Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted April 2/05)
Japanese Chin
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 6-7 years old
12 lbs
"On March 16/09, Georgio passed to the bridge after a stroke, he was loved, worshipped and cherished in his home, his Mom Aleisha will always hold him in her heart"

"To Know Me is to LOVE Me"

"After a Day at the Spa...I am even more gorgeous"

Where does his story begin?  We wish Georgio could tell us.  A couple of weeks ago, a lady by the name of Paula, was looking in the lil Nickel adds for a lawnmower, she certainly wasn't looking for a furbaby, she works long hours...but she saw an add, "Kennel shutting down in Idaho, yorkies, pugs, schnauzers, chins etc." the list went on, she knew in an instant "PUPPYMILL", something drew her, and she is a long story but Georgio was released to her...ah yes they bragged about the great puppies he had produced...she saw all these other lil babies crammed into cages, stinking of urine..she kept her thoughts to herself..."must get this baby to safety"..and she did, but the rest of his poor lil friends have been transported to another mill in WA..their fate we may never learn, but we will try.  
Georgio came to Furbaby, as Paula wanted him to get the best chance at a new life, and realized working so many hours a day, she feared she would not know how to help a dog that lived this kind of life.  Georgio arrived, I was prepared for a frightened baby, who only knew, life in a cage.  He was predictable, finding the smallest area to hide in, afraid of the outside, cautious of human touch...
Now here is the amazing part, in 24 hours, he changed, following myself or hubby everywhere, no small hiding places, goes outside easily especially if the other dogs go out, a tail wag, and a smile when you look at him, and ecstatic when you talk to him, rolling around on the floor in glee, giving lil barks of happiness...he is adorable, he is so loving, devoted, absolutely incredible boy...yes "to know him is to love him", he will capture your heart, and take his paws and entwine them so have better be careful.
I believe that Georgio, did not always live in a puppymill, he changed too quickly, he also is very animated when people food is around.  So how did this sweet boy end up in hell???  He does circle quite a bit, showing that he spent a long time in a cage, hopefully this will diminish as time goes on.

Georgio has an appointment Mar. the vet, he needs to have dental and shots, and complete workup, to ensure his health, or any issues that need to be addressed.    Georgio will only be adopted to a home with another dog, preferably a Chin, and someone who has patience with his housetraining...
*Update...Georgio has returned from the vet, he checked out great (expect for his teeth, in which he lost a few)....he has an old injury to one of his eyes, and is on antibiotic steroid for his eyes for 10 days, and antibiotics for his teeth.
And thank you Paula, for helping this this time I also want people to realize, if you know of a furbaby, or can help a baby, but know that you cannot keep them, contact us..we will help..
Georgio will never want for anything ever again, he now has two Chin siblings, and a WONDERFUL Mom and Dad (thank you Aleisha) residing in Fox Island, WA

(Adopted April 3/05)
Donovan (nka Nikko)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months old
12 lbs
*Sadly this sweet boy passed July/2016*

"They call me Mellow Yellow"

"At least that is what my foster mom says when I am all cuddled up on her lap or curled up in bed next to her. Other times, like when I am trying to chew on phone cords or have found an interesting tasting piece of paper, she says "you are SUCH a puppy!' She also says I am much cuter than my picture and that I am "camera shy". I don't know what that means 'cause I am sure not shy with anybody else. I love people and especially love all of my dog friends. I haven't met a dog I can't play with and I love to run through the house at 100 miles an hour chasing my foster brothers. Mom says I really need another dog to play with and plenty of exercise. I don't always remember to go potty outside but that might be because this foster home smells so "good" to me. I don't think I want to go to a home with young kids 'cause they don't like it when I jump up on them and get rough. Mom says I need some manners but I learn real quick and would sure like a forever home of my own."

I have a wonderful new home, living in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada, with a great lil doggie bother, and two very special loving parents.

(Adopted April 3/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
14 lbs
App. 12-15 months old

Loki is a little ball of fun with a big peke grin. He loves to run in the yard and play with toys. He is fairly independent and if he is ever not around your feet he will be out watching the world beyond the fence. He comes running up with a big smile on his face and throws his paws on your knees for his pets and then is off to look at the world again. Like his brother Thor, Loki loves everyone (except Thor, the two do not get along). Loki loves car rides and cuddles. Gives great kisses and trusts everyone. He is gentle enough to play with my 4 month old puppy and energetic enough to keep up with the big dogs. He will be a wonderful “fur”ever friend.   Loki has such a great Mom, and loves the visiting grandchildren, and everyone who he meets, happily residing in Lynden, WA 

(Adopted April 4/05)
Rat Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
17 lbs

   *****If I'm dreaming don't wake me up*******

Meet Luis.  Luis is from the streets of Mexico where life is a daily struggle.  Food and water are scarce and human kindness rare.  He also had to dodge the bigger dogs, his torn ears are proof that he didn't always make it to safety.  Luckily Luis was taken to an animal sanctuary.  He was very thin,  had an eye infection and parasites.  His health has improved, he was neutered and then flown to Portland Oregon for fostering. 

