Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 8/01)

Male/15 lbs
App. 3 years old

Cheyenne is a beautiful boy, has some black tips on his ears.  He has a true Pom coat, but can see the Peke in him.  Extremely friendly, outgoing and happy fellow.  Gets along with other small dogs, likes women and men, can't say about kids, but his temperament seems well rounded.
This beautiful boy, is now in a great home, with a new toy poodle for a brother.  Residing in Bothell, WA.


Jack Russell/Poodle
Male/10 lbs
5 months old

Junior will be available soon, he will be neutered, and spend a little time with me, to see how socialization with other dogs and people go.  I am just getting to know him, He did have a family that cared about him, but the activity of all the children, surrounding him, made him unsettled, and the family wanted the best for him, and felt he would do better in a home without constant high activity.  He will do wonderful in an adult home.

(Adopted June 15/01)

Chihuahua/Papillon ?
3-4 months old

Cassidy will be available after June 16,   she seems like an endearing lil girl.  But will have more information as I get to know her better.. I now know her, she is shy with strangers, but will warm up, she is an imp, don't leave your socks or shoes anywhere or she will be trotting away with them.  She is loving and affectionate, but also has an independent side to her, where she can go and play and be happy.  Her housetraining is coming along, she is great all night long, and with consistency , she should learn quickly.
Cassidy went to a SUPER home, has new playmates, and a fantastic Mom, who really knows how to spoil her babies.  Now residing in Seattle, WA.

(Adopted July 7/01)
Cocker Spaniel
31 lbs
1-2 years old
Male neutered/shots current

Howie is a great tempered boy, everyone who has met him, can't believe what a wonderful personality he has.  He is very active, playful and outgoing.  Would be a great companion for a family...
Howie went to the most fantastic gentleman, his love of animals is outstanding, he adores this boy and can not get over the love his new "son" bestows on him.  Residing happily in Everett, Washington

*Letter dated Sept/2003

Good morning I don't even know if you remember Howie or me. It was in July of 2001 when I Dan Burns, in a red Grand Prix picked up a little cocker spaniel (buff color) that would change my life forever::)) In fact I'm in my office and he is sitting in his chair (my desk) looking out at what ever should walk, fly or crawl by::)) I know at first I was having a really bad time training him and thank God you talked me through those transitioning stages of dog ownership, I will always be deeply indebted to you for that. Everyday I come home from work through the front door I still get mauled with love from my son, he's is my life and has always been there for me, good times and bad times he knows when I am sick and does not leave my side (except to chase his sister, Felicia the cat!!) They both do this for entertainment::)) Fig, his brother the other big cat just sits and watch's in shear disgust::)) I wanted to let you know you put a family together and when I see that little face at the end of my day it is "GREAT", good day or bad day I still get my hugs and my kisses. Still to this very day we have a "daddies home ritual", which consists of me scratching his belly for about three minutes ( I don't even get in the house, its in the garage)  while he tells me about his day, traumatic as that is and then we bound up the stairs and yes he does his pee, pee dance all the way out to the walking area, of course smelling all the flowers and saying "HI" to all of the neighbors, and his friends. He has become a well loved staple in this community. I have passed out dog bones to all the neighbors, so they don't feed him junk::)) He eats everything if allowed!! I have a neighbor that just adores Howie and is looking for a dog exactly like him, she wanted me to contact someone who could get her a good dog and to save a life, she is very big into the adoption program. But she insists that he looks just like Howie buff in color and approximately 30-35 lbs. full gown. You where so patient with me in the beginning I'm hoping you have a cocker or can send me to someone who would have on. This women is a great person, when Howie is sitting at the screen door she and him just go crazy together. So after watching Howie for two and 1/2 years her, her husband ,and daughter, have decided they do want a dog and can handle the responsibility, (he picks Howie up and gives him kisses, now that is a priceless scene) we call them Auntie Nina and Uncle Serge'. Howie has quite a large "family" in this community in fact he guards the entire community from everything and the neighbors appreciate that. I know you don't hear much back about the little people you have loved and given up to families, so this time it has an awesome ending, he is chubby and happy with his milk bones and his family and his aunts and uncles. I always say someday we will go see Auntie Elleny, he just looks at me OK. But there is one draw back, he gets car sick on long rides::)))) but that is when daddy takes special care of him ( he works it ::)) I do want to extend a big thank you and hug from me, my family and also Howie/Mickey, he is the best!!!! 

(Adopted July 8/01)
Tibetan Terrier X?
21 lbs
App. 4 years old
Female/spayed, shots current

Maggie is a very kind gentle dog, who just loves to be around you.  I am not certain again what breed she is, she looks like a Benji dog.  Her back end had to be completely shaved, and patches on her elbows, as she had terrible mats and flea dermatitis.  She does well with other dogs.  Extremely loving girl.
Maggie is a very special girl to me, her love, her warmth, her zest, she was a dog that if I had the room would have stayed with me forever, but because I open my doors to so many, I found a great home for her, with a wonderful couple who adore her, now residing in Ladner, British Columbia.

* Wednesday, June 4/08, darling Maggie left our world, to begin her next journey, her parents Jill and Paul, loved this girl so much.  Their time with her was too short, but the time they did have, 7 wonderful years were spent camping, hiking and loving their lil girl.  She had a fantastic life.  Her parents planted a rose bush "Shining Hour" where her ashes will be laid to rest.*

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