Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions


(Adopted July 12/13)
Norwich Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
12 lbs

Our dear Bella has had a chance to acclimate to her foster home and is learning the routine.  We describe her as an adorable Chipmunk and pretty little Blue Bird in a Terrier’s Body.

That sounds odd until you spend time with her.  She is very active and has her very own language and is very good about getting lost in her own world when not engaged with humans.  She reminds us of a Blue Bird in her serious moments, in her movements, and also when she chatters and flits about.

She is affectionate, friendly, cheerful, and loves to go on walks.

Bella would be considered a “special needs” dog for those people out there who have a preference for rescuing dogs in this situation.  She has changed a lot in a short month.  Bella has had a lot to learn.  Her health is good but we wonder about what might be going on “upstairs” sometimes because of the way she entertains herself and seems to enjoy spending time alone in her little world.  Sometimes she doesn’t respond to requests the way we might expect her to and sometimes reminds us of a toddler.  She IS terrier, after all.   Other than her appearance the only thing about her that reminds us she is a terrier, is her wish to do “her own thing.”

So, here you have a Chipmunk, a Blue Bird who may have fallen from the nest a couple of times, a Terrier, and a Toddler, all rolled up into one small funny little package.    You can find her in Kirkland but since Bella so enjoys a car ride, if you would be interested in meeting her, she would probably insist on coming to see YOU.

Happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 22/13)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
13 years old
24 lbs

Jacques is one of the larger boned Bichons and his foster mom is biased towards them because her experience with the larger ones is that they are more  mellow, quieter, but have just as much personality and spunk!

Jacques lived with his elderly owner all of his life.  He has experienced love, security, stability, and kindness all of his days.  He loves to go on walks.  He acts like a puppy when you get the leash ready.

Even though he has been loved he had some medical things that needed taking care of.  His mouth was a mess.  How many times do hear that from us about the dogs we get?  He didn’t have many extractions and just needed his teeth and gums cleaned up.

He had a mass which was 4 inches by 5 inches in his left lateral thorax area.  Just think of that as around the armpit and down the side a bit.  We were sure it was just a fatty lipoma which dogs get but we could not leave it in place as it was painful for him to move that left front leg.  He had some smaller ones, as well.  The tissue was sent out and examined by a Histopathologist and determined to be just a lipoma so Jacques is very healthy as far as this goes.  (A lipoma is just some fatty tissue which is common in dogs especially when they hit mid life for some reason.)

Jacques is going to need someone who needs him.  He is a wonderful companion dog and lives to be with his person.  It’s the only life he’s ever known, after all. 

He is a little older but based on what we see he should have a few good years left and he’s a healthy fellow.  He is absolutely delightful and impressed his foster dad so much that Jacques’ daily antics are frequently the topic of that day’s Facebook entry.  Teen aged daughter comments that “daddy texts me about Jacques every day”!

One of the big improvements we have seen with Jacques is that he was a little whiney and needy when he first came to us.  This is very normal, of course.  But no one here gets much one on one attention and Jacques has learned that affection and attention are here for him; he just might need to wait for them. 

Residing in Olympia, WA


(Adopted July 22/13)
Norbert (Bertie) "nka Dobby"
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 months old
4 lbs

You could not meet a friendlier pup!  Loves everyone and everything.  Happy go lucky, that’s this guy!

Do you know a lot about puppies?  We play, poop and sleep… so if you have tons of time on your hands for a young dude like me,  I might be for you!  A reward based training class is required for my adoption so be sure to look into that (proof of sign up is required for my adoption)

I am good with other small dogs,  and would be fine with respectful big dogs who have experience with tiny dogs. I am crate trained and potty trained to a wee pad.  I do have to tell you I was stepped on about 2 months ago and my rear leg was broken,  but I am healed now and if I did not tell you… you’d never have known.  I also have a fused toe on my front right foot (two toes fused and it looks like one toe)  I am not bothered by it and my veterinarian says it doubtful it will ever be a problem, other than my nail grows a little funny there, so you’ll need to trim it often.

Residing and spoiled in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 27/13)
Tibetan Terrier ?
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
25 lbs
*poor Shablu passed away from cancer and complications of Cushing, July/15 her Moms adored her*

Want THE PERFECT DOG??? Well, you just started looking at her. ME!!!! Look at my credentials: 

1. PERFECTLY HOUSETRAINED - I'll use the doggie door or go out the door with you. Just choose and let me know which you prefer. Ideally it would be a doggie door to a fenced area because I'll take myself outside whenever and you need never worry. 

