Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Jan.24/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
19 months old
5 lbs

Callie is a very sweet and affectionate tiny Maltese looking for her forever home. She’s a love bug and really craves being close to you and will follow you about wherever she can.   A little needy at times, but life has changed so much for her in recent weeks that it is no surprise.

She can be slightly timid and shy initially, yet warms up and bonds very quickly with those who care for her.  

This poor sweet girl was dumped at a shelter with an explanation ‘she was having some accidents in the house’.  Her foster mom was surprised as she has not had a single accident at all. She goes outside reliably,  it’s helpful for her to have someone out with her setting a positive example.  She has also reliably used a pee-pad when her foster mom had to be gone for the day. Just to make sure there was no common medical issues she did have an ultrasound and testing done, everything came back good.

She does have a few scavenger habits such as INHALING her food as fast as she can, for this she is currently using a special food bowl that helps to slow her down. Perhaps she was not on a frequent feeding schedule in the past or missed some meals.

Callie gets along great with the small senior dog in her foster home and is really easy going with her.  On the fun side, she loves to go bounding through the yard with glee and twirling around to make you laugh at her spunky antics.

For a tiny fluff she does have a LOUD bark, and will alert you to strange noises and events, or her unhappiness if you have to leave.   She is also a bit of an adventurer at times so she would probably be best suited in a single family home with a secure yard.

She is just now starting to learn some basic commands and would love a family that would continue to work with her on this.

Callie is a gentle angel who will bring joy to your life, laughter to your home, and tiny kisses to melt your heart.


Callie is happily residing in Marysville, WA



(Adopted Jan.27/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 9 years old
16 lbs

Foster mom Michele:  This is the BEST dog.  He has had such a hard life and in spite of it all, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. 


This sweet little dog has been passed around on Craig’s List so many times that it makes us sob. We were finally able to get him out of that cycle, into rescue where he belonged, and give him much needed medical care.

He came to us shaved down with a messy face and we bathed him, trimmed him up, and loved on him.  He, from the first hour here, was “at the ready” for potty outside.  “Come on Jazz let’s go outside” and no matter where he was; he would come running.  We have not seen a single accident in the house.

He is gentle, loving, very undemanding, not at all clingy, pretty quiet, doesn’t bother cats, and  doesn’t bother other dogs.  He minds his own business and accepts whatever attention he is given.

If you read the Furbaby site often you probably have read many “fish stories” about dogs who had the worst mouths.  Sometimes a dog’s mouth will reach a certain point of pulpy infectious disease and that’s the top worse or the bottom worse,  depending on the perspective.  Jazz’ mouth smelled like feces it was so rotten and fetid.  Can you even imagine how painful that must have been for him?  And we are sure he was not offered soft warm food to aid in his ability to take in good nutrition.

His canines were being held in with rotted tissue.  Normally canines require a dental specialist with special skills and tools to be removed.  These were practically flicked out like Chicklets.

The veterinarian, Dr. Rachel, who supervised Jazz’ dental felt so sorry for him, and the post dental pain he was in due to all of the digging and scraping and pulling, that she took him home and nursed him for several days; providing him with really good pain meds so he could sleep during the most painful recovery days. 

He also needed to be neutered but that was really the least of things.

When we get a dog like this whose health and sanity have been so compromised and neglected and they act so sweet and kind; we know we have a gem of a dog.

Jazz will LOVE you.  He will be so grateful for the smallest kindness.  This dog has to be met to appreciate what a treasure he is.  Foster mom Michele can’t say one negative thing about him and she can be a little intolerant sometimes, so that is saying a lot.

This special lil boy has a very special home, and big brother doggie, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Jan.31/12)
Rosie and Chloe
Havanese X
Females/spayed/shots current
10 years old
21 "chubby" lbs
*sweet Rosie passed away Sept/18*

“We are very busy dogs as we have a very important job to do.  Though we were told we are mostly Havanese we think we are sheepdogs.  What do sheepdogs do?  They watch the herd and let the shepherd know if there is danger.  We don’t actually have any sheep to watch so we watch our household, the cats, the dogs, the people, and sometimes we even feel we need to watch over the furniture (sometimes the humans move things and we have our eye on everything.)

We don’t actually do anything other than keep watch and let everyone know that something is going on. 

Ironically, we live with two actual sheepdogs and they are so HUGE that we are terribly intimidated by them and we keep to our own side of the house and use a different outdoor potty area than they do.  We are kindred souls and worked things out quite well.

