Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted July 7/08)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Yes, yes, yes, I NEED a groom...but you see the webmaster of this site, which is the Founder of Furbaby Rescue, is going on vacation for two weeks, so she told all her volunteers, that any of us doggies needed to get up for adoption, and the rest can happen later.

Bear is a great Bichon. He is 99.9% house trained. Bear really just likes to be with his person, who he just falls in love with.

He is a small guy who is all of 14 pounds  He does like to sleep in you bed he is a doll. The person who adopt this dog is going to be one happy person with their new baby bear to love each other..

Wonderful new home residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 7/08)
Lucky Lady
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 9 years old
5 lbs
*sadly Lady crossed to the bridge in June/11 from kidney failure, her Mom adored her*

Lucky Lady is a sweet little dog who shy at first but in a few days she will shower you with love. She wants to be in your lap as much as she can. She is a great cuddlier when it come time to go to sleep and she does not take up to much room. She is doing great going potty outside as long as you make sure she goes out. Lucky is dog who loves her family and really does not want other people touching her when she is out.

But in your home she will let others pet her if she gets to be the one to come to them.

She is a mature gal, but she sure does not act her age she loves to play with her buddy Hank he who is also up for adoption check him out, two is always better then one.

Lucky was given up due to a new baby in the house she was very heart broken to lose her family.

She would love to warm your heart and have you baby her she is 5 pound of pure love.

Residing happily in Tacoma, WA the constant companion for the teenage son:-)

(Adopted July 8/08)
Boris (nka Kodiak)
Tibetan Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
App. 18 months old

What a beautiful loving boy! Boris was terrified when he was brought into the shelter as a stray but it took him no time at all to warm up once he was out. This boy loves being petty and stroked. He melts into a puddle in your arms. He is good on a leash and in the car. A calm sweet dog with a mind of his own, Boris can usually be found in a high place: on the back of the couch, the pillow piled up on the windowseat or even the stack of clean towels on the dryer. He is perfectly house trained and does well with other dogs. Boris will be a welcome addition to any family who is lucky enough to get him.

Great home, for a great lil boy, residing in Moses Lake, WA

(Adopted July 13/08)
Long Haired Chihuahua
2 years old

Nemo is proof positive that good things come in small packages!  This 8-lb. cutie is housebroken, alert and playful, always up for a brisk walk or a gentle tummy rub.  Nemo is very affectionate and loves to be the focus of attention – which means his preferred location is sharing the couch or chair with you:  tucked up next to you, in your lap, or across the backrest with his head on your shoulder.  During the night he burrows under the bedcovers and is an excellent foot warmer.  In true Chihuahua style, Nemo is a wonderful watchdog who will bark at strange noises or knocks on the door.  He takes his barking seriously, though, and is not a yapper.  When walking on a leash Nemo can be assertive, especially with large dogs.  He plays well with small dogs and really enjoys the company of other Chihuahuas .  Nemo’s dream home will be kid-free, with lots of toys and an attentive adult who appreciates his curiosity and sense of fun.  A fenced yard would be great, but isn’t mandatory.  Above all, Nemo requires a lifelong commitment – in return he will give boundless devotion and love.  
Great home with another darling doggie, residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted July 13/08)
Havanese X
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
15 lbs

Information hopefully soon..
Well we never did get a write-up for this very popular lil fellow, he is now happily residing in Redmond, WA


(Adopted July 14/08)
12-14 months old
11 lbs

Evan is a beautiful spirited little boy. He can be cuddly and loving and a happy playful puppy. Evan was clearly loved and spoiled by his first home. He is house trained, gets along well with other dogs, rides well in the car and loves to go for walks.

Unfortunately Evan belonged to owners who also set no limits with him and when he doesn’t get his way or decides he does not want to be touched Evan can bite. In foster care Evan has been working on learning limits and especially on learning bite inhibition. He is a smart little boy and a quick learner and is now ready to go to home with an experienced dog owner who will continue to work on these lessons and bring out the beautiful smart loving puppy that Evan was meant to be.

Now residing in Sultan, WA in the Maltese Manor (or Heaven) as we refer to this wonderful woman and her devotion to these lil Maltese, along with Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, Tobias, and Nakita...we could not be happier for lil Evan

(Adopted July 23/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
13 lbs
*sweet Princess nka Sopie, passed away April 6/19, she was adored*

Princess is a true princess. She loves people, is a great cuddler and loves to be held in your arms. She dances for treats and loves to go for car rides.

