Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

6 years
9 pounds

  My name is Taco and I am very shy.  I was trained to stay in a crate all day and I have a hard time socializing with other dogs and humans.  My foster mom has removed my crate and I now have to sleep with the other dogs in the pack. I am friendly to cats, after I chase them one time.  I have to let them know I am not a toy but as big as an Irish Wolfhound! 

When I came to my foster home, I was allowed to stay in the crate for 2 days until I was feeling secure and this was where I was going to stay.  Mom took the door off my crate and then she took my crate apart!  Not good.  The other dogs kept coming over to see my bed and finally they got in with me.  I now sleep with the other dogs in their beds and we share food bowls too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Taco is very shy and timid.  She would not let anyone touch her for five days.  Taco now allows her human friends to pick her up and love on her.  She is in heaven.  Taco snuggles with me at night and has not had an accident.  We are working on walking on a leash with a dog her size.  Her confidence is improving daily.

Taco would like to have a person(s) with no small children.  She would be okay as an only pet but would love to have another small dog to be with.  She needs to have you earn her trust before giving you the okay to pick her up without a snap or two.  We are working on her feet by touching them constantly to trim up her nails.  She is unsure of the water and with all the fuss you think you are bathing an Irish Wolfhound when place in the tub.  She is not a LAB!  Since being with us she has begun to wag her tail and her head is held higher.  She is playing with the younger dogs and having a fun time socializing. 
Taco wormed her way deeply into the foster homes heart, where she learned about love and being a happy dog, the foster home simply could not give her up.  Taco has a fantastic home now, residing in Renton, WA 

Poco is a sweet older boy who just wants to be with you. He loves to burrow under the covers with you at night and to lie by your side or your feet by day. 
He loves to go for car rides and short walks. He is completely house trained and a quiet boy in the house. 
He likes to play with his person and just wants to give you all of his love. 
Poco would do well in an adult home or a home with teens. He really is tired of having lots of little kids around. 

Poco is the absolute delight of his Mommy, he was so loved by his foster home, she could not let him go, now residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted March 3/08)
Boomer (nka Pucci)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old

I am a fun loving little guy who loves to meet new people I am very outgoing. Trips to the park would be so much fun for me I can meet many people and new dogs. I love walks  and I am really good on the leash.

I also love the car for short trips. I have had a rough life in the past I am looking forward to having a new life with a great home. I love to sleep in bed with you right up next to you would be best. I have this fear if I am not laying next to my person and someone touch the back end of me I think that someone is going to hurt me  I will jump up and protect myself. I am really good about baths and I loved to be brushed.

I am very smart and doing good on my house training but it is not 100% yet but we could work on it.

I do not bark much I could live as a only dog or with another dog.

 I do not shed so you would never have to worry about the dog hair on you.

I like to play fetch and a good soft squeaky toy is my thing. I am very treat motivated.
 Boomer has a special Mom, now residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 8/08)
Baby Gal
Feist (type of Toy Fox Terrier)
12 lbs (needs a couple pounds off of her)
12 years young

Baby Gal lost her home, because her Daddy died, and Mom has gone into assisted living.  Originally Baby was bought in Texas, at 6 weeks old.  A Feist is a hunting dog, predominately in the south.  Baby has never hunted, unless you call hunting for her treats:-)

BG is a quiet little girl. She has not barked since I have had her but she did whimper a little when riding in her crate in the car.  She does settle easily. She feels safe in her crate though and happily sleeps in there with the door open at night.

She eats very well and will dance on her hind legs for a cookie. She is very food oriented. Baby Gal is very shy and only comes out at dinner time to see what's cooking...or more likely what's falling into her dish! She got her teeth cleaned and they were quite a mess but now she has a clean bill of health and is ready for her new retirement home. She knows what a doggie door is for although she is better about going out than coming in.... she will wait to have the door opened for her to get back in. She is living peacefully with the resident dogs, all older, but does not interact with them. She seems to be housebroken.

Baby Gal is very clean. She sleeps either in her crate or in a doggie bed on the floor. . She is a sweet quiet little dog.

Baby Gal, now has a sweet retired lady, who says they belong together, happily living in Bellingham, WA 

(Adopted March 8/08)
Pomeranian/Shih Tzu
Male/neutered/shots current
20 months old
13 lbs

As well as being a showstopper with his unusual looks and his beautiful red coat Ming is a real lover.  He loves meeting new people; loves to ride in the car; loves to walk; loves to play with toys and chews and most of all LOVES his person. He beams when he sits on your lap or next to you in the car or even just when you bend over to pet him. He canít wait to welcome you home or up in the morning.

