Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted March 7/12)
9 years
14 lbs
*sweet Pickles passed from liver cancer Sept.10/15*

When you are looking for a Pomeranian, you are probably prepared for an active and yappy little dog, it’s what the breed can be known for.

So…what do you do if you are looking for an adorable Pomeranian with a little fuzzy wuzzy bear coat, who is quiet and does not make a lot of noise?  What if he’s affectionate, sweet, energetic, completely well balanced in all ways AFTER being displaced at least twice due to owner surrender?  (Due to unfortunate health circumstances in both instances.)

You have a dilemma on your hands, that’s for sure. 

Pickles is a wonderful little dog who charms everyone who meets him.  He is such a calm and well adjusted little dog that he simply “goes with the flow”.  He loves to ride in the car and is very good at that.  He loves to dart about freely off leash in a secure environment and will go for walks just as readily.

What if you learned that all of this calm and gentle behavior was in spite of having horrendous abscesses in his gums which were very painful?  The poor little guy had 11 teeth removed

We would, and WILL, tell you that this is a gem of a little dog. 

We can’t decide if we love him with his little bear coat or if we can’t wait to see it all grow out (you can see in one of the before pictures) and watch him poof out before our eyes.  We don’t think he will be around that long because this is a really terrific dog, who would make a wonderful pet and companion for almost anyone.  He looks like a puppy but he’s more mature than that which is probably partly why he’s so settled.  He’s been loved all of his life, treated well, and been able to weather losing his home twice.  We are hoping that he will find one more forever family and that will be that.  But…in the meantime, he’s having a great time with his foster mom , a wild Terrier and a sweet Japanese Chin.

Oh…and we almost forgot.  Pickles, is very smart.  He knows how to HEEL (on the left side), sits when you stop.  If you hold your palm out toward him he will sit, lie down, or stay.  If you want him to “stay” you can do that and say “okay” to release him.  He knows to go get a toy, go play with his toys, go get a drink of water, fetch and catch, sit and wait for you.  He knows “down” and “no jump”.  He is mistrustful of larger dogs.  We are not certain about why he feels this way but perhaps he is just concerned about his safety.

Pickles has another great Mom, residing in Spokane, WA


(Adopted March 9/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
15 (chubby) lbs

WANTED:  HUMAN WHO IS OVERWEIGHT and MISSING TEETH but is otherwise healthy!!!!  OOPS!  I think I have that backwards. I'm the one that is a bit overweight and I just had a dozen teeth extracted. But all that means is that I need someone better than I had before to love me and take care of me which in every day terms means feed me the right diet, play with me for exercise and give me that once a year vet check up like you have with your doctor. OTHERWISE, I'm GRRRREAT!!!! I'm house trained and a snuggler. I have no back problems which usually goes with my breed. I'm up to date on all veterinary care. How great is that? I have SOOOO MUCH left to give to a new person. You know how my breed is long in length? Well, think about that when you consider adopting me. I have a mile long hot dog amount of love to give to you. 

Happily residing in Coupeville, WA



(Adopted March 27/12)
Brussels Griffon/Chihuahua mix?
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
8 lbs

Oliver is a wonderful little dog who is oblivious to the fact that he is homeless.  He is a funny dog and keeps his foster folks in absolute stitches with his personality and antics.  He is happy being in foster care and moved in seamlessly.  We always like this kind of dog as they present well to potential adopters and don’t need a lot of adjustment time.  That makes for a very enjoyable adoption and hardly any stress on the dog.

He takes joy in just about any little thing.  He enjoys the wind in his hair on a walk or in the car.  He loves toys especially squeaky ones.  He has to be allowed to be in your lap, on your bed, and near you while you are doing things around the house.

Oliver came to us during a very busy rescue week where an unprecedented number of dogs all scheduled for euthanasia  were brought in.  Oliver’s Good Samaritan had heard about him via a Facebook posting and drove across two states to bring him to safety.  She knew she couldn’t keep him but she also knew she could not just let him go without trying to help him.  Like many really fantastic dogs, Oliver was simply unwanted any longer by someone.  There is nothing wrong with him that we can see. 

He is very small, light weight, compact, easy going, sweet, and full of personality.  He definitely is enjoying his foster family.  They adored him by the time they got him home.  He made himself right at home and began mingling with the family dogs and putting on a little show.

He looks exactly like his pictures.  He’s likely to shed some and will need minimal grooming and bathing but unlike many Furbaby dogs he will not need to be clipped and trimmed every few week.

