Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions


(Adopted Jan. 22/2014)
Miniature Schnauzer
2 years old


#7 was on her way to one foster home who was away on a ski trip so she got to hang out with one of her sister rescuees and another foster family. She had so many similar qualities to a dog they lost this past year that they could not he...lp but fall madly in love with her. They named her Zeeben which is a derivation of sorts of a German word. She moved into the household seamlessly with a dog brother and cats, as well as a marvelous human mom and dad. #7 was the first Schnauzer to have a name and she is the first to be adopted.

Her new adopted family has a lot of work to do yet with her but they are willing and looking forward to putting in that time to ensure that she has the life she should have had all along. Doesn't she look happy?"
Lovely home, now residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Jan.29/14)

The only male among these poor furbabies, he was in foster care, when a relative visited, and the rest is history, fell in love with this sweet sweet boy.
Residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted  Feb.7/2014)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old
12 lbs

Blondie is an adorable and enchanting little ball of energy.  She looks sweet and regal in most of her photos but she can hold her own with the most energetic of dogs. 

Like most puppies, she likes to chew on things.  In her new foster home she immediately found a flip flop and hid it only to return to it when no one was looking.  She eventually found the match and that has become her best toy.  This is a very normal puppy activity.

If the household were a cartoon, there would be balloons in the air with the words zing, zip, swoosh, jump, bump, wheeee…and thump.  She flies through the house and plays with the dogs until she drops.

She loves to be held, carried, go on walks and car rides, and definitely enjoys being the focus of attention wherever she goes.  People who meet her and have seen her picture, are surprised at how small she really is since she looks like a baby Labrador in her photos.  It’s hard to show perspective while getting a good head shot at the same time.

Now that we know her better, we are looking for a home with another dog that wants to play, too.  Since she really loves to play out of doors, we are also looking for someone with a secure fenced yard.  An exception could be made if the other dog is small and there is sufficient running space in the home.

Blondie is not a brand new puppy by any means and she is past much of the more challenging parts of having a puppy (like having to stay up all night with their whining).  However, she is still working on her potty training, she is a very high energy dog, and she does need to chew.

If you think these things are endearing then Blondie could be a good fit for you!
Residing in Shoreline, WA




(Adopted Feb.8/14)
Kay Dee
Miniature/Toy Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
10 lbs

  Sweet, sweet, sweet Kay Dee!  So very sad she had to start her life out in a puppymill and have to suffer all of the neglect and abuse!  Like all of the dogs that were pulled from this horrible place, she also exhibited many signs of the abuse they went through.  After a couple of weeks far away from that nightmare and being treated for her physical needs, we are now working on her emotional side affects.  Her foster family is pleased to report her progress as a very positive one and we are enjoying seeing her true little self starting to emerge.  She is learning how wonderful it is to be allowed 'inside' the house and how splendid it feels to be clean, healthy, feed and warm.  Beds and blankets are a luxury to her!  Toys?  Well, sadly she has never had one we don't think and she doesn't even know what they are.  In fact, the sound of a squeaky toy sends her scurrying to hide.  So, we will wait until she is ready for those.  We are also working on the fast hand movements towards her as she does cower when reached for thinking she is going to be hit.  All of the dogs from this mill react the same way.  She is learning here when we reach for her it is to love on her, scratch her chin and rub her ears.  She loves that and is really coming along in this department and is now coming up to us for attention.  When foster mom enters the room she dances around now and 'wants' to be picked up.  Kay Dee will sit in your lap and has learned a warm lap is a very delightful experience.  She won't come up on her own yet, but boy is she close to doing that and does she ever love it.  Living inside the house is a whole new world for her and she is absorbing more and more everyday as a positive experience.  Learning to trust humans after her past life is a big step and she is doing wonderful!!  She has learned her name (she didn't have one before) and is responding when called.  When you pick her up she will lean back into your chest and lift her head up to get a kiss on the top of that long snout.  And now she is giving kisses back!!  She is also coming along nicely with her house breaking, but this will require diligence in her new home.  Kay Dee is getting braver by the day exploring her new cruelty free world.  She did not experience love in her past life and now she is learning the 'other' side of a puppymill existence - it does exist and she is relishing in it.  She is a gem and what a joy to see this transformation.  If you have love, patience, warmth and kindness to give to her, that is a perfect blend for this wee one needing it so much.  She also has not learned to walk on a leash yet....that will come later when she is ready.  Kay Dee is a lovely little girl! 

  ps....she got to watch her very first Super Bowl game last weekend and she thinks that was really fun!!!  

Happily residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted Feb.12/14)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
13 lbs

Minnie is another little girl from the group of dogs who were left outside in freezing cold weather and finally rescued. When I asked her if she wanted to tell her own story or just be interviewed, she declined to write the description herself but she did share some insight as to her personality and health status. She prefers to stay parked on the couch next to her foster mom and at night she sleeps between two stacks of pillows. We're guessing she's still trying to get warmed up. 