Luis is about 14-15 inches and once he gains his weight back should be about 20 lbs .  He is  one of the sweetest "velcro" dogs around.  He is very appreciative of any kindness shown to him and is extremely loyal.  He is enjoying the love and attention of people, is eating very well (and always surprised when he gets more food) and is doing well on housetraining.  Has done great with my kids and my cats.  okay with the resident dogs but I can see where he may get jealous and demand all the attention once he gets comfortable.  I would suggest either him being the only dog or go to a family with terrier experience. 

Lets make a happy ending for this very deserving boy.
And this boy got exactly that, with a loving, and devoted Mom, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 16/05)
Skipper (nka Frankie)
Maltese X
Male neutered/shots current
App. 7-8 years old
13 lbs

Skipper originally came from Vancouver, Island, B.C. he has lost two homes, and the reasons are unknown.  He was matted so bad, teeth in a mess, he was totally neglected.   He is a baby who will bond very quickly with a new owner, he tends to have a little bit of separation anxiety, but does well with his working foster Mom, because he has other furbabies there to keep him company, so he will need someone home, or another dog to help him with his transition.  He does not bark excessively, unless to tell you he needs to go outside, he is totally housetrained.  He is energetic but perfectly happy to just lie beside you while you work or watch T.V.  He is just a very nice dog.  He has had much needed dental, and full exam, and much to everyone's surprise, he does have a heart murmur. My vet did an ultra sound also, to verify.  He has been put on heart meds, which are inexpensive, and hope he has years ahead of him. 
Frankie is so fortunate, two loving Moms, who take all the time in the world making him happy and loved, residing on Vashon Island, WA

*Well he was not fortunate enough to have years ahead of him, Frankie passed away March/07, he is missed greatly by his Moms Betsy and Terri*
Quote from Terri:
Frankie was the light of our lives and is very much missed by us, his 3 cat sisters and the staff at Children's Home Society where he went to work with his mom.  He provided pet therapy for the social workers/home visitors who would spend time in my office cuddling with him after helping high-needs children & families.  He gave great kisses to everyone and the office joke was that "Frankie can't hold his licker" ;o) 
We had such a good experience in adopting an older dog that we will undoubtedly do it again.  There will be another little fur baby out there who needs us.  Thanks again for making it such a good experience.

(Adopted May 1/05)
Contessa (nka Molly)
Dabble Miniature Dachshund
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
6 lbs

Tessa is shy in new surroundings, until she gets settled.  Once settled she is a lover and bonds very quickly.  She is a loving dog, walks well on a leash but is shy of loud noises.  She seems to know about going outside, is also comfortable with wee wee pads, perhaps she was an apartment dog at one time, since we do not know her story at all.  Tessa, if she feels uncomfortable, and doesn't know you, can be nippy, this is fear based, so taking your time, and having her trust and bond with you is important.  A doxie experienced home will be a bonus.   Tessa also loves to play with other dogs. Molly has such a wonderful Mom and Dad, who have always had the love and pleasure of being owned by Molly rules the home and heart of two wonderful people, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 8/05)
Zandy (aka Molly)
Bichon Frise
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 18 months
12 lbs
*sadly passed away Jan/19*

Zandy, never did have a write up, since we got overwhelmed with people who wanted to adopt this sweet lil gal, while in foster care, we saw her blossom into a wonderful, happy, friendly lil girl, she now steals the heart of two kind people, residing in Bothell, WA




(Adopted May 2/05)
Toy Poodles
3 years old
Salty weighs 9 lbs/Pepper weighs 5 lbs
Males/neutered/shots current

Are you a poodle lover, well if you are, don't hesitate for these precious boys. Both of these boys are absolute lovers, they will crawl deep into your heart and soul instantly..they love to play, sit in your lap, be held, and back to running around in true poodle fashion. These are wonderful wonderful boys.  Salty and Pepper are very devoted to each other, they are brothers, their AKC papers show the same father, different Mom, born within one week of each other.  They were bought from a breeder as pups in California..and the reason we were given for releasing to rescue, "they are boring" well I have been around a few poodles in my life, and they are not boring...they have a zest for life, and an adoration for each other, and their people.  If you haven't already figured out, these two stay together...
And together they stayed, to a great poodle home with a Mom, Dad and extended family, who will love them forever...residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted May 9/05)
Chihuahua/terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
6 months old
7 lbs

Kiki is a lively puppy with the eyes of an old soul.

She arrived in WA on January 31st, with her twin brother Rusty and 36 other small dogs, on a transport from high-kill shelter in CA. These dogs were disbursed to several local rescues with 8 of them coming to Furbaby. Unfortunately these dogs had been exposed to distemper. Several of the dogs including Rusty died of the disease soon after they arrived. Some of the dogs had obviously had shots and did not get the disease. Others appear to have fought off the disease but that seems to be all their immune systems could handle because they then came down with kennel cough and in some cases pneumonia. Kiki has been in foster care for almost 3 months while we waited to be sure that she escaped the disease.  She did not get pneumonia but had only a very mild case of kennel cough.