2. I LISTEN like no other dog this rescue has ever seen. If I hear something that is potentially threatening like a stranger approaching the house, I will do a bark, bark, but the second you say "no bark", I stop instantly. Yes, you read that right - INSTANTLY. Give me a command and I obey. If you want me off the couch, I OBEY. If you want me off of your legs when I run to greet you and put my paws up, I OBEY. Sometimes I'm so perfect at obeying that I don't even believe it. How's that for PERFECT?

3. I LOVE to walk, walk, walk. It keeps my strength up so if you're a person who likes to walk or jog - I'm a PERFECT choice for a companion. 

4. I love to play with toys and can be active at times but also be a couch potato but I'm not A hyper DOG. How's that for PERFECT? 

5. I can take or leave other dogs. I'll play if they want or leave them alone if that's what they want. I can have a really good time in life with or without other dogs. How's that for PERFECT? 

6. I'll sleep wherever you want but love me enough to at least let me in the same room with you. I'd love to be on the bed with you but if you say "No, go lay over there", your wish is my command. How is that for PERFECT? 

7. Now there is the issue with my name. I know my name so well that I'd really hate to see it changed but I do recognize that some people may not care for it. It is a bit masculine sounding for a lady like myself but you know what? I respond to Shay or Blu. Take your pick.. Perhaps you could be happy with one of three choices and I get to keep the name I own and respond to. How is that for PERFECT? 

8. Do you give good tummy rubs? I ADORE tummy rubs. How is that for PERFECT? And YOU WOULD BE PERFECT!


We just might be meant for each other but how will we know if we don't meet? Please click on the link, fill out an application and let's do a meet and greet. That would be PERFECT. Then adopt me. That would be THE MOST PERFECT OF ALL PERFECTS. (Did I mention perfect is one of my most favorite words?)

Two wonderful Moms for a special girl, residing in New Westminster, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Aug.4/13)
Pomeranian/Skye Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
8 lbs

Sabrina "Baby"   is personality plus  and loves to go on walks and to be played with and cuddled. She is very smart and would do great with someone interested in teaching her new things. She is crate trained, gets along with dogs and some cats. She would be best with an experienced owner and with children over 10 years old. She travels well in a car and enjoys new adventures.

Residing in Gresham, Oregon and in memory of Oscar and Buddy

(Adopted Aug.10/13)
Enzo (nka Barley)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
18 months old

Hi my name is Enzo and I am looking for my new guardian humans!  I am a sweet, active fellow and I’m cute, cute, cute-- aren’t I??  My foster Mommy says that I am something called adorable which is a synonym for cute.  I am smart too!  My foster Mommy also calls me Superman because I can jump the fence in a leap and a bound!  I didn’t tell her that I actually climb the fence and then jump down on the other side so…ssshhhhhh, don’t tell her!  Because of all of my marvelous athletic abilities, I need a home with a tall fence (5 or 6 feet would be best) and I must always wear my harness and tags and you must, must, must protect me from harm!  I wasn’t taken very well care of by my former guardian so my long locks got very matted and they were very painful.  It would be best if I went to the beauty parlor every 4 or 5 weeks so they can cut my hair short so that it doesn’t get matted (I’m learning all about the beauty parlor too!).  I also wasn’t shown a great deal of love and affection, so I’m also learning that now!  My foster Mom has figured out that I like to go on 3 mile walks and that my brain grows and I become more confident every time that I go!  I like my walks a lot!  I think that the car is fun too!  Basically, I’m just a youngster trying to learn all about the world and allllllllll about love.  I love to play a game called “yabba dabba dooooo” with my foster Mom.  When I’m getting my belly rubbed, my foster Mom says “yabba dabba dooooo and then touches my nose on the doooooooo!   Tummy rub, tummy rub, nose boink!  That’s how it goes!   I think that this is so fun and she is so funny!  We laugh together and I smile really big!

I am friendly with other dogs my size and I am a really, really good friend.  Will you be mine?


Barley has a great family residing in Burien, WA



(Adopted Aug.11/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
8 lbs

Giselle was rescued from the horrific life of a puppy mill Mom.  She came to us thin and terrified of everything.   She is now learning that there are good things in life like sunshine, grass to roll in and nibble on, soft warm beds, lots of good healthy food, and loving humans that treat her with kindness and love.   She has learned the basics, like where to go potty, how to enjoy her food without fear, to cuddle a bit and sleep in bed near her person.

Giselle is a beautiful, sweet little girl who is adapting quickly to her new life and her true personality is beginning to emerge.  She is intelligent, curious, willing to trust and be affectionate, gains confidence quickly and shows signs of being downright spunky, as a Papillon should be.  She gets along well with most of the other doggies in her foster home and is even beginning to romp and play right along with them.  She shows a slight tendency to be a bit bossy and sometimes territorial around the other dogs, especially the resident Border Collie but not so at all with people. 

