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(Adopted Nov.11/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
20 lbs

Please watch Shadow and Oliver's video

Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!! I just heard that guy yell "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOOOOOTTTTBALLLL?" Oh yes, I am!!! The sooner the better, I need a new owner who loves to play ball with me.

I also like to take walks and go for car rides especially if we're going to play ball when we get to our destination.  I am pretty good about meeting new dogs but my foster Mom says you should supervise me for awhile just to be sure because I haven't been in her home that long.  I did growl at one dog who wanted to do something not very gentlemanly to me, but I made it very clear I wasn't that kind of a boy!  My foster Mom thinks that once I have my new owner that a doggie training class might not be all bad so I can be sure that all my manners are the best they can be.  Hey, if you tell me we're going to a sports camp or football class, I will GLADLY go to a doggie class with you.

My other needs, besides being just loved and being able to play ball, are I do have allergies so I need one of two specific foods for the rest of my life.  THE GOOD NEWS is its affordable and cheaper then dealing with vet bills due to allergies.  More good news- those two foods are available at pet stores and even more good news is you'll never have to stand in front of a display and decide what flavor to buy.  Just pick up the two kinds I eat and go!  Foster Mom will tell you exactly which two types to buy so I can remain allergy free.

Oh and one more thing, I do like to share your bed.  It's a comfort thing, you know.  My first owner died and I'm just wanting to be close to a human for comfort and warmth.

Oliver is happily residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Nov.12/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Ziggy, has not let his exceptional good looks go to his head. He is an affectionate, playful boy. He loves to go for walks and does well on car rides. He will join you for a game of tug-of-war or catch and chews his way through stuffed toys in no time. He plays well with other dogs, he gives squirrels a run. Although he has been reported to bark, in his foster home he has only barked in response to squirrels and the doorbells heard in television commercials. He joined a foster family of 3 dachshunds without a hitch, but shows his aspiration of leadership by nosing and nudging the other dogs. He snuggles, prefers to sleep on the bed, and loves a good tummy rub.

Ziggy has a great new home, living in Yakima, WA

(Adopted Nov.18/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old

Hi my name is Bota. I am a 2.5 year old mini doxie.  My previous owner was not very nice to me so I am looking for a new home and someone to love me. I am sure my story is familiar.   I love people but I bark at everyone at first, even at kids, but I just need you to be patient with me until I get to know you.  It only takes me few minutes- hour tops- then all I want to do is sit on your lap and play tennis ball or tug-or-war.  I never bite anyone I just put on a good show to let them know they can’t push me around. 

I am potty trained and my foster mom showed me how to use a dog door.  But if you leave me alone too long with no way to get out I will have an accident and it makes feel very ashamed. I get jealous of the other dog sometimes and my foster mom has to remind me that it is not ok to be grumpy or snappy.  But she has shown me how to play with others dogs and cats and now I pay all day with the big dog that lives here and the cat too.  That cat is sneaky and springs out of nowhere and surprises me a lot.  But we all love to chase each other around.  I hide all the toys under my bed, even the cat toys but don’t tell.

I love to go for walks and car rides and I am learning about the dog park too.  I do “ok” but my foster mom says I still need some more experiences and praises me for being a quick learner- and I am not as stubborn as you might think.  

I have had all my shots, have no health problems and I just got my teeth cleaned.  I just want to find a home where I can cuddle up with someone at night who is a loving and caring owner who understands my need for entertainment and exercise.  And if you’re looking for a little companion I am your boy… Hope to meet you soon.  Mean people need not apply. 


Bota has awesome parents, residing in Bothell, WA


(Adopted Nov.18/11)
Bigelow (Biggy)
Cairn Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
19 lbs

Hi! I’m a small, happy, ball-loving dog seeking an active family with children.  I grew up with young children and really miss them.  I’m nuts about playing with youngsters and especially love chasing balls.

I lost my home and found myself at a way stop with the young kids at Granny’s house.  I loved it there but having children, running a household and having a dog was never in the Granny’s plans but she let me stay there until she could find a place for me.  So here I am living with my foster mom while she looks for a loving home with young kids.

I am very active and fun, snuggly, and I love children.  (It’s not very often that a small dog is noted for being good with children so I’m a gem!) 

I would be happy to be an only dog and don’t care if there are cats in the home.  I want some kids to snuggle with at night…and I’m very good at it!

