Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Dec.20/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
5 lbs

Little Miss Isabella was originally found as a stray,  but after no one claimed her at the shelter she was transferred to Furbaby Rescue.  Isabella is a great little dog.  Loves other dogs, is good with cats and enjoys meeting people.   She is a tiny one... so preference will be given to someone with tiny dog experience.  She is great at using her doggie door and is doing well with her potty training.  She is not barky, but can be a bit whiny when  alone.  She loves to play with other small dogs, and would love a buddy!

Fantastic home for this girl residing in Bellingham with dear lil Ferdinand.


(Adopted Jan.10/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 lbs
4 years old

OK folks, here's the deal. I'm really nervous about getting a good home. That's probably why my photos are a bit blurry because I just am antsy about where I'm going to end up and I didn't want to be so attractive that just anyone would be interested in me. Furbaby Rescue keeps assuring me that they check everyone out and select someone who is best for me but I'm not convinced yet so I was a bit squirmy for the photo shoot. 

I'm a mighty protector in a 6.5 lb body. But think about it for a minute - at 6.5 pounds I'm very easy to take with you anywhere. I'll never be a strain on your back whenever you're ready to snuggle with me and you want to pick me up. And I LOVE to snuggle once I find the right person.  I have a beautiful black coat. I hope you can see that in the photos. Gee, I guess I should have held still better during the photo session to show off that part of me. Oh well....when you take photos of me in your home, I'll do better. 

I do have a bark but it's a husky bark and not one of those yappy barks so typical of petite dogs. So that's a plus, right? I eat New Balance Duck and Potato which keeps me free of allergies and it's easy to find that food to buy so that's another plus. 

Now, if you've read this far and you're truly interested and can be very loving to me, I'll be truthful and share two things that you'll need to watch for and help me with. One, when anyone goes out the door, I love to race and slip right past their feet and get outside first. While that's fun for me it can be very dangerous unless you have a very securely fenced yard. And sometimes, people forget to look for me and I get left outside but I do know how to scratch at the door. I just hope they hear me because I have trouble reaching the doorbell or door knob. I'd REALLY PREFER to be indoors rather than left outside any day. After all, we're supposed to become best friends and that means we stay together, right? I do need help from you by being very patient and consistent about showing me when and where you want me to go outdoors to go to the bathroom. I just need to know the rules and have someone patiently walk through it with me for a few weeks and I should make you very proud of me. 

OHHHHHHH - one last thing......I'm adaptable enough that if you wanted to change my name, that's OK and that makes it another plus. Maybe you could just go through a list of 1,000 names and read them off to me. When I hear one I like, I'll perk up and look at you and you'll know you just found the perfect name. As long as it's not Hergatrude or something like that. Oh my goodness!!!!! 

So what do you think? 

Lilly got the sweetest and caring new Mom, residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Jan 15/11)
Wire-haired Dachshund/Border Terrier 
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
16 lbs

Do you know the song from West Side Story with the lyrics  "I'm so pretty, oh so pretty"?  I think I fit that song pretty well if you just change it to be a bit more masculine. Let's see -- 

I feel handsome, oh so handsome,
I feel cuddly and wuddly all night! 
And I envy any doggie 
Who has his own home tonight. 

I feel silly, oh so silly, 
It's alarming how silly I feel
And I still can't believe 
There's a forever home for me...really! 

OK, OK - so a songwriter, I'm not. A good looking guy can't be everything.....or can they?  My foster moms think I'm right up there with the best of them. I like other dogs. No problems there. I do miss my brothers who have already been adopted but I'm the big strong guy (with the soft heart) who can adjust to new situations even though it might take me a little while and that's only because I want to really be sure of what's going on. 

I am affectionate and  I heard someone use "mellow" and "shy" when talking about me.  Hmmmm - mellow, yes, but shy??? Not really. I'm just a nice reserved gentleman who remembers the manners my mother taught me. *sigh* 

Squeek, squeek - ahhhh, yes.....squeeky toys. I love those things. They keep me busy and make the time go faster when I'm left alone which I hope isn't all that often. I'm an active boy but not hyper. I love walks and car rides and again, the manners my mother taught me apply to the car rides as well. I LOVE being with my human at all times possible. 

