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(Adopted Aug.8/02)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
8 lbs.

I think I am adopted, yup maybe, if not, foster Mommy will tell my story, so hang tight.
Well I did get adopted so quickly, no wonder, I am stunning, and now being spoiled by a fabulous new Mom in Coupeville, WA

(Adopted Aug.8/02)
Cookie (nka Chayce)
Long Haired Chihuahua
Male/neutered/shots current
6 lbs
App. 6 years old

This boy is such a sweetheart, he just loves to cuddle into your arms, and than crawls right into your heart.  My belief is he was a kenneled dog, as he tends to from time to time circle around.  This is very sad, meaning he must have sat in a kennel, and was perhaps a stud dog, and or a show dog at one time....He was found wandering the streets, in very bad shape, his teeth were terrible and  mouth very infected, he was in horrific pain.  His pain is now gone, and feeling great.  He doesn't care about other dogs, but tolerates them, and does nothing more than a slight growl..  I am sure he would be happy being the only one in your life, and would love to nestle in bed with you, and nestle into your arms.  The best home for him, would be with an older couple who just want to love him, and spoil him rotten. He just needs a quiet little life, and he will bring immense joy to the right home. This darling hit the jackpot, super Mom, a darling chi brothers residing in Bremerton, WA


(Adopted Aug. 12/02)
Miniature Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
10 lbs
1 year old

Are there any serious poodle lovers out there, if so you had better come and met me, I am adorable (everyone says I am) I love to play, I love to strut my stuff, and I am a good hearted, fun loving boy, I like to play with other dogs, like car rides, and am as smart as can be, (like all poodles are) so if you are looking for my kind of dog, don't look any further, cause I am perfect, perfectly cute that is:-)
Has a fabulous new Mom and sister living in Everett, WA

(Adopted Aug.9/02)
Yorkie/Cocker (who knows??)
6-8 years old
14 lbs
Male/neutered/shots current

I was found as a stray, my wounds tell many things, but I am the only one who knows what happened, I am missing part of my paw, my foster Mom had to have one of my eyes removed, and my body tells of battle wounds.  But all of that does not stop me, from being a wonderful loving companion.  Hope you can look past that I only have one eye now, cause I am so cute, and happy....I will love you, and hopefully you can share your life with me.
*Murphy is a sweetheart, his expenses have been high, over $600, and yes he is worth it, he needed dental, eye removed, neutered, shots, and a mass was found in his testicles, waiting for the results of this test, from all that we can determine, it appears that he may have been in an accident, and this is a result of lack of care.  He is doing wonderfully, he is a calm and loving dog, with a tail wag for all.  As mentioned he was found as a stray, and sat for close to a month in the shelter, I suppose no one gave a D**N...well I did, he is wonderful. Murphy's results came back, this darling boy has Cancer, he underwent more surgery to try ensure removal of all cells.  And yet, this wonderful woman opened her heart, and will love him for as long or as little time he a wonderful tremedous life in Delta, B.C. Canada
*In Jan/03, darling Murphy passed to the bridge, he had so little time with his wonderful new mom, but as she said, she felt every minute with this gentle soul, was worth the heartache of his more baby that will wait at the bridge for the love of a wonderful Mom.

(Adopted Aug. 24/02)
Terrier Mix
Female/spayed/shots current
28 lbs
App. 8 years old??

Everyone always wants the perfect dog, I suppose we all need to look at ourselves closely and realize, we as humans are far from perfect, we shy away from disabilities, personally I find that any dog with disabilities shines above the rest.  

My name is Harriet, I was found lost and lonely, I sat in the shelter for weeks, and was overlooked because I am deaf, but my deafness does not stop me from being sweet, loving and a caring dog, I want only to love you, I will be your best friend, I will stay by your side, I will put my head on your lap, and never care how you look, how you are, as long as you love me back....take care of me, I promise to take care of you, my soul will belong to anyone who has the time to share their heart with me.  My foster Mom saw this love in my eyes, and everyone who has met me, loves I need someone to love me forever...are you that person or family, I promise I will like other dogs, I will like children, I will like anyone, just give me the chance, and take care of me, my hearing is dim, but not my heart.
*Note Harriet was adopted for 2 months, by an elderly lady who adored her, but she became ill and was unable to care for Harriet,  Harriet made her happy, though their time together was short.
Harriet was readopted to a super nice family in North Seattle...have a good life Harriet...

*Note: Harriet became very ill, and cancer was detected in her stomach and had spread throughout her body...sadly dear Harriet left this world in Oct./02...she left being loved and held in her Mom's arms...her time was short with a good family, but she left with a heart full of love...goodbye sweet Harriet, the bridge will open your ears, and you will hear the sweet music again..and your Mom and all of the people who loved you will see you again.

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