Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Mar.1/04)
Tanner (nka Sunny)
Tibetan Spaniel mix
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years
21 lbs
*darling boy passed to the bridge Jan/17, he was so loved*

I lost my best friend today, I saw his face scrunch up, the tears close to flowing, as he watched me walk out of his life, I wanted to tell him, I would be alright, but will he be? Will he always remember the day, when his Mom gave me away, will his dreams be filled with sadness, I want him to remember our time together, where he told me of his dreams, where he held me in his arms, I want him to remember the happy times, and not remember sadness, I cannot take away his pain anymore, each child petted me goodbye, except he did not, he could not bear to see me leave. your Mom did what she had to, trying to take care of you and your little brothers and sister, she could not afford to take care of me anymore...I will always remember my friend and our time together, and one day you will have another friend to love, but for now, I need to find another family to take care of, I will protect the children, and this time please don't take my friend away again.

Tanner became the favorite at the vet's with his wagging tail, and wonderful disposition.  He does well with other dogs, and will be a fabulous friend to a very lucky home.
Tanner got that special home, with a kind, caring Mom, and a darling Aussie girlfriend...residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Mar.7/04)
Kilroy (nka Chico)
10 weeks old
Chihuahua X
App. 4 lbs
*passed away Aug/ in peace, you had an amazing family*

If you are looking for the sweetest, most outgoing, playful dollbaby, here I am.  I love to play with you, chew on your fingers and toes, I love other dogs, and they love me, my best friends right now, is a small Sheltie, a Schnauzer and a Tibetan Spaniel, I got other friends here too, but these ones like me best...especially my girlfriend Carina, she adores me.  My Mommy was a Deer Chihuahua, and my Dad was "who knows"...but gosh darn I am a cutie...don't wait long, my foster Mommy says I go in for my neutering thingy this week,(Mar. 3/04) 2nd set of shots, and I's ready to be your friend...
I could have searched for years, and would not have found a home this great ever...Joann a wonderful woman who is very dedicated to the welfare of our furbabies, and her wonderful family, adopted this special baby...residing in Ferndale, WA


(Adopted Mar. 8/04)
Minature Schnauzer
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
18 lbs
*sadly Charlie passed to the bridge Jan.13/2014*

I have met a few Schnauzers in rescue, and if there was one that made me a complete believer in how awesome these dogs are, Charlie did this for me, what a wonderful with a wonderful couple and their other rescue Schnauzer, Rico, in Issaquah, WA

(Adopted Mar. 19/04)
Miniature Schnauzer
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
3-4 years old

Fletch is a happy, outgoing, bouncy boy, with just that touch of terrier edge, so you never forget that he is a proud Schnauzer.  Fletch now happily residing in Bellingham,WA,  with a super family...thank you Dimity for providing such a loving home for this great boy....

(Adopted Mar. 28/04)
American Eskimo/Miniature Aussie X
Female (soon to be spayed)
Shots current
30 "chubby lbs"
App. 3 years old

Kira looks like a big dog, in a short body:-) she is overweight by a few pounds..Kira is so loving, gentle, and sweet to people, and my thoughts are she may be good with older children.  She listens very well, is obedient, and we think she may have been mistreated a bit.. She does have a problem with smaller dogs than her, and wants to be dominant, but with people she is open, friendly and kind...

Kira is now living with a wonderful young couple in Redmond, WA

(Adopted Mar. 28/04)
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
3.5 lbs
9-11 years old ??

Cindy was nearly starved when rescued so is very fragile at this time.  We will need to fatten her up before she is ready for her new home.  She is eating well and starting to feel much better but she will always need special attention to be sure she gets the proper nutrition.  She is a darling little girl who loves to be held.  She is housebroken and comes when called, just a real little love bug.
She will need to be placed with someone who is home most of the time and able to give her all the love and attention she deserves.  She will not be placed with small children.  This precious girl has been displaced at least twice in her life so her next home must be forever.
Cindy has a wonderful new home with a great Mom in Selah, WA
*With deep sorrow, Cindy passed away May/06*

(Adopted Mar. 23/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
5-6 years old
12 lbs

Welly needs more weight, he is very thin at this time, he has shown himself to be such a sweet and loving boy...I will have a better write up, after talking in more detail to his foster Mom...Welly didn't need much of a write up, as the perfect family in Seattle fell in love with him..

(Adopted Mar. 26/04)
Emma Jean
Female/spayed/shots current
8 lbs
6 years old

* Darling Emma passed to the bridge 9/27/10 from diabetes, she was so loved*

Emma is just a little doll, she seems to be much more in tune to being with a woman, so we do need a lady in her life, she is housetrained, but she is used to using wee wee pads, how easily you can train her for the outside, we don't know.  She acts like she would do better with someone home, and having a little friend might help her with her adjustment, as she was used to living with another Maltese, or someone who just takes her everywhere.   Emma has a wonderful new Mom and Dad, and just about the cutest lil friend to keep her company, happily residing in Sammanish, WA

Ode To Emma
Thank you for takings us for walks in the country
Thank you for making us smile when you did your happy dance
Thank you for everything you said to us, I heard it all and tried to understand the best I could
It was great you had such a zest for life, I enjoyed watching you.
When I hold you again I know you won't turn away.
We miss you our little friend
Love Mom, Dad and Muffy

(Adopted March 25/04)
Moe (nka Mojo)
Spaniel/Chihuahua X ?
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
9 lbs

This boy's pictures does not do him justice, he is so adorable, he is nervous to begin with, but he crawls right into your heart in he crawled into his new Mom's arms...happily now residing, in Oak Harbor, with a great Mom, teenage son, and an adorable big doggie named Jake...

(Adopted Mar/04)

Rico (nka Bogie) & Doris
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
5 lbs
*sweet Bogie passed to the bridge from congestive heart failure May 9/16*

Bogie was destined to meet Doris, this lil imp never made the adoption page...since Doris knew he was meant for her, and so did the foster Mom..happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Ap/04)
Cocker Spaniel X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 8 years old
25 lbs

Have you ever wanted to meet the perfect dog, well you can, please meet Benny. Benny is a kind, goodhearted, gentle soul, that would enhance the life of any family.  He knows some commands, would be fabulous with a family with children over 7.  He absolutely has no problems or faults, he only wants to be near you, without being demanding...he is a treasure.  He  really has some pretty unique markings with a pale buff on his face, legs, feet and a spot on the back of his head.    The picture doesn't do him justice. Benny has a wonderful new Mom, residing in Seattle, WA

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