Now - two pieces of g-r-e-a-t news before sharing a quirky tidbit of information. First, I wouldn't mind sharing your bed with you BUT if you're a person who just would prefer to not share their bed with me, that's OK if I can just be in a doggie bed in the same room as you and fairly close by. I'm just here to watch over my human and let them think they're watching over me. :-) The second piece of good news is, I am very well housebroken although I really don't care for this standing out in the rain and cold stuff to do my business. So I'll be very quick about it so we can both get back in where it's warm and comfortable.  

Now - the BIG, DARK SECRET that "only the shadow knows" tail is shaped a bit oddly. No details to the general public. Anyone who can love me for the great dog, I am will get further details. Don't you just love a good mystery?  Heh, heh, heh.......... Did I mention I have a mischievous streak?  It's all good, never fear. 

Another lil secret, I wuv teenage boys:-)

Bruno is now happily residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Jan.29/11)
Maltese/Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
16 lbs

Hi There!  My name is Boo...  I am a 2 year old Maltichon (Maltese x Bichon) boy. I love to play and play and play!  I have great fun playing with the other doggies here at my foster Momís house... I donít mind the cat either, but she doesnít like to play with me.

I like to be close to my people... I follow them all around the house and lay quietly close by whenever they do their People things.  I am a good protector too... Iíve been told I have a nice ďbigĒ dog bark, not a little yappy bark.  Iíll bark to let you know whenever there are strangers outside, but Iím pretty smart and know to stop when you tell me to.   I know how to sit too!

My foster Mom tells me I gots to give you the ďparticularsĒ about me...  I am 2 years old, I weigh about 16 lbs, am microchipped, neutered, current on all my shots, and have even been to Puppy School!   My vet says I am really healthy.  I like everyone, and older children, I like to sleep on the bed close to you at night, I donít know anything about those crate things, but I am pretty good on a leash and take treats politely... I LOVE treats!   My People were ďelderlyĒ (whatever that is) I liked them and they treated me really good... But my Foster Mom told me they wanted me to have a yard to play in and lots more attention than they could give me.   I miss them and it is fun here at my Foster Moms house, but I would really like to have my very own people and a home where I can stay forever.  It would be nice to have another little doggie to play with, but if my people were with me most of the time being an ďonlyĒ would be OK too.  

I hope you will come to see me soon!  Iíll be waiting to meet you!!

A new home where he will be totally doted on, residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted Feb 3/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months old
11 lbs

Hi Ya'll, I'm Suzie!  I SUPER fun, silly girl who is looking for her forever home.  I love to socialize with other dogs, people and even cats. I ride great in the car and go to work everyday with my foster mom (she's a dog groomer, and I love the spa!)  I adore going on walks and meeting people and saying hi to other dogs.  I go to day care and play groups often and really have a blast playing with other dogs.

I am looking for someone who wants to treat my like a princess with lots of snuggles and kisses, but who I can rely on for fun and activities too.

I do have luxating patella's.  Right now they are not bothering me, and the vet recommends no treatment is needed, but you need to know it may be an issue as I get older.

Adult home only

Suzie is now residing in Kirkland, WA


(Adopted Feb 5/11))
Terrier mix (possible JRT/Rat Terrier)?
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
22 lbs

Please watch my video


Rodger-Dodger, I got your message loud and clear but let me check the facts: 

You want a dog that loves to play with balls and stuffed toys. Check!!! 

At the same time, you'd like a dog that can play by himself when you have things to get done. Check!! 

You'd like a dog that is good with kids when they visit.  (See note further down page).  Check!!

You don't want a dog sharing your bed but sleeping on the floor in a dog bed in the same room is OK.  Check!! 

You love to jog and/or hike and would like a great little companion to keep up with you.  Check!! 

You'd like that same dog to accompanying you on car rides and you'll let the dog sit up high where he can see out.  Check!!