If you would love to have two dogs who are best friends, never fight or disagree with one another, who greet you with great joyful song and love when you return home, who only want to be near you but looking at the door making sure all is well, AND want some little fluffy sweethearts then you better take a second look at us because you aren’t going to see dogs like us in your lifetime.  We are pretty incredible dogs.

Our foster home has a teen aged boy who dislikes dogs just because when he was 3 years old a terrier chewed up one of his plastic cicadas (like that was OUR fault…we weren’t even born then).  Even HE likes us and gave us the nickname of “Sheepies” because he thinks we look like sheep. 

As you can see in the picture even when you go into the bathroom we may follow you in, get in position and watch out the door.  Nothing gets by our four eyes.

We are healthy dogs.  Maybe we do TOO much watching and not enough doing and before we came to our foster home we didn’t have a good diet.  Sometimes people who can’t walk their dogs anymore try to compensate by giving them more food.  It doesn’t make any sense but that is what happened to us.  Now we are on a diet and we would love a home that would take us out walking so we can all stay in shape together. 

Super family, who have gotten these girls slim and trim, residing happily in Federal Way, WA


(Adopted Feb.15/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
14 lbs

WOW!!!!!! Do you have any idea how much I cost new? I slipped into my foster mom's computer room while she was napping and I typed in "Bentley" to the Google search engine. There aren't that many Bentley's in the world but they average around $190,000. I mean I'm in shock!!! I can't wait for foster mom to wake up so I can tell her how valuable I am.  

(Two hours later) Drat!!! Foster mom was really sweet but she sure burst my bubble. Those other Bentley's are cars!! Seriously? That much money for a car and they don't even wag their tail at you?  Humphhh!!! I'm just as valuable as they are and more so which makes me really wonder why I was dumped in a shelter. Foster Mom said there are some people who just can't afford Bentley's and shouldn't own them if they could afford them. Maybe that's why I had some horrific dental problems, my ears were a mess and I had some kidney stones. But Furbaby Rescue saw to it that I had all the medical care I needed. Thank you Furbaby Rescue. Now I'm on the mend and looking better every day and waiting for the person deserving of a Bentley. 

Want to know some comparisons and why I'm better than a fancy automobile? 

I am perfectly housebroken. Cars can leak oil on your garage floor. 

I don't need a garage. Just perhaps a crate or a nice blanket to sleep on. 

I don't require expensive gas in my tank - just some good quality food in my tummy which is cheaper than a tank of gas. And do I like food!!! 

You don't have to insure me like a car and my occasional vet and grooming appointments are cheaper than oil changes and other car maintenance. 

I won't ever require new tires, just toenail clippings. 

No key needed to start me. Just call my name and I'm raring to start my engines and play, run, eat, and make you happy. 

So my last question to you is this? Would you rather have a Bentley that you have to lock up in a secure garage or would you rather have a Bentley who will sit in your lap, look at you adoringly, and romp around you and play like a puppy? 

More questions? There's no car salesmen at the end of the e-mail link so please click on it and inquire about me. You'll hear back from a nice lady who can answer all of your questions. She'll ask you some questions, too, just to be sure that I get a home deserving of a Bentley which just means a very loving, caring, and quality home and someone who is willing to care for me as I any doggie deserves. 

Bentley has a great Mom, and in memory of Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty, residing in Sultan, WA

(Adopted Feb.17/13)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
8 lbs
6 years old

Bijou is an adorable, well behaved, sweet tempered, toy poodle.  He had to say “goodbye” to his owner of these many years because she had to move into an assisted living facility as she can no longer care for herself or him.

As you can see from the pristine condition of his coat; he has been well cared for and very well groomed.  You just don’t see ears like this very often on a poodle in rescue.

He’s a little plump and would benefit from brisk or leisurely walks and a few fewer treats. 

Very often little dogs in particular are very frightened when they first move into our foster homes.  Not Bijou.  He has been comfortable the entire time.  He walked into a new home for the first time into a wall of Sheepdogs and he didn’t blink.  Next two Shih Tzu and a Westie came to meet him.  He said “hello” and ran upstairs and has spent the first hour visiting all of the teen aged boys who are here.

He’s so cute and pretty that temporary foster mom Michele is already calling him “her” and he may get a complex so he should get into a poodle loving home quickly!

