Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 18/10)
Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
8 lbs
3 years old

Mogi was found in a strip mall in Feb 2010.  He was almost feral, because he had been on the streets for about a year living on cat food left out in back yards for stray cats, he has come such a long way and needs a good loving home to complete his life story. 

He had been hit by a car and had been suffering from a broken hip and broken left leg for months before he was rescued.  Since the injury was sustained months earlier, when he was less than a year old and he had grown so much, the parts did not fit back together well.  The bones' blood supply had also been compromised which left the bone too weak and unhealthy to hold the necessary hardware to stabilize the leg so after 2 surgeries on the left back leg which were unsuccessful, it was necessary to amputate the leg in April/10.  His hip has healed “good enough” as long as his weight is always maintained .   He does not know what junk food is and does not beg which are behaviors that work to his favor.  He has been a trooper through the whole ordeal and bounced back in no time.

Mogi has so much spunk and such a great spirit and grows more and more trustworthy of people every day.  He did not even understand the concept of play when he first arrived in foster care,  but now he plays with his stuffed toys like clockwork every morning.  He is a very independent little guy and entertains himself by throwing his toys high in the air and attacking them when they hit the ground.  They don’t stand a chance - ever.  Mogi happily rushes to your side for hugs and loves a good game of toy-tuggy.  His best environment would be with someone who has time for him and just wants to love him.  He likes other small dogs and could care less if a cat is around as long as it does not try to attack him.  He is leery of big dogs and will growl if he is intimidated, as all small dogs do. There is a large dog who is residing with him, and they play all day long.  He loves the dog park and chasing his little ball. He does not always bring it back though.   At least not yet but he is getting the hang of it. Now if YOU were to become the very special person to become Mogi's Forever Human, we know you could have him doing the "bring back" in no time. For now, how about just applying to adopt Mogi and "bring him back" to your home? 

Thank you Lynn Gilbert of Idaho, for making a donation to help lil Mogi

Lil Mogi has a wonderful home residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted July 4/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
20 lbs

Hey, where's the dog named Tuttles?  I read that he needed a couple of extra pounds and I have a couple I could give to him permanently. Yup, as most of us females experience, the pounds creep on before you know what happened. Sheeesh!!!!  I have this long body and these very short little legs that make it difficult to use an exercise bike so I'm interviewing forever homes looking for someone who would like to walk with me. 

No one knows for sure what breed I am but the best guess is either a Westie/Bichon or a Westie/Poodle and those are pretty good breeds, don't you think? For a while they were making fun of my nose until I got groomed but now they're all oooohhhhing and ahhhhhing over me and saying "What a little cutie!" Heh, heh, heh,  You never know what's under the surface. 

I appear to be a little shy of men but when this one human dude gets on the floor to play with me and pets me, I let it be known that I'm trying to be friends. He seems pretty nice so if there was a man in the household just ask him to be a little extra patient and I'll become his best friend after I keep an eye on him for a while. Ladies are really easy for me to warm up to. 

Other than that, I'm just a great little dog. Happy, outgoing, happy to be alive and will be even happier with a forever home. Did I mention I was a HAPPY DOG? Oops, almost forgot, I know basic commands so you can add "smart" to the list of my qualities.

My rescue Mom says absolutely no small children in the house. They can visit me but none full time. And I'll need an experienced dog owner. If you've never had a dog before, you might want to go look at Tuttle and take him two of my extra pounds. Or my friend Issaac, we all play together.

Did I just hear someone click on the link to request an application for me?   I sure hope so!

Ah lil Sara has the best home, now residing with Connor in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted July 4/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
8 lbs

Inca is a pure delight.  Originally brought in to our local animal shelter as a stray,  she was not thriving at the shelter so she came to Furbaby Rescue.  Boy.... I guess all she needed was a safe and secure home!  She sure is thriving now!

Loves people, and other dogs.  She is comfortable around cats too.  She is playful and sweet.  An angel.  She is potty trained (using a dog door)  Insists on sleeping under the covers ( like any good Chihuahua would)  but by the end of the night she ends up with her head on the pillow....heaven.

