wants to be part of the family. 
Frankie has a wonderful Mommie, residing in Maryville, WA

(Adopted Sept. 17/05)
Chocolate & Tan dapple Dachshund
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
9 lbs

Maggie is a sweetheart.  She walks well on a leash and loves to go for walks, and rides very well in the car and really enjoys it.  She is a little shy right now but is not afraid of protecting her special food or treat.  She likes the other doxies in foster care.  She will share with the dogs in my family too, all licking out of the same dish.  She is fine with meeting new people and is a wagger and a kisser.  She follows foster Mom around but is not a "velcro" dog.  When content she will sleep with the other dogs or by herself.  She needs more of a regular routine for housetraining, as she isn't always reliable.  She certainly needs a better diet, her teeth were very bad (dental has now been done).  She is a little fussy about what she eats, but that may have been due to her much needed dental.  She barks to alarm but is not excessive.  She seems to not have any issues other than she is a little shy.  She is small and svelte (Please someone adopt her before she gets too fat at Foster Mom's house!!!!)
Adult home only.
PS.  What is possibly not noticed, sweet Maggie lost one of her eyes, believed a dog got her.  While undergoing dental, her eye has now been cleaned out, and stitched together.
Maggie is now living with a sweet lady, who has always lived and loved doxies, residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Oct.22/05)

Boston Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
19 lbs 
*darling Trixie passed away in 2013*

After 5 weeks of medication, for pneumonia, this special girl is now feeling great.  She has done so well in foster care, she came in shy, unsure, not comfortable and has turned into an awesome dog.  While she still gets a bit jealous of the other dogs, you can at times find her in the bow position, egging another to play with her.  Trixie was owned by a very elderly lady, who spoiled her, Trixie was used to being the only one, and lacked socialization skills and much needed exercise.  In her foster home, she has come to accept other dogs, loves both foster parents (especially the he said she learned how to suck up really good:-)  She loves to run with the other dogs, in her spacious yard.  She can jump right into your lap and heart.  She obviously was used to sleeping with her Mom, as she has crept right into the bed with enthusiasm.  Trixie can be protective of her chews, but that could be related to the other dogs around.  She has no issues with food.  She loves to play with toys, and has shown herself to be a happy spirited lil girl.  I recommend an adult only home..where she once again will be loved and cherished.  She can be other dogs, we are positive she would also be happy being the only dog.

Trixie got a super home, with two doting Dads, who will spoil her forever, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Joseph is adopted, Samuel still needs a home)
In the evening of Oct.5/05 Sammy became despondent, he was taken to the emergency vet, and no known cause for his downhill slide, the vet thought there was the possibility of cancer or he was just shutting down.  Sammy had seizures that night, and in the early morning of Oct. 6, he was called to the bridge.  We pray that he once again is reunited with his Dad, he is so missed by his foster home.  He was a sweet, darling boy.

Always in my Heart

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane.
I'd walk right up to heaven, and bring you home again. 

Joseph & Samuel
Terrier "benji" mix & Rat Terrier
8 & 9 years old
Males/neutered/shots current

Our Dad's name was Dutch.  He really really loved us.  He was sick, and kept entering the hospital, and finally he never came out.  He really tried, cause he was so worried about us, but Dutch will never be coming home again.  His power of attorney called Furbaby to please help them, she knew it would mean so much to our Dad to know we were we came into foster care.  We are bonded brothers, Joseph before he was cut down, (as he was very matted) looked just like Benji, ...and Samuel, well he is a sweet Rat Terrier...both of these boys are sweet...they care about each other, and sometimes though Joseph will argue over food with Sammy...well Joseph doesn't like to be food deprived, which is very apparent by his lil round figure...
We hope there is a home out there, who can love them again, they are to be adopted we do not split up bonded pairs...besides they have had enough sorrow losing their Dad. Both boys needed dental, which has been done, along with all other medical, costing a lot...wish their Dad could have helped with the bills, but we are happy to help these babies.  

Joseph got a wonderful caring home, residing in a retirement home in Bellingham, WA


Jack Russell Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7- 8 years old

Abby was rescued from the Ft. Lewis animal control due to suspected neglect. Abby had a large growth on her gum and it protruded out her mouth. She has had it removed and a complete dental treatment to the tune of about $ 1000.00. Other than that Abby has no physical/medical conditions that I am aware of.  She is spayed and is micro chipped. Abby needs a very special home because she is a very special dog. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and they are known to be highly active and crazy acting. Abby is the sweetest, gentle, sensitive dog I have been around. She will get up in your lap or just sleep on a dog bed somewhere in the house. At night she will sleep on a dog bed on the floor or in the bed with me. She loves to go for walks and rides. She gets along with all my other dogs (6) and 1 cat. Ever once in a while she will growl at them and all I have to say is Abby, and she stops. If one of the dogs becomes aggressive towards her she will defend herself. We have never had any serious incidents. We feel Abby needs a companion a retired man or woman or both or a 12-16 boy or girl. She love attention and just wants some one near by. She will require a large fenced in yard. Even better if there is water on the property. She spends most of the day standing in our outdoor fish pond chasing the fish. She loves water, loves to be sprayed by the hose. Abby is looking for a very special forever home, she is such a good dog. She needs to be with someone that is home most of the time and the large fenced yard is a must.  
Abby is another foster failure, the foster Dad just could not part with this sweetheart..she is residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct. 7/05)
Terrier/Corgi mix
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7 years old
16 lbs

