Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted April 24/08)
Ringo (nka Pee Wee)
Australian Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
5-6 years old
16 lbs
* darling boy passed to the bridge 2013*
Ringo is a very outgoing boy.  A typical terrier, he is full of enthusiasm and zest for life!  Ringo loves to show off his tricks which include, sit, lay down, rollover and walking on his hind legs like a circus dog.  He is food motivated and loves to learn. He would enjoy agility or flyball.  Ringo definitely needs a yard to explore and was in heaven when he spent time in the country.  He loves his people and loves to settle down to watch TV or just cuddle. He gets along well with other dogs. (No cats please, and no children under 12.)  If you're looking for a real buddy to have fun with look no further.

Ringo has a FANTASTIC home, residing in Yakima, WA

(Adopted April 27/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
9 lbs

Let me be the first to introduce myself... My name is Ebon. I am a gorgeous Pom who has had a bit of heart ache lately... you see my mother passed away and I need a new forever home. 

The nice folks at Furbaby Rescue say I have to tell you all the specifics about myself... so here we go:

I am quiet, I love walkies, rides in the car, enjoy resting on the couch and meeting new people. I get a bit too excited around cats- its not to say I can't live with them, but they should be "stand-up kitties"  so I can learn how to respect them. I also need to work on waiting at the door- Poms are notorious for darting out!  and I am no exception... this is  a simple thing to be resolved with a  bit of training. I have lived with other dogs all my life and enjoy their company. I am an easy going boy who really just wants to settle in to a new life full of the love I am used to receiving. I am potty trained.

I had a recent veterinary exam that revealed I have a Grade II Heart murmur.  The vet says I should loose 2 lbs (bringing me to 7 lbs) and it will do wonders for my heart.  No treatment is necessary for my heart now... but it will need to be evaluated as I get older

If you think you could have a little room in your heart for an angel like me, I hope we can meet.

This precious soul has fabulous new parents, residing in Maple Valley, WA

Porsche (nka Chica)
(Adopted April 30/08)

10 months
5 lbs
One gorgeous girl here!  ok, so I brag a bit...I'm Porsche, I came into Furbaby Rescue as a young pregnant gal.  I am sure you have already seen my baby Ferdinand.
ya, ya, ya he's cute... but we are here to talk about me!
I was not into the "mom" thing, as I am still a pup myself.  I am WAY to into playing with other dogs, snuggling on the couch. playing with my toys- and just havin' FUN
I am potty trained to potty pads or a doggie door, very social to other small dogs, great with cats, crate trained (ok... I still need some work on this one)  I am learning my basic cues,
for a Chi that means to spin on command!
I am "hoping" for a home that either has another small dog for me to play with or with one that would make sure I had lots of play-dates with other little dogs like me.
My foster mom wants to work on more of my basic commands and socializing with groups of people so I will be available in May... but we are accepting applications now.
If you are like me and know girls just wanna have fun...I'm waiting

Great lil girl for a great home, residing in Friday Harbor, WA

(Adopted May 4/08)
Terrier/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
25 lbs

  Oh my lovely dearest Raven!  I'm SO sorry that once again you have lost your home!  This wasn't your fault my dear!  You didn't do anything wrong and you certainly didn't deserve this!!  Just so all of you know, this precious girl has had a very tough beginning in life and is now once again searching for her way.  You see, Raven started out her life living in a backyard breeder situation and received no human contact or kindness during her first few months of life.  Yes, she had never even been inside a house prior to her coming into rescue!  Poor Raven has been through so much already and she's not even 4 years old yet!  Bless her dear little heart!  When the kind rescue people arrived to save her and the other dogs in the group, they found the conditions absolutely horrific.  The dogs had never been groomed, bathed and the smell of them was horrible.  Each of the dogs had to be completely shaved down to get rid of the stench and filth on their small bodies.  They were all so thankful to be clean and to finally have warm food in their hungry tummies. 

  Sweet Raven came into my care approximately 2 yrs ago and made great progress while in my home.  She is and may always be a shy girl and I am seeking a human who has the time and patience to work with her.  Once she knows you, she bonds very deeply!!  Since Raven lived outside in a backyard since birth until coming into rescue, she was denied the socialization needed at the critical stage of a dogs emotional development.  She will require a new family that understands her needs and who is willing to make that commitment to her.  (Oh...and she will reward you greatly in return!)  Eighteen months ago I thought I had found that family.  Sadly, after she learned tricks with clicker training and much more, her family is moving and they no longer want her.  Poor Raven was just devastated!!  But, being as resilient as most dogs are, Raven is once again doing wonderful in her foster home!  She is running, playing and being her silly little self!  When her foster Mommy comes back home from being away, she runs to greet her with all of the other dogs that live there.  (she may hide a little at first upon moving, but with patience....that goes away)  She is already bonding nicely with her new foster family so we think she is ready to make her final move into her new 'forever' home.  Raven will, as always, need a canine companion of similar size and breed to help her continue to gain her self confidence.  No small children please.

  Raven is a sweet little girl and if you have the time and patience to give to her, she will love you back with all of her huge heart.  She has a gift to give with that heart of hers............are you the one???  All Raven wants is to have her own forever person to love and to never, ever have to move again.  Just look at those lovely eyes of hers!!  Be careful now as she may put you under her 'spell'! 



