Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted July 20/11)
Pug mix?
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
14 lbs

I am Maxwell the Wonder Dog!  Why ďwonderĒ , you ask? 

Thatís because everyone ďwondersĒ what breed of dog I am.  Iíve spent my whole life being told I was half Lhasa and half Chihuahua but no one believes that and that information has been lost.  So, we have been looking through picture books of all kinds of breeds of dogs and what different dogs look like when they are mixed breeds and the closest thing we can find for me is maybe some pug and Chihuahua.  I am a little ďpuggleĒ looking but only in the face.  Iím much smaller and I may not remember when I was a baby but I never saw any Beagles hanging around.

So, I am a wonder dog.  You will wonder why Iím so incredibly sweet and cuddly.  You will certainly wonder how on earth you could have lived without me as a companion.  I mind, Iím potty trained, Iím quiet, Iím agreeable, I sleep through the night, I eat what you give meÖ.Iím very easy going.  For some reason, Iím really cute, too. 

I am also a wonder because I have been through so many changes in my life and am still trusting and loyal.  I have quite literally lived in exile , out of suitcases, sleeping on a strangerís couch one night, and living in a crate in a secret room the next.  I had children taking a belt to me, another kept dropping bricks on me, no adults around to advocate for my safety and well being.  It was an awful place.

The reason I have lived such a transient life is because I was passed around from place to place and most of the places didnít allow dogs.  If they did, no one wanted a dog.  But a human hung in there, doing her best, and finally I got into Rescue.

I got vetted that very same day.  My blood work is good, my skin and eyes are good, my teeth are great.  I got neutered and it didnít hurt at all.  I fell in love with a very kind lady who takes care of the patients at the hospital, and she asked if she could be my foster mom while Furbaby looked for a home for me.  I was very excited about that.  It was a wonder that someone that was allowed dogs wanted ME! - Me, the wonder dog with the mysterious past. 

I donít have a cape or a mask but Iíll be YOUR wonder dog and we will be ďwonderĒful friends for life.

Max has a fabulous new home, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 21/11)
Pixsel (nka Dooger)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
14 lbs

Furbaby Classifieds:

Wanted:  Loving adopter who will fall in love with me at first sight.  Needing someone who wants a very close companion.  Someone who will allow me to go almost everywhere and do almost anything with them.  I never want to be out of your sight and I insist on snuggling up with you in bed at night.  I can be left alone if you need to go do errands.  I might howl if I think you are near and just trying to keep me away from you. 

I have the softest hair and sweetest disposition so I make for a great bedtime companion.  I know how to use a pee pad in your bathroom so wonít wake you up at night or early in the morning to be let out which means I can also travel well in hotels.

I am part poodle so when someone is creeping up to your house I will sound the alert but I hush once you have assured  me that you have things under control and that we are safe. 

I am very happy being the only dog so if your home is the kind that prefers to limit the canine population then I could be the dog you are looking for.  I grew up with a Shih Tzu and I donít mind being with other dogs but I really just want to be with the people.

My foster mom has been taking me on drives, so that I can become comfortable with auto travel.  I love to go on walks but because Iím protective I will bark at anything that looks suspicious.  My foster mom is working on this with me, too.

I wasnít well socialized when I came into Rescue but itís like I was meant to be part of a family because it hasnít taken me long at all to belong and feel welcome.

Iím a dear, happy little fellow with just a touch of alertness from the poodle in me; thus my barking at intruders and dogs barking on television.  The other dogs Iím living with do the same thing so it doesnít seem like a big deal to me but my foster mom is trying to teach me ďitís just TV PixselĒ.

She calls me her Pixie Dust because Iím light on my feet , loving, and so soft.  I do harass the resident cats.  Iím not sure where that comes from because Iím very conscious of having good manners and being polite.  So, a home without cats might be best.

Wonderful home for a wonderful boy, residing in Nooksack, WA

(Adopted July 24/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old

Mia is a sweet and very quiet peke girl.  She was owned by one elderly person who passed away in March and was saved from the clutches of the pound by a well meaning neighbor.  Mia was quite overweight and had been eating some food she was allergic to so had some skin issues.  Those have cleared up and her coat is growing in very nicely. 

Sheís shaved down which is not normally a good look on a Peke but Mia enjoys the feel of it and knows her lustrous coat will grow in.

Once again she was saved from the clutches of the pound by two hours, thanks to some swift networking in the dog rescue world.

She is potty trained, doing well on her weight loss regimen, does well with cats and other dogs.  

  She follows her foster mom up and down the stairs and throughout the house. 