He’s little, he’s sweet, he’s friendly, he’s social, he doesn’t bother the cats, he mingles with dogs just fine, can manage stairs, and he’s looking for a home.

Special furbaby for a special young lady, residing in Redmond, WA

Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
3 lbs

Unbelievable, this lil girl lived outside in a dog house, and somehow got a blanket wrapped around her leg, and she ended
up losing her leg.  Happily she is now in a fantastic home, and adored.  Residing in Oak Harbor, WA


(Adopted Feb.23/13)
Walter and Erma
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise
17 months old (B.D. 8/26/11)
24 and 22 lbs

Please watch our video

Hi - my name is Walter and I've been appointed as spokesdog for my sister and I. Yes, we truly are brother and sister and we are bellringers. Yes, you read that right. When we need to go outside to do our thing, we can ring a bell that is tied to the doorknob. How great is that? And since it's our bell from our former home, we get to take it to our new home. 

We are very, very bonded. When we were old enough, we went to a home with a great family but unfortunately the little girl developed allergies to the outdoor particles that came in on our fur and feet. No matter how hard we all tried the allergies wouldn't clear up as long as we were going in and out of doors. We miss that family so much but because we loved them we agreed to find a new home through Furbaby Rescue. Foster mom says we can have another home with children as long as they are over eight years old and we've been endorsed as wonderful dogs for anyone. Perhaps a boy for me and a girl for Erma? 

Now -regarding our appearances. Erma looks like our Cavalier parent and I (Walter) look more like our the Bichon parent. Poor Erma is a bit camera shy and not very photogenic . I tried to convince her to put on some mascara but she wouldn't hear of that. She convinced me that people need to love us as we are, not for how we look with make up. She's probably right but please don't tell her I wrote that. She's such a sweet sister and does have a very soft face and so pretty when you see her in person. You'd probably like her best. *sigh* 

So folks, we are hoping for a home where we can remain together. In fact, the boss (foster mom) insists on that.  We're really hoping for the right home and we promise you won't be sorry. If you want more information, just click the link and ask. 

Oh and before I forget, we love cuddles, we love to give kisses, and we are crate trained.  Just tell us to kennel up at night, and in we go together (well sis does, I am usually too busy kissing you) and you will not hear a peep from us till morning.

These beautiful babies now have a Mom, a beautiful older doggie brother, residing in Freeland, WA

(Adopted Feb.24/13)
Bichon Frise
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
15 lbs

Belle is a delightful little girl who was brought to us after her owner had a stroke which affected vision and feeling on one side, making caring for a dog difficult. 

Belle can’t speak for herself but her owner can and does so better than her foster mom can:

" Thank you, so much for agreeing to take my Belle. I got her last spring from a family that had 4 young children and they
had lost their home. I fell in love with her immediately. She's beautiful, happy, playful, sweet, and  funny, loves car rides
and walks, & loves kids and other dogs. She's 6 years old, housebroken, up to date on her shots, and I had her spayed
shortly after I got her. She had one litter of puppies several years ago and had a difficult time, so she never had puppies
again. She loves to snuggle.

I think she'd be happiest with a family that has a friendly dog for a companion because she had her brother for a playmate
at her previous home and I think that she misses that. She is a bit of an escape artist. Somehow she manages to get out of
fenced yards without digging! We don't know how she does it. So she must be leashed or the yard must be super secure.
 She must never be out walking without a leash because she will run. She loves to run! And she doesn't come back when
 you call her.

She could use some training. I was working with her on pulling the leash, but then I had the stroke. She also tends to
whine when she's unhappy about something. She did that a lot when she first came to us, but after several months of
working with her and loving on her, she hardly does it now. But she probably will when she goes to a new family for
 awhile. They will have to be patient and understand that it takes time.

I trust that you would only allow her to go to a super loving home where she would be happy and never be hurt or abused.
We have never yelled at her so that would really make her sad if someone did. I can't even think about her being treated in
a bad way because she's soooo sweet.


 Losing Belle is almost more than I can bear. She slept right next to me every night and I know she's wondering where I
am. My stepson and his wife have been caring for her and allowing her to sleep with them along with their other dogs! “

  Belle is missing having a mommy and is hoping someone will fall in love with her yet a second time.  "

Belle has a great new Mommy, residing in Redmond, WA


(Adopted Feb.24/13)
French Bulldog
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
12 lbs


Michele              Oh my gosh, Eleni, just look what walked into MY house!  I am completely in love.

