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(Adopted July 7/02)

Jack Russell X with something
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
8 lbs..

Flashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did you see me, did you, huh huh, jumppppppppppppppppp, yep right over all the other dogs, happy, carefree, going little boy...
I am a sweet lil boy, who likes to be active, but a fun active...I can be a tad bit shy (only a tad bit) I think I wasn't always treated really nice, but once I know you are nice, I will find your lap, and cuddle right up with you, once I am finished pinging around.
I am at the vets right now, will be coming home on July 6, they did the nasty speutering, and also found a callous thingy on my back foot, probably a seed or something embedded, and will have that removed, Foster Mom will know more on Saturday...
As for Rusty's foot, the best quess is, something caused it to callous, it was removed, but very carefully as not to disturb the tendons.  It will take awhile for healing, as there was not any skin to sew together, so he will be bandaged for awhile, and the dressing changed every 5 days, it is certainly not bothering him, we had hoped he would not use it, but he is not a dog to just lay around.
Gee I got this cute puggy brother to pal around with, living with a great Mom in Sudden Valley, WA

(Adopted July /02)
Samoy Mix
Female/spayed/shots current
24 lbs

Have you ever met a dog who is so special that everyone that meets her cares what happens to her?  That dog would be Alejandra (called Allie).  Her eager expression and gentle eyes tell it all.  This girl has one of the sweetest, brightest spirits I have ever met.  She loves everyone.  She is housebroken.  Gets along with other dogs and kids.  Loves to sleep at your feet and to run in the yard. She loves to play with larger dogs and gets along well with smaller ones.  She is in excellent health.  She still acts like a puppy sometimes and has a puppy's playfulness.  The vet said without her history she would not think she was over 12 months but Allies's history is written on her body.  She came into a shelter with the most unevenly cut coat you have ever seen, sporting patches where her skin showed thru that looked like they had been shaved to the skin, and weighing 20 lbs.  She was terrified and was not adopted.  Luckily the staff and the rescuers that work at the shelter put  hold on her and pulled her just in time.  She was so weak she almost didn't make it through the spay procedure, but when the rescuers went to check on her she raised her head and wagged her tail at them.  After she was rescued we discovered a tattoo on her that links her to a Florida Humane Society.  So somehow she had traveled across the county to end up back in another shelter.  Four volunteers formed the chain that brought her across the state to foster care in Seattle.  Each of them separately, have emailed to ask how Allie is doing: all of them saying she is one of the sweetest, most special dogs they have met.  Whoever finds room in their home for this special dog is going to find themselves blessed with a gift that seldom comes to us.
Residing with a great family in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 24/02)
Female/now spayed/shots current
8 lbs
App. 4-5 years old

More information coming, she has to be altered, she is in heat right now..and will go in for shots and checkup...She doesn't look great, she came in matted to the skin, flea infested lil girl and had to be shaved right down.  According to my groomer, she will have an amazing coat when it grows back in and is taken care of. She is an adorable lil girl, who's Mom had let her go, as they were homeless, and as a result she has not had the best care in the last while.  I was briefly told she knows some tricks, now I just need to know the right command words...oh well....I will update as I get to know her, and she will be available soon. This is a very nice, friendly lil girl. She sailed through her spaying, and is now current on everything, no parasites, and healthy.
Today July 20, this girl is amazing, when laying on her back, and you cover your eyes, and say "peek a boo" she covers her eyes with her paws, she also dances, and fetches her favorite toy, if you ask her to fetch...and if you ask her to dance she does...I held her close in my arms tonight, and felt such a closeness about her, and sadness, she is a truly remarkable lil girl, she deserves a very special home, she is a very special, intelligent and loving dog. she is beyond special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now I have a very special Mom and Dad, who think I bark too much (which I do hehehehe) but adore me anyway, spoiled rotten and loving it in Lakeway, WA

(Adopted July 26/02)
Aimee (nka Halli)
Dande Dinmont X
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 2 years old
29 lbs

Aimee was found as a stray in the Portland, Oregon area, my rescue was called when the shelter became overloaded and needed to find a place for this girl.  Aimee is the sweetest, happiest and fun loving dog.  She is so full of love, and kindness, I have seen her with children, from 10 months to 8 years, and she quietly sits, for gentle pats, and will lean into you for more love.  She loves to play with other dogs, but gets a little jealous if love is spread around without including her.  She will be a fantastic family dog, is so playful, but she will chase cats...
So if you want a fun girl, full of energy to play with kids, or the kid in yourself, Aimee is the dog for you.
Aime is now residing locally in Bellingham, WA..nice family, and great kids to play with.
*Note: the family just wrote me, and I feel this is special..
"I can't believe this dog! She has been such a blessing to our family!  She is such a wonderful loving dog.  When we started our search for a dog some time ago we had a list of traits that the "perfect dog" would have.  We knew were being unrealistic but I had to start somewhere.  We were looking for a dog, that was not too big and not too small, a good indoor dog that loved the outdoors as well, one that thrived on lots of love, was very cute, didn't destroy things (i.e. digging and chewing on furniture) one that didn't bark, bite, growl or stink, was potty trained, loved to play with kids, was friendly towards strangers, loved to go for rides in the car as well as walks on the beach, and was very alert and bright.  She is all of that and more.  She truly is the "perfect dog"

(Adopted Aug.6/02)
Darling Peppy passed away in 04, she gave such love to her Mom and Dad, and they miss this very special girl
Peppy (nka Dancing Shadow)
Scottie/Terrier/Poodle (good guess?)
Female/spayed/shots current
15 lbs

My 95 year old Mom, had to go into a nursing home.  I was brought to the shelter with a note "please find a home that will give her loving pats till her days are over"  the shelter worker shook her head, 14 days, and she goes to the Bridge.  I crawled into the cold cage, and never looked at anyone again, no one will want me, you see I am deaf, I know sign language, but no one cares about that.  I gave up, I counted the days, maybe Mom will be there also some day.  Days had passed, I never felt any loving hands to caress me, so I huddled in the corner.  One day a woman entered my cage, she petted me, but I did not look at her, I knew it was my time.  I felt her trembling hand as she put a leash on me, to bring me, which I knew was the end.  Suddenly I was put in a car, I kept my back to her, I was so scared and lonely.  She took my head, and looked into my eyes, I saw tears flow from her cheeks, and she put her hand on her chest, and said to my eyes, "Sweetheart you are safe now" I understood, I put my paws on her arms, and my head on her, and gave her a kiss.  I do have more love and life to live, is there someone else out there who believes that too, now I need my forever home, just give me loving pats, a piece of your heart, and I will give you my whole heart in return.
Darling Peppy went to a fabulous home, who saw beyond her impairments, super couple with two other adorable dogs, the reports I hear is wonderful, the time, love and happiness rings so loudly, that a special home was found, and she lives two blocks from me, residing in a home filled with love, in Blaine, WA

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