As mentioned above, she came from a very unpleasant situation.  She spent much of her life outdoors so she is learning house manners and house-training. We aren't too concerned about her learning those two areas of proper behavior because any dog newly adopted needs to learn the house rules and how to go outside once in a new home. With a patient human who can be consistent in the training, it happens! Because of her previous circumstances, she is a bit hesitant to come when called and tends to scurry away when approached.  She's getting much better and has come a long way since she arrived.  A doggie training class might just be an answer for her and her new owner to build up Minnie's self confidence and trust in her new human.  Minnie's anxious to please and can't wait for breakfast and dinner.  She's a work in progress but oh so worth every minute!

She's a little girl at 13 lbs., 3 years old, spayed, microchipped, fully vetted, vaccinations are up to date, had a dental (no extractions) and is ready to meet the new love of her life.  
Minnie is happily residing in Olympia, WA



(Adopted Feb.15/14)
Toy Poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
6-8 years old
5 lbs

Mimi is an adorable wee lass looking for a loving lap and someone who likes to take short Mimi sized walks.  Mimi doesn’t really walk as much as she prances and hops about gracefully and petitely.

Like many poodles, Mimi is thrilled to greet you when you return home. 

She is loving and friendly with all beings that we have noticed.  She did bunk in with some cats for a few days and they all got along very well. 

Mimi is great in the car, really enjoys a bath and a fluff, and just wants to be loved.

She has recently had some medical issues taken care of and is in terrific health.  She mostly just needed some help from the dentist.  She comes with a full blood panel which will be helpful for her new owner and vet going forward.  She will never need an expensive dental procedure or even dental X-rays which will be appreciated as she gets older.

Mimi has spunk, charm, a silly sense of humor; and  she is friendly, affectionate, and loving.  She is crate trained but would so enjoy getting to sleep with her owner.  You will not believe how high this little girl can jump.  Wow!  She is like a spring and will bounce right into your heart. 
Residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Feb.19/14)
Toy Poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
11 years young
7 lbs

Did you make it past my age  in the description above? GOOD FOR YOU!! I have to tell you it's mighty difficult leaving the person who's been your favorite human for so long and even more heartbreaking to know it's because she couldn't care for me any longer. But I need to move on so she'll know I'm OK. Can you help me do that? And let me pose one question while we're at it. Ask yourself which would be more difficult - to have several special years with me, an older dog, and watch me pass on before you; OR would it be more difficult for you to have to relinquish your pet (particularly me) and not know what's going to happen to them because you got too old? I took a poll of some people around me and they said they'd rather outlive their pet than have their pet left behind not knowing what would happen to them next. Now THAT'S a good answer and a very good reason to consider adopting an older dog..especially moi. That's French for "me". Get it? Moi - french - French Poodle. *doggie chuckle* Seriously-older dogs, but young at heart like me, still have a lot to offer and most likely, you'll outlive me. So how about reading on and learning more about me? 


My foster mom reports I'm an absolute sweetheart (her words, not mine) and I love to snuggle. I would very much prefer a constant companion or another dog. The vet says I'm in incredibly good condition with no issues. Hah! I do have one issue - I want a new home! I'll let you know when I'm hungry but I will be a lady about it. I can alert you as to when I need to go outside and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going in the car. Ohhhhh - you want to know about my pink shirt. Well, it's been cold outside when I needed to go out so my foster mom put a shirt on me which helped with those brisk temperatures. 


Please consider meeting me and I'll prove to you, that I'm a super dog and at 7.6 pounds, I'm easy to smuggle into places where I shouldn't be. Hint, hint, hint - doggie shoulder bag. 

Molly is now residing in Chehalis, WA


(Adopted Feb.21/14)
Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
22 lbs
9 years old

Jasper is a loving and friendly little dog who is a perfect gentleman in every way.  He loves every creature and gets along very well with anyone he meets.

He’s great in the car, loves walks and playing, is affectionate and loveable, and hoping for a forever home that will “stick”.

He lost his last two homes and stayed in the animal shelter twice in between homes.  His owners became ill and could not care for him any longer.  This last stay in the shelter was overwhelming for him so we were asked to get him out of there and into a loving foster home.  He is so much happier now.  He needed some dental work and has had that taken care of, as well.

He’s all ready to go and though he would love to be in a home with another dog for company, he would be fine as the only dog as long as he got enough love and attention.

Great home for this lil boy, residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Feb.25/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
7 lbs

Sampson’s story is becoming all too familiar with us.  Owners failing health wise – spouses trying to care for one another – one spouse becomes very ill – other spouse is trying to cope and manage without any help – and little dog is just left out.

Sampson’s owners love him and giving him up was very hard for them.  We have tears ourselves knowing the grieving they are going through.  Imagine how hard it would be to just let your dog go to strangers with no idea of what will become of him?  Our thoughts are with Sampson’s family.