Kiki is well socialized and loves to play with the other puppies and her toys and chews. She is an adventurer. She loves going places and new experiences and has never met anyone she doesn’t like. She does OK in her crate and is on her way to being house trained though this will still need a little work. Kiki is a real cuddler. She loves to be held. When she is in your arms or cuddled up in bed next to you she immediately becomes limp and curls into you tightly. It is like hitting the “off” switch; she changes so quickly from an active puppy to a cuddle bug.

Kiki would like to go to a home with another dog to play with. She is a bit barky so she might not do well in an apartment besides she loves to run in her yard.  She is still a puppy with lots to learn so no small children please. Kiki is just waiting to run into your life and curl up in your heart.
And she curled right into the life with a former adoptee home, with Kazee her new "big" brother, and great parents in Seattle, WA


(Adopted May 11/05)
Boston Terrier/Jack X ?
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months old
9 lbs

Satchmo is a really interesting little boy. Not only is his mix of breeds unique his personality matches it. He loves to play with the other pups in his foster home and to cuddle any chance he gets but he is VERY SERIOUS about everything. Where other pups prance and dance, Satchey deliberates and then acts.  He watches and figures out what is going on and then chooses his position. When it is time to close up the bedroom for the day, Satchey is often hiding half in the closet busy with his hoof. When he finds a new and interesting stick he is way under the table examining it closely.

Satchmo is another of the dogs from CA who fought off distemper. As a result he has had a hard time with pneumonia and kennel cough. Now as he feels better and better he delights in exploring outside and in puppy chases through the house. Satchey is very good in the car but he is a little worried about car rides. He likes best the coming home part. He is still working on his house training and sometimes finds “interesting” things to chew. One of his favorite things is running through the house with socks that he has liberated from the clothes basket.  Satchey can be a little shy in new situations but he responds very quickly to love.  
Satchmo has a new terrier sister, Ginny, who needed a friend to play with after the death of her companion, and Satchey now has a friend, and parents who love him..residing in Lakewood, WA


(Adopted May 19/05)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
8 lbs

Well darling Pookie travelled his way from Idaho, he won the hearts of everyone who met him, an incredible lil boy..who walked his lil paws right into his forever home, with a Mom, longing for the companionship, that this dog so easily gives...residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 11/05)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
11 lbs

April passed to the Rainbow Bridge Feb./07, her Mom and Dad missed this sweet lil girl.

Darling lil April was found wandering.  She could not walk because of all the mats, and curled nails.  She was in absolutely deplorable condition.  Finally shaved down, she could once again walk.  Her teeth were so bad, that after extensive dental, she lost all of them, except three.  This poor girl has been so neglected, I simply do not understand people.  She has had many litters, and I think she was owed a life of fluffy pillows and treats...but no, she was left out in the bushes to most likely die.  April is a much older gal, more than 10 old we are not sure...we have discovered she is deaf...she had extensive medical done, and she has shown to be in relatively good doesn't she deserve to just have a warm bed, love and comfort for her remaining time...yes she does...she will ask for little, she appears housetrained, has a good there someone who can give her love and devotion for her twilight years?
Sweet dear April was adopted by people who adore this breed, and decided even though they had recently lost their furbaby due to age and health, they still wanted to open their heart and care for this baby...wonderful loving people residing in Arlington, WA

(Adopted May/05)
Dachshund  /YorkieX
10 inches tall
Male neutered/shots current

No Children
Doxie or yorkie experienced home PLEASE!


I am really a quiet, gentle dog most of the time, I still play with toys and run around the yard woofing sometimes. I might dig after a mole now and then, but I've never managed to catch one yet. I like to sleep.

I'd love to have a Mommy or Daddy or both. I need someone that has lived with dashunds or yorkies and can understand me. Once in a while I get stubborn and don't act my best...but normally I am soooooooo easy will forget I am there if you aren't careful! I like to sleep...Oh, did I already tell you that? I'll lay at your feet if that's ok, or just curl up in a doggy bed...I even put myself in my crate at night to sleep! 

I need someone who will be sure that I only get special food for my allergies, have no fleas (they really bother my skin!) clean my ears, and bath me with the medicated shampoo that helps me feel ssoooooo good. My house manners are great, I use the doggy door without a mistake! 

I am now here at my foster mom's with other doggie friends, none of whom look like me, I don't complain....I like to meet everyone who comes to visit, after I give a bark or two to let them know that I know they're coming in...I get excited when my foster mom gets her shoes on and keys...I always want to go along for a ride or walk...

I need my very own home, with a doting Mom, a Dad or BOTH...this time please, NO kids or grandkids, it's time for ME to enjoy life as the apple of someone's eye...

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