My name is Biggy and I’m 5.5 years old and weigh 19 lbs.  I’m house trained and all my vaccinations are up-to-date.  My foster mom says I have beautiful brown eyes and a lovely caramel-colored coat.  The tips of my ears fold down just a tiny bit which makes me even more handsome.  I’m part Cairn Terrier but I have longer legs so I’m a very fast runner which is good when I’m chasing balls.  I would also make a great jogging partner and definitely a wonderful companion for you.

Biggy was adopted by a very nice family and children, residing in Delta, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Nov.19/11)
Border Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
15 months old
13 lbs

Here comes, runs, spins, bounces, kisses……Sophie!!!

Sophie is a sweet little girl who found herself alone most of the time as her mom worked very long days.  Her mom couldn’t bear to give her up but made the sacrifice so that Sophie would have the active home she deserves.  Furbaby Rescue was her first stop and we so loved this little girl that we took her in knowing we might not have her with us for long!

This update is written 3 days since Sophie came to her foster home. 

Sophie has adjusted to a very busy and noisy household full of rip roaring terriers, large teen aged boys, cats, big dogs and other little dogs, and a lot of coming and goings through the front door.  She is doing so well that we would never guess that she hadn’t come from the identical type of home.

She has not bonded to the dogs.  She is definitely human oriented but with human direction she joins the dogs in potty time,” night night”, and other activities. 

She isn’t bothering the cats.  There is one cat who insists on coming into Sophie’s space and baiting her but Sophie just ignores her.

We have not heard her bark, though we know it’s in her to do so.  She just hasn’t felt the need to bark since the other dogs do enough for her.

She has become attached to the men in the household and no longer sees them as a threat.  This morning she kissed her foster dad, in fact. 

Sophie is young and sensitive and gets lonesome so she is going to do better in a household where she can feel engaged or at least accompanied for most of the day.  Right now she is so human centric and focused on getting back to her foster mom that she hasn’t exhibited any of the signs we would expect and do expect to see at some point; the normal chasing and digging of a dog who was bred to chase and dig up varmints.

She would be a fabulous personal trainer for someone who needs a nudge to go for walks every day.  She doesn’t seem to mind not going on a walk in that she doesn’t insist upon it but she lights up when the leash comes out.

Sophie is a sweet little girl who is a joy to have around.  She is affectionate and loving. 

Sophie’s dream home would be with a woman who is active, loving, and able to spend most of the day and night with her.  She prefers a human over a canine companion,  and is truly a “Velcro” dog.  Her foster mom finds some of these dogs annoying because they bark their heads off at any intruder or anomaly but notes that Sophie does not bark at people coming and going.  She is not aloof or unaware by any means but for some reason just doesn’t bark her head off. 

She will crate at night and whimper a bit but would really prefer to be right next to you to snuggle.  She learned about knitting the other night and understands “stay away from the knitting”.  She is a smart and clever dog and seems to readily pick up the routine of the household.  She would get an A + in a training course which would be fun to do with her and her foster mom thinks she would earn her rank in agility or earth dog quite easily. 

Sophie needs to be engaged or accompanied.  It’s pretty simple and all she is looking for is someone to love her and share their home and life with her.

So far we have only heard her whimper if left alone or to go outside. 

At first Sophie would not go outside by herself but within about 8 hours she was moving in and out with the other dogs like a wave in the ocean.

Sophie has two stay at home parents, happily residing in Bremerton, WA

(Adopted Dec.4/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years young
8 chubby lbs
*sweet Copper passed away from massive heart problems, Feb/14*

Copper’s mom has pancreatic cancer and over these past few months finding a loving home for this boy and his two daughters has been an agonizing fear to her.  It has been more painful  than her battle with her illness.

Her hope was to keep all three little angels together but we knew such a feat would be nearly impossible.  Copper made the ultimate sacrifice.  He was willing to be sent far away from his human who he has loved for these many years and his two daughters who have been his companions. 

Copper weighs about 8 pounds.  He’s very lively and sweet.  But he is terrified being in a foster home which is not only strange to him in every way but it’s full of large rambunctious dogs.  He is safe there but not comfortable or secure.  After four days, though, he HAS begun to adjust. 

He needs to be in a caring home where the creatures are a little more his size and in a household,  which is set up for a small dog.  We are really hoping to find him such a place very soon.