Mingís only issue is that he really wants to be the only dog. He just does not like sharing his person. In foster care he has learned to tolerate other dogs being around him somewhat. He actually does fairly well with female dogs but he really wants to have a person to himself. So if you are a person or a family who just wants one dog to be with you and do everything with you and adore you then you may be the one this beautiful boy is waiting for.  
Now happily residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted March 10/08)
Male/"soon to be neutered"/shots current
2 years old

Meeko is an 2yr old stunning Papillon. He appears to house trained and is crate trained. He gets along with the other dogs in foster care.   (unknown about cats).

He is not aggressive and learns very quickly. He likes to play fetch games, ball and Frisbee. He loves to sit next to you on the couch and would like to sleep in the bed with you (now he sleeps in the crate).

He is up to date on his shots and will be neutered before his adoption that is scheduled for Feb 29 due to a touch of Kennel Cough. 

Meeko is fostered in Deming, WA and you must meet him in person. We will not ship him or any of our dogs.

Meeko is doing wonderfully, in his new home in Roy, WA

(Adopted March 10/08)
Female/ spayed/shots current
11 months old
6 lbs

Millie is a very sweet girl she is mellow and VERY smart. She knows sit, lay down, out, off and  go potty.  Millie has excellent manners and is very well behaved, I believe her life goal is to please you. Millie is fine with other dogs and okay with cats. She is learning how to walk on a leash and enjoys riding in the car. Millie is very content to sit in your lap or beside you on the couch and prefers to sleep right next to you in bed, no sleeping at the end of the bed for this girl. Millie also likes to run around with the other dogs in the fenced yard. Although Millie loves everybody in her foster home her favorite people are the teenage girls!

Great dog, for great people, now residing in Lynnwood, WA

(Adopted March 11/08)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Corgi (Cava-Corgi)
Female/spayed/shots current
17 lbs
App. 3-4 years old

What can one say, about this absolutely loving and devoted lil girl.  Within one hour of being with her, she became my best and loving lil girl.  She is housetrained, knows some commands, listens well, and above all she STEALS your heart.  Gertie is a  bit shy upon first meeting, and easily became overwhelmed arriving into my home with 5 other furbabies.  But once the initial sniff and greet was over, she relaxed.  She has not uttered one bark in my house (though she protested a little bit at the groomers)..anyone who meets her raves about her beauty, her softness, her eyes..her warmth, her love..

Gertie is not necessarily a high groom dog, when she came she had horrible mats behind her ears, filthy coat, mats in her feet, and I had the groomer shave off the "Cav fluffy feet)..her coat is now like silk.  She normally would be a dog that you can maintain her coat easily with weekly brushings and baths, and if you like the Cav fluffy feet, they will grow back...

She would be happy as an only dog, but I see no reason why she could not live with another in harmony (as long as they did not bully or intimate her) but don't get me wrong she has plenty of spirit.

She is an angel...

This angel found a wonderful home with previous adopters, their dog just crossed to the bridge Jenny (Gin Gin) and Gertie will help them with their pain.  Now residing in Grapeview WA

Gracie & Duke 

Gracie (toy poodle/female/spayed)
Duke (Pomeranian/male/neutered)
9 lbs
*After the foster home has a lot of time spent with this couple, we strongly believe they can be separated, they only just want their people, so if interested in just one, let us know*

Hello, our names are Duke and Gracie. We are an "item" and must find a home that will take both of us. We are indeed the sweetest little ole couple you will ever meet. Our last mommy loved us very much and took very good care of us but because of some life changes that were out of her control she could no longer have us, we miss her a lot  and we know how much she loves and misses us, but Furbaby Rescue assured her that they would find us another family that would love and take care of us. We just love people and we are told that we adapt fairly well to new surroundings. We love to snuggle with each other and with our people. We need to be inside dogs, OF COURSE,  but we do go outside to do our potty's. Sometimes lately we have an accident but its been confusing being moved and when we get used to our new home we will be good kids. We both walk on a leash and we like car rides. Duke gets a little anxious sometimes but I just tell him to "chill out" because I do not want our people to stop taking us places with them. We are very good for our baths and grooming and boy are we good looking when we get all dolled up. We really hope to find a loving family that will let us finish out our Golden Years feeling loved, safe, healthy, comfortable and of course spoiled rotten because quite frankly we deserve it. We promise in return to brighten up your life and warm your heart. So we hope you will consider opening up your home to us, we will sneak into your heart before you know what hit you and we will change your life forever. P.S. Our foster mom wanted us to tell you that we are very young, healthy and spirited for our ages. We are 13 and 14 years old, but you would not believe it, if you met us. We will wait to hear from you.
 Love from Duke and Gracie

Duke and Gracie were split up, but it worked out wonderfully, Duke was able to be returned to his original Mom, he is now happily reunited and residing in Ft. Mohave, AZ...Gracie she hit the ultimate jackpot, she got the Dad she had been pining for, residing happily in Lynden, WA

(Adopted March 30/08)
*darling Gracie passed to the bridge Dec.24/13, she was almost 19*


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