Raven now has two wonderful Moms, residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted May 7/08)
Pomeroy (aka Teddy Pom Pom)
Male/neutered/shots current
8-9 years old
5 lbs

Angels were looking out for this boy the day we first met. We were shown the doggy in the kennel next to him at the shelter and just happened to look down and say “Oh, what a cutie! What’s his story?”

“Well he is not adoptable because he has a heart problem and his teeth are so bad. Rescue has turned him down so he is scheduled to be PTS tomorrow.”

How do you turn your back on a little guy that even the shelter staff says is the sweetest pom they have ever met? We were not able to so he was swept off to a foster home and then up to our vet who said that his heart problem was not as bad as the shelter thought and started meds right away.

Now Pomeroy (or Teddy Pom-pom as he is called by his foster mom) is running through the house playing with toys, chasing with the other dogs and about to go in to get his teeth cleaned. Teddy is a total lover and cuddlier. He has not met anyone he doesn’t like. He loves his baths and loves to be brushed. Soon he will be ready to go into a new home to spread his special type of Teddy joy to a new family. Do you need an angel at your house? 

Couldn't have found a better home for this special boy, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 8/08)
Please read about this precious girl
Updates on her successful adoption:-)
Super home for a darling dog, residing in Woodinville, WA

(Adopted May 18/08)
Rochester (nka Sparky)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
11 lbs

Have you even met one of those guys at a party that EVERYONE wants to be around?  Super cool, handsome, easy to get a long with and can make friends with everyone he meets? Well, let us introduce you to Rochester!
He is crate trained, plays well with other dogs, loves to snuggle, is ok with cats, is fairly quiet (hey, that's asking a lot from a Pom!)  Walks fine on a leash, but could use some more training thru a rewards based obedience class to work up to strong obedience.
Chester was not potty trained when he came to us, but his foster mom is diligently working on that... he is doing very well.
If you think you are looking to ad a great dog to your family... look no further!
This Pom is the Bomb!

Wonderful loving home for this boy, and in memory of Rusty residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted May 17/08)
Long Haired Chihuahua
12 weeks old
Current weight...3 lbs

Hi! My name is Julianne.  My brother and I are only wee pups, but so far have had a pretty hard life!  You see we were both abandoned in a pet store parking lot.  The good people at the store called animal control to rescue us.  They did and held us for several days- but no one ever claimed us so that's when they called Furbaby Rescue.

Please Note: WE WILL NOT BE ADOPTED TOGETHER... Please do not ask.

For two puppies to grow up together is to make for two developmentally retarded dogs.  Furbaby Rescue loves us too much to do that to us. We deserve our own independent lives to be the best dogs we can be!

I will require  a loving home with no small children,  other adult dogs are a plus for me so preference will be given to homes  with other adult small dogs. I  too was shy when I first came into my foster home, but I am blossoming into a social girl. To make sure I stay that way I will be required to be signed up for a reward based puppy kindergarten class in my new town.  Proof of that class will be required before adoption.

Puppies are a lot of work... we play and poo and sleep then poo some more!  Are you up for that?

Preference will be given to homes with Chihuahua experience.
Great home for this beautiful girl, residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted May 18/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
12 lbs
*this wonderful boy passed away Aug/2014*

Oh what a fun guy I am I love a good squeaky toy and balls they are the best. I am cute, loving and playful what more could you ask for ? I would love to go to the dog park and show off how cute I am and we could have so much fun. Then we could come home have something to eat I could cuddle up on your lap then we could hit the bed for even more cuddle time and as many kisses as you would like. I am also very smart little guy so you could teach me many new thing.

Fabulous home, and in memory of Cindy, residing in Selah, WA

(Adopted May 20/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
11 lbs

Dino is a shy cuddle bug. He is a bit afraid of new people but as soon as he knows he can trust you he wants nothing more than to be in your arms. He loves being petted much more than food. He gets along well with other dogs but if he can’t be next to you he is very content to find a comfy corner and nap until you are ready for him.  He loves to go for car rides, walks well on a leash and knows a few commands.

Dino was brought into the shelter as a stray and was so scared that they did not feel they could place him. Dino would do fine in an apt or condo. He seems OK with any adults but will do better without small kids.

Dino came bouncing out of his cage and crawled into my arms (and my heart). Now he is looking for a forever family who will take him into their arms and hearts. Do you have room?

Sweetheart of a Mom, residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted May 23/08)
Delilah (nka Jasmine)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old
5 lbs

What a beautiful little girl.  She came from the same miller as Liberty, in fact we are pretty sure this is her daughter.  She is very shy with people.  I have heard her bark once. She likes to sleep with you.  If she can't get up on the bed by herself she will whimper a little.  She has been using the doggy door to go outside, but there are occasionally accidents in the house, but we are not sure who it is.

She likes to play with the other dogs.  She will get really excited and run around.  She looks like she wants to play with you.  She will even come up to your hand..  With a leash on she will let you pick her up. And when you do she cuddles so close She is making progress and needs a loving home to bring her out of her shell.  She will only be adopted to a home with another small dog to help her socialization.

Kind and understanding home for this beautiful lil girl, who now has a new Chi brother, residing in Bellingham, WA


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