Eleni:                    Hmmmmm, a French Bulldog…we sure don’t see many of those in our Rescue.   Can you                                      tell me a little more about him? 

Michele:              Well, the woman who adopted little Jazz from us knew of this dog who was living in a very young and busy family with no time for him and she asked if they would be willing to release him to Furbaby Rescue.  They were delighted to have someone help them find him a good home.  He arrived today and immediately made himself at home and with the exception of one brief flinch at a giant sheepdog, he’s been fine around the other dogs.  He grew up with young children and he’s great with them but he needs a home where he will be walked and engaged.

Eleni:                    Is he a nice dog?

Michele:              He’s an angel.  I love him.  How many dogs do I gush over like that?  He’s adorable, he’s small, cute as can be, sweet, charming, easy going, he pees outside -with a cute tiny leg lift, he’s housebroken.

Eleni:                    Well, I do hope you don’t plan on keeping him? (Asking pointedly)

Michele:              (You know me too well) I sure wish I could but he needs to be shared with the world or at least with someone who can cherish him.  He deserves that.  I’ve been positively squealing with delight all day long…a Frenchie at MY house!  It’s a thrill I can tell you.

Eleni:                    Is there anything else you can tell me about him that potential adopters might not know about?

Michele:              Yes.  I can let them know that there is an amazing community of Bulldog owners who have regular meet ups and social activities so that their dogs can “commune” with their own kind.  Frenchies and the English all can mix and mingle at various doggy day care centers (empty on week ends) and during nice weather, at parks.  It’s a really wonderful group.  Tegan Locker is the driving force behind these meetings and you know what an amazing and loving woman she is.  As you already know, we so rarely see one of these dogs in Rescue and especially one that has been so well cared for.  I’ve been calling him “my little French angel” but he answers better to his given name, “Moby”.

Eleni:                     I will alert the world of his availability.        

Great family for a great lil doggie, residing in Gibson, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb.25/13)
Rat Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
12 lbs

This little girl has a long registered AKC name of “Windy’s Clearbrook Denim”.  She is called “Denim” because of her coloring which is called Blue White.  She really needs a new name!

Denim is a dainty little dog, a bit shy but it’s more due to politeness than lack of self confidence.  She is very polite, curious, and interested in everything going on around her.  She is friendly and affectionate but not overly so.  We haven’t seen her jump up onto things.

Like Suede, who you can see in a couple of the pictures, she is quiet.  She doesn’t seem to whine or bark and she is definitely not yappy.  She has a lovely temperament and is a real sweetheart.  We think she could be a cuddler if given permission to do so.

If you love small terriers with adorable faces you will love Denim.  If you like the rat terrier traits which sometimes include “high strung”, vocal or “yappy”, then Denim will be a disappointment to you.

If you aren’t looking to adopt but are great with names please feel free to contribute your ideas.  Demi, Dena….(Eleni forbids “Daisy” for this one.)


Denim is happily residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted March 3/13)
Rat Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
12 lbs
4 years old

Suede has an AKC registered name of “Clearbrook Suede”.  She looks just like suede so no one ever came up with a different name for her.  She would not mind having a name make over  so her new family can find one that they think fits her.  Foster mom has met her match with this one and can’t use her fallback favorite of “Daisy”. 

Suede is a lovely jumper.  If she were equine rather than canine she would be sought after by the Hunter Jumper clan.  She jumps to try to see through a window if you walk away.  She jumps to get onto things and makes herself quite at home wherever she likes.

She is affectionate as all get out.  She is friendly to anyone she meets.  She would not make a good watch dog.  Recently she waited in the lobby of the vet hospital and people came up to her wanting to know what her breed was, and most people couldn’t get enough of how loving and attentive she was with them.

Suede is a lovely little girl who wants to please you and make YOU happy.  She is pretty self confident and charming.  She has lived around a lot of dogs and is comfortable with them.  She had not had much experience with people and the outside world but in 24 hours has figured out a lot of things and is okay with them.  She is very smart and would be a great dog to take to training classes, earth dog, or agility we guess.  You can apply for a scholarship from Friends for Life to take positive training classes wherever you live; which is pretty special.

She is shown with another little girl but they are not bonded sisters by any means; just friends.  Suede would likely be able to become friends with any nice dog.  If you are looking for a pair that already get along, though her friend, “Denim” in the photos with her, would be ideal.


Suede has new doggie friends to romp with, residing in Maple Valley, WA

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