Has a great Dad, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted March 30/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 lbs
3 years old

Got Room in Your Purse for one more item? I mean, what's another six pounds in a woman's purse, right? And since I'm a love bug I just want to love you, love being with you even if it's in your purse, love pleasing you and much more.. I didn't have much of that in my first home since I was one of many dogs used for breeding. Then the lady of the house got very ill and animal control intervened so we could get out of that place and find a great new home. Foster mom says I'm full of personality already but just wait until I get my new forever home. I fully intend to blossom into the best dog ever. I am so full of confidence!!!!

There's one temporary issue I'll need your help with and then the rest is just good common sense for a dog my size. First, because I am newly neutered I may need to wear a belly band short term so I don't do something I shouldn't in your house. I'm housebroken but that "man thing" that some male dogs do might surface but it can be dealt with.  It's not my fault I wasn't neutered sooner so I hope you won't hold that against me. On the very positive side, I am not barky but I will alert you if a stranger shows up. I'll warm up to people before too long. I'll adore anyone who spends time with me. I'm cooperative with brushing and grooming. And are you ready for this? I'm a cuddler so I hope that's OK. 

Now just a couple of "rules" from Furbaby Rescue. Because I love being in the yard and because I'm so small, you must be able to prove that your yard is very secure and I mean very secure because I can be like a mouse and slip through the smallest of cracks. Second, I would be fine with other small dogs but I cannot go to a home with any large dogs. Let's face it, 6 pounds is just an hors d'oeuvre to a large dog. I don't care how gentle that big dog might be, I'm so sweet they'd want to eat me. 

I'm ready to hop in if you'd open your purse.......I mean open your heart. 

Max hit the jackpot with this special Mom, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted March 31/12)
*in deepest sorrow this wonderful lil girl passed from complications of diabetes April/14*
Female/spayed/shots current
17 (chubby lbs)
5 years old

I know, I know, I don't look like any Pomeranian you have ever seen before. I had this hair brained idea about being the mascot for the University of Washington Huskies so I shaved myself down to look like a Husky dog and went to the interview. So much for that idea!! The UW selection committee laughed themselves silly when I applied. They asked me how dumb I thought they were to mistake a small breed dog like me for a Husky! 

So here I am ready for my forever home. Truth is, I had a home but I was just kind of a puppy producer along with a dozen other dogs. My owner got sick and animal control came in and removed us so we could have a better life. No one really knows why I was shaved down so close but I promise you it will grow back and I'll look like normal Pom dog. 

Because of my former life I am very overweight. I need to lose about 5 pounds so I need someone who'll feed me correctly and help me walk off those pounds. ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE, I am a happy girl. My foster mom said that word "happy" needs to be capitalized when it's used to describe me so let's say I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and that's ALL OF THE TIME. I tend to wiggle and squirm when anyone looks in my direction. If you start to pet me and then stop, I'll use my paw like a cat to touch you and ask you to not stop. I guess I have to admit I haven't had my fair share of attention in the past. 

MORE GOOD NEWS! I am perfectly housetrained.  MORE GOOD NEWS!! I don't bark like many dogs of my breed do. I did let out a small bark once or twice in my foster home but that's because I got so excited about the treats being offered and I was afraid I might not get mine. I apologized to foster mom for that. I love to cuddle with a human when it's time to watch TV or read. MORE GOOD NEWS!! I am quite agreeable to using a doggy bed at night for those people who don't like to share their big beds with me. But if it's important to you that I cuddle up to you at night, I think I could learn how to do that. Yup, I'm sure I could learn that. 

That's it folks! Not much else to say. Just hoping you'll love me and help me lose that weight and grow out my beautiful fur. Though you have to admit, I am still pretty cute, and the joy I bring and the smile to your face is priceless.

Rosie is a lucky girl, great Mom, new doggie friend Joey, residing in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted April 5/12)
Tibetan Spaniel/Pomeranian ?
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months
13 lbs

Summer is an active, energetic, and very sweet little girl.   She was found wandering the streets and taken in.  We now believe that she may have been involved in a car accident as a wee pup due to evidence of repair to her pelvis and leg shaft.  She has a spay tattoo which indicates she may have come from California originally.  Even though her past is a mystery to us, having a few clues helps us piece together some kind of a story.

The veterinarian thought she might be a shade older than one year old so we are saying that she is 18 months old.  We think it’s better to age a dog upward rather than state a younger age.   

