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(Adopted Oct. 27/02)

Cocker Spaniel X
Female/spayed/shots current
25 lbs
5 years old

Am I not the cutest furbaby that you have ever seen. Yes, I am a bit conceited, but it is hard to be humble when you are as great as I am. I like children, cats, other dogs, ride well in a car, walk great on a leash and listen to my person very well. I had an operation to repair my eye as I had something called Cherry-Eye, I don't remember any cherries, but they said I needed it fixed so off I went to get it fixed. It was not bad and I got lots of treats after the surgery because I had been such a great patient. I love treats, especially knuckle bones. Wende says it is all better and that I am healed up nicely, so you see I am even prettier now that I don't have cherries in my eyes. I am very well mannered and really don't bark much, in fact I have not barked since I came to live here. I really see no need to be loud, it is very UN"LADY"LIKE  and I am quite the lady. I do love to play and have fun but I also like to cuddle with my person or persons.


(Adopted Nov. 02)

Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old

As far as we can tell, Liza is a beagle/doxie mix, but no one told her, so she has a completely doxie personality (and body).  Her markings, eye and pretty ears show her beagle ancestry. Liza came into the shelter with stitches still in her eye that had been removed and no one knows what happened to the eye, but she seems to have adjusted very well.  She is alert, confident and very intelligent.  She is very curious and has to investigate anything new in the house.  She loves to ride in the car and likes exploring new places.  She loves to burrow into blankets and to curl up next to you for a nap.  She leans into you as you pet her and likes to curl up at your feet if you are busy at the computer or watching TV.  She has obviously belonged to someone and really wants someone of her own to love and bond with.  Liza tends to be a little dominant so she would probably do best as an only dog or with one other dog.  She is a special little dog and will make someone a faithful, stouthearted friend and companion. Liza foster home, decided to keep her, as they love her, unfortunately we found out Liza has cancer, and her time may be limited, but whatever time she has, she will know love and happiness...residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Nov.3/02)

Female/spayed/UTD shots
5 years
35 pounds
Hi, my name is Brie. I am like the cheese, gentle and smooth. I will melt into your arms and quietly be your best friend. I love fluffy beds and walks around the neighborhood. My hair is a bit short at the moment as I was a homeless furbaby for awhile. I was found on the streets of Oregon City and they took me to this shelter with lots of other furbabies with no homes. Wende, from Furbaby Rescue came to see me and I put my head on her lap, that was it for her...HOME I went with her!!! I got groomed and some shots at the Vet and this week they are going to clean my teeth and remove this fatty lump I have on my chest. The Vet told Wende that it is nothing to worry about, just a fatty tumor, it sure feels yucky, glad it will be gone soon. It sure is nice to have a place to curl up in and lots of toys and treats to eat. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I love going for rides in the car and shopping trips to the Doggie Department Store are so much fun. I just wish I had my OWN credit card so I could buy lots and lots of great toys and treats.

(Adopted Nov. 16/02)
Dachshund Standard
Male/neutered/shots current
29 lbs
9 months old

            Beau is an absolutely wonderful puppy. He is loving and playful but not a chewer and, so far, not a digger. He is great with the other dogs and seems to love the neighbor kids that come over to play and walk the dogs. He walks well on a leash and understands “no” and “go lay down” but could use some work on some other commands like “come”.  He loves to play ball and is learning to bring it back and drop it. He is basically full-grown and mostly housebroken (he has had a couple of accidents when I have been gone for over 8 hours).
Beau thinks he is a lap dog and really wants to sleep in the bed. He doesn’t jump on people and only barks when the other dogs get him started.
 Beau needs a home with a fenced yard. He would do well with another dog, though he was an only dog in his first home. He would love to be part of an active family, but most of all he wants a person to love him and give all his doggy love to.
Has a super family, fun loving child, great Dad and Mom...happily living in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Nov. 16/02)
Tissy (nka Abby)
Cocker Spaniel
Female /spayed, shots utd
10-11 months old
18 lbs...

Now do you want to met the most adorable, tenacious, but a little bit stubborn wonderful, cute lil girl...
My name is Tissy, I will sit, stay and come (ah heck sometimes) listen folks I am a baby...foster Mom is not sure if I have grown into my feet yet, or I will just have these adorable snow feet...I am a very very petite cocker...smaller than a Schnauzer, and about the same size as a Shih Tzu...I am friendly, loving, playful, and just full of myself. I will love to be in an outgoing family, I will be great with kids, over 10..I love other dogs, love to play, and love to get into mischief, so I will need a bit of training, but really I only need patience, so I can grow up to be a wonderful young lady...I like to be by my person, but part of that is my insecurity...I need to know I will continue to be loved and not tossed away again....
So if you want a great, outgoing lil girl, here I am...I do not destroy anything, but I am kept busy with other lil furkids and am adored by my foster if you love Cockers, you will be happy with me...but spend time with me, I need to have a family who wants to give me a bit of time and lots of love...and boy will I love you back....
Abby has a wonderful family, Dad is a hoot, and Mom super nice, and a new sister dog Cassie...and a few cats to chase around with...happily residing in Everett, WA

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