Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted July 21/04)
Male /neutered/ shots current
7 months old
7 lbs

Tippy is a dollbaby, he would love to have a playmate, a role model of a dog old enough to show him the way, but young enough to play and romp with,  because this boy loves to play...when he is unsure of you, he can act out, but once this boy knows who you are, he will cover you in kisses, and be your best friend...he is wonderful...more information soon.. no small children..
Tippy went to a very special family, I had the pleasure of meeting them through Tara (a wonderful young lady who supported Sydney and all our rescues) who introduced me to Hannah, another special young woman, and her great family...Tippy is one lucky boy indeed...thank you Hannah also for your support for our rescue babies..and your parents are very special also...residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted July 31/04)
Rat Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 1 year old
20 lbs

We believe Frodo is a mix, but not positive, and he may be a Rat Terrier/Jack Russell...he is a very very happy boy, if you love the terrier spirit, Frodo surpasses that and more, he is active, but absolutely not hyper, he is a cuddlier and a lover, he will look at you with his eyes, and they melt your heart, to look in his eyes, makes you want to cherish and always take care of such a unique and special boy, the family that adopts this boy, will be extremely lucky.  I have fostered hundreds, and over a thousand dogs, and I have meet Terriers, but my heart still always belonged to the Shih Tzu and Lhasa, but along came this boy, I had tried to explain this exceptional boy to many, but they maybe thought I was bias...and along came Megan and Mark, they wanted to met the dog I raved about, and they were taken under his charm immediately..everything I said, they saw...his eyes are so soft, and he sees into you, and you see into him, he is astounding..well this young couple have a wonderful dog, but also they are everything I had dreamed for him, outgoing couple, adventurous, hiking, walking, playing..all the things that Frodo would thrive on...thank you M & M..
Frodo with his new family residing in Sammish, WA

(Adopted Aug. 20/04)
Maltese X
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
App. 7 lbs

Do you ever have those days, where you feel tired or depressed? I have the perfect remedy for you, his name is Scooby.  This little boy will make you laugh, or at the very least smile.  Scooby wears his heart on his sleeve (I mean on his paws:-) He will shower you with love and devotion.  Scoob is housebroken, loves other little dogs, going for car rides, taking a walk with you, and he loves his doggy bed, but most of all just being close to you.  If he could, he would crawl right inside you.  Please be careful, because one look from him, AND YOUR HEART WILL BE STOLEN.
Scooby needs an adult home, because little toddlers make him nervous.  Another thing that this little angel needs is a fenced yard, he loves being outside playing, and just resting on the porch, but then will come inside for some lap time.  Are you the person for this special little one?..Scooby has found that special person, who just lost her wonderful companions to old Scooby can fill that void, being loved and adored in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Aug. 22/04)
Havanese (possible mix)
Male/neutered/shots current
2.5 years old
16 lbs

If you have 10 minutes to spare, I will show you, that I can love you, I am uncomfortable for a small amount of time with someone I don't know, and will growl...if you get past that, you will find a loving boy, who is kind of quiet, reserved, but if I see something tasty, I will sit up and give you my wave....I am uncomfortable with dominant dogs, fine with dogs that are kind...I love to sleep cuddled with you, I want to bond deeply with someone...
I was said to be a Lhasa mix...but Havanese is my predominant breed...which explains a lot of my  reserved personality, till he finds his person to love....I am a bit possessive of my no children please...
Levi now resides with a very nice couple, who say he is the "light of their lives" they have issues to work through, but adore this boy, residing in Friday Harbor, WA

(Adopted Aug.24/04)
Dachshund X
App. 2 years old
Male/neutered/shots current

Willie is a young doxie mix..not sure what he is mixed with, he weighs 21 lbs, and is 1-2 years old... Willie absolutely loves to play with toys, and play hard, we find that Willie can get along with other dogs, but he seems that he first goes into protection mode, till he realizes the other dog is not a threat, he may be best suited to be with a female, but we think he would be fine with the right male dog. Willie is a lover, he loves to be with you, play, be by your side, he is a good boy...he has had some training, knows, sit, down and a couple of other commands, but will need work on refreshing...he is housetrained. No children, an adult only home..Willie  has a great new life, with a wonderful couple, and their absolutely beautiful Beagle, residing in Oak Harbor, WA


(Adopted Aug. 25/04)
Bizzie (nka Pili)
Pom/Cairn Terrier ?
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs

Pili went to a fabulous home in Seattle, where he will be absolutely adored

(Adopted Aug.29/04)
Misha (Little Bear)
Male neutered/shots current
App. 7 years old
10 lbs

Misha is a kick, he is so full of himself, he struts, he is a very affectionate boy, wanting to be where you are, or putting his paws on your leg to be picked up, and give you little kisses...he is a doll, he had a slight accident with a Shar-Pei (as you can see on his ear, don't worry the fur will grow back, just had to shave and clean it up) who didn't think he was real cute, cause Misha has no problem barking right in another dog's face, if he is miffed.  Misha does have a slightly enlarged heart, x-rays were taken to determine this, now being on proper meds, the vet feels he can have years ahead of him.  And sadly he is blind in one eye, but you only have to meet this boy, to realize he has no handicaps, just a zest for life, and to be loved.
Misha was so fortunate, to get such a loving, and caring family, who will do whatever they need to keep him healthy and happy, residing in Bonney Lake, WA

(Adopted Sept.13/04)
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3-4 years old
App. 14" Weight 21 lbs

This is one darling dog, was seen by a very very special family, and she is now happily rehomed, in one of the best homes we could have dreamed of for her...she is so adored, and a special thanks to this very wonderful home...

(Adopted Oct.1/04)
Pam (nka Shannon)
Cocker Spaniel
Female spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old
* Shannon passed away in the summer of 07, she was such a dedicated lil girl to her owner*

Pam is a great dog.  She loves walks, car rides and doggy beds.  She likes to wander around her yard and curl up under your chair.  She is housetrained, loves people and is a real dear.  Pam can be a little growly with other dogs at first but does fairly well with them once she is used to them.  She is fine with cats.  She mostly ignores other animals and just concentrates on her people.  Pam has not always had the best care, but for all of that she is in excellent health.  When she came to us both her ears and eyes were infected.  With treatment and a change to a better food those have cleared up completely and stayed good.  However because of poor care her hearing is effected; Pam is not deaf but she is certainly hard of hearing.  She has had all of her shots, teeth cleaned, ears flushed, micro-chipped and groomed.
Adult home only.
Pam was adopted by a super couple, their life style consisted of living in a motor home, and traveling, Pam became protective of her home, too much, with her owners she was wonderful, but this lifestyle will not work for her....
Pam has a great home now, who is very dedicated to working with this girl...our hearts and paws are crossed on her success...residing happily in Seattle, WA...
Well darling Pam was not successful, but now she is, our wonderful foster home, that we once had here in Custer, WA had moved to Arizona, and she decided that Pam needed to come there, and live her life as a free spirit, loved and adored...and Pam now is very happy...till the end of her days.

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