Happily residing in Kamloops, B.C. Canada


(Adopted July 10/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs


Isaac is like velcro or super glue. He was already attached to his foster mother within one day so if we tell him he's going to his foster home, he'll probably be 100% yours before you pull into your driveway. 

We've learned that Isaac can be left alone without making messes or creating any problems HOWEVER as for any dog, we'd really like to know Isaac gets a home where he isn't left alone all day. Perhaps just a few hours at a time rather than an entire day. Eight to ten hour days get pretty long for any dog and Isaac deserves better than that. 

Isaac loves to play with squeaky toys and he runs and jumps like an athlete (and a lot times right into your lap)

This is one dog that we can happily say can go to a home with another dog or he could be happy being an only "dog-child". Isaac only has one need. He is a dog that will want to share your bed. If you don't care for that, Isaac isn't your boy. But if you don't mind a gorgeous 10 pound furry ball of love snuggled in for the night, he just might be your boy. 

Isaac has a new Mom and Dad, residing in Lake Stevens, WA

(Adopted Aug.22/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 months old
6 lbs

Please watch Jordy's video


I am a dog with goals and I'm not talking soccer or football. I'm talking goals of earning Dog of the Year, Most Brilliant Dog, and ahhhhhhhh - MOST LOVED DOG EVER !!!  But I need your help because I'm not old enough for a driver's license yet so I can't get to those classes by myself and I don't understand public transit so how about this? First of all, as with all puppies, you need to help me with House Breaking 101 so I can earn my first award - The DO IT OUTSIDE AWARD. Then I think attending Puppy Kindergarten together would be ideal because I am a bit shy. That would help me gain self confidence and perhaps an award of MOST IMPROVED DOG AWARD. Then we can go on from there depending on what we both enjoy. I wouldn't mind going on walks, and car rides, and play time with other dogs. Oh, that reminds me, I really need another small dog in the home to help teach me the right way to act like a good dog. I started my life in a puppy mill so I missed a few of the basics of socialization skills but I'm going to earn that BEST SURVIVOR AWARD, too. And you know what? There's no doubt in my mind that you will earn BEST HUMAN AWARD in no time at all.


Now there's just a thing or two I'm missing - One is YOU and the second is your last name to put on the certificates I'm going to get. I don't want it to say "Awarded to Jordy What's-his-name." 


You can be nominated for Best Human Award by applying to adopt me at.......................

We are receiving numerous inquires on this boy, please read his write up, requirements are:
1. Adult Home, no children under 12
2.  Fenced yard preferred
3. Another small dog is a MUST.  

Residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Aug.28/10)
Schnoodle (Schnauzer/poodle)
Female/spayed/shots current
20 months old (will be 2 in Nov)
12 lbs

Would someone please explain to me why a Schnoodle (me) can't have Snickerdoodles?  Hmmm, I'm nice and trim at 12 lbs. so it shouldn't be about weight gain.  I got caught using my jumping skills and got into some people food once and I heard some mumbo-jumbo about those aren't good for dogs.  *sigh* Well, I'll just substitute something better for those goodies. How about some love?  and long walks?  and car rides! OH YEAH, CAR RIDES are better than Snickerdoodles by a long shot. Yes! I can do it especially if you drive up to those places where people are in the window handing out doggie treats! I think they're called drive through windows. 

I'm also very intelligent and I can jump 10 story buildings in a single bound. Well, maybe it would be more realistic to say I can jump into your lap in one easy bound. I can fetch, I'm house trained. I'll be happy playing by myself especially if I have my favorite stuffed squirrel or I'll play with other furry friends. Cats are OK and if I forget and think it's another dog, just remind me and I'll treat the cat nice. In fact it would be really nice to have another furkid in the household or one human at home much of the time. I'm not really needy or clingy but I like to know I belong and then I like to know where those who love me are. 

I'm housetrained. and my groomer gives me an A+ for behavior.  I know commands like sit, down, shake and if I'm in the right mood I might do a stay. I can get a little barky if a stranger shows up but pet me gently, and tell me in a gentle voice that you want the person to visit and I'll settle down quickly.   

Last but not least, I'll give up on hoping for Snickderdoodles but I really will want to sleep on the bed with you. Could you allow me to do that? 