Sweet lil Mia, is living the great life in Redmond, WA

(Adopted July 25/11)
Dachshund mix
Male/neutered/shots current
8 months old
7 lbs

Buster was abandoned by his owners and, due to multiple leg fractures, his left hind leg was amputated. He is now a happy 3-legged boy. He loves being with people, as well as with other dogs and cats. He is still a puppy and hasn't fully mastered house training, but he is pretty close.  He loves to ride in cars, snuggle under the covers, chew on bones, and chase squeaky toys. He is a sweet and funny little guy who is looking for a forever home.

He  is charming, and affectionate, and wonderful.

This charming fellow happily resides in Coupeville, WA

(Adopted July 31/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
3-4 years old
4 lbs

Purse Pom! 

Hey!!!!  Where are all those Hollywood debutants when you need them? You know the ones I mean? The Paris Hilton type who carry dogs around in their fancy purses. At 4 pounds I'd be an excellent purse dog. Most women I know have purses that weigh more than that when empty so let me fill one up. Can you imagine how much fun we could have shopping with my funny little head poking out of your purse? OK - I know I might not be able to go everywhere in your purse but it's possible some of the time, right? 

When you first meet me I'll be a bit standoffish and would prefer you wait until I come to you and then we'll be friends forever after that. At least I don't run up to everyone and immediately love them so you know I'm being true to my human. I'd love to have a home with a fenced yard so I could go outside and run. Speaking of outside, I know how to do that when it's time for a potty break, too. I do like to have a little treat as a reward after each outdoor trip for getting my job done properly. 

I wouldn't mind sharing a home with another small dog and we could play with those things called toys. I'm just not sure that two of us could fit in that purse I was talking about though. Hmmm, we might need to talk about that. 

Residing with a great Mom in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Aug.7/11)
Francis (Beau)"nka Buddy"
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
5 lbs

Hi everyone!  Look at all this gorgeous sunshine and the sweet peas behind me.  They sure smell fresh!

This is Katie who is taking care of me while we find a new home for me.

I want to first of all tell you what a great dog I am.  Iím mellow, easy going, and am just happy.

Secondly I would like to tell you a little bit about my life.  Iíve really had a full and productive life and have helped a lot of people.

When I was a baby, a lady who had cancer, came with her children to get a dog who would be a companion dog for the lady.  I grew up around hospitals, IVís, chemotherapy rounds, and a sick owner.  My job was to make her feel better and try to heal her disease.  I was loved very much.

After a couple of years, my owner did get better and because I had been so helpful to her, she decided to take me on visits to a place with a lot of sick people who couldnít have little dogs of their own.  I would go there and be petted by all kinds of people, many of whom were strangers to me, some who could not control their movements.  I was never afraid, I never nipped or growled.  I didnít have professional training but became a therapy dog just by practice and doing. 

Thatís how I have spent the last 3 years.  Meanwhile my ownerís husband passed away and once again I was called upon to help her heal and work through her grief.  I bring such joy to everyone that I seem to have a special ability to heal.

My owner had to go back to work which is a good thing for her.  She just celebrated five years of being cancer free and I am proud that I helped her achieve that.  But because she works all the time now Iím home alone and I really need a lap or someone to be with.  My mama cried so much when she brought me to Furbaby but she knew that I would be loved and cared for while we looked for my new home.

I just arrived in Rescue August 3rd and I am a little scared of my new place but I love Katie who is caring for me and my foster home and a little shih tzu named Tinkerbell who is my companion.  Iím loving being outside with all these people and chasing the bumble bees and butterflies.  A hummingbird kept landing on me because I was wearing a red harness and that was a lot of fun.  They make a humming sound in your ear and it made me kind of ticklish!

Iím a little pocket fellow so I donít want to go on runs or long walks.  I like a short walk.  Iím very sociable and really like to get out and touch base with society. 

Katie is known for changing names.  So Iíve been called Beau for 5 years but now Katie is calling me Francis.  Iím not sure what to think of it.  But I know sheís calling me when she says ďFrancisĒ.    What do you think? 

Wonderful parents adopted this boy, residing in Everson, WA

(Adopted Aug.19/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
13 lbs

Abby is a sweet, good-natured lil girl.  She grew up with children, she was there first then the children arrived. Now it is time for her to find a quieter home. She likes to go for walks and loves to sleep in bed with you at night. During the day she likes to lie on the biggest doggy pillow she can find. She has the best bladder control I have ever seen. She is very well house-broken.

When stressed she can be quite vocal but normally she is a very quiet dog. She barked at me when I picked her up in the car then left her in the car while I did some shopping. She barked when I left her at home the first time. Now I can leave her and she is quiet and unconcerned. I think she just needs to trust and this does not take long. She is a lovely dog. She seems a little shy when she meets new people or dogs. She gets along with the two old dogs in the foster home and also with the territorial Lhasa foster. She needs to be on a good, limited ingredient diet as she is recovering from what we expect is a food allergy related skin infection. She seems not to be bothered by it but her skin needs attention and is getting it now. She is on the road to recovery. She is used to being the only dog as she was her whole life but seems quite happy to play with other dogs too!