Meanwhile, Sampson got a lift from our intrepid transport crew; Bob and Kate and was safely delivered to us just in time to get a check up with our own Dr. Rachel.  What a sweet little fellow!

He mixed right in with all of the dogs in his foster home; large and small.  He is very sweet and affectionate.  “Dear” is the word we are using to describe him.  He is a dear little fellow.  If you are looking for a tiny friend to make your world complete; Sampson could be that very friend.

Residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Feb.27/14)
Miniature Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
13 lbs
*sady Pepper passed away from Congestive Heart Failure April/18*

“Pepper do you want to go for a walk?”

Ah…that is music to this fellow’s ears. 

Pepper is a coltish and affectionate poodle who rarely barks.  We don’t know why.  Maybe he will if he thinks it’s important enough someday, in his foster home he has been pretty quiet.  Since poodles are protective of their human, we are thinking he just hasn’t had a chance to bond with anyone yet.  After all it’s only been a couple of weeks since he was taken from his human dad and some of that time he spent in the hospital recovering from a much needed dental including some pretty painful extractions.  Poodles are known for having bad teeth so we were not surprised to learn about Pepper’s…but it’s all good in there, now!

Pepper was owned by a man, which is really nice because we take in so many dogs who are fearful of men.  Pepper is perfectly happy with men or women, though.

Since he’s a young dog who has been living the life of an older dog; we anticipate him blossoming and taking on the hobbies, interests, and lifestyle of his forever family. 

Residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted March 4/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs

Here's Penny!  She's an absolutely delightful sweet 6 y/o  girl.  Her people mom died and she was moved on to us to find her a fabulous new home.  

Penny has settled in beautifully and is eager to please.  She's a happy soul and her "waggler" in motion is testimony to her love of life and all that's happening around her.  She loves to snuggle and loves being under the covers at night.  The crinkle of a bag will bring her running in hopes of rare treat of the human kind.  She travels well in a car and likes to be outside though is on high alert for strange noises that she deems in need of addressing.  Penny is currently living with three other dogs and gets along well with them all. 


 She's house-trained, spayed, UTD on vaccines and microchipped.  She just had her teeth cleaned (no extractions) and is ready for the next chapter in her life.  

Residing in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted March 8/14)
Sweet William
Miniature Australian Shepherd
Male/neutered/shots current
11 months old
16 lbs

“Willie” is a friendly, sweet but very busy little boy. He loves people, and gets along well with other dogs, although sharing of toys is still a difficult concept for him. He is still very much a puppy mentally, but is housebroken and will let you know he needs to go out. He knows how to “sit" and “leave it” or “drop it”, but “stay" and “down" are still a work in progress. He walks reasonably well on a leash with instruction.

He does alert bark, but is not overly “barky”. He was picked up as a stray and taken to a local impound shelter before coming into rescue so nothing is known of his past.

Willie spends his days playing quietly under his foster moms’s desk while she works at home, and having playtime with the other doggies in the foster home. He becomes attached to his people very quickly and does exhibit a minor tendency towards separation anxiety; most likely due to the trauma of losing his original home and being in shelter environment.

He should grow out of that as he gets older and becomes comfortable being in a stable caring home.

Like most herding breeds Willie is a highly intelligent, curious high energy dog. His has a strong desire to please which makes him very trainable. He would be a great companion for an active adult or a family with older children. He would not do well in any situation where he was left alone for long periods of time. He would do fine with other dogs his size or larger, but will chase a cat or any other small furry thing if it runs so take that into consideration if you have a cat or very small dog or other pet. He loves to cuddle and sleeping next to his person is his idea of doggie heaven. Willie does NOT like to be confined to a crate and doing so causes him a great deal of stress.

As previously mentioned, Willie is a high energy puppy, and tends to be quite exuberant in his play with other dogs, also being a bit “mouthy”meaning he likes to use his mouth to explore things. This should not be mistaken for aggression… is it simply a puppy still needing to learn boundaries. The older dogs in his foster home are teaching him manners… but it is still a work in progress. His personality actually is quite “soft” meaning he is very sensitive, and does not require and not should be subjected to harsh reprimands, only gentle, rewards based training methods. He loves toys! Fuzzy squeaky toys and balls, his current favorite being a doggie soccer ball. He quite ignores cats, unless of course they run… in which case he will gleefully chase them.

His requirements for a home include a securely fenced yard (no exceptions) with at least a 6ft boundary fence… this little guy can bounce 5 feet in the air without any visible effort. He has shown no inclination to run away or get very far from his person, but being a youngster it is better to be safe. He will require additional obedience training and general training in manners. He would be fine as an only dog if his person was around most of the time, otherwise another similar sized or larger dog would be good for him. Experience with herding breeds is also a must. He will not be adopted to a household with really young children that he could accidentally knock down and injure in play… but older children would be fine. In the right environment, this little boy will grow into an exceptionally fun, loyal and affectionate companion.

Residing in Portland, Oregon


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