Giselle has pretty much gotten the whole potty outdoors thing down, but will use pee pads if she must be confined for long periods.  She knows nothing about leashes or walks, and is very scared by the whole idea so that is a work in progress.  She does join in the mail time barkfest  and will bark at new noises or things that scare her but not excessively.  She willingly greets new people, it is not known yet how she behaves with strange dogs, children, cars or cats.  Like so many puppy mill dogs, she knows nothing of toys, but has discovered what treats are and comes running, eager to get her share, she will try new things and will carefully take treats from a fork or spoon.  She likes the occasional snuggle, but otherwise is content just to curl up in a soft little bed nearby.   She follows her foster mom around and greets her with wiggly enthusiasm after an absence of any length… she is a very wiggly girl so that is a very good sign that she is willing and able to love and trust, she just needs time.  Giselle has a couple of quirks that need work… she prefers to approach you and be petted, wiggling like mad and licking your hand but she is afraid of being picked up and will play keep away before stopping and allowing herself to be picked up, but only if you move slowly and speak gently.  Fast movements will still send her scurrying in the opposite direction.   She is not afraid of people, and willingly puts her paws up on your lap to be petted… she just wants the contact to be her idea.  With time and patience she should overcome this as she truly loves being close to her people.

Giselle has a couple of requirements in her new forever home:  No children, no exceptions.  It must be a quiet adult only household, and have a securely fenced yard where she can safely enjoy being outdoors off-leash, as she loves to lay in the sun and roll in the grass.  She should do well as an only dog if she was not left alone too much, but she would probably appreciate the company of another small gentle dog.   But most importantly Giselle will need someone who understands the special needs of puppy mill survivors, and has the time, willingness, patience and love to work with her and help her meet the challenges of her new world and overcome the fears instilled in her by her past.  She is willing to try… are you?


Great home for this special girl, residing in Lake Stevens, WA



(Adopted Aug.16/13)
Harper and Scout
Chihuahua Mom and Chihuahua/Corgi Mix baby
12 months and 14 weeks old
Females (soon to be spayed)
8 pounds and 6 pounds


These are pictures of the Haystack Pups who miraculously escaped being eaten by coyotes by cleverly digging through haystacks and hiding.  The other pups were not so lucky.

Harper and Scout, like so many animals, were dumped along a very busy highway lined with first cutting haystacks waiting to be delivered to farms.  This area is full of coyotes who know dinner is always available just by standing there waiting for another cat or dog to be dumped.

Yes, it is a tragedy.

A woman named Carol was driving past and noticed these two wee things running along this busy street, looking for water, food, or a human to help them.  It was in the high 90’s where they were located, there was no shade, food, OR water.  Harper was nursing her baby Scout and doing her best to keep her alive.  Carol couldn’t sleep worrying about these two but had no place to put them.  She contacted us and that day she managed to get them into a carrier and we met her in Ellensburg with her precious cargo.

This was Saturday August 3rd.  Scout the puppy was willing to let us pet her and she gently mouthed us with her sweet teensy baby teeth.  Harper , the mama, was frozen statue scared.  We do not believe that these dogs ever had a very good life but thanks to Carol, her daughter April, and their friend Veronica….these two girls now get to start their lives all over again.

The girls were vetted Tuesday August 7th and will go in for spaying on Monday August 12th. 

Here is what we know.   Harper is barely a year.  She’s a baby having babies.  She might be as old as 18 months.  She’s healthy and very sweet.  She quickly has come around and is relishing human interaction and attention.  She weighs 8 pounds.  Scout is about 14 weeks old and weighs 6 pounds.  She is also healthy.

We know that there are thousands of Chihuahua’s still out there looking for homes.  Some of them come with newsworthy stories which guarantee them lines of people who want them.  Story or no story, all of these dogs deserve a home. 

The Haystack pups, however, DO come with a newsworthy story, and we are hoping at least one or two people will be lined up to take them.  They will be separated and experience tells us that Scout the baby will go first but we hope there will be someone in back of that line to take in the brave and nurturing mama, too.

The Haystack Pups have started socialization classes and all Furbaby Rescue dogs come with a scholarship for positive reinforcement training so they will be able to continue their training wherever they live.  Their foster mom thinks that the trainer will have it easy because these two gals are very clever, adaptive, and eager to interact.

Please let us know if you would like to take home a Haystack Pup.

These pictures of them on Haystack Row.  Look for wonderful pictures of them in their foster home.