Princess has a phobia of big dogs. She was attacked by a big dog a couple years ago. During that attach her left shoulder was dislocated and since it was never treated it healed a bit crooked. This does not slow down a princess. Our vet says that her body has healed around her leg and created a new shoulder joint that is just a couple of inches over from the old one.

Princess does well with other dogs but prefers not to live with small children. Visiting children have not been a problem. She loves having a yard but also has lived in an apt.

Do you have room for royalty in your life?

Wonderful home was found for this endearing lil Princess, residing in Burlington, WA

(Adopted August 2/08)

Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
5 lbs

Hank is a sweet little guy who is all of five pounds. He is very animated. He is still shy with people  as he was a puppy mill dog so we will need to be in a home with another dog similar to him in size who is already socialized. But if you don't have another dog in the home you can check out his buddy Lucky Lady who he is very fond of. Hank is doing very well at learning to go potty outside. He does want to sleep with you in your bed. Hank need reassurance that people are safe to hold him this is still very new to him.

Hank will need a very secure yard and a house that is somewhat calm. Hank loves to get treats from you and is eager to please. The great thing about Hank is you will be able to see him bloom from a mill dog to a dog who is loved and cared and he will be a great little friend for life.

Fabulous home, now residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Aug.7/08)
Max & Well
Males/neutered/shots current
Max (22 lbs) Well (24 lbs)
6 years old

Max and Wellie were turned in to the animal shelter by their owners.  They kept escaping and getting picked up by Animal Control.  Their owners must not have tried very hard to keep them in, because they have not yet escaped from their foster home!  

The shelter was told the Max and Wellie are brothers, and we do believe that to be true.  They are very sweet, friendly, cuddly and fun dogs.  Max loves to play with a ball and Wellie just likes hanging around being cute!  They get along well with all dogs but will also stand up for themselves if they get picked on.  They are also fine with cats.  They have been to see the vet and are in good health.  Though there were a couple of over night “accidents” in the house at first, for the most part they do seem to be housebroken.  Their foster mom believes that they were just a bit off their regular schedule in their new environment.  They would do very well in house with a doggie door (though this isn’t necessary) and a securely fenced yard as they enjoy going outside.

We don’t know about small children but we think they would do well with older children.  They do like to go for rides in the car, though they can get a bit excited about it.  They also get a bit excited about walking on the leash and like to pull, but we don’t think it will take much work at all to teach them to walk more politely.  They are such love bugs and only want to please!  These boys will provide the right person or family with lots of love and joy!  

Super family now residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted Aug.9/08)
Miniature Pinscher X
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
App. 3 years old
*sweet Randy crossed the bridge May 15/19*

Randal is a great little dog from his black button eyes to his beautiful shiny black coat. He was shy at the shelter but quickly overcame that shyness to become an outgoing friendly little boy.

Randall likes car rides and walks and cuddling up under the covers with his person .                                                                                              
Randall is obviously a dog with some history as his battered nose shows. Since he was a stray we don't what happened to him, though it looks like he was bitten and the wound just allowed to heal without stitches. Luckily for Randall only the soft tissue was damaged so that even though he looks a bit beaten up it poses no health problems.

Randall gets along well with other dogs his size. He does not like small children and cats are a complete unknown. He seems to like women better than men but does warm up to men once he has a chance to get to know them. Randall is waiting for just the right family to look beyond his banged up nose to the loving happy boy within. 

Fabulous home, with another lil Min Pin mix residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Aug.17/08)
Chinese Crested Powder Puff
Female/spayed/shots current
3-4 years old
17 lbs

Gwen is a lovely Chinese Crested Powderpuff who was lucky to escape the puppy mill life and find her way into rescue.  Someone gave her this silly haircut, but when her coat grows back she will be just stunning!  Her hair is very silky and it will be long and flowing.  She will need brushing several times weekly to prevent mats from forming.

  If you are not familiar with Chinese Cresteds, please do some research.  They are a delightful breed!  Cresties are also natural born sight hounds so will give chase to birds, mice, squirrels ect.  Because of this, a fenced yard is preferred.

  Gwen is a bit shy when she first meets you, but warms up quickly and will become your velcro dog in quick order.  She is doing well on the leash and will need a family willing to work with her further on basic commands and socialization.  She is very athletic and loves to zoom across the yard at warp speed with my other dogs.  Play, play, play!

  Pretty Gwen is ready for her own forever family to love!  She would benefit greatly if she could also have a canine buddy of similar size to help build her confidence.  She is very bonded to several of my dogs here and they are helping her burn energy and learn more new things.

Special home was found, now residing with Dorian, in Seattle, WA

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