I have an all around wonderful spirit, I am sweet, funny and will make you smile:-)

Wonderful home where she is doted on, residing on Camano Island, WA


(Adopted Sept.17/10)
Boston Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
6 months old
*Kiwi ended up having serious seizures, and one took her life and she crossed the bridge Mar.1/16, she had the best parents, she was blessed for the years she had*

Are you looking for a BUNDLE OF FUN?  well... look no further, I'm here!  My name is Kiwi, I adore other dogs,  love people and can't wait to meet you!  I am a young girl who needs more training, but am really a rock star so far!  I am potty trained and everyone says I am a joy to be with.  I do have lots of energy, so no couch potatoes please.  I am young, so I do have mandatory obedience for my adoption with you.  Hope to see you soon!

My previous medical records show I had one seizure but nothing since and my bloodwork up was normal.  Furbaby Is getting me to the vet this week to have that evaluated...I'll  keep you posted.

Residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Sept. 25/10)
 Chinese Crested Powderpuff 
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
12 lbs

How often have you seen a gorgeous tri color silky coated Chinese Crested Powder puff?  See that cute picture above?  That's me!

I don't want to burden you with my past but I'm pretty proud of all that I have overcome so I'll tell you a little bit. 

I was used as a breeding sire for most of my five years.  I lived in a box which was pretty awful.

Furbaby Rescue busted me out of that place with one of my sons and I have been able to live with some nice people while I get used to being out in the air, out with people, and doing some fun things.  A very nice lady named Sue took care of me for a long time and I will always love her.  She did so much for me.  She even got me to the point where I wanted to sleep with her in her bed.  She taught me some commands so I feel pretty special!

I don't bite...I don't have a mean bone in my body.  I'm just scared.  I won't be easy at first.  But I will be one of the best dogs you ever had and definitely one of the prettiest if I do say so myself.  I'm in a new foster home now and I really think I'm ready to find my forever home.  Really it would be my first time home. 

I'm proud to know that my son got adopted out to some special people.  I'm hoping someone special will ask for me, too.

Love Mookie

Super home for this scared lil boy, residing in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted Oct.16/10)
Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old
9 lbs

Watch her video: Nala goes to school

Miss Nala,  or as she is often called Nala Sweet... as she is an amazing puppy.  A touch shy at first, but that is quickly resolved with a kind voice of hello.  She is ADORABLE, very playful, kind, generous, and a bundle of love.  And lets get serious.. who can resist those ears!

She adores other dogs, cats and people.  She can't wait to play, romp and be silly.  She requests a home that has a doggie playmate or at least frequent romps with friends.  She is learning to use her doggie door,  and catching on to potty training.  She is crate trained and learning to walk well on a leash.

Nala has a requirement of a Reward Based Obedience Class at the location of your choice for her adoption. Proof of sign up is required prior to finalizing the adoption. 

Financial assistance is available for her training class if needed.  Please visit

Nala got a great home, residing with Mookie above in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted Oct.23/10)
4 years old (will be 5 in December)
11 lbs

Sebastian is Looking Right at YOU !!! 

Have you ever felt like someone or some animal is looking right into your soul? That's the feeling we get with Sebastian when you see his soulful eyes. Would you agree as you look at these photos? 

This little 5 year old is very sweet and well mannered and his foster mother says she still hasn't heard him bark! He does whine when his favorite person is out of his sight but we have to believe that in time and as he gains confidence that he's truly in his forever home, that little whine will subside.  

Sebastian is a pure gentleman when it comes to cats and he loves everyone he meets. He also like to sleep next to you at night and how could you object? How much room can a 11 pound little guy take up? And remember, the Bichon/Maltese breed is a non-shedding/non allergenic breed so why not enjoy a warm little body near you each night? Winter is coming, you know? 

Just a reminder to anyone interested - Every single dog, no matter how perfect, will need your help to show them the ropes in their new home i.e. what is expected and what the schedule is for a happy home for all. Most dogs don't read minds very well so it's up to we humans who foster and adopt to patiently help them adjust to a new home and schedule. 

We know YOU could be the PERFECT person for Sebastian, so why not take a moment now to apply for him? 

This great lil boy is happily residing in Bellingham, WA

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