Summer has a wonderful Pom foster mom who was delighted when they first met at the animal shelter.  Summer pranced into the lobby, wagging her tail.  Her eyes were warm and alert, her affect nothing but kind and friendly, and she was ecstatic to have been released.  We were able to pet her, handle her, and could see no reason not to bail this little girl out immediately!

Summer climbed into the back of the car, laid down, was still and quiet for the long drive to her foster home, and we pronounced her to be very well adjusted, confident, and comfortable.  We knew she was stressed, of course, but she never let on.

Summer spent that evening curled up on the sofa with her foster mom and fellow dogs and passed a normal night.  She appears potty trained.  She had a physical with a baseline blood test just so we can have a picture of her overall health which is nice to have with a dog whose history is a mystery.

She is enjoying tearing through the house with the other dogs and will chase pretty much anyone who will play with her.  Unless there is another dog for her to play with she may chase cats so might prefer a cat free home.

Please consider how social your lifestyle is before considering Summer.  She has certainly ramped up her ability to trust new people but if cornered she may feel threatened.  Because of this her foster mom feels that Summer may be uncomfortable around young children and/or an assortment of strangers coming and going.  She may do better in a quiet house, though as she continues to improve, the verdict is still out on this piece.  She is living with a wild eyed terror (ahem..terrier), a gentle Japanese Chin, and the three of them create their own joy and fun.

An X ray confirmed that Summer had had surgery to repair a broken pelvis when she was probably very young.  Young bones heal very well generally speaking and hers have.  There was a small pin inserted at the time of her surgery and the doctors feel that that needed to come out so out it came.  Like many of us, Summer could potentially develop some arthritis in one hip in the years ahead but that is usually easy to treat.  Most dogs don’t get the chance to have body x rays and it should be reassuring to any potential adopter that Summer had them.

She’s a beautiful little dog with soft velvety ears and a heart of gold.  She’s just waiting for someone to stumble upon her and fall in love.

Although I get along with other dogs, I feel that I really thrive being a “me-only” dog. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention? In return, you’ll be the center of mine! I’m willing to share my home with children 12 years or older. And something else, I really don’t want to be left home all day by myself; I’m not a 9-5 kind of guy.

If you are looking for a dog that will be part of the family, you found him!

Great new home, residing on Vashon Island, WA

(Adopted April 12/12)
Oscar and Buddy
West Highland Terriers
Males/neutered/shots current
14 years "young"
15 & 18 lbs

*sadly Buddy passed in Aug/12 and Oscar Nov.12, they were so adored, even though for such a short time*

Buddy and Oscar are like Pete and Repeat - they NEED to be adopted together. But how much easier could it get for adopting and loving two dogs than when they've been together since birth? They keep each other company well when a human just can't be there for a short time. 

Buddy is the more quiet and solitary one of the two boys.  Oscar is more outgoing, loves to be on your lap and sleep with you and has a wide vocal range.  He doesn't bark much but pretends to be a raccoon by "chirring" and then sort of "hums" rather like a llama.  He definitely lets you know what he wants.  

Both boys are neutered and up to date on vaccinations. The dental work has been done so their breath and teeth are clean as a whistle and no false teeth!! 

There are no health problems other than slight loss of hearing and not seeing as well as they once did. Hand signals and clapping work well!  That's more than a lot of humans can say at an equal age. SPEAKING OF AGE - do these guys really look like 14 years old? No way! They have so much more to give and none of the hassles of puppies and young dogs. They are absolutely perfect to fit into a good home and act like they've been there forever. You would be a very proud human to walk these gentlemen around the block. 

Wonderful home who loves the seniors, and willing to open their hearts, now residing in Gresham, Oregon


(Adopted April 23/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
13 lbs (on her way to 10)

Please watch Gretyl's video

My Little Gretyl

Gretyl has certainly settled into her foster home and we have a lot more to say about the kind of home she needs.

She will be fine as an only dog…she will be fine in an apartment…she will be fine if you work.  She goes potty in the morning and if no one is home usually will use a potty pad during the day and then after work she goes out a couple of times but loves going on walks.  She spends her days buried in her blankets and is quiet unless she hears other dogs barking or loud goings on.

She’s more Doxie than Chi in several ways.  One of these is her desire to burrow and to sleep at your feet or right next to you.  People who love Doxies know what we mean by this!

She loves men especially but could learn to love a woman as her last home was with a female.

She doesn’t bother the cats, she’s not interested in children but is really more of an adult’s dog.  Gretyl has staked out a corner of an office as her territory.  She has three beds of her own, plus a human bed, a pile of toys, and this is her happy little world. 