You have a fenced yard where a great dog could safely run and play hard for as long as he wants. Check!! 

I THINK I KNOW THE PERFECT DOG FOR YOU - ME!!!!!!!  Dodger's my name and being your perfect dog is my game. :-) 

One last note - Although I've been with a family that had three small children, Furbaby Rescue has certain rules about adopting dogs to homes with small children but the good news is when small children visit you, I should be just fine if they treat me nicely. 

So how about filling out an application and see if you get a message back saying "Rodger-Dodger - all is OK. Come meet your new dog, Dodger. Over and out".

Great new Dad, now residing in Lynnwood, WA

(Adopted Feb.6/11)
Bree and Tito
Female/spayed  Male/neutered
Bree: 1 year old/12 lbs
Tito: 2 years old 18 lbs

Please watch their adorable video

*with great sadness, Tito (aka Bon Jovi) developed a tumor in his lung, and crossed the bridge June 13/16*

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - Awwww - that's not nice when talking about Tito and Bree but it is a reminder that these two dogs MUST be adopted together and always stay together. We must report that these two are the perfect doggie twosome for someone who wants a pair of small dogs that will keep each other company when the owner has to be away. As the foster mom says (who is very experienced with dogs) "It could not get any better than these two dogs." 

Tito and Bree's foster mom is absolutely enchanted with this wonderful pair of Pekes. In their first write up we warned that they needed someone who was patient and willing to work with the housebreaking. Happily just a couple of weeks later we can say, there are no problems at all with that training. Tito and Bree are taking themselves outdoor via the doggie door to "take care of business." If you don't have a doggie door then you will need to take time to show them how you want it done but we now know that they are great once they know the routine. 

These two little rascals adore people and each other and show no jealousy between themselves. They play together as if there's no other way to live life. Oh, if humans could just take a lesson from Tito and Bree. They will ask to be held and once Tito and Bree know the human, Tito is just fine letting Bree soak up all the attention she wants. 

Tito and Bree could be renamed to "Energy" and "Then Some" because they LOVE to run outside and play, play, play and then play some more. They have recently joined a companion on a five mile walk and never broke a sweat. Whew!!! How many humans could do that? And then they wanted to play some more once they returned to their foster home. We are sending up doggie prayers that the right forever person for Tito and Bree will have a very nice securely fenced yard so they can play to their hearts content in good weather. 

Both dogs can be crated but they prefer to be with their human(s). We think that it will only be a matter of minutes before you realize that you prefer to be with Tito and Bree, too, and you can't imagine ever leaving them. As the foster mother reported - "They are such joyful and happy dogs...they also settle very easily and become 'lumps' when needed." And we'll say it again - It could not get any better  then these two charmers.  We aren't able to state that very often. 

Sleeping with my new friends

It was very hard to see these babies leave, but made easier knowing what a great Mom they were getting, residing in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted Feb.20/11)
Long Haired Chihuahua
4 lbs
10 years "young"

Why don't you come on over here and sit with me a spell, and I'll tell you all about me.   My name is Sissy, I am a small, but mighty Chihuahua lady.  I am quiet, relaxed, gentle and loving.  I like other dogs, but am also happy to be an only dog.  I get along well with cats.  I enjoy meeting people and being carried like a baby.  Walks are tough for me as I have bad knees,  and due to my size they cannot be repaired. But, I get around just fine though,  I can just be a little wobbly.  Stairs are harder for me, but I can do them if food is evolved. I am potty trained, crate trained and ride like a gem in the car. I don't have many teeth left,  but I can still eat crunchies like other dogs.  I was from a puppy mill and have had lots of babies in my life, so I have not had good medical care, but I have many years left to make up for it all!

I am looking for a quiet home where I can hang out and be loved. I am up for travel ( I can totally see myself as a snow bird)

Now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted March 5/11)
Rat Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old

Zoey is a beautiful and lively Rat Terrier who was given up because the family was taking in young children.  Not that sheís bad with children just that the owners understood that itís not a breed that should be with younger children.