These two babies were happily adopted together, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.17/13)
Cairn Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old


Bentley is a charmer.  Fun, spry, and very loving, Bentley is a gentleman and gets along great with fellow dogs, cats and people and he’s smart.  He likes to takes lots of naps and when he’s awake, he likes nothing more than wrestling with you, but very gently.  He likes to go on walks around the neighborhood (but not if it’s raining too hard!). 

He is a sweet fellow who lost his owner and is looking for a home and a family with whom to share his life and love.

Bentley has a wonderful new Mommy, residing in Bremerton, WA

(Adopted Aug.18/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
D.O.B. 10/24/11 (not quite 2 years old)
25 lbs
*passed away from ruptured bladder March/18*

Coco is one of a new “designer” breed of dog called a Puggle Poo.  So that’s a Pug/Beagle and Poodle.   We wonder if perhaps someone wanted to breed a nice non shedding coat with the sweet nature of the Pug and the personality of a Beagle.   We aren’t crazy about these breedings but our calling is not political but just to help each dog which comes to us.  So, now that Coco IS one of these designer dogs, what do we think of him?  What do we know about him?

We know that he was loved very much by a lovely man who is dying.  In his last days he can no longer be around dander and could not live with the very thing which gave him comfort.  He has loved this dog (and one other) from a young age and wanted to be sure that they would have a wonderful  home.

Coco comes with a wonderful attitude because he was cared for and loved all of his days.   He is not a pocket dog.  He is a good sized boy.  He is sweet and SO good in the car.  He is “silent”.  Shhhhh!

He is great with other dogs and  was raised with a Jack Russell Terrier. 

We have no idea how he came to be called Coco.  We tend to think of this as a girl dog’s name but this Coco is a boy. 

He is truly a lot of fun to be around and will be a wonderful companion for someone.  He is a very sensitive lil soul, but he also lost his home at a young age.  He follows his foster Mom everywhere, and only wants to be by her side.  

Great home, new doggie brother Matt, residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Aug.27/13)
Wheaten Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
35 lbs
6 years old

I was contacted by a shelter, asking if I knew of anyone who could take a Wheaten...there was something so compelling about her, I asked one of my volunteers if she would foster, and this amazing lady said yes. Once she got her, all she co...uld say was this is one awesome dog, so well trained, polite, gentle, the best dog ever. So I emailed her picture to friends of ours, that had lost all 3 of their Wheatens...and the rest is history, they are so happy with her, and she adores their resident dog...all is good in rescue today:-) Live a long life sweet Hazel
Residing happily in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Aug.27/13)

DOB 6/10/2013
Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix
Female/will be spayed at time of adoption
2 lbs. now,  suspect will be around 10 lbs.


Olive is  a VERY social and loving pup.  Her foster mom has taken lots of time and energy to ensure she is the best she can be.  She interacts with over 400 people (including lots of kids) every week,  tons of other puppies and a bazillion adult dogs.  She is a rock star!

A little bit about Olive:  she is snuggly, cuddly and very playful. She is happy to play with anyone and everything,  but she enjoys her time alone too.  She likes toy and chewys... She is outgoing and ready to take on the world.  She is crate trained, currently using a wee pad and knows her sit and come when called cue. 

Are you ready for a puppy?  They take lots of time and energy...Like all our rescue puppies a reward based training class is required with her adoption (at a training center near you)

Be sure to see her from the day she was born on her puppy blog, as well as our Facebook pages for lots of videos and photos  of her puppyhood!

Olive's wonderful and doting parents reside in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Aug.30/13)
DOB 6/10/2013
Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix
Female/will be spayed at time of adoption

2 lbs. now,  suspect will be around 10 lbs.

Holly is  a VERY social and loving pup.  Her foster mom has taken lots of time and energy to ensure she is the best she can be.  She interacts with over 400 people (including lots of kids) every week,  tons of other puppies and a bazillion adult dogs.  She is a rock star!

A little bit about Holly:  she is silly,  active,  quiet and full of vigor.  She is a treasure hunter!  Socks,  tissue, toys... you name it she likes to steal them and take them to her bed.  She is very adventurous,  willing to try any obstacle set in front of her. She is outgoing and ready to take on the world.  She is crate trained, currently using a wee pad and knows her sit and come when called cue. 

Are you ready for a puppy?  They take lots of time and energy...Like all our rescue puppies a reward based training class is required with her adoption (at a training center near you)

Be sure to see her from the day she was born on her puppy blog, as well as our Facebook pages for lots of videos and photos of her puppyhood!

Great Dad and new doggie friends, residing in Lynnwood, WA


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