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(Adopted Nov. 16/02)
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
7 lbs

Have you ever met that special dog? If not you need to met Candy, she melts your heart in minutes.  Her life has not been good, when she came to me, she had so much hair wrapped around her teeth, and in such bad shape there was no choice for the vet but to remove all of her certainly does not seem to bother her, at present I have her  on canned food, till her gums are healed up...

Candy has a few words...please never hit me again, and if you make that promise, I promise to adore you, give you all my attention and lavish you with love...I will follow you everywhere, but do not put your hand down too fast, as I will crouch in fear, and when I realize your hand is an extension of love, I will crawl into your arms and I promise to love you, do not yell at me, I will have to make myself very small, because you will scare me, so talk to me gently, hold me tight and let me into your heart...
Her paws walked right into the heart of a very nice couple, living in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Nov. 23/02)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/UTD shots
5 years
22 pounds
If you are looking for a LOYAL and TRUSTING Furbaby, look NO further --
Here he is!!!
Freckles lived with an elderly gentleman in a Senior community. His owner passed away on September 14th and was not discovered until October 22nd, Freckles stayed by him this entire time, waiting for someone to come and help them, NO ONE came for so long. How Freckles survived is a mystery to many people, BUT he did. He stayed and guarded his Dad's body and hoped that help would come soon. When they came and found them, nobody wanted Freckles, so they took him to the shelter. He was alone, scared and very confused. A nice man who had known his Dad came and got him out but alas, he could not keep Freckles, so I was contacted.
Freckles is now happily a part of my household and is the happiest and friendliest Furbaby. He loves to go for car rides, walks well on a leash, loves to go shopping at the Doggie department store and when his person has to go into the Human stores, he politely lays down on the seat and waits till they return. He loves children and is housebroken. Freckles is looking for someone who will love him and give him lots of hugs and kisses. He does like to sleep by his person and cuddle on the couch while watching TV. He has so much love to give, he greets everybody he meets with a tail wag and smile on his face.
He is just a HAPPY boy...
You will not be sorry that you opened your heart to him as he has opened his heart so many times and will always be there for you, no matter what!!
Freckles TRULY knows what the meaning of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" is and he has proved it.

Freckles has gone off to start his new life with a terrific Mom (Rhonda) and her 7 year old Daughter, Sophie in Kirkland, WA. Freckles will be a very spoiled furbaby and he deserves every minute of all their love and he will return it 200%.



(Adopted Nov. 23/02)
Yogi Bear
American Eskimo
Male/neutered/UTD shots
11 months old
16.5 pounds
Hi, my name is Yogi Bear and I am the happiest furbaby you will ever find. I love everybody and everybody loves me. I am at this great place with all these girl furbabies and let me tell you they are pretty cool chicks!!! I think I am in LOVE with this little white one named Peanut Butter and I know she loves me too. I love to play and give me a hoof or pig ear and I am one happy boy. Walks are great and rides in the car are so fantastic, I am a good boy and try to stay in the back seat where it is safe, though sometimes I do come and sit up front so that I can help navigate. We went to this Pet Department Store tonight and it was so much fun, I tried to buy some toys but my Foster Mom said that we had tons of toys at home, so we left the toys and bought a collar and leash for a new member of our foster group. So as you can see, I am a fun kind of furbaby and would love to come to your house and be your special guy. If you have other furbabies, that's okay with me, I know how to share my person with others. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have great bathroom habits ** NO mistakes from this boy!!!

Yogi Bear has started his new life with a great family in Sumner, WA. He has a  Mom (Sandra), Dad (Gary), "Human" Sister (Kristin) and "Canine" Brother (Sammy). Yogi and Sammy will be keeping that house in laughter and excitement for many years to come.


(Adopted Nov. 24/02)
7 lbs
Female/spayed/shots current

I am a real sweet darling lil girl, my family moved, they must have gone to that city, where they don't allow dogs:-( I really love to be in your lap, I can easily wrap you around my paw...I wasn't always treated really good, cause I am sometimes a bit tentative when you reach down for me, but I love to put my paws up on you, and ask to sit in your lap, I really like my foster Daddy's lap...course I like to flirt with him, us girls got to do that....makes the guys happy.  When Mr. Vet looked at my teeth he gasped...what a I just had my dental surgery done, and I did lose a lot of teeth, and am on antibiotics right now, but it doesn't stop me from chowing down....I am a little older girl, and I would love to have a new Mom/and/or Dad...I get along with everyone.  I am not the best girl to groom, so have patience on that, and I get barky in a kennel...but in the house I am just a happy, friendly loving lil girl...
Gidget is being absolutely spoiled with great parents residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov. 24/02)
18 lbs
Female/spayed/shots current

*Baby passed to the bridge to join her first Mom, and will wait for her other Mom, in 2014*

My life has been full of changes, 2 years ago, I was rescued from a terrible home, where Dad and the kids beat and tormented me.  I found a fabulous home, I lived with a wonderful, kind and gracious lady, named Joy, my adoption brought my Mom very close to my foster Mom, they became very dear friends,  I saw my foster Mom many many times, my Mom worked hard with me, to show me love again, get me over my fears of abuse, and openingly  show and receive love.  After one year, my Mom became very sick, with cancer.  My Mom wanted me to find another home, but my foster Mom, said No, that I needed to stay with Mom.  They agreed that until the time was close, I would stay...the dreaded phone call was made this week, my Mom is too sick to care for me anymore, and now I am with my foster Mom, searching once again for the perfect home.

I am writing this trying hard not to cry.  Joy brought much to her Baby, she has little time left, and she brought kindness, and laughter into my life. Baby is now looking for a special home, I will not place her with kids, as I will not bring back any bad memories for her to relive...she used to be afraid of all men, but now, she is great with kind, and gentle men, she loves women.  She needs an adult home only, and if there is a man in that home, I will know if Baby will do well with him, she adores my husband, and has done very well with the men that have visited my home.  Baby is a darling dog, her coat has been cut down, but if allowed to grow out, she has a cute fluffy coat, with a lovely bearded face...her fur is so soft.  She is playful, loves her toys, and a happy girl...she will be a fabulous companion to the right home...
I have made a promise to my dear friend, that I will find the perfect home for her, Joy says she knows you are out there waiting for her Baby...and pray for Joy, that her crossing to the Bridge will finally end her pain...and one day she will be with Baby again...
*Note: Joy passed the same evening as Baby went to her new home.  Baby's new Mom, wrote a wonderful note to me, upon hearing of Joy's passing...
" I feel Joy's name is most fitting as her Baby is bringing me a great deal of joy right now.  Her kindness has a legacy in this wonderful little dog"

Thank you Baby is living again with a gracious, loving woman, in Bellingham, WA

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