Hi, you know me. Youve met me before. I am the little black dog that belonged to your grandma or the kid down the street when you were growing up. Im the dog that lived on that farm you used to visit and followed you down to the creek to swim. Well, I need a bit of a favor now. I got lost and ended up in a shelter in California where a lot of dogs get killed. I guy saw me and remembered me and bailed me out. He brought me on a long drive to Washington because he said people up here took in small dogs like me and gave us homes. I really need a home of my own. Im pretty good with other dogs though sometimes they seem to pick on me a bit. I love to go on walks and for car rides. Im middle aged now but I still have lots of energy if you want to go.  Id really love to lay by your chair or curl on the couch next to you. Im house trained and real sweet. My health is great except that I need meds in one eye every day. I promise I will be your best buddy. Does anyone have a place for me up here?

Blackie was adopted for two days by a family with a 13 year old son. He was returned tearfully when Dad turned out to have horrible allergies. This is what the family said about him "As for Blackie:  This is already a gut wrenching thing for us because Blackie is about as close to perfect as you can get!  If you need any references for him in the future, please have anyone call us.  He rode in the car perfectly - had no accidents at all.  Slept on my son's bed all night with not a need to go out.  He lays on his bed, smiles all the time and hasn't barked once.  He didn't even give the guinea pig cage a second look.  If not for Mike's surprise allergic reaction, he would be the perfect dog for us which makes it all the harder."
Blackie has a great home, where he is now adored


(Adopted Oct.1/05)
Magic passed away Oct.23/06, from multiple seizures, she is so missed by her loving Dad.
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
6 lbs

This lil girl has been through a lifetime.  She had a neck injury, and was in so much pain for a week, till the ex-owners finally took her to the vet.  It was easily corrected by anti-inflammatory and bed rest.  But since than, this girl anticipates pain if you try to pick her up.  She also got replaced by a new puppy, and then cast aside.  In foster care, she is very animated when you come home, likes to be close by, loves her food..but continues to be upset if you pick her up, once you do, she doesn't struggle, she just waits for the pain..which we cannot let her understand there will not be any pain..she also looks around her, waiting for something to happen..again we do not know what caused her injury in the first place.  She has no problem being around other dogs, likes to lounge out in the yard...she wants to be a part of someone's life. So are you the one to bring the magic back to Magic?
No children please...
Magic was a very fortunate girl, who is now doted on by a very kind gentleman, who takes her to work, and works hard on making this shy girl blossom...residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Oct. 8/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
17 lbs.

Meet Rocky, an all around super lil fellow.  He loves laps, friendly, outgoing boy.  He would do best with a fenced yard, as he likes to explore.  He is an adorable boy, happy happy dog.  He  loves other alright with a cat, but if the cat runs, he will chase.  He is a bit noise sensitive, someone in the neighborhood shot off a gun, and he ran scared...he also tends to howl if you play a musical unless you want him to be part of the chorus, he will make his voice known. He is a great boy, with a smile on his face, warmth in his heart, loves to sleep in bed with you, and curl in your lap as you watch TV...
P.S. since this picture, poor Rocky had a run in with the foster home's Jack Russell, and the Jack bit his ear (this was not instigated by Rocky) just a mishap that we face from time to time, with new dogs coming into foster.  Rocky has stitches in his ear, and  his ear will be fine soon.
Rocky has a wonderful Mom, a darling young boy to romp with, and a new doggie brother, he is delighted ..residing in Kent, WA

(Adopted Nov. 5/05)
Miniature Pinscher/JRT
1 year old

Well this lil scared girl never made it out of foster care, another foster failure, and happily added to a wonderful terrier loving family...being the lil sister of  other terriers, including Eddie and Keaton..residing happily in Blaine, WA




(Adopted Nov. 2/05)
Yorkshire Terriers
Males/neutered/shots current

Both babies have grooming dates to tidy them up some more. 
So are you looking for fun, impishness, affection, love and devotion.  These two can give that to you.  Delightful lil boys, who lost their home because of divorce.  
Angus is 3 years old and weighs 12 lbs.  Kirby is 1 year, and weighs 7 lbs.
They have lived together since puppyhood, I am not positive of their bond, but they like, each other, always in the same room together, and I think they would enjoy continuing to stay together, so lets do that...besides what's better than one Yorkie, would be two.
They have only lived with adults, so an adult home only, visiting children should not be a problem.
These boys have a wonderful new home, Mom, Dad and teenagers, more laps and love...residing in Blaine, WA

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