Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Mar.30/02)
English Cocker Spaniel
Female/spayed/shots current
25 lbs
6 years ?

Brandy was rescued from a shelter the day before she was to be PTS and has been a constant joy to her foster Mom,  ever since.  She is a beautiful and friendly dog.  She is great in the car, loves to go on walks and is great on a leash.  Brandy loves to fetch toys and she will fetch as long as you keep throwing.  She loves stuffed toys that squeak and will greet you at all times with her toy in her mouth.  She even takes it outside with her for walks.  She is a real good snuggler and loves to crawl under the covers at night to be near you.  She appears to get along great with other dogs as she is living with 4 at this time.  She has been observed around children and appears to be fine, though older children might be best for her as she is shy and quiet.  She follows the foster Mom everywhere and just asks to be loved with all your heart as she will love you with ALL HER HEART and SOUL.  Brandy is looking for a FOREVER home that she can call her own.
Brandy was adopted and living in Oregon, sadly she passed to the bridge a few years later.

(Adopted Ap.20/02)
Min Pin/Boston Terrier
Male/neutered/Shots current
15 lbs
App. 4 years old

Tequilla is an adorable Min-Pin/Boston Terrier mix. He about 4 years old and housebroken. He loves to ride in a car, though he feels the front seat is his, especially the drivers seat. He is an outgoing dog and seems to be fine with other dogs. Tequila will sit and lay down on command and loves treats, though what dog doesn't. He is an extremely active little dude and needs to be able to have running space and would do great with another small dog to play with. He should not be crated as he is so active and playful. He can jump into your arms and will give you all the kisses and love that you can stand and then some. Tequila will make a great addition to a very lucky family who is looking for a forever friend and endless hours of fun and excitement. Are you the one for Tequila? 
Tequila now lives with two wonderful ladies, who say he is perfection, and he has a ChiX sister to romp with, living a wonderful life in Seattle, WA 

(Adopted Ap. 28/02)
Toy Pomeranian
4 years old
Female/Spayed/shots current

Ellie is a fun loving lil doll.  Who will crawl in your heart immediately.  She is now happily living with her new Mom in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Ap. 28/02)
Toy Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
6 Years Old
4 lbs

Prince is a charmer, who loves to strut his stuff, he endears you to him immediately.  Prince went to the greatest family,  extremely compassionate, animal loving people, who I know will cherish this boy, he has new brother, Tucker, an adorable pom X, now they have two sweethearts to spoil and love, residing in Washougal, WA

His celebration of life from his parents:

" Prince" passed away this morning at 7:34 a.m March 12/06 . We are sad. 

He knew love in his life.  

He learned to LOVE and to play.  He had his toy animal puppy.  He loved to go for a walk, and to get his pepperoni and cheese treat.  People would always ask how old he was, he was so proud to go for a walk in the park.  He made us look good.  He knew what side he was supposed to walk on and just how he was supposed to look.  He learned it was O.K. to scratch his feet and just be a puppy boy.

Prince was at least 5 years older than Tucker.

He and I (Mommy), used to neck.  He would lie on my upper chest, under my neck. His face would point to my ear and we would breath on each other. as I watched t.v. in the recliner.

He was a playboy with Eric.  Eric could have him chasing things around the floor and hopping like a bunny.  We thought this was a great accomplishment. 

He also learned to get along with our grandsons.  They kept coming back and we all seem to like them, so he shared.

Daddy brushed and gave meds to Prince.  His meds were 3 times a day.  Prince and Tucker thought it was great to get treat meat, and Tucker wasn't grabby.  Prince got a lot of little pieces and Tucker got big pieces.  They all had a routine, and it was re enforced every day he was with us.

Prince had his voice gone before we met him, but he still got excited and used his squeak.  He and Tucker used to egg each other on... I think they told time together as well.

He had a enlarged heart, and it probably got to big.

We were with him.  Mike was up since 2 a.m. for two mornings with him.  Prince had breathing problems.  Mike would hold him in the rocker recliner.  We caressed him, and I sang to him.  Even with his last breath, he tried to hang on.  We were with him touching him the whole time.

I told him there were puppy angels waiting for him.

We wrapped him in a white sheet and a blue lace fabric cover when he was gone.  We then took him to be cremated.

He is survived by his adopted brother "Tucker, and his human family.

He will be remembered with love and always appreciated for the little guy that he was.


And thank you Cheryl and Mike for giving him a forever home filled with so much love.  I am so sorry he was taken way too soon.

(Adopted May 10/02)
Small Mix of some sort:-)
Male/neutered/shots current
25 lbs

Frodo is the most fun loving little dog. He is about 3-4 years old, he loves to sit up, and give lil barks, he is very playful, comes on command. Does wonderful on offleash park, gets along with dogs of all sizes, and cats. He is currently fostered by a friend in Bellingham, and she can not say enough wonderful things about this very unique boy. I am only guessing at his breed, as he is short dog, with a large head...he is so picking cute. Varying thoughts, have been, Corgi, possible Pom, possible sneaky neighbors dog. Whatever he is, he will take over your heart. Just look at him, how could you not take him home?? And that is what his new family did, took one look and fell in love, he is being spoiled to bits, adored by his family, and to think he was slated to be put down...residing in luxury and love in Spokane, WA.

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