Zoey is happy and brimming with life.  She loves to go out for walks and would do  great in a home with someone who wants a running companion or needs or wants to walk.  She loves to sit on your lap while you watch TV and wants to be with a human as sheís very affectionate.  She does fine when left alone.  Sheís just a great all around dog.  Her foster mom could regale you with fun stories about life with Zoey.

Sheís an easy keeper as long as you have  some energy in your household.  She sheds her coat which could be bad if you have allergies but she doesnít require monthly trips to the groomer either.  And sheís easy to bathe because of this.  Sheís not a picky eater, and sheís so eager to please that sheís learning basic commands in her foster home. 

Perfect match for this lil girl, now residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted March 5/11)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years (young)
12 lbs
*sweet Buddy passed to the bridge Aug.23/17*

Update on Buddy (Feb.22/11)  

Buddy had a consultation with a board certified veterinary dentist this week and he has a surgery scheduled on April 4th.  He needs to have more teeth removed and some bone replaced.  This procedure should go very well for him and we arenít anticipating any problems but his adoption is best changed to ďoh holdĒ.  We intend to follow through with this surgery including paying all of the fees.  If someone would be interested in adopting Buddy prior to his procedure, we would encourage that as he does need to find his forever home and this is a long time for him to remain in foster care if a forever home is waiting for him.)

A Zsa Zsa Gabor Yorkie, I am not.  Iím a throw  back to the way Yorkies were when we were still men.  I donít need a satin pillow, donít care for bling.  Itís not because Iím difficult, itís just that Iím not fussy about things like that.

Iím just a nice little dog.  Iím loyal, I would make a great companion to someone, and I really like men.  In my foster home, I sleep with a man when he naps.  There are four dogs in his room.  One is too old to get up onto the bed.  The other two are girls and they think the bed is theirs.  I have developed a system to make sure Iím top dog.  I get into the position I want which is near the manís neck once he lies down, and then I do not budge an inch.  I refuse to lose ground on the spot I have staked out.  The man gets into bed, threading his body through the two girl dogs who are already there, and me.   Once Iíve established that I have my place and everyone knows it, then Iíll usually move around the bed and let the girl dogs take over my original spot.

 Iím a little insecure and just want to make sure Iím noticed.

Iím playful, love to go on walks, Iím good in the car, I bark at the door when I need to go to the bathroom but I appreciate when you keep me on  a walking schedule so I donít forget.  I bark a little but only when Iím trying to communicate.  I recently had a groom and she was very impressed with how still I stood for her.

My dental care was neglected for many years and gosh did my whole face, jaw, gums, teeth, and ears hurt because of the infection and the pain.  We got 16 teeth removed and it was such an ordeal that I could have died but my foster mom kept me in the hospital for over a week afterward on IV fluids.  I got to be gorked out on medication, though, so it was all a blur to me.  I have one deep cavity in one tooth yet to go but Iím going to a veterinary dentist to have that removed.  My whole jaw could break if not taken care of properly.  But that will be a dream procedure compared to what I went through before.

I donít  like when other dogs get near my food bowl and I pretty muchĒ pitch a nuttyĒ when that happens.  Itís better when Iím fed away from a dog who wants to get near my bowl.  In my foster home I eat with an old cocker spaniel and our bowls are about 10 feet away from one another.  Those girl dogs have to eat in the kitchen because otherwise the three of us squabble.  I just donít want the girls touching my food!

With people I am gentle and affectionate.  Like I said I donít want to sit around on a satin pillow.  I like having a nice comfy bed in which to sit while Iím with you during waking hours.  If you have chores to do outside, Iíll just follow you around and hang out. 

Iím ten , which anyone who loves terriers knows is the perfect age for our breed.  We become more mellow, we listen to you, all the crazy terrier stuff has passed.  Iím healthy and because of the problems encountered during my dentistry we know from blood work that Iím doing super great. 