Abby knows a few tricks as she stands on her hind legs for treats and does a little dance too.

Sweet and darling Abby, stole her new parents heart, residing in Marysville, WA


(Adopted Aug.24/11)
Pekingese/Long Haired Chihuahua
Female/spayed/shots current
7 months old
7 lbs

HELP!!! My mom is trying to run my life. You can read about her elsewhere. Her name is Silver but it should be Boss Lady. She won't let me do anything I want. I need to move out! I'm a big girl and while I can't earn money to buy my food, I can do all the right things like go outside to do what needs to be done. In addition, I can play, play, play and cuddle and kiss you. Heck, I'd be willing to learn to be the best dog friend you have ever had. Just give me a chance to be on my own....with your help.  

Hey, just a quiet little side note and you didn't hear it from me - my mom, Silver, is actually a super good dog. Go read about her. I'd consider living with her but I'm really ready to be on my own and become my own person.....I mean my own dog with my own person. 

Lil baby Missy, now has new brother and sisters, lil pekachus, residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Sept.5/11)
Long Haired Mini Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
13 lbs

Sunny is a lovely boy. He is pretty quiet  but he will warn if there is someone in or near the backyard. He did not travel well on the transport but that may have been due to the stress of his leaving home. Sunny likes to go for walks but does not handle the heat well and does have some joint problems so the walk should not be long or arduous. He wants only to be with you. He is a sweet, kind soul that will follow you wherever you go. He will help you take care of your personal needs in the bathroom and help with watching TV. He does not need to be in your lap but would love to be on the chair next to you.

He has been a bit of a fussy eater and would probably do best if he could be a free-feeder. He likes to sleep on the bed with his person. He probably would need help or stairs to get up there. He is very careful getting up the stairs.

He takes treats very gently and is very gentle on meeting new people. I was informed that he did not like big dogs or dog parks but he seems to be fine in a few minutes after meeting new dogs. He would not fare well in a busy household but would be great with a retired couple or person. He does not want to be abandoned at home when you go out but is not destructive, only sad and a bit barky. He has been thru the dog door but is not quite comfortable with it yet. He is very handsome and his coat very soft and easy care.

A lovely dog waiting for his forever family.

(Adopted Sept.5/11)
Long Haired
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs

Hey Music Lovers, 

My name is Beethoven, "Beej" for short.  I'll bet you're already thinking that if you have a piano in your home, you'd have built in entertainment by adopting me.  WRONGGGGGGGG!!! I can't play a note!! 

Actually, I came from a home where I was a PK. You know what that is, don't you? Preacher's Kid! Well, actually I guess it should be PD for Preacher's Dog but it really doesn't matter anymore because I want to become a YFD, Your Favorite Dog. 

So here's the deal - in that preacher's home there were people coming and going all the time. It kind of goes with the turf, you know. I got a little tired of it and just didn't do too well. Plus they had these other two dogs that just didn't understand a Dachshund personality. I guess the other two dogs had priority so this little old boy (me) needs a new home. 

I wouldn't mind having an owner who shows me the boundaries and we learn to leave in peace and harmony. Heck, I'd even consider going to a doggie class with you. That's a good idea for every dog and owner, not just me. As a bonus, I am already housebroken and crate trained.  In addition, I will alert you to intruders on our premises which can be a very good thing and with your training, I'll figure out when to be quiet as well. 

My foster Mom has some other hints for my new human, too, so my coat will be shiny and healthy again and so I can live a long healthy life with you. 

Do I need to get down on my short little old legs with no knees and say a prayer or have you already decided you need to meet me? 

Beej and Sunny-Boy were adopted together, to a home who always had two doxies, happily RVing and residing in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

(Adopted Sept.7/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old

Skipper has had a sad life but has not developed bitterness about life or humansÖinstead , he has remained hopeful that he would someday find someone to love him and care for him.  He is such a sweet and kindly fellow.  His foster mom who is not a doxie person understands now, because of him, why people love this breed so much.

He sleeps through the night in his bed, heís active during the day and loves to go on walks and help out around the yard and house.  If you need to leave for a few hours, heís fine with that, too.

He was not provided a proper diet or had the opportunity to eat a food that was best for him and he was not given sufficient exercise so he found himself to be one roly poly guy.  In three months he has dropped weight and gained muscle mass and his waist is beginning to appear.  Heís looking forward to  achieving his goal of a healthy body.  Heís fortunate to be medically healthy so must come from a hearty stock!  Mostly, heís looking for someone to call his very own.

Skipper's new Dad, recently lost her beloved doxie, and took this boy into his home and heart, residing in Mukilteo, WA


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