Copper is adored and residing in Freeland, WA

(Adopted Dec.17/11)
Dani (nka Annie)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
12 lbs
*with great sorrow, lil Annie passed to the bridge Aug.23/16*

Dani is a happy, spunky, intelligent and affectionate little girl!  She is respectful of cats, and loves playing with other dogs.  People are her favorite, though.  She loves meeting new people, and is a real snuggler!  She is incredibly easy to have around.  In fact, her foster parents think she is the easiest foster dog they've ever had!
We're not positive about exactly what she's been through in her life, but she does cower sometimes when you go to pet her.  It is heartbreaking to think anyone could have ever hurt this precious little dog.  Amazingly, it hasn't broken her spirit one bit!  She is still confident and very excited to get pet by as many people as possible.  She also seemed very confused about going for walks at first, but she is very smart and picked up on what it was all about right away.  She has an incredibly positive outlook and just loves everything about life.
She is a true joy and would make a wonderful companion for just about anyone out there.   
Come meet little Dani today; you won't regret it!

Annie has a special Mom and in memory of Joy, residing on Camano Island, WA

(Adopted Dec. 18/11)
Kodiak (Kody)
Keeshond mix 
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
28 lbs

Kody’s foster mom says:

Day one:

This dog is a nut.  He’s 28 lbs, and I’m guessing he’s a mix.  He is a bit mouthy but not a biter.  It’s just his breed and he’s very gentle.  He loves to play and will get sassy by soft-barking if you don’t play with him when he wants.  Ranger  (Huge giant moose of a dog) is sharing his toys with Cody also. 

He is acclimating to the house rules well, I’ve only booted him off the furniture a couple times and he learned the dog door like a champ!  All the people & noise is something that will take time.  Whenever someone new walks into the room he barks at them.  He is obviously not used to living with multiple people. 

Right now the boys are working on his confidence with them; I don’t think he’s ever been around little boys before because he seems slightly nervous.  The boys are sitting on the floor petting him.   He’s been here about 24 hours and already the kids are asking if we can keep him.

He did have a couple accidents in the house yesterday, but I am chalking that up to adjustment day because I haven’t seen anything since.


Day four:

I have 3 kids, ages 5, 8 & 11 with the youngest two being “crazy boys”.  Kody is doing great with all three kids.  He prefers me, but will go to anyone who calls his name and pets him.

I do not have any cats, but from what I understand he lived in a home where he was the only dog and there were quite a few cats.

I have a dog door and he learned it on the first day!

I haven’t seen any aggression with Kody.  I have only had him since Saturday and he is adapting to our busy household well. 

Kody would also love to have another dog to pal around with.  He loves to play with my dogs!  He’s adjusting very quickly and quicker than most dogs I’ve known.  He’s very smart and trainable.



Kody is an affectionate, loving, attentive dog who wants to please and be loved and belong. He would do great in agility or earth dog which would keep you both in great shape mentally and physically!  He could win the championship title, you never know. 


Kody is not the typical “furbaby” you see on our site but he’s such a wonderful dog and we really wanted to lend a hand and help him find a family. 


He is a very good dog who is learning commands and manners with his incredible foster mom.  In a week who knows what he will have accomplished ?   Kody is a young fellow who will keep you young, too.

Kody is residing happily in Oak Harbor, WA

(Adopted Dec. 23/11)
Chihuahua mix
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
7 lbs

This sweet lil girl did not last long in rescue, she was adopted immediately by a fantastic home.
Now residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Jan.6/12)
Dachshund/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dashalier)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

Tonka is a 2 year old dachshund/spaniel mix with striking good looks. This long haired piebald has one bright blue eye on his dark side and a dark brown eye on his light side. He is affectionate and loves to sleep alongside the family dogs or in a lap. On the second day with his foster family, Tonka revealed his playful, puppy side by initiating some wrestling and chase games with a 5 year old dachshund. He quickly learned to avoid the same game with the very crabby 7 year old dachshund.

His long legs allow him to leap from the floor to the back of the couch, outrun an agile cat, and chase down any ball (which he won’t bring back to you). He stands on his back legs and ‘dances’ at the hope of getting a treat.

Because he is still a bit of a puppy, Tonka would likely enjoy the activity of a home with another dog or a family member who will take him on walks or out to play.

Tonka has a super new Dad, residing in Everett, WA

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