Iím in a big house full of teenagers, large dogs, cats, and some smaller dogs and am positively suffocating, so Iím really in need of a new home.  I could be an only dog.  I could be with a girl dog.  I do have a little girl dog friend here, actually and we get along well but sheís kind of submissive.  I could be okay with a boy dog, too but it would just depend on our personalities.  My foster dad loves me a lot and my foster mom thinks Iím one of the best dogs sheís had in a long while. 

I wonder if there is someone out there who will think just as kindly of me.

Buddy lived most of his life with one person but she became terminally ill with cancer and though the family tried to keep him with them it just wasn't fair to Buddy and the decision was made to try to find a new home for him.

Buddy is in a wonderful home right now, while he waits for his next surgery, residing in Issaquah, WA

(Adopted March 8/11)
Oprah (nickname O.P.)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs (should be 10 lbs)

Mamma's girl needs new Mamma or Daddy (she does love her foster Dad)

I'm taking applications for a new mother (forever human) or Daddy.  Gee if I got both I would have hit the jackpot.  My last mother was so good to me and loved me totally but Dad died (I mourned when Dad died, I used to cuddle with him at night) and then mom had to sell the house and move to a place where she couldn't have me. I'm not sure whose heart broke into more pieces. Furbaby Rescue assures me there are other good mammas and daddies out there for me and if that could happen then my first mother wouldn't hurt so badly. 

Let's see - I was named Oprah but I have a nickname of O.P.  Isn't that clever? Two different television names - Oprah and O.P (Opie) from Andy of Mayberry. Hmmmm - I wonder if Aunt Bee is available for adopting me? Probably not because I need someone a little younger than Aunt Bee would be by now. 

I'm an entertaining little soul. I can lay on my back and put my two front paws together and say my prayers to God, which I'm doing a lot of asking for the best home possible. When I play I can show you how high I can throw my toys into the air. I do need to work on my aim a little because I never quite know where they'll land. I keep talking to my toys (I really do talk to them) and instruct them to land right in front of me but those toys just don't seem to listen to me. 

I've been an only dog but I'm doing very well living with other dogs. I have to tell you though, if I get the right new forever human, I'll only have eyes for you. Hey, I think there's a song with those lyrics. I might have to learn that and sing it to you. I do very well with going outside to take care of business but I do insist on a treat when I come back in. You know that good behavior deserves rewards, right? 

 I'll love you and everyone else but I need my own special parents! Also, I REALLY want to go with you whenever possible. REALLY!!!!! I'm the most devoted little soul. And I'll tell you what else - I know I'll be much prettier when my fur grows out and styled just a little bit so I'll do that for you (with your help and the groomer) so you'll be so proud to show me off to everyone. 

My foster mom has some other guidelines and good news about what a wonderful girl I am but you'll need to apply to find out more. Such a tease I am, aren't I? 

OP has found two great parents, who thinks she is just a riot, now residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted March 12/11)
Miniature Schnauzer
9 months old


I was so eager to get started in finding my perfect forever human that I asked that my picture be taken immediately after my grooming was done. Spring is coming and I don't want to waste a single minute in finding someone energetic. I have visions of long brisk walks as the trees begin to bloom and more long brisk morning walks during the summer and perhaps by fall I'll be an expert in playing fetch and perhaps we could learn some agility games. I'm willing to learn anything as long as we can be active. Note I said "WE". There will be none of this you sit and watch me play stuff. :-)  I want to bond and play WITH you. 

I'm still as good as a very young puppy except I'm housetrained. Just keep in mind as I enter my new home you do need to show me the door to use and how you want everything to work in your home. That's only fair because while I'm a really good dog I'm lousy at reading minds. Since I am still basically a puppy I do need the normal other training too but I've already been dubbed as a fast learner. I won't disappoint you as long as you teach me as every dog deserves to be taught and that is with patience and persistence and consistency. 

So with all of that said, after we're exercised out, I'll gladly cuddle in your lap and I'll get along with other dogs and cats that may be around. As is Furbaby Rescue's policy, no small children in the home. 

Sasha has a wonderful new Mom and daughter, residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada

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