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And his new Family

(Adopted Nov. 30/02)

Imagine a dog with the body, the bobbed tail, the color and hair type of a rottweiler-only he's barely 13" high with splayed lhasa feet, terrier whiskers set in all directions and the lhasa underbite...that's a thumbnail sketch of little Bobby...looks some would think that only a mother could love...
Bobby, named so for his accidentally shortened tail (somebody bit it off-Ouch!) is a mixed breed stray with a pure charm way. Possibly a cross of a schnauzer and Lhasa, he is small and smart. He is still a little shy from his long time in shelters. Bobby does warm up and soon becomes your little shadow, following and watching everything you do. He loves a good scratch and snuggles up for a cuddle after he gets to know you and know that you won't hurt him...unlike someone seems to have done in his past. A sweet little guy who needs a quiet, calm house to call his own.

 Bobby was adopted soon after he arrived and is living as a valued and cherished companion to his Mom in Puyallup, WA with his best friend kitty. Mom thinks he is the handsomest dog of all!


(Adopted Dec.3/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
Less than 2 years old
8 lbs
*sweet Ian passed away March 26/14*

Hey do you want to have a fun loving, happy go lucky friend, well look no further, cause here I foster Mom thinks there may be something else mixed in me, though everyone says I am a Pom, my former home kept me shaved down, so whether I will get a big puffy coat, no one know...but hey think of it this way, easy groom...I am adorable, I am camera shy, so I don't have the best picture, and after the 36th try, my foster Mom, said that's it...I look like a little fox...I like all the dogs here, and will play with the puppy...I am easy to have around, never cause any problems, just give me love, pets, and good treats, and I will be your best buddy.
Ian now has a great new family, teenage girls who fawn over him, new playbuddy to run with...doing fabulous in Kenmore, WA

(Adopted Dec. 1/02)
Clyde (nka Kirby)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old
11 lbs
With very sadden heart Kirby went to the bridge, Sept/ Oct/03 this baby had disc problems, surgery was performed, his recuperation was extremely painful, in the months to follow, he again had back problems, the neurosurgeon agreed to once again do the surgery, but he would never walk again, and he lived to play with his brother Max, to run like the wind, and this life and the amount of suffering he would endure, was not fair to him.... his spirit has never left them...they loved him so much.

Hi everyone, if you can imagine, a playful, fun loving little boy, here I am.  I love to play with toys, I bounce around, but I am not hyper, just fun.  I like other doglets, love to chew on appropriate "foster approved toys and chews" I will greet you with open paws..I'm a great little boy.  I don't like getting my nails clipped, and got a bit nippy with that, but for everything else I am happy.
I am one of many lil furkids, that was lucky to have flown in from CA when I as so many of us, get overlooked.

Now living with Maximus, the JRT, new Mom and Dad, happily in Milton, WA

(Adopted Dec. 7/02)
Cairn Terrier
11 lbs
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 1 year old

I will tell you a bit about myself, but first DO NOT apply for my adoption unless you are a Terrier experienced home, and email Eleni, for an application, I know I will get many many applications.  Now Gunner is a delightful, happy, outgoing, tenacious boy...and he has lost 2 homes in his young life, because he likes to chew, and is very busy...he is a YOUNG TERRIER...and this is what they are like.  In his foster home he DOES NOT chew or is destructive, because he has playmates, other little dogs, that can use up his energy, Gunner is not reliably housetrained at this time (working on that)...
Requirements are, and don't ask for him, unless you met this criteria, because I am not going to change my mind..he is being fostered in Seattle, but together we will go over his applications and than make the phone calls to homes that are suited...
1.  Terrier Experienced
2.  No children under 10
3.  Have another dog, sex is unimportant, Gunner likes either.

If there is no other dog in the home, that he can play with, he will get BORED...the other option is someone who will be home a lot, take him to obedience and divert his energy.
Gunner has a fabulous new Mom, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Dec.1/02)
Jack Russell Terrier
Male / neutered / UTD shots
5 months old
Okay, so here I am and there I go...
Did you see me go? Did you see me come?
You have to be fast to catch me, I am a Jack Russell and I love to play.
I have no problems with cats, children or other dogs, UNLESS the kids are under 10 years old, the dogs are bigger than me and well, hope the cats like to play.
I am an inside furbaby and I even have a parka to wear in the cold weather because I get very cold.  
I need lots of attention, I think that is because I am a pup!
I have never met a treat that I did not like and I love to sleep under the covers with you, so move over and make room for me. I am small so allot of room is not necessary but a pillow would be great.
Rides in the car are so much fun, you get to see so much as you zoom along the highways and byways. I do need to have a harness or car seat as I tend to like to sit on your lap and my Foster Mom, Wende said that it is not safe for me to be in the front seat.
As Maximus has told you he is a loving and fun puppy.
I will only place him in a home with older children, though small children are fine to visit, just not on a continual basis.
Maximus is very inquisitive so you must keep your trash baskets up and when you are in the bathroom he loves to be with you.
He will also jump in the shower if you are in there, so get ready, here comes Maximus!!!
Max, and Clyde two rescues, adopted together, happily living in Milton, WA

(Adopted )
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
1 year old

Well this furbaby never did hit my pages, as she was adopted immediately, has a great lil poodle sister, and great Mom, residing in Oak Harbor, WA

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