She’s a good little dog.  When her foster dad wanders through the house, she is always on his heels and can take three flights of stairs just as fast as he.  Gretyl is opinionated, has a lot of personality, and  makes you laugh. 

She has been in foster care longer than any doxie we have had and we do not understand why.  No one has even asked about meeting her.  She’s healthy, a great age, and a really nice companion.  Maybe 2012 will be her year to find her forever home. 

Greytl stayed with the foster Dad, sadly she succumbed to Cushing's.  Gretyl passed to the bridge in June/12

(Adopted May 6/12)
Yorkshire Terrier/poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years "young"

Let's see - every other dog on here seems to have a cute little add-on to their names. I guess I better figure out one before someone else does.  Hmmmm - Ivan the Terrible!! NOPE, THAT'S NOT ME! Ivan the Great? Well, I am a great little dog but if that's referring to size, then I'm not Ivan the Great. Ivan the Wonder Dog? Naw - that's overused. Ivan the Exceptional. Yeah, not bad! Or Ivan the Handsome - even better because you don't see silver gray hair on a Yorkie very often.  Well, I'll tell you what - you can call me whatever you want as long as you love me to pieces as I will you. 

My attributes (what a big word for a little guy) are my sweet disposition and my willingness to sleep in a dog bed even though I'd prefer to share the bed with you but it's your choice. I bark when the other silly dogs in this foster home bark but I'm not really sure why. I'm just trying to fit in with the crowd but it seems like a silly waste of energy. Tell you what, we'll agree on a word that means I shouldn't bark like the other dogs here do and I'll make you proud of me. 

I eat the healthy kind of food which is easily obtained and keeps the vet bills down. I love the healthy treats, too. Foster mom can clue you in as to what brand, etc. 

Oh - are you ready for this? I have my foster mom totally baffled. She can't figure this out but when I arrived in rescue, I brought along pee pads. You know those things that are like Depends that the old people wear but instead the pee pads lay flat on the floor? Hah! It's so funny to see foster mom trying to figure this out because I just trot right outside and do my business and then come back in. You should see the confused look on her face!! It's so much fun to see her shake her head and wonder what the deal is. Oh well....I just curl up beside her and watch TV while she searches the internet trying to figure it all out. 

I look forward to meeting you and letting you pet my beautiful silver fox type fur. 

Ivan has super parents, who just adore this lil boy, residing in Mukilteo, WA

(Adopted May 6/12)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
5 lbs

Hi, my name is Dickens.

I am a super sweet and affectionate love bug.  I am an active fun little guy, yet I love to cuddle up also.

I am very friendly with everyone and love meeting new people. I think everyone is my friend and love to greet them with my cheery personality. My tail is always wagging. I am also very respectful and get along great with the small senior dog in my foster home. Though I wish she liked to play more with me.

I am also very smart and mindful, my foster mom can’t believe what a super little guy I am. I have only barked a couple times since I’ve been here, and that was to tell her a friend was at the door.

When I came into rescue my skin wasn’t in the best condition, yet it’s getting better every day.  I had my hair clipped down short, and boy do I feel better about that. Now it will grow out nice and shiny and even again. Until then I am also sporting a little sweater to help keep me warm.  I also eat a special dog food to help my skin, but don’t worry as its really the same price as the other dog food.  I love it so much I roll around with joy after I get done eating.

I am a champ at doing my doggy business outside. I don’t like it when its wet or raining though, so please put me in a dry spot if you can, otherwise it might take me a few minutes and some encouragement. I also don’t like my face being wet too much, but I’m very patient when you groom me, I just try and wiggle away.

I currently on an adventure to find my new forever family who will have more time to spend with me.  So if you would like a fun and snuggly little companion to brighten your life, I just may fit the bill.  

Dickens parents adore this boy, residing in Ellensburg, WA

(Adopted May 24/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 months old "puppy"

Yee Ha!  I’m Rupert.  Very excited to meet you.  Like all pugs I am a total clown, silly, goofy but over all good dog.  I am potty trained, crate trained and am good with other dogs and people. I am still just a puppy, so I will need you to sign me up for a reward based obedience class in your area prior to adoption.  I am looking for an active home where I can get lots of attention so I can be the best dog I can be.  I like balls, chewies and playing with friends.  Are you a couch potato?  Well I am NOT the dog for you!  I wanna play and run and have a good time!

Rupert has a great Dad, lil boy to play with, residing in Bellingham, WA

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